Cigarette Kisses

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Catherine Rosewood is trying to win a short story
state competition. When she realized she needs more time to work on it, her only solution is to use her gym class time to work on her story. Her coach then proposes her an offer: She could either tutor his trouble maker son, Wes and get the free period she needs or no free period. In her love life, Cat is in love with her best friend Jason, who already has a beautiful popular girlfriend, Taylor. This is her last semester in high school and finally she's going to experience the drama that everyone claims high shcool is about. She starts to fall for Wes but still holds feelings for Jason while trying to finish her short story. Will she end up alone or with Jason or Wes? Will she finish her story and win the competition she so fervently desires??? READ ON AND FIND OUT! :)

Chapter 9 (v.1) - Kassy...Kassy Davenport

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*****CHAPTER NINE*****

Kassy Davenport

I tried to sleep like I promised my parents I would, but there was so much on my mind. In a couple of hours I would be on the road to Seattle, and here I was turning to side to side in bed. I couldn’t find that comfortable spot despite the fact that I had a new expensive body pillow. I closed my eyes and tried to count sheep, but my mind disobeyed my orders. Lexie, Kassy, and Wes kept storming into my head. Before Lexie could ask me for answers earlier in the afternoon, my parents had arrived. Oddly enough she didn’t question me in front of them. Did they know Kassy too? I tried to solve the riddle earlier but I came to dead ends. I sighed heavily and forfeited sleep. Outside the temperature was mildly cold and I could hear the wind. I wondered how cold it would be in Seattle. I looked for my phone to check the time and for any new messages, emails, or alerts. 3:55 a.m. Ugh… my insomnia was going to kill me one day. As I scrolled through my alerts, I noticed 5 new messages. It’s seldom when I have so many messages. I nearly dropped my phone as I opened the message app. I had one message from Liz, two messages from Mark, one message from Wes, and one message from Jason. Jason? Oh my God, Jason! I nearly squealed in happiness and jumped. I knew it! I knew he cared for me. I knew he’d get back to me asap. I knew he wouldn’t let me down. Thank God for my short sleep! When I tried to open Jason’s message in great anticipation, my fingers pressed on Wes’ message first. Stupid smartphones. I thought of reading his message later and heading back to Jason’s tab, but I remained in Wes’ thread.

Wes: Hey, Cat. Have a safe trip to Seattle. I recommend some Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains for the road. Seattle is the birth city of Grunge. I hope you’ll like Grunge. See you on Monday. : )

What the hell! Wes likes Alice in Chains! Once again I almost squealed from happiness. That is amazing. Wow. Wes is just…so…cool, I suppose. I didn’t know anyone else from high school that liked bands like that. Wow. We could totally jam out to Nirvana in his car someday or at one of his friend’s parties. I’d love to listen to music with him! I began to respond to his text and I started with: “I love Grunge too!!! :) and I LOVE NIRVANA! I’m so glad that you like them too. You’re so…” But I just couldn’t finish the text. What was wrong with me? Was I really planning on attending another one of his friend’s parties? That’s the reason why all this shit was happening. A voice inside my head pleaded me though. It beseeched, “The party was ruined because Taylor was there. It was ruined because Jason preferred her. It wasn’t Wes’ fault.” I began to delete every word one by one and sadly threw myself back into bed. I really wanted to send it, but I didn’t even know Wes that way to send such an informal message like that. He said we were friends though, and didn’t friends talk to each other like that? I debated with myself for another few seconds, but finally let my gut defeat me. Ah…I really wanted to send it though. I could imagine that sweet handsome smile spread through his face as he read my message. I’m sure he would text back, and then we could text some more. The idea enchanted me, and I contemplated all the different possible conversations we could have. I opened the respond box again and pictured his smile again. One text wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Me: It will probably surprise you but I’m a huge Grunge fan. I love those bands! Great recommendation! Thanks.

I sent it before my fingers did otherwise. I couldn’t help smiling like a child as I thought of what he’d respond. I began to wait for his response in such great agony, but then I realized it was 4 a.m.! Oh my God, only fucking desperate people respond at 4 a.m. Oh my God. I cringed in my bed as I regretted sending the message. He’s going to freak out! What the hell have I done! He’s going to think that I like him… I questioned that thought for a while and shook my head in disgust for questioning that idea. Ugh…of course I do not like Wes. Who cares what he will think about me sending this message this early. I tried to take the consternation out of my mind, but I couldn’t. I quickly opened Jason’s message to surround myself with known emotions. I couldn’t stop thinking of Wes as I tried to concentrate on Jason’s words.

Jason: We need to talk.

We need to talk? What is that supposed to mean? You only say those words when you’re going to break up with someone. Everyone knows that those words mean trouble. Why would he send me those words? I waited for that pang of pain to come to my stomach but nothing happened. Perhaps I was just getting used to Jason’s jerk behavior. I reviewed the message over and over again like if it had words in between the written words. The message was sent at 2:40 in the morning. Hmm…that’s pretty late. I wondered why he had sent it that late. Was he up thinking about me? Ha… of course not. I already knew better. I responded just as coldly as Jason sounded.

Me: About what?

I assured myself that it was the correct way to handle the situation. He hadn’t even asked me if I was okay or if I was feeling better. There were so many fucking questions he could have asked me or nice things he could have forced himself to write. But he didn’t. Why should I be caring or lenient? Before I could keep comforting myself, my phone beeped. I knew that sound that was the notification for a message. I caught my breath as I tried to build courage to open it. I had never fought with Jason before. Could I handle mean or lewd language from him? I caught a few more breaths before I opened it. Whatever happens, happens.

Jason: Look I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t want to blame anyone. I don’t want to get more deep into this mess. I’m texting you because Taylor doesn’t want us to talk anymore, and I’m going to respect her wishes. We need to stop talking.

I waited for my heart to ache like it did every time Jason failed me. The pain began as I sunk into my bed with a sullen heart. I grabbed my pillow to smother my face, but there were no tears. I rose inquisitively and read Jason’s text again. Where was the pain? I waited again, but there was nothing. Why did I feel this way? Just days ago I was sleeping to our lost memories. Have I cried every tear I had for him already? I reread the message once more but I felt calm instead. Why was I rereading this message? I put the phone down and rubbed my face with my hands. Now that the shock was gone, if there even was one, I began thinking about his motives. If he wanted to stop talking to me, I guess that was fine. I had prepared myself for this resolution anyway. I really thought Jason was a different person though. I never thought he’d do this to me. I felt odd as no emotion stirred in my heart. I felt as if I was examining the situation on the sidelines. I grabbed my phone and began replying to Jason, but my lack of care made me drop the phone again. If he wanted to be with Taylor, then I suppose that was for the best then. He was with her for some long while now; clearly there must be a reason. As I contemplated the issue a bit more, my phone buzzed again.

Jason: ???

It must have been 15 since he sent his last message. Jason was so used to me replying within seconds. I’m sure he was expecting a fast response. But what if I didn’t have one? I ignored his text once more and put my phone on silent. I thought of packing the last bits of my items or taking a warm shower. But the thought of even getting of bed made me feel so lethargic. I dissuaded myself from either option and fell back to sleep.

I had only indulged in 4 hours of sleep before my parents woke me up. Before long, we were on the road to Seattle. I had never traveled this road with my parents alone. Usually I was accompanied by Lexie, but she had hitched a ride with Mark. Why was he coming? That question was still a mystery. My parents were talking about their usual stuff: clients and offers. When I was younger, their conversations used to be a bit more engaging. Now it was just a pain in the ass to hear. I had brought my headphones for that reason. They were so used to being alone that my presence wasn’t even enlightening. Despite that the fact that this trip was for me, I was being ignored. I couldn’t complain. I’d rather be lost in my own thoughts than be involved in their lame conversations. It 9:45 am and the roads were pretty clear for a weekday. Sometimes it’s fun to study a bit of odd people on the road, but I only had my parents to study and the seldom car that passed. Thankfully, I had also brought my notebook and journal so that I could write during the trip. I put on some classical music and brought out my notebook. I know I needed to work on my short story, but I just couldn’t concentrate on that. I doodled for a while and wrote some short poems. When that began to become tiresome, I read some Emily Dickinson. I concentrated on her poems under Time and Eternity. I wondered what pain and sadness enticed Emily to write in such fashion. Even if I acquired all the skills of writing, I do not think myself capable of writing one fine poem like hers. Before long, I put the book aside and indulged in the extra hours of sleep that I needed. Cmon dad, drive faster!

“Wake up, sweetie!”

My father tugged at my arms tenderly as I growled.

“What time is it, Dad?”

“It’s about 12:50. We’re here.”

I sprung up immediately to those words. I cleared my eyes with a few rubs and straightened up. I could see Lexi’s car parked in front of us. Her trunk opened with a few remaining bags and suitcases. The day was clear and dark in Seattle. In Portland we still caught a few glimpses of the sun especially in the summer, but Seattle wasn’t as lucky. There even seemed to be a thick fog from the distance. My dad watched me as I observed the place.

“We got here fast, Dad!”

“Nah, we averaged the usual time.”

I got off the car slowly as I resumed analyzing the place. I liked Seattle because it was different and dark. It was barely 12:50 and yet it looked like the evening. I could see the space needle from a distance, and all the pine trees over the area.

“Hey Butthead! You look all sleepy.”

I turned around to my insulter. Lexi flicked her tongue at me as I stretched my finger at her. She resumed taking out junk from the trunk. She signaled me to help, but then my parent’s Seattle home caught my attention. No way! Their house was really really nice. I gasped when I saw the balcony on the second floor. The house was a cream color with a red tile roof. It reminded me of Spanish mansion. Why didn’t we have a home like this in Oregon? Lexi must have noticed my reaction because she began to laugh.

“Dude! I freaked out when I saw it too like what the hell, right?”

I couldn’t apprehend my own astonishment as I stood there frozen. My dad came to me and held my shoulders when he noticed me frozen there in the driveway.

“It’s not our home, Cat. It’s our workplace.”

Lexi and I began to laugh as I shrugged him off of me.


Even my dad gave a few laughs with my remark. As the day started to feel good, I swear the sun emerged from a black thick cloud. The warmness filled me body quickly. As I enjoyed the few rays of sun, Mark came out of the front door. I grunted as he came around to help Lexi.

“Whatever, Cat. I know you love me.”

I rolled my eyes and took a few bags from Lexi and headed inside. I watched my parents, Lexi, and Mark give each other a suspicious funny stare. I wondered what they were all thinking of. Were they planning to prank me? I continued to stare back at them as I cautiously walked into the house. What was going on? If anything happened, I already knew Mark had planned it. I dropped the bags inside as I wandered around nervously. Waking around into a new home was always a strange feeling to me. I could never stop my eyes from admiring the paint, decoration, and furniture. The structure of the house reminded me of Wes’ house. The division of the rooms were very similar to his house. I smiled a thought of Wes. I wondered if he had texted me already. I padded my pockets to look for my phone. When I found it, I rested on a large green sofa and tried to turn on my phone. I figured it was dead. As I sat there trying to remember where I left my charger, I heard some racket outside. Then I could smell meat on the pit and some rock playing. Since it wasn’t my home, I didn’t feel familiar to the place. I thought of getting my parents first before I went on by myself to look. I wandered through the house before I found the glass sliding door. Outside the sun was still out, and there on the grass was a large barbeque pit. Some Lynard Skynard was playing on the stereo positioned on the floor. A large round patio table was set right before the sliding the doors. I noticed a pitcher of lemonade, a few glasses, utensils, and plates were arranged on the table. Also a large umbrella was positioned on the middle of the table to give a comforting shade. Why would need shade in Seattle? As I pondered on the question, I heard some humming outside. Instinctively, I took cover on a solid wall before the sliding doors. Who the hell was out there? The humming sounded familiar though, very familiar. I studied the noise closely as I began to approach the sliding doors. When I was nearly at the doors, I realized who it was. I fastened my pace and sprung out into the patio.


And there he was in front the grill with a navy blue apron hung on his neck. He turned his face to me slowly and gave me a wink. I could feel my cheeks flush as I ran to his arms. As I jumped into his arms, Paul’s foot bumped into the stereo and messed the CD playing. He squeezed me hard as I babbled in his chest. I could not believe this. This was seriously going to be the best vacation ever.

“Ah, Cat. I missed you.”

Why did he start talking? I didn’t want to let him go. I kept my arms around him; Paul must have understood because he kept his arms around me. He rubbed his hand around my back and arms to soothe my surprise. Finally, he kissed my forehead and squeezed my nose.

“You’re looking even more beautiful now, Cat. Wow.”

He helped himself to another hug and readily consented to hold him again. He had trouble parting once again as I tried to cling on. His handsome green eyes studied my face as he watched me yearn for another hug.

“Cat, are you crying?”

My hands flew to my face to dab the few tears that had escaped my eyes. Was I crying? I tried to breathe but I really couldn’t. I hadn’t seen Paul for so many months. Even though I respected his decisions, it wasn’t fair that I couldn’t spend more time with him. It wasn’t I who had grown more attractive, it was him. He looked so different now that it astonished me. His skin was a bit tanner and the lovely olive tone made his eyes look a more bold green. His face was bit more eroded and rugged like a man’s face. I never thought Paul would look so mature and responsible. He didn’t have that sweet boy face anymore. His arms were fuller and he had broader shoulders like a Marine would look like. He must have noticed my confusion because he took me into his arms again.

“Hey, it’s still me. Mom, Dad, and Lexy were pretty surprised too.”

He wiped my tears and then beckoned me to seat down with him on patio table. He held my hand as I walked in confusion. Maybe my parents should have told me that Paul was coming. I would have prepared myself. I’m sure Paul was thinking the same thing. Now it made sense to why they were giving each other funny faces outside.

“Cat, you haven’t said anything to me, yet. Are you okay?”

Paul poured some lemonade on a glass and handed it to me. He fanned me as I took a few sip. His green eyes observed in my reactions.

“Hey, Cat….talk to me.”

Paul reached for my hand and squeezed. And at that moment, I felt complete again like I used to. I finally controlled my emotions and gave him a huge smile. He seemed relieved that I was back to my normal state.

“Paul….I can’t believe this.”

“Hey, take a few breaths. I don’t want you to faint.”

We laughed a bit, but Paul was careful to not over excite me. I wanted to hug Paul some more, but I could hear my family in the house already. They were going to maneuver their way to patio soon enough. Before Paul would be out of my reach, I pranced on him and hugged him again. He gave me a reassuring smile that he wouldn’t let me go. He positioned me on his lap and gave my forehead a few more kisses before Lexi, Mark, and my parents walked in that order. Lexi immediately put her hands on her hips and scowled at me.

“It’s my turn. Get off of him!”

Paul held me tightly as he shook his head at Lexi.

“You’ve already had your turn, Lexi. Give Cat a bit more time.”

“You prefer her over me.”

Lexi made a hilarious frown as Paul and I laughed at her.

“Alright, fine, fine. Come over here.”

He set me on his right lap and Lexi on his left lap. I’m not sure who was more clingy. She seemed just as drawn to him as I was. I could see the happiness in her eyes that I hadn’t seen in such long time. I’m sure that same look was on my face. Mark remained in the corner like a loner, and I couldn’t help enjoying the sight of it. Perhaps it seemed too weird to him that two sisters could be so close to their brother, but he would never understand our situation. Paul had pretty much raised Lexi and I. My parents were never home to take care of the mundane responsibilities. I believe he even changed my diapers at once or several times.

“I can’t believe you guys didn’t tell me that Paul was coming! I would have brought some things that I wanted him to have.”

I glared at Lexi for not telling me that Paul was coming and grunted at her. She held her hands up in self defense.

“Hey, hey, I didn’t know either. It was a surprise for me too. They didn’t trust me enough to hold a secret.”

As Paul continued to laugh, that beautiful smile just made me feel so at home. Before I began to cry again, I took a breath.

“I told you girls that I had a surprise for you. Remember?”

“Oh yea, you did tell me and Cat that you had a surprise. I never thought it would be this, though!”

I agreed with Lexi as we continued to cling on Paul. Mark was obviously tired of being in the shadow because he finally emerged annoyed.

“Oh girls, get off Paul already. Poor guy….you guys are gonna sink him down into that chair.”

We stuck our tongues out at Mark and gave our brother a final kiss.

“Mark, you’re not even part of the family so shut up.”

At my words, Paul and Lexi returned the same suspicious stares at each other. What were they hiding from me now? How could Paul keep a secret from me?

Mark immediately helped us off of Paul to retain any questions from me. I sat next to Paul though and continued to admire him from a distance. Poor Lexi was seated on the opposite end of Paul. I could see her eyes glitter every time her eyes fell on Paul. I couldn’t blame her. Lexi suggested the market when my suspicion was growing obvious. With that, Lexi forced my parents to tag along. Obviously Mark was going too; he couldn’t spend seconds away from Lexi. Paul and Lexi avoided my eyes soon after. Hmmm….strange. I wanted to interrogate them on the next surprise but Lexi and Paul jumped up and were out of reach soon after.

I had taken long nap so I couldn’t believe that they weren’t home when I awoke. Where the hell where they? Thankfully I had put my phone to charge before I took a nap. I grabbed my phone wondering if Lexi or Paul had texted me their location. I checked my messages and I didn’t have any messages from them but I had messages from Jason and Wes. I didn’t bother to glance at Jason’s messages. I had come to Seattle to avoid shit with him and his girlfriend. This was the reason why I was here to get away from that life. But I did open Wes’ messages. I had to. Starting to text him made me feel excited and giddy. Wes had sent me a picture of him studying King Lear for his English class. There was a Sparknotes King Lear version on his desk, and his fingers curled on a yellow pencil writing notes on a sheet. The caption read: Sorry to bother. BUT I wanted to show you this. I don’t want to sound too dumb when we begin our lessons. Sincerely, I thought the picture was cute. It made me feel curious about how our lessons would play out. I tried to read the notes he was jotting down but the paper was startling white from the flash. As I kept trying to distinguish any words, I noticed familiar sunglasses next to the book. Those were Shelby’s glasses! I know I had seen her wearing them before. Those black studded cat eye rims. Only Shelby wore those. A knot on my throat formed as I thought of her lying on his bed, waiting for him to finish studying. No she probably wasn’t even waiting for him to finish, of course not. She was probably wooing him to bed already, groping his arms and pulling him into her chest. His notes and book falling into the ground as they crashed into bed together. Ah, the thought disappointed me. I threw myself back into bed as I contemplated every scenario. He told me they weren’t seeing each other anymore, but why the hell were her glasses there. But what if she forgot them at Wes’ house? But no, what if she is there. What if they’re talking again? Why did I have to overthink everything? Ah, why do I even care? I tried to alleviate myself, but I couldn’t. I felt like sending him an angry text like : Nice sunglasses! I have some of those too. He would have to then explain whose those were then. But what if his answer disappointed me; it would ruin the whole trip. But ultimately, it wasn’t any of my business. I didn’t want to reply either, but then I didn’t want him to think suspiciously. I responded with a plain dull message even though I wanted to pursue a deeper conversation. Oh well…

Me: Nice work! Keep studying!

If only he knew that I didn’t mean those exclamation marks. Or maybe I did, in a sarcastic way. I should have not opened his message either. I fell back to sleep as my only remedy.


Paul woke me up in the evening around 7. His face was a good sight to see despite my earlier disappointment. He told me to follow him outside where the whole family was still preparing dinner. Dad was on the grill, mom in the kitchen preparing side dishes, Lexi and Mark preparing the table and drinks. Luckily, I got to spend time with my Paul. Lexi grimaced at me as she watched Paul and me walking together. I grabbed some strawberries from the counter for a snack and then headed out with Paul. The backyard wasn’t extremely huge, but it was decent. We were far enough to be sure that our conversation was just going to be between us. I was happily startled when I noticed the white hammock waiting for us. My brother winked at me as he lifted me and helped me onto it. I held the hammock still for Paul as he joined me. Engulfed in his arms comfortably, nostalgia swept into me. This is how I spent my childhood years: in Paul’s arms as he read me a story. My head instinctively fell into his chest like if a special mold had been created before. His hoodie flushed my cheeks to a cozy temperature. Our bodies embraced under the trees. I hadn’t felt this way in such long time, too long ago. From our spot, I noticed Mark working hard as he put up little lanterns on the surrounding trees. Haha. This must be heaven. Mark was obviously sucking ass to my parents and brother. That lazy ass never lifted a finger back home with Lexi and me. Mark almost slipped as he caught his leg on a cord. The plastic lamp fell from his grasp and wobbled onto the grass. Paul and I laughed as Mark accepted help from my dad, peachy red from temple to chin.

“You’re so mean, Cat for laughing at poor clumsy Mark.”

I shoved Paul softly as I narrowed my eyes on him.

“You’re laughing too!”

“I can’t blame you. He is pretty dumb.”

We erupted in laughter and the hammock swayed with every giggle. Mark was obviously aware of us laughing at him because he shook his head at our direction. Paul dug his chin on my shoulders as he tried to hide his laughing face from Mark. I didn’t care, I kept laughing comfortably.

“But hey, on a serious note. I need to talk to you about Mark.”

I turned to Paul immediately and he had that same suspicious stare that he had earlier. He looked uneasy but happy nonetheless.

“I knew something was going on. What is it? Tell me Paul. I know you wouldn’t keep a secret from me.”

“I really can’t keep it from you. It was so hard not telling you that I was coming to Seattle, I swear.”

“Well then, what is it? Is it everything okay?”

Paul embraced me to assure me that nothing was wrong. He gave me a huge kiss on my forehead before he began talking again.

“Look, nothing is wrong, Cat. Don’t worry, sweetheart. It’s just Lexi and Mark….”


“We came to Seattle for a reason…well, two reasons, to be exact.”

“Yes, one of them is for me, right?”

“um…yea…I guess, more to spend family time together would be a better way to put it.”

“Yea…you’re right. What’s the other reason?”

“Well, promise not to freak out?”

“You just told me everything was okay!”

Paul laughed softly again, and urged me to be more soft on the topic. He made sure the premises were safe before he beckoned me closer.

“Cat, Lexi and Mark are planning on getting married.”

Paul put the palm of his hand on my mouth before I gasped. He eyes pleaded mine to remain clam.

“That’s why we’re here, Cat. They’re gonna tell mom and dad in a bit.”


“Cat, please keep your voice low.”

His voice was serious now. I knew Paul wasn’t one to trifle with. His jaw was squared now, and his temples intact. Paul took secrets to his grave and yet he had just spilled one to me. I should be more careful like he suggested.

“Paul, I’m sorry I’ll be more careful with my tone.”

“I didn’t want to keep it from you, seriously. But I thought you deserved to know. You’d probably be more dramatic than mom and dad.”

I frowned at him and turned away from him. Now that I was free from Paul’s scrutinizing stare, my face roughened into worry. I could feel the crease on my forehead form as I pondered Lexie’s fate. She couldn’t do this to herself. They didn’t have any financial means to support themselves. Why would she be getting married? Like I assumed, Paul had already read my thoughts.

“They’ll be okay, Cat. Trust me.”

I tried to keep my thoughts to myself, but the worry grew in me. My voice was loud as I beseeched for his theory.

“How could you say that? They haven’t even gone to college or anything? Mark is always at our house, I don’t even know if that guy even has a house. Where would they live?”

Paul seemed empathetic of my emotion and worry, but it bothered me that he remained placid. My hands were trembling and I was beginning to feel very weak just like I did at Wes’ house. Why did Lexie marrying really bother me?

“Cat, I understand how you feel, but we’re her siblings. We need to support her and Mark. This is her ticket to happiness.”

“Why do they want to get married? Don’t they live like they’re already married? I mean, they see each other every single day! They live in the same house, practically. What’s the difference? Why do they need the title?”

“Cat, what is wrong with you. Look at me. Snap out of it. Do you not think that I already asked them all of those questions? They’re ready to go on their own and make their own history. You need to think about them and their happiness.”

Paul’s voice hurt me because I knew he was right. I couldn’t remember the last he had scolded me, but here I was hurt by his parental voice. I somberly looked over to him, and immediately he took me in his arms.

“I’m not mad, Cat. I felt the same when I received the news. I just think we need to supportive of her choices. When the time comes and you want to be married, I will stand by your side and support you. Unless he’s a minor, alcoholic, misogynist, or criminal then I won’t consent.”

We shared a laugh as I thought of Wes. What the hell? Why am I thinking of Wes? Before Paul could read Wes on my mind, I changed my mind back on Lexie.

“Why do Lexie and Mark really need our support?”

Paul gave me a puzzled look and leaned in closer.

“Are you serious? You don’t remember when mom and dad didn’t let me get married?”

This time, I seriously gasped out loud. Paul gave me disappointing look as I tried to compose myself. Luckily only Mark was outside this time. He turned to us with a worried expression. No wonder he was being extra clumsy tonight. His future was at the hands of my parents. But when the hell did Paul almost get married? TO WHO?, was the real question in my head. Oh no, I couldn’t lose Paul to any girl.

“So everyone is secretly trying to get married now, huh? I totally did not get that memo.”

“This was like 6-7 years ago. I guess you were too young to recall.”

“Why were you trying to get married?”

Paul laughed softly in my ears, almost musically, like if he was still in love. I shook with terror. Hell no, I could not lose Lexie and Paul. Who could I turn to?

“This is still in the past, right? No more marriage plans for you?”

“Yep, it’s in the past. Don’t worry, Cat.”

I felt relieved, I can’t lie. But then, I started to feel sad for Paul. Oh my, imagine wedding plans going sour?

“Why didn’t mom and dad want to let you get married?”

“I mean, they couldn’t stop us. But, her parents weren’t so easily won by our relationship either. We were so young. How could we sustain ourselves? In the end, logical ideas won over our dreamed loved. We gave into our parent’s advice and stopped the marriage. Luckily, Lexie and Mark are a lot older than we were at the time.”

“I can’t believe this. Wow.”

“I guessed I joined the marines when I couldn’t have her. I needed to ease my mind. She was on my mind all the time that I just needed her out of my system.”

“You still love that girl, Paul? Oh my God….”

“No…no, I don’t. I just appreciate our time together, you know.”

I laid there in Paul’s arms consumed by everything I was hearing. Lexie was going to try to get married soon, and Paul had tried to get married. Where was I during all of this? As I contemplated how lonely my life would soon become, I then thought of Paul’s deep love at the time. How come I don’t remember this girl? How long did they date? Who the hell was she? I turned to Paul with an inquisitive look. He still looked calm as he reminisced his past with this mystery girl.



“Who was this girl?”

“You won’t know her. She was my age, and we graduated the same class.”

“What was her name?”

“Um…Kassy. Kassy Davenport.”

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