Cigarette Kisses

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Get Some

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***** Chapter 17 *****

"Get Some"



Wes’ POV

The water felt so strange to my body despite the years of practice I had acquired. With every stroke, I felt more distant to the person I thought I was. What was wrong with me? Usually a couple of laps solved any of my problems, but it wasn’t working its magic today. I felt stoic yet full of emotion, my chest felt empty yet heavy. I could feel the water try to soak into my pores, but the chemistry was different. Even the color looked so different. Today the water resembled a black floating cloud. The white tile on the bottom contrasted so harshly compared to the black mass. I preferred blending into the dark water and polluted thoughts, but I was estranged to my only sanctuary. The swim team usually complained about the water being cold, until today I hadn’t felt the cold. My freestyle came to a halt when my body severely shuddered. I let the water turn me over as I took a deep breath. I floated on my back and realized how ominous everything seemed. I could hear the vents, the water clashing amongst itself, even the light bulbs fusing. Where did this calamity result from? Enraged, I lunged my body back into the pull, and the water turned me over once again. Something was definitely wrong. I swam to the edge of the pool when I felt the pull of the water. I didn’t glance back as I headed towards the lockers.


As I threw my gym bag over to the backseat, my phone went off. The sound whirled my thoughts and mind. This infection seemed to have been creeping into my entire world. I had 10 missed calls from Shelby, about 25 text messages from Shelby, 3 texts from Trent, and one from Cat. At the thought of Cat’s name, I ran out of breath. The waves, the sand, and her lips pulled me in like a heavy tide. Her prowess touch made me want to succumb, all over again.

Cat: Hey…can we talk?

Talk? About the beach? About our kiss? How could I talk about it when I hadn’t accepted that it actually happened? To be honest, I hadn’t met a girl like Cat. I remember spending lunch time watching her write vigorously unto her journal. For months, I wanted to read through those devoted pages. When I finally had them in my grasp, I realized that I’d much prefer to discern the writer; the forlorn pages no longer anchored me. The crisp February air revived me from my vivid reverie. God, Catherine Rosewood was an enigma engineered for my demise.


Despite the weather, my father was insufficiently clad. His sport green shorts wavered in the cold wind. He was busy unloading items from the bed of his truck. As usual, he beckoned me with one cold finger. He spotted my gym bag across my chest and gleamed.

“I’m glad you took a swim. I hadn’t seen you in practice for a few days.”

“I prefer to swim alone.”

“I know that. That’s why I gave you a key to the school’s gym. It’s a privilege.”

“I know. You’ve reiterated that fact at least a thousand times.”

“Just a reminder. Anyway, pick up those boxes on the floor. Organize them nicely in the garage, last time you just left them on the floor.”

He waited for me to protest or a sign of defiance, but I granted him a good morning solely because Cat was still lingering in my mind. For old time’s sake, I left one box on the floor, hidden beneath other crap. Inside, Kassy was busy making some breakfast for dad. She wasn’t the type to wake up every morning and cook up something nice, obviously she needed a favor.

“What do you need this time, Kass?”

She rolled her sleepy eyes as she handed me an empty bowl. She clumsily battered some pancake mix and pouted.

“Why can’t the way to a man’s heart be something other than food?” She exclaimed as some batter stained her pajamas.

“Honesty is another way.” I raised an eyebrow at her while she tilted her head back and laughed.

“Is that Cat’s method to your heart?”

I felt the flush of blood sink into my head immediately. I gave her my back as I grabbed the milk from the fridge and tried to calm my springing blood. Cat’s name, alone, was a great way to stir me up.

“Oh don’t get bashful on me, Wes. You certainly weren’t bashful when you kissed Cat last night.”

My hands nearly faltered as I reached for some cereal. I bit down into my lip as I poured myself some milk.

“Don’t have a cow, Wes. She didn’t tell me. Trent told me.”

“How? He was knocked out.” My voice sounded loud and urgent, almost imploring.

Kassy’s smile turned into giggles. I forced a spoonful of Cheerios into my mouth before she noticed how strenuous this topic was. Why couldn’t I be elusive, cunning, or shrewd about this? I was aching to hear if Cat had mentioned anything about the topic. Unfortunately, I was a novice at begging. 

“Wes, regale me with your sweet recap of last night! Was it a good kiss?”

“What? What the hell is a good kiss?” I longed to sound stoic.

“You don’t know what a good kiss is? Then darling, last night was not a good kiss.”

My mind quivered at the thought of Cat acting nonchalantly towards our kiss. She looked airy when Jason was the one supplying the kisses. Another forced spoonful of Cheerios should remedy my delusional state.

“Wes! Oh my god, so how was it? Trent just said he saw you kiss Cat. He didn’t tell me anything else. I want all the details.”

Conveniently, my father walked in with the newspaper in his hands and his usual temperamental scowl.

“Great, another match with the Rosewoods. You forget what they said about your sister?”

“Daddy, were not living in the 17th century.” Kassy’s voice was strained, there was no end to this delicate subject.

“Well, it shouldn’t be long before the Rosewoods intercede with their daughter’s defilement.”

Kassy slammed her palm to the kitchen cabinet, the echo mixed with the sound of the pancake batter dripping.

“Dad, you say it like I didn’t love Paul.”


“No, I’m tired of you and Mom bringing this up like it was my fault. I never bring up your failed marriage.”

Spoonful of Cheerios or say something? I glanced at my dad, who’s scowl had developed into a melancholy depressing frown. Kassy threw the empty bowl into the sink and marched off.

“You need to stop talking to Rosewood.”

“She has a name.”

“It’s best that you forget it. The Rosewoods bring bad memories to this family.”

“What family?”  I felt my own grimace creep unto my face.

My father didn’t bother with my retaliation; he gazed upon the cover of the newspaper and went on with his day.


This Saturday was turning out like the rest of them always did. Kassy talking notoriously on her phone, while my father tidied up his garage and sorted out his collectibles. I was thrown in bed, facing the ceiling fan, while my mind ran hot. Different things consumed my thoughts, but mostly only Cat. Like an intricate painting, she had me debating over actions and words. I could guess anyone’s next sentence, but she was ineffable. When I tried to discern my own feelings for her, I couldn’t fathom them either. She made me feel lost yet found, dominant yet inferior; she made water taste like wine. Like a deity with their contradictions, her follower was pensive and undecided. A sudden knock on the front door distilled my thoughts, and Kassy yelled through her own closed door.

“Wes, get the door!”

The next knock was more urgent and louder, and I knew who exactly was behind the door. Even if I resisted, Shelby would find a way into my home. People always tend to stop by when you desire to be alone. Shelby pursed her pink pierced lips as she greeted me in a sheer pink short dress. Without my consent, she walked in and headed towards my bedroom. For weeks, she had been visiting, lurking, and lounging for remnants of our relationship. Kassy met her at the top of the stairs, with her small arms crossed and a wry look.

“Still desperate, Shelby?” sniped Kassy.


“It’s still winter, Shelby! You should cover up more!”

When I reached the top of the stairs, Kassy cornered me with the same front.

“I don’t believe in kiss and tell, but it doesn’t mean there won’t ever be an exception.” Her eyes were cold and serious.

“Kassy, nothing is going on between us.”

“I’m not the one that you’ll have to explain to.”


She closed her door behind her with a final glare. Slowly and tediously, I dragged myself to my room. As always, Shelby was stationed on my bed, with her shoes off. She rubbed her legs together as she produced her siren call.

“This room doesn’t even smell like you anymore. Smells clean.”

“Because it is clean.”

I remained at the foot of the door as she gestured for me to come in. When I didn’t budge, she threw herself on my bed, facing the ceiling.

“What do you want this time, Shelby?”

“I’ve just come to say hello.”

“You could have texted me.”

“You never reply.”

“Maybe it’s a hint.”

“Why? Because of that stupid geeky girl?”

Her laugh was menacing, threatening, but subtlety weak. I could feel my temple throbbing and my body begin to stiff up.

“Look, I don’t want to fight. I just want to hang out. Come…sit next to me.”

Shelby extended a slender pale hand to me.

“I need you to leave, Shelby.”

 “Can’t we at least have fun, Wes? Like we used to. Remember, that weekend we spent in Seattle. We never left the hotel.” As she reminisced, she toyed with her hair and clenched my sheets.

A few words got caught in my throat.  The memory roamed in my head before it made me feel like a stranger to myself.

“We had planned the trip to visit Seattle’s best tourist spots, but you couldn’t get your hands off of me. Do you remember?”

“Shelby…I can’t do this anymore.”

Her elbow came across my Shakespeare book, and she held it between us with a steady arm.

“Why? Because you want to fucking read! Weren’t you the one who told me that education was worthless? Weren’t you the one who told me that Shakespeare, Voltaire, and Wordsworth were all futile to modern society? Who are you?”

Shelby threw the book against the wall, knocked down some items on my desk, and then advanced on me. Her mascara began to bleed as she shoved my shoulders.

“Who are you anymore?! What did you do to my Wes!” Her exasperated tone and tears hurt me, but not enough to succumb. She pounded my chest once more before she fell into my arms and sobbed vehemently on my shoulders.

“I love you… I love you so much.” She whispered. Her chest heaved as she waited for my reply.

“I’m not trying to hurt you. Things are changing for me, and I’m not going to force you to change with me.”

“I’ll change with you. I don’t want to lose you.”

She wrapped her hands around me and continued to cry. Her heart aching sobs were beginning to make me feel guilty. She could hardly breathe as I slowly pulled her away.


“No, you listen to me! I have loved you unconditionally. I have done everything in my power to make you happy, and this is what you do to me! How could you do this to me… I love you so much.”

She fell to the ground and covered her face as her sobs grew. I had never seen Shelby so crossed and disenchanted. Impulsively, I reached for her hand but she pulled away.

“You never loved me! Never! You used me, Wes! You used me!” She was shouting now.

“Shelby, you need to take a breath. You’re going to faint.”

She resisted my help once more.

“Why couldn’t you love me, Wes? Why! What’s wrong with me!”

At this rate, Shelby was sure to faint. Her body was shaking and her voice croaked as she struggled to breathe.

There was a brief silence between us as she sobbed unto the sheets of my bed. I kneeled to the ground and slowly reached for her cheek. I wiped a few tears off her face as she began to pacify herself. A few more streams managed to escape as I held her face in my hands.

“Shelby, you are beautiful. I could never deny how beautiful you are. I’m just not sure we were ever in love. I think we were in love with the drugs we were consuming together. The feeling of sharing a high together was subliminal, but there was nothing else between us. There was no chemistry. There was no love. Without the drugs, we’re strangers.”

I expected her to slap me and condemn me to hell, but she stared at me for a short while before she kissed me. I didn’t pull her away or push back. She needed this kiss more than she would need a high later. When she was done, she rested her forehead on my cheek as she recuperated her state.

“Wes…you might have never loved me, but I fell in love with you.” I could feel her tears stain my cheek.

Her lips returned on mine. Her hands caressed my hair as she tried one more time to reciprocate her love. When she tried to part my lips, I finally pulled away. My unresponsive lips created a despondent look on her face.

“So this is it, Wes?” Her voice trembled as more tears fell from her tired eyes.

“I’m sorry, Shelby.”

I helped her get back on her feet and begged her to stay until she was stable, but she could no longer stand the sight of me.

“You just broke my heart, Wes. No…you just broke my soul, Wes. I can’t stand to be in your presence anymore.”

“Shelby, I’m so sorry.”

“Your apology isn’t going to mend anything.”

Kassy was in the hallway, concerned about the dispute she had just eavesdropped on. She gave me a troublesome look and offered to help Shelby descend. At the bottom of the stairs, Shelby reached for my hand and held it against her heart.

“Do you feel that? There’s nothing in here anymore.”


“Wes… can I have one more kiss?”

Kassy shrugged at me and gestured me to kiss her. Shelby closed her eyes as she savored our last kiss. When I pulled away to quickly, her little chest heaved.

“I guess this is goodbye, Wes.”


Cat’s POV

Even though it was daytime now, everything was still a haze. Liz’s loud obnoxious Broadway music sprung me up from sleep. Even through the closed door, I could hear her singing in the shower. My head felt heavy and my lips hot. I rubbed my eyes softly as Liz came out of the shower, with her hair wrapped in a towel. The music was now too loud for my drowsy mind.

“Please turn down your music. Just one more Mama Mia song, and my ears will bleed.”

“Oh….okay okay…”

Liz sprinted back the shower while I threw myself back into the pillows.

“Okay…I know you just woke up…but I want to hear everything! Last night you just told me that Wes kissed you. What else! How did it happen?”

Now I wasn’t sure if I preferred the blaring radio or Liz’s intrusive questions.  Why did I even tell her?  I wasn’t so sure how I felt about everything myself. I couldn’t deny my feelings for Wes, but I couldn’t discern their path. What did he really want?

“Did he use tongue?”


“Did he bite your lips? Oh…my god. Tell me, tell me!”


I pulled the covers over my head and enjoyed the brief darkness. Liz immediately pulled off the covers and pinched my left thigh.

“Ow…what was that for!”

“You just don’t kiss Wes Davenport and not tell me about it.”

She took a seat next to me and waited like a child waits for candy on Halloween.

“I’ve kissed him before.”

“Yea…but that wasn’t for real.”

“It was a kiss.”

“In front of his parents! So no…that’s not a kiss… that’s a peck.”

“Where the hell do you find these definitions?”

“Tumblr, of course.”

She stuck her pink tongue at me while I pulled the covers over my face again.

“I’m gonna pinch you again.”

“Can you close your blinds then…please.”

“Oh…so you’re hung over! You drank last night?! Was it a drunk kiss? Oh my god…what if he doesn’t remember it?”

“Liz…the blinds!”

I heard her scurry about and then return with a flop. I peeked with one eye and then removed the covers when it was safe. I raised myself with my tired hands and then sat against the bed’s frame with my knees to my chest.

“Are you trying to hide some hickeys from me?!”

“Liz, you’re the one that disappeared all night. I don’t know where you went off to.”

“Dude, I was organizing props in the drama room.  I wasn’t at the beach with Wes Davenport.”

“I thought you didn’t like Wes.”

“No one likes Wes, but everyone knows he’s fucking hot. Anyone who would deny it would be lying. So fess up.”

Recalling the events of the night made me tremble or was it the thought of his lips? My phone began to ring and Liz reached for it before I did.

“Kassy. Who’s Kassy?”

Kassy? Why was she calling me? My poisonous thoughts conjured the worst ideas ever.

“Do I decline it?” asked Liz with a baffled expression.

“No…give it to me.”

My fingers reluctantly swiped the answer button. I could hear the echo of my own throbbing temple as I placed my ear to the receiver.

“Hello?” I whimpered. Mortified, I cleared my throat.

“Cat…hey…it’s Kassy. What’s up, whatcha doing?” Her voice was the usual playful and carefree.

I pulled the phone away from me to check the time. 5:02 pm. Damn, the whole the day had just gone to hell. How did I sleep so much?

“I….honestly, I just woke up.”

“Oh…really. Why? (she giggled) What were you doing last night?” Her giggle hinted at me that she knew Wes had kissed me. Was everyone going to trouble me about this ‘kiss’? She continued to laugh cheekily as she waited for me respond.

“Um…” I buffered.

“Cat, I’m kidding. I’m not calling you to interrogate you.”

Ah…thank God.

“I’m calling you because some of my girlfriends and me are going to watch a movie. Wanna come? Actually, you have to come.”


“You can’t bring anyone though. I already reserved some seats.”

Movies with Wes’ sister? Liz kept gesturing for me to tell her what was going on, but I couldn’t even believe she was inviting me to hang out with her.

“Yea…sure. Uh…what theatre?”

“Oh, no, I’m gonna go pick you up. Are you at home?”


“Well you’re not at my house? You’re not tutoring another guy are you?” She laughed again. I knew she was grinning from ear to ear, because that was an intentional innuendo.

“I’m at my best friend’s house. Lexie had a small bridal shower at my house.”

“So…what’s the address?”

“9642 De Palma drive.”

“Alright then, see ya in a jiff.”

“Wait…can you give me some time to get ready.”

“Yea…the movie starts at 7:30 anyway. I’ll go get you at around 6:45.”


“You’re gonna wanna dress up sexy.”


Kassy answered with a sly laugh before she ended the call.


When your best friend is in the high school’s drama club, you should expect them to be fun, crazy, rich, and to have nothing ordinary in their closets. All of this is true. The only decent pieces I found were black skinnies and a pink sheer chiffon shirt. I contemplated wearing yesterday’s outfit but Liz had hid it from me. I was pacing back and forth in Liz’s living room. It was so ornate that I feared breaking something valuable.

“So when are you going to tell me what it was like to kiss Wes.” Asked Liz from the front door. She strained her neck as she scanned the street for Kassy.

“Liz…I’m freaking out. You can see my black bra in this shirt!”

“That’s the point!”

“Do you have a tank top that I can wear underneath?”

“Nope…I’m not lending you one. She said to dress sexy, and you’re dressed like a 12 yr old.”

“12 yr olds don’t even wear bras!”

“Well then they’re sexier and bolder than you.”

Liz laughed notoriously while I observed my reflection off the glass door, skeptically.

I heard a rev of an engine the same time Liz spotted a silver car drive up to her house.

“Liz, please give me back my clothes. I’m not wearing this. Please.”

“Cat, what you’re wearing is cuter than a PG film.”


There was a honk outside, and Liz raised her eyebrow and shooed me away. At the foot of the door, she gave me a quick hug.

“If you see Wes, get some.”

My hands reached for her like an infant reaches for their mother, but Liz shut the door on my face. I awkward shifted around in complete humiliation. Kassy waved from the inside of her car with a gaudy smile. When I opened the passenger side, Kassy gave me a warm hug.

“Hey, Cat… how are you!”

“I’m…a bit cold.”

“Why didn’t you bring a jacket then, silly?”

How could I explain to her that my best friend was crazy and would prefer for me to die of pneumonia.


“Nevermind! I love that top! A jacket would have hid your figure. I’m glad you didn’t wear one. Beauty is pain.”

I half-heartedly nodded as I settled in. I caught a glimpse of her 4 in heels and naturally winced.

“Don’t worry. Wes claims he’s not into heels so you won’t ever have to learn how to walk in these.”

I feigned a smile as I turned to the passenger window and nearly garroted. Did she think Wes and I were dating? What if she asked me?

As she made her way out of the gated community, we passed Taylor’s house. As always, my bad fortune had to strike again. Taylor was making her way to her BMW and grinned when she noticed me in the car. Her orange tight dress wrinkled as she disappeared into her car.

“Did you see how stupid that bitch looked like?” Sneered Kassy as she pressed the pedal.


All the way to the movies, Kassy blasted club music and danced scandalously at each stoplight. I couldn’t count how many funny stares we received. By the time we go to the theatre, I wasn’t so sure what hurt more: my ears or eyes. Occasionally, she’d grab my hand and sway them as if we were at a concert. As we walked closer to the marquees, I studied her outfit. She was wearing some skin colored tights that created the illusion of no pants at all. She topped it off with a cute secretary jacket that flattered her waist. A few feet away from the ticket booth, she stopped me and placed her hands, palm to palm, in a pleading form.

“I’ll hope you’ll forgive me soon.”

“For what…”

Over her shoulder, I spotted Wes and Kassy’s current boyfriend waiting by the furnished entrance doors. Our jaws simultaneously dropped when our eyes met. He clearly wasn’t aware that I was going to be here either. Kassy, or should I say the devil, hugged me and then kissed me on the cheek.

“Don’t be mad at me, girl.”

She playfully jolted towards her boyfriend while my feet lost all sensation. My mind went blank while my hands raced to cover my risqué attire. How could Kassy do to this to me? I wasn’t ready to see Wes or confront him about what had happened the previous night. The cold wind immediately seeped through my chiffon shirt and under my skin. For a moment, I just saw black. A rude motorist honked at me when he spotted a parking space behind me. It was strenuous to take a step forward, like if they were my first baby steps. I swore I heard my joints cringe as I mechanically rebooted. I caught Wes give Kassy a startled look and she returned a wink. He timidly tucked his hands into his pockets as I finally approached them. Kassy mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ toward my direction while her boyfriend wrapped his hand around her small body. I caught Wes staring at my blouse and my cheeks immediately flushed with hot blood.

“The shirt is awesome, right?” poked Kassy as her date twirled her toward the ticket booth. Hadn’t she done enough damage? Weren’t we squirming enough? Wes’ cheeks turned just as florid after her bold comment.

I bit my lip as Wes shifted a bit towards me.

“Hey…” mumbled Wes.


Kassy kept a shrewd eye on us all the while she ordered tickets; she was totally enjoying watching us writhe in each other presences.

“Hey, I got our tickets, lovebirds. Hurry up! I want good seats!” exclaimed Kassy as she tugged her boyfriend towards the doors. If she gave any more audacious comments, my heart would give out on ome.

Inside the theater, there were kids, teenagers, couples swarming the food court. Kassy led us to an available cashier, and she exchanged money for some popcorn and beer.

Wes stooped his head closer to mine, so that I could hear him.

“Do you want anything?”

“Anything is fine.” My voice trembled slightly, and I hoped that he didn’t hear it.

Wes joined his sister at the counter while I fidgeted and prayed that this was just a nightmare. I cursed Liz for not lending me at least a damn cardigan. As the cashier handed Wes a tub of popcorn, his hands slipped slightly. Was he nervous too?


I don’t know how I made my way up the stairs in the theater. My legs felt nonexistent by that point, and my blood was curdling. Kassy, the devil, had also arranged our seating. I was stationed in between Wes and his sister, while Kassy’s boyfriend sat on her left. Throughout the movie, Wes toyed with hands restlessly while I tried to contain the shock from my body. During a sex scene in the movie, I made sure that I didn’t meet his eye. When the movie was over, the halls were crowded with tired movie goers who were all exiting. It was strenuous to try to keep by Wes’ side. A group of teenagers began to make their between us, and I was sure that we were about to get separated. Suddenly, Wes reached for my hand and crossed his fingers into mine and safely pulled me from the pools of people. Kassy and her boyfriend waited for us outside since they had escaped the crowd. When she spotted our clasped hands, she high fived her boyfriend. Did they plan this?

“Alright, well we’re going to get some grub and then go to some party…so Wes, can you take Cat home for me?” said Kassy as she grinned like a champion. How many more tricks did she have under her sleeve?

“Yea…that’s fine.” responded Wes.

Although the crowd of people had dispersed, Wes kept my hand enclosed in his. Kassy waved goodbye as we went our direction. I expected him to let my hand fall, but he didn’t. On the contrary, his grasp tightened as we passed rows of cars through the parking lot. It wasn’t until we reached his black jeep that he finally let go.

The ride back to my house was sufficiently filled with silence and reruns of commercials. Usually, Wes drove swift like the wind but this ride was the longest drive I’d ever endured. Perhaps this unprecedented evening had caused this prolonged perception. Wes’ black sweatshirt blended in with the shadow of the night and his pale hardened face was the only thing visible from the passenger seat. Every stoplight seemed to last an eon under this severe silence. When we finally reached my house, Wes slowly parked on the side of the road. He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel while I exhaled quite pretentiously, unintentionally.

“I’m so sorry for what Kassy did today. I’m embarrassed just to mention her name.”

“Ah…I have a sister too. I know what they’re capable of.”

He laughed handsomely as he finally gave me the first smile of the night. Oh God, his smile was to kill for. When I unbuckled my seat belt, I was surprised to hear him unbuckle his own. What was he doing? I opened the passenger door, my action was reciprocated by Wes opening his own door, too. Was he going to walk me to the front door? My heart dropped this time. I slipped on the wet gravel beneath me, and landed on the sidewalk. What I had been avoiding all night just had to happen. Wes rushed towards me and knelt beside and sported the same melting smile. Was he laughing? If he was, I couldn’t blame him… I was guilty of laughing at people falling all the time.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m just a really clumsy person.”

“it was worth a good laugh.”

His smile widened when I pouted.

“I’m kidding…I’m kidding.”

Wes helped me up with one sturdy flex. I studied my feet all the way to the front door. His hands were back in his pockets and I could see just how tense his shoulders were. How did I look? Was I trembling? My teeth chattered loudly and I rubbed my arms to pretend that I felt cold.

“So I had fun tonight.” Said Wes fretfully.  He ran his hands through his hair as he smoldering smile eased up on me.

“Do you…do you wanna come inside?”

His eyes widened as the words slipped out my mouth. How did I just say that? Did my unconscious mind conquer my futile present one? Now my body was really trembling.

“Yea…of course.” His voice sounded excited now while my bones rattled. Somehow I reached for the keys in my pockets. When I attempted to insert the key into the keyhole, I just couldn’t.

“Is anybody else home?” Wes asked as he leaned in to help me. I checked over my shoulder and noticed that Lexie’s car was missing. Oh my God, I couldn’t deny Wes to save my life.

“I don’t think so.” My voice was hardly a whisper.

Wes immediately took the key from hand and unlocked the door in a single effort. The door creaked open, and Wes rolled his hand before me and gestured for me to enter, with a sly smile. He didn’t seem nervous anymore…why? Wes ventured in after me and shared my reaction when we found my house trashed. Lexie had left banners, gift wrapping paper, empty bottles of wine and soda cans, and trash thrown all over the place.

“Whoa…what happened here?”

“I don’t even know…I’m sorry…I had no idea that my sister didn’t clean up.”

“I’ve seen worse.”

Wes casually walked around while I spotted a penis shaped balloon. Geez, this night couldn’t get any worse. When Wes spotted it, he couldn’t help laughing.

“Um…do you want something to drink?” I interjected.

“Cat, I don’t think you got anything. Look at all the empty bottles lying around.” He amused himself and kicked an empty Coke can to my feet. I avoided his pass and headed towards the kitchen.

“Cat, where’s you restroom?”

“Down the hall…to your right.”

I took several deep breaths as soon as Wes was out of sight. I could hear his footsteps come to an abrupt end down the hall.

He returned with another sly smirk and a raised eyebrow.

“Even the restroom is completely trashed. Do you have another restroom?”

Yes. In my bedroom. I stood there, dazed and almost faint. How could I lead him to my bedroom?

“Cat…are you okay?”

I was sure that the blood from my face had completely drained.

“Yea…uh…there’s a restroom upstairs.”

“I’ll follow you…just in case you trip.”

I turned away from his smile because I’d lose it again. I ran through all the excuses in my head before admitting to defeat. Had I even shaved my legs! I gnawed on my bottom lip as I reached the staircase. I could taste the blood from my lips as I began to ascend the stairs. Damn Liz. Damn Kassy. Damn Lexie. They had all contributed to this fatal end.

When I reached my bedroom, Wes was close behind me, almost too close. When I flicked the lights, Wes entered my bedroom before me. His conspicuous curiosity was evident as he glanced around and studied the objects in my room. He picked up a Star Wars comic book from my bookshelf and took a seat on my bed.

“You like Star Wars!”

I nervously took a seat on my bay window to stay as far as possible from Wes. He winced at the distance.

“Yes…I do.”

“What’s your favorite movie?”

“Uh…I guess...Return of the Jedi…that’s just…a really hard question.”


Wes scanned thought the comic book while I chewed my fingernails.

“I think my favorite movie is probably…the fourth episode.”

“That one is good too.” I checked the window behind me, but Lexie’s car was not in sight. Where was she? I could get pregnant by just staring at Wes.

“We should watch the movies together.”

I raised my eyes towards his, and he held them for as I long as I dared too. I deferred to my phone and nodded while he dropped the comic book. He extended his hands behind him and rested in that position. Didn’t he have to use the restroom?

“So…I finally get the chance to tell you that I really like what you’re wearing.” Wes’ black eyes stared me down while I clasped my hands for strength. Was it already starting? Was this is it?

“Ah…thank you.”


I gambled to look into his eyes. Their shiny black appearance blinded me for a split second.

“Yes…” I whispered.

“I think…I think we need to talk about what happened yesterday. I just…I don’t want you feel uncomfortable around me.” Wes said as he rose from my bed and advanced towards me. My body tensed up as he took a seat next to me. I could smell his husky cologne and alluring natural musk. His defined jaw rested as he turned his face towards mine.

“Are you mad that I kissed you?”

How was it so easy for Wes to stay composed? I could feel my legs shake and a deep sensitive sensation spread through my inner thighs. Suddenly, Wes placed a hand on my thigh to stop the clatter.

“You’re shaking…”

My lips trembled as a soft whimper escaped my lips. His touch was enough to spread a fever across my body. My whimper sufficed as a cue for Wes. He didn’t delay the moment any longer. His hand slid across my body and halted on the curve of my back. His lips met mine, in a soft collide. I exhaled into his mouth, and he responded by biting my punctured lip. He held it between his teeth for a few seconds until I arched my back further into the cushion. He moved skillfully and instinctively and grazed my body with his thick fingers. He pulled away to examine our embraced hands and held them up before us and then returned to my lips. His hand slid to the back of my neck, and he gently pushed me deeper into his kiss. With each kiss, my short grew shorter. There was a weird new sensation on my lower abdomen that pulsated deep within me. It was a feeling I had never felt before. It was…pleasurable at the same time. Wes arched my back further back which caused me to fall back into the cushion. I could feel my hair wildly misplaced and a soft breeze crisp on my exposed skin. The same deep throbbing sensation on my loins returned; it began to expand across my whole body. Wes parted my legs slowly and watched my expression attentively. His body grazed mine as he ventured on top of me. I felt my own hands plunge and wrap around his neck as he kissed me. He slowly stopped for a second and hovered a few inches from my lips. His eyes were closed as he kissed my jaw and then my cheek.

“Hmm…so I’m assuming you’re not mad.” He hissed as he kissed my neck. I shamefully moaned as his teeth scraped the soft skin on my neck. His hands ran through the side of my body and created a mix of a tingling sensation with desire. I grew to like the sound of his lips mingling with mine, it was pure euphoria.

At the same time, we both heard Lexie set the alarm on her car. He laughed in my ear and gave my neck a final kiss before he threw himself to my side. Lexie’s steps sounded urgent as she raced upstairs; she had clearly seen the Jeep. She knew that no woman could remain astute in Wes’ presence.  Wes helped me up and held my hand in plain sight between us. His hair was shuffled and his lips were moist, but I didn’t care. I was busy trying not to prance back on him. Lexie didn’t bother to knock, she barged in. Her scrutinizing eyes grew worried when she spotted our joint hands. I could feel Wes’ heavy stare on me as Lexie stormed in.

“Catherine! What are you wearing!”










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