Cigarette Kisses

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - A Ride Home

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Cigarette Kisses

*****Chapter 5******

"A Ride Home"

The stupid croaking of a crow woke me the next morning. The screeching of the bird was so irritating that it had managed to sink into my dreams as well. I was dreaming of talking to one of my favorite front men. I had sneaked into the backstage of a Sex Pistol’s concert; when I found Johnny Rotten, I had managed to strike a conversation. I had convinced him to autograph the back of my tee. As he was finishing with the autograph, I was strangling myself to ask him all the questions I always wanted to. When I finally sweated the hell out of my palms and driven myself to ask him, Johnny turned to me and starting cawing. Then he started to croak. And then I woke up to the horrible serenade outside my window. My eyes were still swollen from the few tears I shed the previous night. Even though my eyes were shut against the light, I opened my window and drove away the crow. I’d never get another chance to see them in concert again since they were all dead now; thanks crow for ruining the once chance I had. I rubbed my face with my hands as I headed to the restroom. The water soothed my face as I continued to splash my sleepy face. When I returned, I finally realized that Jason wasn’t there. His side of the bed was vacant and rippled. I ran down stairs to discern his location, but I only found Lexie and Mark asleep on the couch. Their soft snoring dug threw me. That could have been Jason and me huddled in each other’s embrace. My heart felt sadder than it did the previous night. How could he just leave me? I examined the rest of the living room hoping to find him lingering around, but the house seemed empty. I lifted the blinds to search for his car; I was startled to find his car parked exactly where he had left it the day before. At that moment, I heard some commotion in the kitchen. I walked softly into the kitchen and found Jason with an apron wrapped around his waist. He cracked an egg in half into a skillet and the added a few strips of bacon to sizzle. He turned to grab the biscuit batter, and then he noticed me in the entrance. He threw his hands in the air and groaned.

“What the hell, Cat! I was going to surprise you with breakfast!”

I felt so flushed that I felt like I needed to soak my face with water again. I wondered if he could see the red spots on my cheeks; could he tell how happy and relieved I was to see him? I turned immediately to the fridge to guise my illumination.

“I’m sorry Jason. A crow’s croaking stirred me.”

He removed the apron from his waist and then came to embrace me. He kissed my forehead and pressed my fingers between his.

“Ugh… get away from me, Jason. You smell like grease!”

We both laughed at my remark as he hugged me tighter. We continued to fiddle with each other until we heard Mark clear his throat as he entered the kitchen shirtless.

“What’s going on in here?”

Jason blushed and began to tie the apron back on. Mark’s voice was so sarcastic that I couldn’t believe Jason actually retreated. As Jason returned to the stove, Mark winked at me. I stuck my tongue at Mark as he began to make little heart signs to me. We continued to make vulgar gestures at each other in silence until Jason abruptly turned to us. When Jason returned his gaze on breakfast, Mark and I began to laugh so loudly that Lexie came storming into room. Her hair was tied back loosely into a bun and still she looked beautiful.

“What the hell are you two laughing about? I’m trying to sleep over here!”

Lexie’s eyes fell on Jason’s immediately and then she straightened up her clothes. She shrugged at me and gave me an apologetic stare and gave a Mark a stern frown.

“I’m sorry Jason; I didn’t know we had company.”

Jason smiled and shrugged at Lexie, and then propped up a plate with eggs, bacon, and a biscuit on the table.

“Here the first plate is for you Lexie since we disturbed your sleep.”

Lexie threw her fist in the air and exclaimed “Yay” and then began to munch next to Mark. When Mark tried to steal her biscuit, she smacked his hand.

“Instead of stealing my food why don’t you ever make me food, Mark? Look, Jason is such a sweetheart!”

Jason received the praise humbly as he then slipped a plate to Mark. Mark then became jovial as he began eating.

“How did you learn how to cook, Jason?”

Mark became inquisitive now as he questioned Jason. His brows were drawn together and his lips were pressed.

“Hmmm….it’s a long story.”

“We have time.”

Jason turned to me as he handed me my plate. I sat quietly next to Lexie as she smiled at me. She came to my ear when Jason wasn’t observing and began whispering, “Oh my God Cat! He’s a keeper! He’s such a good cook.”

Lexie withdrew immediately as Jason began serving his own plate. There was no more room for a fourth person on the counter so he stood in front of us. Lexie then prompted us all to eat at the small circle table by the huge broad crystal windows. I prompted myself to sit between Lexie and Mark to make things way less uncomfortable. When we were all seated, Lexie inquired after Jason again about where he learned to cook.

“Uh…well. To be honest, I’ve taken cooking lessons with my girlfriend, Taylor. She kind of forces me to”

All of us frowned at the mention of Taylor; I could easily see that Jason was trying to avoid her name. Mark being a man took the news a bit harsher.

“Man, that sucks bro to be honest. I would never take a fucking cooking class.”

When Lexie pouted, Mark wrapped his arm around her.

“Babe, I’d cook with you, and I’ve done it a couple of times. But I would never force you to do something that you hate either.”

Jason looked uneasy now and he writhed in his chair trying to disappear. Why did he feel so perturbed?

“Well, I don’t hate cooking anymore. I’ve learned some handy recipes. So it’s cool.”

Mark gave Jason a sympathetic look as he finished his biscuit.

“Well man you must really love her to go through that shit.”

Jason contemplated for a while as he tried to come up with the right answer. I could not believe that Mark would say such a thing. I knew Lexie would scold him vehemently once Jason was gone. Mark though at the moment, was unaware of the distress he was about to cause.

“Yea, I do love her.”

And with those words, the table fell into complete silent. Mark then realized what he had done when he noticed my pained expression. Lexie couldn’t contain her sadness as those words drifted into her. She began to feign a cough as she rose to grab some water. Jason was not oblivious to the outbreak; he stared into his plate awkwardly. As everyone dealt with the news their own way, I could feel my gullet begin to feel pressure. I wanted to do now was run upstairs and cry myself to sleep. Perhaps the crow was just an omen of this sadness. At least I was warned.


The rest of our breakfast was eaten in utter silence. Lexie and Mark continued to exchange worried glances at each other. When we were all done, Jason offered me a ride to school but I declined respectively. I knew he could feel the tension around the four us now. Mark was determined to ignore any eye contact with him, and Lexie couldn’t fake a damn smile even if her life depended on it. Jason excused himself quite early for swim practice, and when he was gone Lexie ran to me with a hug.

“I’m so sorry that you had to hear that. I’m so sorry, Cat.”

“It’s okay. I already knew he loved her. I told you guys so.”

“I’m just sorry.”

I then finally noticed the patch on her left arm. Little spots of blood tainted the bandage, and the skin around the patch was pink and irritated. I smiled at her as I pointed at it.

“Ooooooh, how cool! Did you get the British flag after all?”

“Yup, once I feel a bit better I’ll show it to you.”

“Okay you better!”

Mark then came around me and wrapped his arm around me.

“Look Cat, I know I’m your sister’s boyfriend, but I see you like a little sister. If I was you, I’d stop liking Jason. He’s a good guy and all but he’s not worth it.”

When I remained quiet, Mark shook me.

“Seriously Cat. I’m being honest.”

We didn’t have much time to speak about my depressing situation because the landline began to ring which was odd because it hardly rung. We gave each other frighten startled expressions as we approached the ringing receiver. Mark was the only one brave enough to examine the caller id.

“It’s from a different area code. Do I answer it?”

Lexie nodded at him and gestured him to hurry up before it stopped ringing. When Mark answered the phone, such glee lighted his face. A broad smile replaced his skeptical look.

“Hello…oh….hey bro! What’s up! Oh, yea I’m doing fine too. I’m just here most of the time. Oh of course! I’m always taking care of them. Oh, okay….”

Mark then pressed the speaker button as he winked at us.

And then I heard him. I heard Paul’s voice rise from the intercom and my heart became so full.

“Hey girls!”

Lexie and I shrieked in excitement and jumped in excitement. We could hear Paul chuckle as he heard our enthusiasm. In unison, we recited his name in exasperation.

“Paul! It’s so good to hear from you!”

“It's good to hear from you girls too. How are you Lexie? Is Mark being good to you?”

For the first time, I could see worry in Mark’s face. He bit his lip as he stared at Lexie. I huddled in with Lexie around the speaker.

“Of course! You know he’s a sweetheart! Guess what! I got a new tattoo!”

“Oh really? That’s cool, Lexie. What did you get and where?”

“Well remember I’m working on my left sleeve. So I got a British flag.”

Paul began to laugh and he contained his laughter as he addressed Lexie again.

“You’re older brother is in the Marines and you choose to print a British Flag on your arm! What the hell Lexie.”

He began to laugh again as Lexie frowned. She crossed her arms and exhaled loudly.

“I just love British flags, Paul .Nothing personal.”

“I know, I know. I’m just playing with you. I’m glad you got a new tattoo. When I get back, you, Cat, and I need to get an identical tat. What do you say girls?”

“Hell Yea!” we said unison again.

I could imagine Paul in his green shirt and handsome green eyes. I could just see his smile in front of me.

“How are you, Cat? How’s it going with the short story?”

“Ummm.. I haven’t written much since we last spoke, but I got the extra time I needed. So, I should be fine.”

“That’s great! You should sound more enthusiastic about the topic. You’re going to win. I already know.”

“Oh yea, I forgot you’re going to threaten the judges.”

The four of us began to laugh; Lexie covered core from the pain.

“Well don’t go on telling everyone, Cat.”

Mark embraced Lexie to help her with the pain, and I remained so close to the speaker.

“So anyway sweethearts, I have a huge surprise for you girls. But I won’t tell you guys about it till next time. It’s a huge surprise.”

“Aww, cmon tell us! That’s not fair, Paul. Tell us!”

My voice was pleading and I know I sounded desperate, but I missed my brother so much. Lexie yanked herself from Mark and embraced me lovingly. I know how she felt too; I know she knew the pain in my chest. It was hell to worry for someone you had no power to save. Every time we received a call from Paul it gave us hope that we’d be a happy trio soon again.

“Cat, honey I promise you girls that you will both love the surprise.”

At that moment, the grandfather clock in the living room struck 8. We all jolted from the chiming and then I realized I was already late for school.

“Ah, I have to go to school. This fucking sucks.”

Paul laughed handsomely again. Ah, how much I wanted to embrace him and never let him go.

“Go to school, Cat. I’ll catch up with you darling.”

“Alrighty, I LOVE YOU PAUL!”

“I love you too Cat.”

I let his warm words enlighten my heart, and then I sprinted up the stairs. I threw clothes all over the place as I tried to figure something to wear. I settled on some black tights, a black dress with roses printed on it, my black leather biker jacket, and my favorite black knee high boots. As my eyes slowly studied my figure, I then noticed Wes’ red jacket behind my reflection lying on my black stool. Chills ran down my body as I picked up his jacket. I was going to have to return to him even if I dreaded to approach him. I stuffed his jacket into my backpack and sprayed myself with some sweet pea body spray. When I descended from the stairs, Mark and Lexie whistled at me even though they were still engaged into the conversation with Paul. I threw them the middle finger as I slipped out the door. Before I rushed into my car, Mark trailed after me and halted me. Oh God, I didn’t have to time waste anymore.

“Hey Cat! I need to ask you for a favor!”

“Mark, I don’t have time. Ask me later. Please.”

“That’s the thing. I need to borrow your car for the day.”

“What?... why?”

“Lex is going to drive Seattle to meet up your parents.”

“What…mom and dad are in Seattle? When the hell did they get there?”

“We’ll talk about that later. I’ll need your car to do some errands. Do you mind?”

I sighed as I closed the driver’s door. I began walking to the passenger side and gestured Mark to get in the driver’s seat. He smiled at me as he rushed to my car.

“Thanks, Cat.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Even though I begged Mark to hurry up, I got to school pretty late. But though I arrived really late, I just overwhelmed with such good auras. Even though Jason had said he loved Taylor, Paul’s call had certainly changed my humor for the day.


At the end of the school day, I had managed to keep my smile throughout the whole day. I hadn’t seen Jason or Taylor all day, but I assumed they had skipped school together. They usually did when they wanted to stay cuddled together in bed. I wonder if they had ever had sex. The thought of it depressed me, and for the first time during the day my smile ceased to exist. Before I could go home and relax, Miss. Luke had sent me to get Coach Davenport’s signature on my semester excuse. I didn’t have the courage to explain to her that Wes’ tutoring didn’t go so well. I was afraid to even confront Coach Davenport about it. He’d probably refuse to sign my excuse, but I had to try. When I reached his office though, he wasn’t there but there was note at door stating that he was at his swimming practice. I wondered if Jason would be there, but when I entered the swimming pool, I answered my own question. It was a Friday afternoon after all, only a few swimmers were around to practice. I couldn’t spot Coach Davenport as I scanned the indoor pool. The smell of chlorine was intoxicating but then my lungs adjusted to the awful fumes. The blue water looked peaceful as the swimmers glided through it. Most of them reached the end of the pool and continued to swim back as they completed their laps. I wish I could swim like that but I just wasn’t born with fins and gills they had. I then spotted Wes, and oh my, Jason was right. I wouldn’t have even noticed him if it wasn’t for the fact that he was so fast compared to the other swimmers. He reached each end of the pool almost 10 seconds before most of the other swimmers. I stood there amazed as I continued to watch Wes glide through the water. Suddenly Coach Davenport came before me with a great smile.

“He’s amazing, huh! I wish he was as good in his studies as he’s in swimming.”

I nodded softly as I began to pull out the form from my pocket.

“Hey Coach Davenport I’m just swinging by so you could sign my excuse.”

He looked delighted as he took the slip from me and signed it. He then returned his gaze at Wes. Wes completed one more lap and then rested in the water. When he noticed us, he pulled himself out of the pool. I tried to keep my gaze away as I noticed that he was only wearing spandex shorts. I nearly gasped when I noticed how sculpted his body was. His legs were so defined and his arms were so gargantuan. As he caught his breath, his core heaved and the little columns of muscles flexed with every breath. My body grew hot as Wes approached us. Thankfully he wrapped a red towel around himself. When he was finally a few feet away, his dad embraced him with a proud tap on the back. Wes didn’t give much emotion back, but he kept his stare at me. His face was serious and hard like a stone as he looked into my eyes. I realized then that he was trying to hint me something.

“So Wes tells me you’re tutoring session went great last night! I’m so happy to hear that! I’m so dam proud of Wes.”

I nearly choked as I processed Coach Davenport’s words. What the hell was he talking about! It had been a total disaster! Coach Davenport waited for me to respond and Wes gave me a pleading stare. Somehow I began nodding and smiling.

“Uh….yes, it was a really good tutoring session.”

I wondered if I was as bad as Lexie at lying because I felt so troubled. My words came out slurred and my hands were shaking. How could Wes lie to his dad? Why didn’t he tell him the truth? Now I was going to share this mess with him? Coach Davenport read my confusion though. He glanced at Wes and then back at me. I could read how unconvinced he felt now. Wes removed the towel around his waist and hung on his shoulder. Now my mind couldn’t process at all. I was trying to make a straight face so Coach Davenport would believe, and I was trying to keep my eyes off of Wes’ body. Wes noticed the sparkle in my eyes as I traced his muscles. Coach Davenport jaw shuffled as he tried to discern my body language.

“So what did you cover with Wes yesterday? Can I know?”

Wes looked alarmed now as his father questioned me. Why the hell was I even lying for Wes? I stared into the ground for a bit as I pretended to recall yesterday’s lesson. What if Wes already made up the lesson plan? Oh God, what if our stories don’t add up. I shifted my feet awkwardly wishing that I could read Wes’ mind. I stared at Wes’ pale feet and then helplessly my eyes traveled to his face. Perhaps if Wes’ was wearing clothes this would be easier.

“We covered the definition and process of creating a thesis.”

Coach Davenport sighed, and the creases on his forehead relaxed a bit. I hope he bought the lie, but I convinced that he didn’t. He still looked quite hesitant on our odd behavior.

“Alright thanks Rosewood. Keep it up Wes! If you have any trouble with Wes, you tell me. Okay?”


He adjusted the whistle hanging around his neck and then blew it. He walked past us as he began to tell the rest of the swimmers to get out of the pool. I guess practice was over. When I returned my gaze on Wes, Wes was smirking at me. His body looked warm from the exercise still, and little beads of water trailed down his torso and core. He looked so sexy, but I’m sure he was used to hearing that all the time. I would never tell him so; I would hate to feed his ego.

“Thanks for not ratting me out.”

“Oh… I didn’t really do it for you.”

Wes moved in closer to study my face. I felt my body become weak as he stood before me. The short distance reminded me of our previous close encounter. This time we weren’t in the cold; he couldn’t tell me to leave, could he? His dark eyes watched mine attentively. There was something about Wes that was just too mysterious. His eyes flickered softly as he turned his gaze away from me when it turned too penetrating. Maybe he could read my fear.

“Well for whatever reason you did it for, you saved me from an hour of shouting. Soooooo, why didn’t your boyfriend come to practice today?”

“My boyfriend?”

“Yea, Jason?”

I snorted very unattractively at Wes’ words. My boyfriend! Ha! I wish! My cheeks turned red immediately as Wes continued to stare at me with his charcoal eyes.

“Jason is not my boyfriend. He’s just my….my best friend.”

Wes nodded slowly and bit his lower lip. He noticed my embarrassment and then stood there awkwardly with me in a silence. Before we could garrote in such state, he began to walk away. He turned back to me when he was close to pool again and studied me once more.

“Thank again for saving my ass. See you later, Cat.”

I turned quickly before my lewd eyes observed his body again. Ah, I was so sick.


Even though I kept calling and texting Mark to come pick me from school, I was still waiting outside in the cold. I kept watching as everyone who waiting for their ride home disappeared. In the end, I was the only one left next to a tree in the subzero cold. I had waited nearly an hour now for Mark, and truthfully my fingers were beginning to burn from the cold even beneath my mittens. When my coat began to become futile against the cold, I remembered I had Wes’ red sweater in my bag. I immediately began to withdraw it from my bag even though thoughts of regret swept into my mind. What if he caught me with it? I was supposed to return back to him, but I had forgotten to. Thank God, I hadn’t given it back to him because I would have been an icicle by now. I continued to curse Mark repeatedly in my mind and was constructing my awful speech for when I got home. Oh boy, he was going to get the worse of me. When the sky began to turn a light purple, I decided to walk home before it began to drizzle or snow. I couldn’t wait here forever, and the walk would probably only be 25 minutes. Ah, what a perfect day to wear thin leggings and a dress. The cold seeped into the thin fabric of my leggings and began to numb the veins on my slim thighs. I walked past my school as I started to embark on my stroll. I clutched tightly to Wes’ jacket. Yesterday I didn’t seem to have noticed the musk scent that was penetrated into his jacket. Such masculine bold aura with just a hint of smokeand now I wondered what cologne he wore. I was so attracted to his scent that I kept rubbing my nose on the sleeves of the jacket. Mmmm… such nice scent. I began to wonder if his body smelled the same. I imagined if his neck smelled just as strong, and then whipped out my iPod before I sexually assaulted Wes in my mind. What the hell was wrong with me? I had never even been with a guy in such manner. To be honest, Wes made my body so hot; Jason’s presence didn’t manage didn’t to produce the same heat. I set my iPod on shuffle as I tried to get my mind off Wes. I’ve appreciated different types of beauties, but not enough to have them affect my body. I squirmed and jerked my finger as I replayed Wes coming out of the pool. Ugh, I was so disgusting. I couldn’t help myself though. Wes was so attractive, and I was sure that he knew that he was. Did he make every other girl feel so hot? I skidded across the street as a few cars passed me. The people in their warm cars gave me frighten stares; some of them seemed afraid for my safety but none of them dared to stop. A few minutes into my walk, I began to lose feeling in my toes. I pulled into a corner store to warm myself for a while. I bought a pack of gum to relieve the angry cashier; I guess he was used to vagabonds finding refuge in his store I hoped that I didn’t look like a vagrant; maybe Wes’ jacket was a bit too long for me. Nevertheless, I stayed a while longer but took leave before the cashier asked me to leave. I resumed my walk briskly but soon after my feet began to feel numb. I wanted to stop again but if I kept taking breaks, night would soon approach and things would get too dangerous. I tried to increase my momentum, but the faster I moved the more the cold air seeped into my lungs. Though my mind continued to linger to Jason and Wes, I was becoming more preoccupied with getting home safe. I checked my watch and realized I only needed about 13 minutes to get home, but nearly half an hour had already passed since I began the walk. Had I really stopped for so long or did I calculate incorrectly? The amount of traffic on the streets had decreased significantly; only a few cars passed me so often now. As I walked across another street, I began to curse Mark in my head again. Ugh, I hated him. I planned to rip his head off as soon as I got home. I was too engrossed imaging decapitating Mark that I had not noticed that a vehicle had stopped beside me. I jumped when the black suv honked at me. I became fearful that I was going to get kidnapped now; I began to nearly sprint as I heard the vehicle come close as the tires spitted the gravel.

“Hey Cat, you want a ride?”

I turned slowly as I recognized his voice. Wes’ window was rolled down as he rested his elbow against the brim. He pulled his Jeep closer to me; I could feel the warm air venting inside his Jeep. I was so tempted to rub my hands as he pulled in closer.

“So do you want a ride, Cat? You look so pale.”

I didn’t want to be close to Wes after the hot sensations he sent through me earlier, but I just couldn’t say no to a ride home. Wes noticed my hesitation as I contemplated either hopping on or freezing to death.

“Cat, get in. Seriously, I don’t think it’s even an option. You’re pretty far from your house for a walking distance. Come on…”

I went around his Jeep as I asked my mind to behave itself. As I opened the door, Wes immediately greeted me with his handsome smile. And right at that moment I felt my body tingle. I didn’t feel cold anymore as I propped myself into his Jeep. My palms began to sweat as I felt the familiar heat run through my veins. Ugh, I hate his dam smile! I was resolved to keep my eyes on the road before I began to sweat like a pig. I could feel Wes continue to stare at me as he shifted the gear.

“Nice sweater, Cat.”

“Oh…oh my god.”

I felt so embarrassed that I began to remove his jacket. How embarrassing! I could feel little beads of sweat form on my brows. Wes grabbed my arms as he stopped me.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I’m just kidding.”

As soon as he released me from his grip, I continued to remove it though. I propped the jacket between us, and then straightened out my dress. Wes shook his head as he threw his jacket to the backseat.

“You really didn’t have to take it off, Cat. I was kidding.”

I nodded my head silently as I began to play with my phone to spare myself some time. Ah, why did it have to be Wes that picked me off the road? Why couldn’t it be a worried teacher or parent; why Wes! I fidgeted in his black leather seats as he began to drive onto the road. He handed me his black iPod and threw me another contagious smile.

“Hey, choose the next song.”

His fingers rubbed against mine, and I scolded myself for not rubbing the sweat off on my leggings. I scrolled through the artist with my grimy fingers and settled on The Ramones since the band reminded me of Wes’ rebel attitude. Plus, I couldn’t think straight. When “She’s the one” started playing, Wes turned to me in approval. I began to laugh when he stuck his tongue out at me and lifted his fore finger and pinky as gesturing me “rock on”. He erupted in small snickers and he started rocking his head back and forth to the beat of the song.

“Great song selection! How did you know that I love The Ramones?”

“Well they’re on your iPod.”

He gave me a smirk and handed me his iPod again when the song ended. Once again his fingers rubbed against mine.

“Choose something again. Enlighten me, Cat.”

I scrolled through his artists and songs again. I felt pressured to choose something awesome or else I’d disappoint him. Finally I settled on some Sex Pistols.

“Hell Yea! I love me some Johnny Rotten!”

He continued to rock his head as he steered us closer to my house. I studied his nice posture and jawline. Oh God, how the hell did Shelby contain herself around Wes? Oh wait, she didn’t contain herself. Wes turned to me and slightly rubbed his hand on my jacket.

“I like what you’re wearing. It looks nice.”

I felt my cheeks burn and I took a deep breath to relax the fire inside of me. I had never been complimented by someone like himself. Did he really like what I wearing? I turned to him to compliment him as well, but I couldn’t make up any words. Before I could tell him that I thought he was drop dead gorgeous, I merely thanked him.

“Thanks….so how did you find me?”

“I had a vision that you were walking alone in the cold.”

We both began to laugh again, and I rolled my eyes at him. Wes was proving to me that he wasn’t as intimidating as I thought he was. Before I could ask him another question, his phone began to ring. I noticed that the caller id said Trent. Wes lowered the music as he answered it.

“Hey man, what’s up…..ugh, not really. It’s one of those nights where I just want to stay home, man. Hmmm… I don’t know Trent, I’m not really up for it. Sorry…. Oh…mmmm, I don’t know. I’m not alone though.”

Wes then turned to me with the phone on his ear. I felt appreciated by the mention of my company.

“Alright, if the person I’m with is down with that then I’ll come along with the booze. But I’m just dropping the shit off. Okay? Alright, deal. You owe me one.”

When the call was done, Wes threw his phone into the dashboard next to his pack of Blacks. He turned to me and gave me a cute smile.

“Cat, I got to ask you for a favor.”

My eyes widened as he pulled into the side of the road. He lowered the music completely. Wes must have noticed the consternation in my eyes because he began to laugh handsomely.

“Relax, relax. It’s nothing scary. Look my friend Trent is going to some party that is a few miles from here. He doesn’t have any bottles so he’s asking me if I could go take him some from my dad’s collection. Do you mind if we go drop them off together?”

“Why do you need me?”

Wes chuckled with my reply. I didn’t mean to sound rude, but it didn’t make sense.

“Because if I go alone, he’s going to try to force me to stay. If I go with you, he’ll understand that I got to take you home.”


Now he sounded reasonable. His black eyes searched mine with hope as I thought over the situation. I didn’t want to be alone with Wes anymore; I was just too uncomfortable to begin with.

“I don’t know. I kinda….”

“Please…I really don’t feel like going to a party.”


“Please, Cat.”

“Ah……um…alright, but it better not take long.”


Hey guys!!!! First of all thank you all so much for keeping up with my slow updates! I'm so sorry..... Anyways, I want to thank you all for reading and tagging along with me. So here's the usual playlist and please comment! Tell me what you think and who's your fav character so far! Thank You!!!


1. "The Nobodies" by Marilyn Manson

2. "Hasta que to conoci" by Mana

3. "She's the one" by The Ramones

4. "I wanna be your boyfriend" by The Ramones

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