Cigarette Kisses

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Party Time

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Cigarette Kisses

******CHAPTER SIX******

"Party Time"

The drive to Wes’ house was more uncomfortable than I imagined it to be. Every other minute, I allowed myself to glance his way. Each time I did he was busy rocking his head to the music or strumming his steering wheel. The inside of his Jeep was immaculate and it smelled like expensive leather and cigarettes. So there would be no awkward silence between us, Wes turned the music louder. This was going to be a stranger semester than I thought. I wasn’t so sure if I was even Wes’ friend, but here I was sitting on his passenger seat. Why did I even trust him to even get in his car? I was glad that warm air was filling my body though. As we passed dead bare trees and dark skies, I remembered why I took Wes’ ride. I contemplated every possible threat that could happen on this ride, and then I succumbed when Wes gave me a friendly smile. I wanted to ask him why he chose to display a façade at school and to his own father or maybe this kind version of him was a guise. Hmmm… I don’t know. When we turned onto Briar Avenue, he finally lowered the music and turned to me. Before he spoke, his lips spread into my favorite smile.

“Thanks for coming with me, seriously.”

“You said it wasn’t going to take forever, right?”

Wes chuckled at my worried tone. He steered into his driveway and then we waited for the garage door to open.

“Yes, Cat.”

When the garage door was closed behind the Jeep, I followed Wes into his house and his large golden retriever didn’t fail to greet us excitedly at the door. As I followed close behind him, I could smell the familiar scent I was coveting earlier. I distanced myself enough to control myself. I followed him into his kitchen, and immediately remembered Shelby pouncing on Wes. Ugh, such a bad memory. When Wes noticed his uneasiness, he began to shake his head.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Um, would you like something to drink?”

“No, thank you.”

Wes then turned to his father’s liquor cabinet on the far left of the kitchen. I noticed it had a small lock on it though. I then watched Wes remove a pocket watch from his jeans, and then I watched him pick at the lock with the tip of the blade. When the latch opened, he turned to me and winked.

“That’s how it’s done, Cat.”

I couldn’t help laughing as he began pulling bottles down from the cabinet. He moved fast and skillfully.

“Doesn’t your father notice that some bottles are missing?”

“Nah, he has get togethers at the end of every month. So he buys and buys bottles without counting them. Which is great for me.”

Wes closed the cabinet when he had removed 5 bottles. He pulled his blade out again and then locked the latch. He must have done this more than a couple of times because he seemed so familiar with the routine. Wes then turned to me with a bottle in his hand.

“Would you like a drink of this?”

He gave me a mischievous grin as he opened the bottle in front of me. He placed it on the counter between us as he began drawing out small shot glasses from the cupboard above. I shook my head instinctively at him.

“No Wes, that’s fine.”

“Are sure?”

He placed the two shot glasses before me, and then he filled them up with liquor. He lifted a glass and whiffed in front of my face.

“Are you sure, Cat?”

When I shook my head again, Wes shrugged his shoulders and drank the first glass. His eyes tightened and he bit his lip as the liquor went down his throat. He slammed the palm of his hand against the marble counter and then gave me two thumbs up.

“Whooh! I love taking shots just to revive my system. But if you won’t take this one, I’ll have to take it for you.”

I shook my head again and gave him a warning glare, but Wes lifted the small glass and poured into his mouth. Once again he winced at the strong burning sensation.

“I hope you don’t get drunk Wes; you still have to take me home.”

“Don’t worry. This shit isn’t strong.”

Wes then rinsed the glasses quickly and placed them back in the cupboard. His movement weren’t blurred so I assumed he was alright.

“Cat, I’m going to change out of these clothes. I’ll be right back.”

I took a sit on the rotating chairs beside the black marble counter as I waited for Wes to return. Once again I got to gaze upon the Davenport house. I sincerely never thought I’d step foot in this house again. I gave homage to the beautiful chandelier before the stairs again and I admired the wooden floors. When I heard Wes shuffling upstairs, I wondered what his room looked like. A great curiosity filled me as I questioned the appearance of his room. Suddenly though, I wasn’t wondering what his room looked like. I was wondering how Wes looked as he undressed himself. Thoughts of him in his swimming gear rushed into my head, and I began to demand myself to stop thinking about him. When Wes returned downstairs, I could hardly resist blushing at his presence. He had returned with a simple black tee and black jeans. He didn’t say a word to me as he slipped into the garage to retrieve his backpack from his Jeep. Also he now sported his red sweater. Wes slipped the five bottles into his bag, and then beckoned me to follow after him. When his bottles were safely nestled in the back seat, we set off into the streets again.

As we drove off to Wes’ friend’s house, I couldn’t help studying Wes. His lips were pursed as he began dialing his friend, and his shoulders were strong from tension. The veins on his neck throbbed as he spoke, and his fair complexion turned to a warmer shade as he began laughing with his friend. His black eyes sparkled against the flickering lights of the headlights of an incoming car. And at different periods, he’d turned to me to just make sure I was still there next to him. I still couldn’t believe that the asshole version that I knew of him was just one side to him or maybe he was really an ass. Who knows? I gazed through the window to give him some sense of privacy. I tried to concentrate on the winter scenery but it was impossible. My mind wanted to continue to stare at Wes; I wanted to continue studying his ways and features. Already, I knew he gave a handsome smile and smirk when he was being flirtatious. Was he being flirtatious with me? Oh God…. As I continued to counter attack my own mind, I felt Wes’ hand grasp mine. First, I turned slowly to spot his pale long hand resting on top of mine. I watched as his hand tug mine gently. I then watched the hairs on my arm begin to rise. My face slowly lifted to his. Wes still held his black smartphone against his ear as he then began removing his iPod from his jeans. He put the phone aside as he whispered to me.

“Hey, sorry here….play something.”

He handed me the device as we reached a red light. As the Jeep halted, Wes watched me attentively as I plugged the AUX cord into the end of his iPod and the other into the system. My fingers moved awkwardly as the cable slipped out my hands. I could feel Wes’ gaze upon me still, and my insides continued to stir. Our eyes met as I tried sneak a look at his curious eyes. Immediately I turned back to my window. I was sure that I had seen that striking smile spread on his lips when our eyes met. He was more contagious than he knew. Thankfully the long awaited green light came on and Wes began conversing more with his friend. I tried to listen to their conversation but I was too busy thinking about Wes’ hypnotizing gaze.

“Yea, we’re almost there, man. I brought a couple of bottles. You guys got any bud? Ah… really? Fuck…that’s gonna be hard to resist.”

I shot a glance at Wes when I heard him speaking of drugs. There was no way I was going to stay there with him if that was going to be the case.

“Alright man, it’s down Maple, right? Oh…..okay, I’ll see you in a bit. Bye.”

Wes turned to me with glassy eyes; I guess the shots he took were affecting him. His body looked relaxed and his straight posture was slowly turning into a slouch on his seat. He gave me a wink as he raised the volume to the Johnny Cash song I had selected. I didn’t want to a party pooper but I really didn’t want to be around drugs. My brother Paul always warned me to stay away such a crowd. Paul had had a bad history with drugs so I’m sure he knew what he was talking about. I lowered the song and cleared my throat. My voice cracked as I tried to sound firm.

“Wes, is there going to be drugs.”

Wes was silent for a while. He sighed as he tried to come with an answer. He started chuckling


I shook my head vehemently as I grabbed my bags closer to me.

“Wes, can you please take me home. I really don’t want to be surrounded by people like that. Please take me home.”

Dusk had now settled all around us. I watched Wes flick on his headlights as he continued to stare at the road. He made a left and then stopped the Jeep in front of our destination. I could see the plenty of different cars parked around us, well around the mansion we were at. I could hear booming music as Wes’ engine died.

“Well we’re here already, Cat. I’m sorry… I should have told you that there’d be drugs. Look, I’m just gonna give my friend the bottles…and then we’ll leave I’m sorry.”

Wes looked regretful and I felt like giving him a hug for being so compassionate. His cheeks were faintly red and his eyes were still glassy. I parted my lips to respond to him, but behind Wes, I slowly started recognizing where we were at. The fancy white fence, perfect green grass, and glass walls and door were too familiar. I strained my eyes a bit too verify the location, and I was correct.

“Oh my God, this is Taylor Bridges’ house!”

Wes turned slowly to stare at Taylor’s extravagant house. He ran his hands through his hair as he turned back to me. He bit his lip as he waited for me to make up my mind.

“You don’t like this girl? I really don’t know who she is. My friend Trent just told me that she’s some popular girl from our school.”

When I turned to look at the rest of the estate, I spotted Jason’s car parked right before the 5 car garage space. I winced at the ridiculous luxury of this house. Jason always invited me to Taylor’s parties; sometimes I would show up with Liz. Why didn’t he invite me to this party? I turned to Wes who was now studying me intensively despite his low.

“I’m not dressed for a party, Wes.”

Wes began to laugh handsomely as his black eyes flickered radiantly. He threw his head back into the seat to contain his laughter. He rubbed his core as he began to shake his head. I noticed stray people running from the side of the Jeep as they started to make their way into Taylor’s property. Wow, more people are coming?

“Neither am I, Cat. Who gives a fuck? Personally, I’m gonna use them to get my high. I could give a damn what they think. And wait, what are you talking about… you got a nice dress on with nice boots.. cmon”

I continued to scan the grounds of Taylor’s house. I wondered what Jason would think if he saw me. Oh, never mind about that. What would he think when he saw who I was with! Wes would probably leave me for his friends, though. As I contemplated, I noticed our windows begin to fog up. When I turned to back to Wes with a vexed expression, he smiled at me.

“I won’t leave you alone, if that’s what you’re worried about, Cat. I swear.”

He lifted his pinky to me as he winked. Wow, those 2 shots must be really messing with him now to be making pinky promises! I laughed as I embraced his pinky with mine. I couldn’t help admiring Wes’ patience with my reluctance. Another tipsy drunk would have barged out of the Jeep a long time ago. My friends wouldn’t have even waited that long for me. Wes tugged my hand softly like he had before.

“Do we go now, Cat.”

I nodded and Wes raised his hands as he cheered in glee.


As we closed the doors of the Jeep, familiar faces from school began giving us suspicious looks. I noticed a girl from our English class gasp at the foggy windows and then trail her eyes back at Wes and me. I picked up my pace to get as far as we could from his Jeep. Wes followed easily behind me; I’m sure he didn’t want nasty rumors about us to spread either. As we mounted the small hill before Taylor’s house, I began to see the huge crowds of people. The music grew more deafening as we took steps closer to the mansion. And like I had assumed, every girl was dressed in short dresses and skirts under their long coats. Wes remained close to my side, closer than he had to. I recognized Taylor’s shiny Lexus next to Jason’s car. Before we entered, Wes grasped my hand and gave it a squeeze. Inside Taylor’s mansion, the music was too loud. I recognized so many kids from school; I just didn’t recognize their behavior. So many couples were dancing and kissing in the grand living room. Other kids were engaged in conversation in the kitchen, while others were outside on her patio. I wondered where Jason and Taylor were at. Before I could start searching for Jason, Wes’ friend ran into us. Unfortunately, it was his friend from the drama theater, the one that gave me the chills. He was wearing a band tshirt with green cargo pants. He smelled of drugs and sweat. His plugs were bright lime green and he wore a black cap. He ran to Wes and embraced him.

“Hey, man! You made it, Wes!”

“Of course, Trent!”

Trent continued to stare at me till Wes was pushed to introduce me. Why didn’t he stare at every other girl that was naked in here! Why me!

“Um, Trent, this is Cat. The girl that I told you about… the one that is tutoring me.”

Trent and Wes exchanged awkward glances at each other before Trent came over to my side to handshake me.

“Nice to meet you, Cat.”

He smiled as our hands returned to our sides. I didn’t know what to do now. Was I supposed to say “Nice to meet you too.” I smiled back and nodded unconvincingly.

Before I could escape to Wes’ other side, Trent noticed by discomfort and came a bit closer.

“So, you’re from Wes’ school? Right?”


Someone in the house had managed to make the music louder, so Trent got even closer as he leaned over to listen to my response. I noticed another group of friends surrounding Wes as Trent continued to get closer. I repeated my response to Trent as I moved back. He was handsome and all, but I just didn’t pick up good vibes from him. He gave me another anxious smile as I studied him.

“Have you had a drink, Cat?”

I shook my head at him. As he rushed out to go get me a drink, I turned to look for Wes but now I couldn’t find him. As I scanned Taylor’s house for Wes, Trent came from behind me in chuckles.

“Whoa whoa, Cat. I almost spilled your drink. Who you looking for?”

I shrugged as he handed me a small black shot glass. He gestured me to drink it. When I hesitated, he drew closer.

“Come on, Cat! This is party! Let’s take it together.”

As Trent rose his shot glass before me, right behind him I spotted Jason and Taylor. They were embracing each other on top of a black leather couch. It was almost the same scene where I witnessed Shelby on top of Wes. I had never seen Jason kiss Shelby in such manner. He caressed her waist as their tongues danced. Here I was thinking that Jason could possibly like me. No, I was wrong… completely wrong. I turned back to Trent determined. We raised our glasses in unison; Wes arrived as the shots rolled down our throats. I began to cough as I tried to ease my throat; Wes held my arm to keep me put.

“Wow, Cat. I went down to the kitchen to get you a coke… I didn’t think you’d like to drink.”

Wes handed me the coke with doubtful eyes. He took the shot glass from my hand and fiddled with it in his hands. Trent continued to give me big smiles; he raised his shot glass and jumped.

“Whooh! Fuck, I love this feeling!”

Wes didn’t look tipsy at all anymore. He looked serious as he watched Trent begin to dance to the rap music being played. As Trent danced, I looked behind occasionally to see Jason and Taylor still kissing. Wes noticed my source of attention, and then kindly gestured us to go outside to the patio. As we slipped through the back glass sliding doors, Wes gave me a worried look. As we settled on the patio, more couples danced outside next to the empty pool. Taylor’s patio was adorned with expensive outside furniture with a grand fireplace. I sat between Wes and Trent on a log before the crackling fire. There were empty beer cans thrown on the grass before us and plenty more unopened cans on the side of the huge log. More of Wes’ friends occupied the logs with us. They were all having a good time with beer and they passed a small pipe around. I immediately concluded it was marijuana. It didn’t smell like cigarettes; it just had such a different scent. When the pipe reached me, I respectfully declined and passed it to Wes. I watched Wes inhale from the pipe; he closed his eyes as he relaxed himself. A smile spread through his face as euphoria rushed through him. I looked away quickly when he opened his eyes. Wes bit his lip as he passed the pipe to his friend on his side. As Wes and Trent began engaging in conversation with their friends about the last party they went to, Trent lifted two beers from the ground and scooted closer to me. He opened a beer and handed it to me. I took small sips as Trent finished the beer in 3 mouthfuls. When Wes noticed the beer in my hands, he took the beer from me and consumed it himself. When Trent noticed my empty hands, he handed me another beer. Sadly, I began taking sips again from my new beer can. The pipe continued to go around the circle; and I continued to pass it to Wes every time it reached me. After a short awhile, I noticed everyone starting to change. Nobody was sitting on the log anymore; one by one everyone started stepping down from the log and reclining against it. When Wes shifted to the floor, I moved with him. Trent followed after me. When a random girl came around with shots, Trent grabbed one for me. I was beginning to feel quite dizzy as the second shot ran through my system. I sorted myself out as I pushed further on to the log. I rested my back on the thick wood as I began staring at the dark clouds and stars. As I contemplated different things in a haze, Wes pulled out his phone and began playing “Creep” by Radiohead. I wanted to gasp and tell him that I loved that song but I felt too lazy to even talk now. I heard a loud ringing and when I turned to look for Trent, he was gone. I smiled and figured he was receiving a phone call. I hoped he wasn’t coming back; he made me feel uncomfortable and I just didn’t like him. When Wes noticed me lying down, he removed his jacket and placed it beneath our heads like a pillow. We exchanged smiles and began giggling for no apparent reason when we made eye contact. I felt so relaxed with Wes here under the stars. It felt like I had known him for years as we continued to laugh. He squeezed my hand to catch my attention and he moved closer to me.

“So I bet you’re glad you came to the party after all, huh?”

I smiled at and nodded as I tried to gather some words to respond but the more I thought the more I lost my train of thought. I didn’t have to reply to Wes for him to understand that I didn’t even know what I was doing. He continued to laugh as he adjusted the pillow beneath us.

“Are you high, Cat? Is this your first high or what?”

He continued to laugh as he stuck out his tongue at me. Different Radiohead songs continued to play out of his phone, and the music continued to make me feel even more relaxed. Wes noticed my smile as “No Surprises” began to play.

“I love Radiohead too, Cat. I can tell you do too.”

I lifted my head slowly and noticed the rest of Wes’ friends were also lying down now. Some of the couples were kissing though. I was so happy that Wes had suggested that we’d go out into the patio. The stuck up annoying people like Taylor were inside pretending to have fun, but what Wes, Wes’ friends, and I were experiencing was genuine fun. I couldn’t have imagined spending the entire evening sitting around fake people and their pathetic problems. I was sincerely happy that I was lost in this world with Wes at the moment. When I turned to stare at Wes, his eyes were closed tightly as he lingered in his own world. I wondered what time it was, but I felt so lethargic to even attempt to check. It was a quite a while before Trent reappeared again. He didn’t look so relaxed like the rest of us. He shot Wes and me a suspicious look before he sat alone on the log alone. I didn’t let his presence bother me this time, and I continued to subdue in my own little world. Wes began strumming the beats of the current song playing on my arm with two fingers as he continued resting beside me. I laughed a little and strummed my fingers against the dirt too. I don’t know how long we lasted on the soft dirt and on Wes’ jacket, but I like to think that it was forever. I wasn’t so sure if I even took a nap next to Wes, but I was positive that I’d like to feel this way again. When I opened my eyes the second time, Wes was still nestled beside me in reverie. I felt more conscious of my surroundings now and I was sure I could speak now. I shifted my weight on my elbow as I scanned the grounds. Some of Wes’ friends were still lingering around but some of them were gone. I looked behind me to look through the glass sliding door and noticed Taylor still had a full house. I concluded they were inside bringing out more booze or supplies. Trent was gone again, and I was glad for that. I rose to my feet slowly when I realized I had to go the restroom. I opened the sliding door quietly as I entered Taylor’s house. I looked back to see Wes still resting exactly where I left him, and for some reason seeing him resting made me happy. I made my way through all the drunken people and managed to find the restroom clean and empty of hormonal couples. I locked the restroom door quickly before someone tried to storm in. Once inside, I rinsed my face with water. I noticed my face looked weary and my head was beginning to ache. After I fixed my appearance, I reached for my phone. 12:54 am. Oh my God! Where did the time fly! I had a million messages from Lexie, Liz, and from dam Mark. They were all worried about my where abouts, and Mark was “super sorry” for forgetting to pick me up. But I was happy where I was, I was anticipating returning to the small fire and Wes. I finished my business and then headed back to the patio. As I made my way through the crowd, I stumbled upon some girl who had her back towards me. I didn’t see her retreating my way, and we crashed onto the floor. I heard her muffle beneath me and the crashing glass. Since I was still recovering my senses, I slowly lifted myself from the floor. It wasn’t long before I realized who I had crashed into. There was a crowd around us as they helped from the floor; Taylor still lay on the floor baffled with what had happened. As some of her girlfriends helped her up, she began to glare at me. Her eyes were furious and she parted her lips to seethe.

“You bitch! You did that purposely!

A crowd formed around us now as Taylor straightened her wet gold dress. She looked exasperated as she began to cry in humiliation.

“You dumb ass bitch! How could you do this to me! Get out of my house!”

Now that she was shrieking vehemently the party halted. There was no more music and there was no more noise at all. Everyone’s drunken face was turned our way. Taylor took a step before me and I could clearly see that she was drunk as hell. Before she could launch at me, Jason came from the crowd and grabbed her waist and hands. He held her as he began reviewing the scene.

“Babe, calm down. What’s going on?”

Jason noticed the shattered glass, Taylor’s bruised knee and bleeding calf, and he noticed me on the other end of the ring. Jason nearly gasped when he noticed I was the culprit. His eyes widened and he couldn’t make out any words as he stared at me confounded. When Taylor noticed his perplexed face, she attempted to launch at me again. She was almost successful but Jason had managed to hold her down again.

“That bitch ruined my dress, Jason! I want her out of my house! Get her out! Get that bitch out of here!”

Taylor released herself from Jason’s arms and came close again; this time though it was Wes that pulled her away from me. Wes grabbed her from the waist and placed her in Jason’s arms.

“Keep that girl away, man. What is your problem, Jason?”

Taylor pulled away though and stormed away in tears I watched her run up her staircase in her golden wet dress. Jason looked extremely dumbfounded as Wes came to my side.

“Hey, are you okay, Cat?”

“Oh….yea…I’m okay.”

Jason came between us as he laid his eyes on me. He was wearing my favorite blue plaid shirt and blue jeans. The expression on his face was one I had never encountered before. He stared at Wes and then at me.

“What the hell is going on, Cat?”

“What do you mean?”

“Did you push Taylor? She’s bleeding for god’s sake, Cat.”

My eyes began to swell as I heard Jason’s voice become so enraged. I had never experienced him angry or in this state. I took a deep breath as I tried to control my emotions. Wes then pushed Jason out of my way. The crowd that was slowly pulling away started form again.

“NO, the correct question here is what the hell is wrong with you, Jason. Cat is bleeding too, look at her elbows and arms.”

I hadn’t realized that my leather jack was tattered in blood. I began to feel the stinging of the glass inside my skin. I gasped when I realized both my arms were bleeding. When Jason noticed my condition, his face softened. He rushed to my side immediately.

“Oh God Cat, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see that.”

I heard Jason’s phone go off and I knew Taylor was calling him. I pushed Jason away as I started to make my way through the crowd. I was beginning to lose feeling in my arms. I pushed people out of my way in hurried steps. When I reached the door, Wes opened it for me and placed his red sweater around my shoulders.

“Let’s go, Cat. I’m so sorry about all of this.”

As we walked through the lawn, Wes held my frame so I wouldn’t slip off the lightly frozen grass. When we were about to get into his Jeep, on my peripheral sight, I noticed someone walking really fast towards me. When I turned to examine the figure, Shelby pushed me against Wes’ Jeep.

“You dam slut! You know, Wes is not single! I’m his fucking girlfriend.”

Shelby took a step closer to swing me with her fist, but Wes intervened just in time to receive the hit on his chest. She began cursing and struggling with him as she fought with him intensely.

“You cheating bastard! How could you! How could you, Wes!”

I watched them struggle and began walking away before anymore drama could follow me. Just weeks ago, I was unknown to the world. Now Taylor and Shelby hated my guts. This was not my plan; I was supposed to be writing my short story and getting ready for college. Getting drunk or high or whatever it was that happened tonight was not supposed to occur. As I marched away from Wes and Shelby, Wes ran after me. I heard Shelby growl as he reached me.

“Where are you going? You can’t walk home.”

Just then, Shelby arrived behind him. She tugged at his shirt and pulled his arms away from me.

“Get away from her Wes before I rip her face off!”

I shrugged at Wes and turned back to continue on the dark road. Wes held Shelby as she continued to try to kill me.

“Don’t worry Wes I’ll get home safely.”

“You need to go to the emergency room to get that glass off your arms. Cat, I’ll take you… just let me settle down, Shelby.”

I shook my head at Wes in disappointment. I turned back around as I started to walk away again. Somehow Shelby had managed to set herself loose, because she yanked Wes’ red sweater off my shoulders. The small zipper on his jacket hooked itself on the tattered parts of my leather jacket, as she pulled she managed to rip a piece of my jacket off and irritate my wounds. Shelby retreated as she watched drops of blood hit the ground. Wes rushed to my side again as a worry spread through his eyes.

“Oh my God, Cat. Oh my God, Cat. Are you okay? Oh my god.”

I pushed Wes away as he tried to examine my injuries.

“Why are you pushing me away? I just want to help, Cat.”

“Just go away, Wes. I should have never come to this party with you. You should have taken me home.”

Wes eyebrows were scrunched now as he shook his head.

“What? Why are you saying that?”

“Seriously, just go away.”

“You can’t go walking home, Cat. You’ll freeze.”

When Wes grabbed me again, I shoved him off me. This time Shelby grabbed him and pulled him away.

“If she doesn’t want your help, then let the bitch die. Stop going after her, Wes.”

I could feel Wes’s stare continue over me as I walked away. At the end of the road, I could no longer hear Shelby’s shouts. As I started to weigh my options, I remembered that Liz lived two blocks away from Taylor. Though Liz would always call Taylor a snob and spoiled, Liz was just as spoiled as Taylor. As I made the corner of the complex, I assumed that in just a few minutes I would be at Liz’s. The coldness of the air has managed to numb my arms and legs already. As I walked I made my best efforts to forget Jason, Taylor, Shelby, Wes, and my current predicament. But even then, my mind was still unstable to rationalize everything. All I could think of was Jason’s angry face, Taylor’s bloody leg, and Shelby’s lewd language. Before long, I finally reached Elizabeth’s door step. I tried to straighten myself out so I wouldn’t alarm her parents and her but my efforts made little difference. When she opened the door bell, Liz nearly screamed.

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As always, here's my playlist for this chapter.

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