Cigarette Kisses

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Catherine Rosewood is trying to win a short story state competition. When she realizes she needs more time to work on it, her only solution is to use her gym class time to work on her story. Her coach then proposes her an offer: She could either tutor his trouble maker son, Wes and get the free period she needs or no free period. In her love life, Cat is in love with her best friend Jason, who already has a beautiful popular girlfriend, Taylor. This is her last semester in high school and finally she's going to experience the drama that everyone claims high shcool is about. She starts to fall for Wes but still holds feelings for Jason while trying to finish her short story. Will she end up alone or with Jason or Wes? Will she finish her story and win the competition she so fervently desires??? READ ON AND FIND OUT! :)


Chapter 13 (v.1) - Forgotten

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Cigarette Kisses

*****Chapter 13*****



Even though Wes knew he was at the brink of failing his senior year, he ditched our English class and avoided the texts I had sent him. My mind felt so blank as I continued to wait for his response, but I had already sent 4 messages and nada! What was going on! I pulled my hair slightly as I mouthed a groan in class. Besides the fact that we were already behind, Wes had to skip class to set us back even farther. Without him, I was feeling almost useless. Fuck it, I’m gonna resend my last message.

Me: Hey

Me: Are we still on for the movies tonight?

Me: Hey, are you coming to class?

Me: Wes?

Me: Wes?

I sent the message before I regretted it. Why wasn’t he answering my text messages? Why was I so anxious to get a reply? I rubbed my eyes as I thought of what had happened yesterday. At the moment, Jason’s kiss had really swept me off my feet, but I was back down on Earth now. I realized how much of a desperate asshole Jason was. His feelings for me weren’t genuine and yet he couldn’t rationalize that because he was losing his best friend. Did he really think that leading me on would keep me there after him? Lexi was so mad at me for not fighting off Jason and slapping him or kicking him where it hurts. She was rooting for Wes, and yet I didn’t even know who I was rooting for. Why? Because I wasn’t even sure if I liked Wes. Sure, I had a dirty dream about him but that didn’t mean that I liked him. Does it? What if he doesn’t even like me? Even if he thought he did, I’m sure yesterday’s events changed his mind. He watched me helplessly give into Jason’s kiss 3 times. Even I wouldn’t even consider someone like that. Perhaps that’s why he wasn’t texting me. He was probably swimming thinking about how pathetic and stupid I was. I knew that Jason had messed up and that he preferred Taylor over me a million times and yet I sunk with his kisses. Ah, I’m so pathetic.  I spent the rest of the period contemplating of Wes calling me all these horrible names. I’m sure I deserved it.


In the hall ways, I searched for Wes. I looked for his broad shoulders, black hair, and dark eyes but he was nowhere within sight. Where the hell could he be? I picked up my pace as I headed towards the gym. It was hard maneuvering through all the different cliques and crowds. Today’s talk was all about the Valentine dance, and the ballots for the people running for February King and Queen. Usually people’s generic hobbies made me laugh, but today I was in no mood to be silly. I needed to talk to Wes and tell him…and tell him…that…I don’t know. I just needed to talk to him and see him so that I could calm down. I strolled past some girls and guys in shorts and headed towards his dad’s office. Nope, he’s not here either! Where is he! Finally I turned a corner to head towards the school’s indoor swimming pool. I peeked through the rectangle windows to spot him, but he wasn’t in the pool either. A horrible feeling swept through me as I began to miss Wes. Was he avoiding me? My hands grew shaky as I thought of the possibility of never speaking to him again. Oh my God, no! When I turned back around to head for my car, I noticed Jason shirtless in swim shorts with a gym bag across his body walking towards my direction. Great, just my luck! I made an obvious turn and began to walk away quickly. I felt bad as I compared Jason’s body to Wes’. Jason really needed to tone up compare to Wes. Even though it was silly for me to pray that Jason would go away, it was to no avail ultimately as I had figured. He caught up to me in no time, and grabbed my hand spun me around.

“Cat, why are you walking away from me?”

“Jason, I think you’re confused and need time alone so that you can sort your feelings.”

I avoided his eyes at all cost and continued to walk away. I kept my arms crossed across my chest so that he could not reach them.

“So you were here looking for Wes.”

When I didn’t answer, Jason blocked my passage and stood there with a glum expression.

“My kiss didn’t leave you thinking then?”

“Jason, I think you need time to yourself. You need to think over things and everything.”

“I know what I want.”

“Have you told Taylor?”

Jason remained silent as he thought over for an excuse that would satisfy me, but there was no excuse that would do. I pushed him out of my way with my two hands. I could tell by the look on his face how surprised he was.

“Cat, what the hell. I’m really trying here.”

“Try harder.”

We heard some coaches rounding the corners, and I took the chance to run away. One minute there, the other I wasn’t. Jason wouldn’t dare run after me in just swim shorts. Like I foretold, Jason did not come outside for me. I continued to run to my car and did not stop till I was driving away.


Because I couldn’t get Wes out of my head, I decided to drive over to his house and hope that he did not hate me. Why was he acting so strange with me? Why couldn’t he just confront me about the situation and let me know what I did wrong so that I could fix it? Lexi had forced me to wear a flower patterned dress and flats even though I fought back with all my will. I continuously played with my hair as I anxiously drove silently to his house. It felt like the first time I had driven over there, and Shelby was prancing over Wes on his couch. The thought of Shelby got me even more anxious. What if she was there now? I stepped on the pedal to impede any more prancing. When I arrived, a few more extra cars filled the Davenport driveway and side parking. I wondered who  was occupying space there. I jumped out of my car and rushed to the doorbell. The garage was closed so I couldn’t tell if Wes was home or not. The anxiety to see him kept building within me. When I rang the doorbell twice, I began to fix my dress and hair. Luckily, Kassy answered the door with her usual welcoming smile.

“Hey, Cat!”


“Come on in. Oohhh, I love that dress.”

Inside it was dark, and I could hear some music playing out on their patio. The scent of ribs and chicken filled my lungs upon walking in.

“I’m having a get together outside. You’re here for Wes.”



Kassy tapped her head sarcastically as she ran upstairs for Wes. Her friends began to wonder in looking for her so I thought of trying to blend in with the furniture. But who could blend in with a flower pattern dress? Three guys and two girls approached me from behind with beers on their hands. They looked about Kassy’s age and they looked pretty wasted.

“Hi, are you one of Kassy’s friends too.”

One of the boys with dirty blonde hair and Cancun water blue eyes took a step forward and extended his hand.

“Yea…I’m a friend of hers.”

“Well my name is Mike. Nice to meet you.”

The other boys took seats on the couches with the girls giggling behind Mike.

“Oh, don’t mind them. They’re just dumb.”

I nodded halfheartedly as I waited for Wes and Kassy; they were taking quite a while up in his room. He was probably explaining to her what had happened yesterday, and she was probably going to tell me to go away. I was so concerned over Wes that I completely had forgotten that I wasn’t alone.

“Do you go to school at our college?”

“What….um no.”

“Oh…what college do you go to?”

“Ugh, I’m still in high school.”

The rest of the group in the couches began to laugh, spilling beer on the rug.

“She’s too young for you, bro.” said the tall guy with brown hair and an ugly smile.

Mike blushed and smiled and then took a seat with his friends.  I heard some rattle on the stairs and strained my neck to spot who was coming downstairs.  Kassy appeared with a strange look and a sorry expression. He told her, I knew it! She bit her lip as she prepared a lie to cover her brother.

“Um, Wes is….kinda tired. He had a long day.”

“Oh. Can I just go up and tell him something.”

“Ugh… I don’t know. He’s really tired.”


Kassy sighed as she shook her head.

“I don’t know, Cat. He said he didn’t want company.”

“I did you a favor last time. Please let me go up there.”

She looked distressed as she thought over the correct action to do.

“Okay, but you can’t tell him that I let you up there. You’re gonna tell him that you went passed me.”

We both began to laugh and then she gave me a neutral smile. She seemed bothered by what Wes must have told her, but at least she was trying to still like me. I said thank you and hurried up the stairs before Kassy realized that she should probably listen to Wes’ wishes. I tapped softly on Wes’ door before propping in my head to catch him reading the Sparknotes King Lear edition while lying in bed. He looked surprised as I walked in with an awkward smile. There was some Sublime playing on the stereo and Wes was shirtless. Once again I compared his great physique to Jason’s. His dark black covers made his pale chest illuminate from where I was standing. Wes looked confused as I closed the door behind me, I read bits of different emotions in him including anger, confusion, and pain.

“Hey, I just came to say hi.”

I’m not gonna lie, my heart fell deep in shallow murky waters when Wes just nodded and looked back into his book. He flipped a few pages to find the page he left on. He reminded me of the cold Wes that used to scare me and everyone else. My eyes began to sting immediately, and I could feel them turn into water. I turned back immediately to run downstairs and storm out of his house. I grabbed the doorknob and jabbed on it as Wes decided to speak to me.

“Cat…it’s been a rough day.”

 I kept my face on his door because my eyes were still filled with tears. I wanted to look at him and savor what could be the last time that I would see him.

“Cat, I’m sorry.”

I turned to my right and wiped the tears off my eyes hoping that I hadn’t messed up my mascara. Nothing is more dreadful than dripping mascara.

“I actually dropped by because we were supposed to watch a movie tonight.”


“I messaged you. You didn’t answer.”

“My phone is dead. I haven’t answered anyone.”

I opened the door slowly wishing that Wes would stop me again and beg me to stay, but he didn’t.

“I hope you’ll feel better.”

With those last words, I began to descend down the stairs. The stinging in my eyes returned and I could feel my cheeks burning. Wes had never treated me like that, and now he was treating me like the first time he met me. When I reach the last few steps, I wiped any excessive tears and cleared myself. I couldn’t let Kassy see me this way. I was determined to head straight to the door and run to my car, but on the foot of the stairs Kassy was waiting for me.

“Are you okay?”


Kassy peered into my face and then gasped.

“My brother made you cry, didn’t he?”

“No…no he didn’t.”

“Oh, I’m gonna go up there and tell him crap. Hold my drink.”

“No, don’t. I was on my way out.”

I softy tugged at her arms to bring her back on the platform, but Kassy shrugged my grip and was headed to his door. I quickly placed her drink on a coaster before I rushed out of the door. I was not going to have Wes’ sympathy. I drove away before Wes or Kassy ran after me.


Lexie and Mark weren’t home so the house was dead. They left a note for me on the fridge that read : Buying some items for Paul’s care package. I couldn’t remember the last time I sent Paul something special and I was beginning to feel guilty about it. I was beginning to feel like shit. I undressed myself in such a rush and threw myself into my covers. When my phone began to ring, I ignored it for the first 5 rings. The call went to voicemail and then the ringing started again. A part of me wished it was Wes while the other part of me wished it was not Wes. The third call was followed by a doorbell. I grabbed my phone to find 3 missed calls from Liz. A text followed soon after another doorbell.

Liz: Open the door! I’m outside. WE NEED TO TALK!

What the hell was Liz doing here? I hadn’t spoken to her for a few days and today was not the day to deal with makeups. She would certainly blame my moping for being stubborn. I didn’t want to hear her usual “I told you so.” No, I wanted to swallow in my sadness for the rest of the evening. I jolted when my phone vibrated when another text sprung up.

Liz: I know you’re in there! I can see the light from your room. I’m not going away!

Liz was capable of climbing to my window and forcing herself in so I threw on some plaid pajamas before heading downstairs. What was I supposed to tell her? Sorry for ignoring you for the last past days? Ah, why did she want this confrontation to be so awkward? A groan escaped my mouth as I opened the door for her. Liz stood across me between the door with her perfect eyeliner and waxed eyebrows. Her lipstick was flawlessly painted over her lips and her cheeks were a rosy pink and she had a pretty white secretary shirt on. My mascara was probably smeared over my cheeks  while my hair hung in knotted curls.  Her shiny eyes glimmered as they fell on me.

“Cat! I missed you!”

Before she embraced me, she put down the usual brown bag stuffed with goodies on the floor. My heart fluttered upon her touch, perhaps I did need to see my best friend.

“Look, I hate being in bad ends with you. I brought movies and all the junk food in the world that could make us happy. I even brought some wine.”

I gave her one final needy hug before I pulled away. Her eyes seemed wary as she lifted the bag and set it on the counter. A few deep breaths helped me keep at ease as I followed her into my kitchen. I watched her slim figure move about my kitchen as she prepared our junk food feast. She was quiet and observant as she paced around looking for all the things we needed.

“I know I pissed you off in the cafeteria at school. I didn’t mean to.”, she said as she retrieved the popcorn bag from the microwave. Her soft eyes pleaded pardon as she spoke.

“That’s why I came so that I could hear your side of your story without judging.”

I shook my head as I sunk into a stool.

“Liz, your opinion does matter.”

“I know…but I need to hear you out. Things have been changing.”

Liz put her hands up in front of me as she begged for mercy.

“I’m not saying you changed. I’m here to hear you.”

I helped her move the popcorn tub, ice cream cups, and chocolate to the living room. I took a seat on the love seat so that she could accompany me. Liz took a final visit to the kitchen as she prepared our wine glasses. She returned with a naughty smile as she handed me my glass. Thoughtfully, she brought the bottle with her and placed it on her side.

“So….let’s talk.”

She turned to me with those worried eyes and welcoming expression. Should I tell her about Wes and Jason? A deep silence fell upon us as I contemplated trusting her with my personal dilemma. Would she understand? I was determined to keep it to myself but my chest was filled with so much tension that I really needed to talk to someone. Different words came to play, and I burst out with my first worry.

“I think I like Wes.”

Liz began to choke on some popcorn and grabbed the cushion to her side as she calmed herself. She grabbed her wine and swallowed a whole lot before addressing me. She seemed confused and scared as she turned to me.

“Wes….Wes Davenport?” She whimpered.

She didn’t realize that her mouth was wide open as she waited for my response. This was exactly why I didn’t want to tell her or anyone else. Maybe this is why I kept this feelings at sea. Her thin hands shook with fear as she grabbed her glass and emptied its contents into her mouth. She poured some more wine before setting her glass down.

“Okay, I said I’d listen. Um….Why do you think you like him?”

“Because he’s different and caring.”

Liz choked again on her own saliva and began to gesture sorry as she tried to breathe.

“I’m so sorry. Ah, are we talking about the same Wes. Wes Davenport, right? The couch’s son? Right?”

“Yes, the only Wes in school.”

She nodded slowly as she grabbed her glass again. Liz was going to get drunk before I even explained anything.

“Um…what about Jason? What happened to your feelings for him?”

“I don’t know how I feel about Jason. He kissed me…”

Liz interrupted me as she gasped one more time. She nearly dropped her drink as she scooted closer to me.

“Jason did what!”

Oh my, I had forgotten that Liz did not know that Jason had kissed me. She was going to die when I told her that Wes was there to see the kiss. I let her catch a few breaths before I spoke again.

“He kissed me.”

“Oh my God. I came here expecting to be surprised but not this surprised. I’m so glad that I brought two bottles.”

She removed her high heels and got more comfortable. She massaged her heels as she proceeded with her next question.

“I can’t believe this. When did he kiss you?”


“Did you enjoy it?”

“At the moment.”

She soaked in the information as she grabbed some chocolate to distract her mouth. I wondered what she was thinking beneath that gorgeous set of hair.

“Has Wes kissed you?”

Her eyes narrowed as she waited for my response.

“No…no he has not.”

She brought her knees to her chest and rested her head on her knees.

“Wow, girl, you’re in a love triangle. Actually no…because Taylor is still in the picture so that makes it a square…but then what about that blonde girl Wes is dating…so a love pentagon.”

Both us laughed nervously as we tried to discern each other’s thoughts. I could tell that Liz was freaking out. The pink from her cheeks had disappeared and her voice continued to shake.

“Does Wes like you?”

“I don’t know.”

“I saw him with his girlfriend at a gas station earlier this week.”

“What! Shelby? No, that can’t be. They’re not dating anymore.”

Liz looked alarm as her eyes widened. She had blurted out unwanted information innocently and now she didn’t know what to do.

“Oh…I didn’t know that.”

She observed my curious eyes as I wondered why Wes was with Shelby.

“When did you see them together?”

“Maybe Wednesday or I think yesterday. I don’t know.”

My own hands were beginning to react like Liz’s voice. I grabbed my own glass and took a mouthful. Why was Wes with Shelby? Were they back together? My heart raced as a sinking feeling in my stomach began. Liz was quiet on her end and looked very regretful.

“Tell me about the kiss.” Liz proposed to interrupt my train of thought.

“Ugh…Jason grabbed me in front of Wes and kissed me. Three times.”

“Wow, what a romantic.” She pleaded.

She waited for my reaction as she sided with Jason. She was favoring him only because Wes was a stranger to her. Once again I grabbed my drink and finished the wine. I spared some time as I slowly poured some more wine. Now we were both on our second glass.

“Does Lexi know?”

“Yes, she’s rooting for Wes.”

“What! Wes?”

Liz looked to a different direction as she tried to sort this all in her head.

“Has she met him?”


“How many times?”

“A few times.”


 She returned to take a few more mouthfuls as she dissected this new information.

“Well, you said you ‘think’ you like Wes. So you’re not sure yet, right?”


“Is Jason still in the picture for you?”

“I don’t know.”

She looked hopeful as the first smile on her lips formed. Liz happily and assured retrieved the 80s movie “16 Candles” from her purse. I set it up on the TV as she poured our glasses to the brim again. I knew Liz was really trying to understand what was going on but she wasn’t going to get a grip until things sunk in. I dimmed the lights and brought us covers to relive old memories but the air was different today. She was trying to understand me while I was trying to convince her that everything was okay. What I really wanted to converse about was Wes’ behavior towards me at his house, but obviously we weren’t ready to cover that ground.


16 Candles was one of my ultimate favorite movies, but I just couldn’t enjoy it tonight. I’m sure that Liz couldn’t either. Her mind looked full with questions when I switched the lights back on. She gave me a contrived smile as I took my seat.

“Great movie, huh?” She said with feigned enthusiasm.

“Yea…so superb.” I followed.

I sat there hallucinating about Jake Ryan and his sensitive alluring personality. Liz was obviously sharing the same reverie because she grabbed the DVD cover and admired Jake’s sturdy body.

“Dude, why don’t guys like this exist anymore? Now they’re either unattractive and sensitive or attractive and deepshits. Where is the great selection?”

I sighed as I joined her rant.

“Yup. You’re right. Nowadays guys want two girlfriends.”

Liz threw her legs up in the air as she began to laugh. Even her drunken giggles were attractive.

“I know! Where the hell are modern women supposed to find good men?”

She poured herself more wine and followed it with chunks of chocolate. She looked more relax now and her eyes drooped like Marilyn Monroe’s eyes.

“You know, Wes told me he wasn’t dating Shelby anymore.”

“Well, I mean they weren’t all touchy at the gas station. Remember how they used to be like inseparable.”

“Inseparable? What do you mean?”

“I used to have a class with them in junior year.”

“You didn’t tell me that.”

“Well, Wes wasn’t important to either of us then. He wasn’t in the radar.”

“So…what did you see?”

“Shelby was always on Wes. It was so annoying.”

“Did Wes like that?”

“Well he was dating her. I’m sure he liked her promiscuous side.”

Ah, the same stinking burning feeling in my stomach started again as I imagined Wes and Shelby together they way Liz described them. It felt more painful than seeing Jason and Taylor together.

“You do know that they were sexually active, right?

My throat grew tight as I fixed my eyes on Liz.

“Of course I know that.”

“Did he tell you that?”

“Nope. Context clues pieced that together.”

“What if he just wants to have sex with you?”

The idea shook my body. My hot dream with Wes reminded me of what I felt as he grazed my body. But what if Liz was right? What if sex was all he wanted from me? I grew disappointed as I threw my head back. If got bored of Shelby, then he would be bored with an inexperienced virgin.

“Perhaps, who knows? Maybe that’s all Jason wants too.”

“Jason! No, he’s getting it from Taylor.”

I scowled and threw pieces of popcorn at Liz. She dodged me despite her altered senses.

“Thanks for reminding me!”


Liz drank some more wine as I depressed myself even more. Everything was just getting too confusing for me.

“You know, Wes is ignoring me.”

“I thought you guys were friends.”

“He saw Jason kiss me yesterday, and now he is ignoring me.”

“Clearly, he is interested then.”

“Interested in what?”

I strained my neck to hear her response because I needed clarification. Sometimes a person’s point of view could be very relieving.

“In you, what else.”

“You really think so?”

I could hear the enthusiasm in my voice as I rejoiced. Maybe he did like me!

“Cat, I’m not Wes. I can’t tell you what he is interested in, but it’s just so odd to me that after all these years in high school he’s finally talking to you. That’s so weird to me.”

“Well he hadn’t met me before.”

“A simple ‘hi’ was all that was needed.”

“He had a girlfriend though.”

“He might still have one, Cat. He’s probably a liar. Just like the rest of them.”

“Ah what am I supposed to do!”

I groaned as I threw my face onto the couch.  I could feel my eyes sting and burn and I had to refrain from crying because I wasn’t alone.

“Tell him that you like him.”

“What are you crazy! I might as well also call up my parents and tell them what horrible parents they are.”

“Well you need to do that too.” Liz said with a smirk.

“Yea…you’re right! Give me your phone!” I said sarcastically.

I grabbed some chocolate and stuffed my mouth with it.

“Imagine you told him that you liked him and he’s like “let’s do it!”

We burst out in great laughter and continued to laugh until our stomachs ached.

“Wes is so much more hotter than Jason that’s for sure, but he has such a bad attitude that it’s hard to like him.” Liz said as she passed me her phone. I threw it back at her lap as she stuck her tongue at me. I shook my head then defiantly as I prepared to defend Wes.

“People don’t know the real Wes. He seems a lot more sensitive than most guys I know.”

“Cat, Wes Davenport is an asshole.”

“No, he’s not.”

“I don’t know how he has brainwashed you, but he is true asshole.”

“Liz, everyone at school thinks you are a conceited rich snobby girl. Is that who you really are?”

Liz looked alert as she narrowed her eyes at me. Her cheek bones grew grave as she sat up.

“I don’t want to talk about Wes anymore. He even troubles conversation. Tell me about the kiss with Jason. What was it like?”

“The kiss.”

“Yes. Describe it. Where was it?”

I grew uncomfortable with the topic. I wanted to talk about Wes to sort my feelings but she didn’t want to give him a chance. I grabbed my glass of wine and settled it in my mouth.

“It was in my garage. Jason spotted Wes coming from behind us and kissed me.”

“But what was the kiss like.”

“Um…soft, warm…sweet.”

“How sweet?”

She looked excited as she leaned over. She held her hands together in anticipation.

“Um…like it was surprisingly satisfying.”

“Aww, that’s so cute. I’m so happy that he kissed you. Finally! We were waiting for years!”

“But he has a girlfriend.”

“That we can get rid of.”

“Taylor is not gonna be an easy target to manipulate. She has been with Jason for years.”

“Well she’s not as frightening as Shelby with her lip piercing.”

“Taylor is stuck like glue on Jason. She’s crazy about him.”

“But we can blow her off”

“No we can’t, Liz. Taylor will fight for Jason.”

“And you don’t think Shelby will fight? Of course, she will. We don’t know anything about Wes’ and Shelby’s relationship.”


“But it was probably all sex.”

“Hmmmph, stop rubbing it in.”

“That’s what Shelby said!”

Liz erupted into laughter by herself because I didn’t think her comment was funny.

“Aww, cmon, you know that’s funny. You’re being all sensitive.”

“And you’re being insensitive about the subject.”

“I’m drinking, what did you expect?”

I shook my head as I watched beam lights light upon the front window. Lexi and Mark were probably back, and soon both of them would join this parade.

“The whole point of this conversation was that no guy could compare to Jake Ryan from 16 Candles with his Trans am and sensitive heart.  Not even your hot stud Wes Davenport.”

The door rung and it threw us back. Lexi and Mark wouldn’t ring the doorbell unless they were carrying groceries. It was nearly midnight and we weren’t accustomed having people over at this time. Who the hell could it be? Liz headed towards the door and peered through the nearest window from the door.

“Do you know anyone who drives a black jeep?”



I know that chapters like these can get boring because there is no real drama or progression, BUT at least I left you guys with a good ending. :) obviously, Wes is waiting outside for Cat. :) I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. This was actually a really hard chapter to write because I wasn't sure what to write. I had a bunch of really good ideas that I decided to hold till later chapters. Also, 16 Candles is just such a great movie! I watched it the other day and decided that I would love to incorporate into my novel. With that being said...Tell me....who do you prefer? Jake Ryan or Wes Davenport? Also guys on a serious note, go do something fun today! Summer will come to an end and I want all of you to have a memorable summer day! Carpe Diem! :)

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