Cigarette Kisses

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Catherine Rosewood is trying to win a short story
state competition. When she realized she needs more time to work on it, her only solution is to use her gym class time to work on her story. Her coach then proposes her an offer: She could either tutor his trouble maker son, Wes and get the free period she needs or no free period. In her love life, Cat is in love with her best friend Jason, who already has a beautiful popular girlfriend, Taylor. This is her last semester in high school and finally she's going to experience the drama that everyone claims high shcool is about. She starts to fall for Wes but still holds feelings for Jason while trying to finish her short story. Will she end up alone or with Jason or Wes? Will she finish her story and win the competition she so fervently desires??? READ ON AND FIND OUT! :)

Chapter 10 (v.1) - A 50s Date

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HEY GUYS! Before I begin, I want to thank you all for following along. It's such a nice feeling that people are actually reading this novel. I'm sorry that it always takes me forever to upload. BUT hey, I uploaded fast this time, despite the fact that's it's Easter! So i deserve some points for that. lol :) I give it my all to make you guys really like this novel. Most ppl on Booksie only write 1000 words for each chapter, I write 5000 or more words for each chapter, so I derserve more points for that. haha...Also, I wanted to remind you all about the characters of this novel. It's a good idea to refreshen your minds. So...LET'S START!

alt Wes Davenport

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I really advice that you guys listen to the song \"Work with me Henry\" by Etta James and the Peaches. It goes along with the chapter, trust me, it's worth the listen.

AND here's a sneek preview to the chapter!


Cigarette Kisses

*****CHAPTER 10*****

A 50s Date

The trip at Seattle had turned out to be better than I expected. I was expecting to spend more time alone, roaming the big city with my expensive camera. But instead my time was consumed by real family time. Maybe that’s what I truly I needed. Perhaps I needed that escape with my family. As usual, I didn’t get to see my parents much, but I saw them more than I saw them the past years combined. They participated in our BBQ’s, game night, and even toured a museum with us. That was more than I could ask for, and sincerely it was more than I could handle. I loved my parents, but I just wasn’t used to their presence. I knew they felt the same way just by their awkwardness. So when our parents returned to work in the mornings, Paul, Lexie, Mark, and I were more at ease. Of course, Mark was more grateful for their absence than us. I could understand his situation, but at least my parents agreed to their marriage. I don’t think none of us expected our parents to say yes. I can still remember Lexie looking confused as my parents congratulated them. Perhaps they had regretted pulling apart Paul and Kassy OR maybe they were looking forward to being grandparents. Who knows? After their engagement was final, Lexie and Mark did obtain themselves from Paul and me. I guess they wanted to spend more time together and celebrate their union. Paul told me not to take it personal because he was sure that they were just trying to show our parents how inseparable they were. But I did take it personal. Lexie became a different person in Seattle, almost unrecognizable. She was consumed by Mark and forgot to spend real quality time with Paul and me. She had the past to recall on and a new future to build with Mark, I suppose. Therefore Paul was the main reason why I was feeling a lot better though. I got to spend so much time with him that maybe getting into all this trouble was worth it. We got to fish, visit museums, and lounge around in our Seattle home like bums. I didn’t want to stress him out; especially when he had to return Sunday evening to his strict life in the Marines. Though the military had aged and roughened up my brother’s appearance, they failed to touch his heart. Nobody could ever change Paul’s big heart, not even the Marines. When we said our goodbyes at the airport, that broken feeling resumed in my life. He had taken a piece of my heart, and I had taken a piece out of his. We embraced one another for minutes before he boarded his plane. I was disappointed that Lexie gave him a short goodbye. She should be grateful to Paul and his support on her marriage. Did she no longer want to be seen as a sister? Was she too much of an “adult” now to be crying after her only brother? This made me resent Mark even more because he was pulling the same card. Sorry, we’re all not cool enough to get married. Since my parents worked in Seattle, I was forced to drive back home with Mark and Lexie. I ignored them for the most part and couldn’t wait to get home and sleep. Lexie didn’t even bother asking me how I felt about the trip. It seemed like everyone had their own purpose on this vacation, sadly. I almost felt like I was driving with mom and dad. I was left in the same dark shadow and their conversations were just as lame. When we arrived it was Sunday evening already. Although Lexie and Mark had ordered some dinner from Olive Garden, I shut myself in my room and fell deep into slumber. Fuck their stupid pasta; they could eat it themselves.

Unfortunately, it was Monday morning already, and I had to return to school today. Today I had tutoring with Wes, and even though his text had disappointed me back in Seattle, I still really wanted to see him. Perhaps it was because I no longer had a male best friend, and I kinda needed one. I don’t what the reason was, but I felt compelled to tidy myself up today. I woke up 2 hours before school started and trust me, that never fucking happens. I straightened my hair and actually took my time on it. I ran some dark eyeliner on my waterline and applied at thick coats of mascara to my long eyelashes. Even though sometimes I hated the drowsy feeling that mascara created on my eyelids, I just really loved how the black contrasted with my blue eyes. Finally I applied a subtle pink blush on my cheeks and lavished my lips with my favorite red lipstick. When I had determined that I looked good, I headed over to my closet. I stood there in horror when I realized I hadn’t finished packing yet. Why does that always happen? When you face looks good, your outfit of the day sucks. Vice versa. I grabbed my luggage that I took to Seattle and threw it open. I kept finding the same articles: leggings, band tees, jeans, and sweaters. What the hell? Did I not own dresses? It disappointed me that I only had black of everything. Where were all the cheerful colors at? As I sat there glooming over my findings, Lexie walked into my room in a bright green tank top and teal shorts. I really didn’t want to converse with her so I kept my gaze elsewhere from her face. She studied my hunched figure disappointedly, and then gleamed when she noticed my makeup and hair.

“Omg! You look so nice! I LOVE IT!”

I wasn’t used to compliments so I avoided her comment. When she noticed the pile of black clothing around me, she grimaced.

“Don’t wear black with that gorgeous red lipstick. Give me a sec…I know what would complete your look. I’ll be right back.”

I heard her race back to her room and shuffle through her own closet. I was hoping that she’d return with dark blue blouse or tank top or a deep red dress. When she returned, she held something behind her to surprise me.

“Close your eyes, Cat. It’s a surprise.”

“I really don’t have time…”

“Shut up and close your times.”

I closed my eyes, and waited for her to place the item on my hands. She took a seat next to me and then asked me to open my eyes. My first thought was: Hell no. I nearly gasped as I studied the pearl colored lace dress she had dropped in my hands. It was a beautiful dress, but it just wouldn’t suit me. I knew myself quite well to know that this wouldn’t compliment me. I gave Lexie a startled look. I didn’t want to disappoint her but this dress would only make me look like an idiot. She scrunched her darkened eyebrows at me and wiggled her nose.

“Don’t you dare refuse to wear it. I got this for you in Seattle. It’s a fucking gift, so you better wear it.”

“Oh, thanks Lex. But I’ll wear it some other day.”

Lexie glared at me and curled her lips. Her green eyes turned a dark green as she fumed.

“Cat, put it on before I put it on for you.”

She looked ready to duel with me as she held her ground.

“Okay, let’s make a deal. I’ll put it on. If we both hate, then I won’t wear it. Deal?”


Lexie turned around as I squirmed out of my blue plaid pajamas. As I slid into the dress, I admired it as it clung to my body. Surprisingly, I liked the rose pattern on the lace. It was a long sleeve dress so that was another plus. It wasn’t as short as I thought it would fit me. The dress hung about one inch above my knee. The top portion of dress was lace like the sleeves and skirt was of chiffon. The detail on the midsection of the dress emphasized on my thin waist, and the rest of the dress was flowing pleated skirt. Lexie turned around just in time to catch me admiring the dress.

“I knew you would love it.”

I examined myself in the mirror and remained silent. Yea, she was right. I actually did like it. It was different for me though. I could never picture myself wearing such a dress, but here I was. As Lexie rose to exit, I scuttled to my closet and searched for the rockabilly dress I had gotten her some time ago. I called her name just as she was about to cross the door. As she turned around, I threw the dress to her hands. When she caught it, she was already screaming in delight.

“Cat, I love this dress!!! Oh my God, where did you get it?”

As I tried to recall the shop I got it at, Mark suddenly appeared at my door with a sly grin.

“Babe, I need to talk to you.”

Lexie turned and followed after him, and they didn’t return. I needed to finish myself up so that wasn’t a problem.

I had styled the pearl lace dress with a black soldier coat and some black flats. I was sure that I had done a great job on myself. As I headed downstairs, Mark was there to give me a round of applause. He whistled as I avoided him.

“Looking good, Cat. This is the best I’ve seen of you so far. What’s the occasion?”

“Your funeral.”

I heard Lexie chuckle in the kitchen as Mark just glared at me.

“You know what else is funny, Cat?”

I trailed into the kitchen looking for a quick bite and Mark followed behind me. I found a muffin, an apple, and some Gatorade. I shoved them into my backpack before Mark tried stealing them from me.

“Hello, I asked you what else was funny!”

“Oh, I’m sorry….I don’t really care.”

“Well, you’ll find out sooner or later.”

I shrugged at Mark as I searched for my car keys. Usually we left them in a bowl next to kitchen phone, but I couldn’t find mine. I looked back at Mark who was laughing silently.

“What’s so funny?...You got my car keys, don’t you?”

“No, I left it at the shop this morning. It needed a tune up.”

I turned to Lexie who was also sharing a laugh. I didn’t get what was so funny, and it was disturbing me.

“Lexie, tell your boyfriend to quit his shit. Where are my keys?”

Lexie stiffened up when she picked up on my tone.

“Dude, calm down. We took it to the shop. Mom and Dad asked us to take it for you.”

“Why didn’t you guys tell me?”

“We didn’t think it was that important. Were you going to pick up someone or what?”

Honestly, I didn’t know why I was steaming up. Maybe it was because Lexie and Mark were being obnoxious. I understood that they were going to get married, but it didn’t give them the reason to treat me any less. I turned from them and headed back to my room. I could hear Lexie warning me that I couldn’t miss school. I called Elizabeth immediately when I shut myself in my room. One more minute with Lexie and Mark, and I would go crazy. Elizabeth answered on the fourth ring. I had to pull my ear away from my phone because static filled her end of the line. I figured she was already in her car with her booming music. She must have turned her music down because now I could hear her voice clearly.

“Cat, are you still there….”


“Are you okay? You sound a little flustered.”

“Well…I’ll explain later. Liz, can I catch a ride with you?”

“Of course, Let me make a u-turn and I’ll be there in 5.”

Luckily, I didn’t have to explain anything to Liz, because she was involved in her own drama that she forgot what was distressing me. I really didn’t feel like discussing the matter either. My mind concentrated more on the road than anything else. Liz was a good driver, but not the safest driver. She had driven past three stop signs already. I blamed the huge brand sunglasses that she wore. Why was she wearing sunglasses in Oregon? No matter how many times I asked her, she said that every girl should wear sunglasses. I could never fathom why. At the stoplight that she did manage to see, she took off her glasses to stare at my outfit.

“Cat, omg, I just spotted your cute lace dress! I love it!”

Elizabeth began examining every detail of my outfit. She also traced her fingers on lace as she fed her curiosity.

“I love the coat, but it’s hiding your lovely figure. Take it off.”

“No, it’s cold. Liz, you’re crazy.”

A car behind us honked because Liz didn’t budge when the green light came on. Her car stereo was playing the “Hairspray” musical soundtrack. I was assuming that was going to be the next show the drama club was going to produce. I didn’t ask because she was too busy singing. I hope she wouldn’t ask me to join like she usually did. I saw her turn her head in my direction and I immediately complimented her heels. She turned down the music and began talking about her shoes. Geez, I saved myself. When we arrived to school, I had learned that she had gotten her new Steve Madden heels on sale for $150, and that her new red coat was shipped from New York where it was only sold at. I loved Liz because she never judged me and because I could also distract her mind so easily. I was so happy when the ride was over; I had never been happier to see my high school. I spotted the school band in their uniforms practicing a number on the football field. I smiled at the sound of music besides “Hairspray.” Liz put back on her sunglasses despite the cloudy gloomy skies. I felt ridiculous next to Liz when she looked like a damn model. She was at least 5’11 in those heels, and her lustrous curled soft brown her hung next to her waist. I always wanted hair like that, but it just never looked that good no matter how much time I invested on it. Guys and girls kept staring at Liz as we made our way to school doors. Guys ogled her behind and the girls gave nasty conceited looks at Liz. With those black thick sunglasses, I doubted that Liz could even make out any stares. As we progressed with the rest of the herd trying to get into two front doors of our school, Liz began to get aggressive when someone stepped on her new heels. I couldn’t help laughing behind her as she struggled to get into the doors.

“That’s pretty funny. You have crazy friends, Cat.”

I turned around and spotted Wes smirking at me. He was wearing dark blue jeans with a black belt. He wore a deep grey shirt that complimented his torso. His hair looked wet like he had just gotten out of the shower, but I figured he had just gotten out of swim practice. His black eyes concentrated on me as I gave him a smile.

“Obviously you haven’t seen girls at the mall fight for a pair of shoes.”

“I haven’t had the pleasure.”

We stared at each other blankly before we erupted in soft laughs. Wes came to my side as we waited for everyone else to enter. Suddenly, I felt my body become enflamed as Wes shoulder brushed mine. I couldn’t feel my legs as he stared down at me.

“I’m glad you’re back, Cat.”

“I’m glad you’re back in school.”

Finally we maneuvered ourselves through the doors. Wes followed behind me and then took his spot next to me again. We managed to get weird stares from kids strolling to their classrooms. They were going to believe all those rumors about Wes and me at the party. When I thought of all the stupid shit that happened that night, my body tingled. I didn’t want to fire up anyone, but I didn’t want Wes to leave. The school actually looked quite different today. There were new posters and banners informing the students about the Sweetheart dance in two weeks. Whoah, it had totally slipped my mind that February was already here. Red hearts and lips were also pasted on the walls. This new touch was a lot softer than the usual “Go Knights” banner. Liz was waiting for me beside all the vending machines in the main hall. When she spotted Wes beside me, her scowl disappeared. When Wes noticed Liz at the end our destination, he turned to me abruptly.

“I’ll see you in English class.”

I nodded at him and watched him walk to a different direction. I wish the encounter would have lasted just a bit longer, just a bit.

“Well that weird. Why was Wes walking next to you?”

Liz’s defined eyebrows were raised as she questioned me.

“I guess you can say that we’re friends.”

“Friends? When the hell did that happen?”

When I heard the school bell ring, I knew I was saved again.

“Sorry, I’ll explain in lunch.”

Like I expected, Liz was already seated in our booth in the cafeteria waiting to interrogate me. I sighed as I tried to come up with an answer on how Wes and I were friends now. There was a lot that Liz didn’t know, yet. I felt like a stranger or a new freshman as I walked into the cafeteria. The room looked unfamiliar to me, and even some of the faces that passed me left me with questions. The booths and tables were occupied with excited students. I could smell burritos in the air and cringed. Why couldn’t the school district afford good food at least once in a while? I didn’t bother to even wait in line to get lunch. I passed through the line and made my way through some jocks and cheerleaders. Usually I listened to their conversations to amuse me, but today I just really didn’t care. When I managed my way though, I dropped my backpack to the floor as I slid into the booth in front of Liz. Some of our acquaintances were also present. After I greeted each girl sharing the same booth, I turned to Liz’s attentive stare. She waited for the other girls to get in line for some lunch before she began inquiring after the events in the morning.

“So… Cat. I feel like you’ve left out a lot. Last I knew was that you were going to STOP talking to Wes. You guys looked pretty cool with each other this morning.”

I rolled my eyes at Liz and sighed. She pinched me from across the table and frowned.

“I’m your best friend, Cat. Why aren’t you telling me?”

“I will tell you. I just want you to know that it’s not what you think.”

“Well, reassure me then. Tell me what happned. Let’s start with…are you guys friends?”

“Um, yes, I believe so.”

“What! When did this happen?!”

I could sense that Liz wasn’t going to be supportive about my friendship with Wes. Her body was stiff as she tried to reason with me. Her voice was different too, almost parent like as she questioned me. For some reason, I didn’t like her approach towards this. She urged me to speak when I remained quiet for too long.

“So, what happned? You guys talked while you went to Seattle?”

I wanted to say yes, proudly, to baffle her, but then I thought about the sunglasses I had seen in Wes’ picture.

“Cat, you look sad. You need to start talking.”

We stared at each other in such indifferent way that I couldn’t feel Liz’s love anymore. She was staring at me like my parents and Lexie did. As if I was being obnoxious and they knew how to remedy me back to my boring self. As we sat there, on opposite ends, we both spotted Wes as he made his way through the crowds with his lunch plate in one hand. We watched him stop by a vending machine and buy a blue Powerade. As he threw the drink into his bag, he turned in my direction. Wes glanced between Liz and me and then locked his eyes on me. He gave me his smoldering smile before he exited the cafeteria. Liz opened her mouth to accuse me of something but then girls returned with their lunch plates. I could see her anger form beneath her glowing smile. I could see her contemplate bringing the issue to our friends, but she digressed and continued eating her burrito in silence. If she was going to judge me like Jason, Lexie, and my parents, it was probably best if she didn’t know what was going on. Why did everyone have to judge me?

I’m not gonna lie, I spent the rest of the day in such gloomy air because I couldn’t believe that my own best friend was judging me. Maybe I was too hard on her? But I felt like everyone was just assuming I was doing wrong before even hearing me out. Who was I supposed to trust? I hurried my steps to my English class before I arrived last. The last time I saw Miss. Luke she had sent me to detention so perhaps she was against me too. I could feel my cheeks burn as I began to sprint to class. I took a right to the next hall and from end of the hall, I could see Wes waiting next to the classroom door. His backpack hung on one shoulder, and he had some ear buds in his ears. I immediately stopped running before he noticed how inactive I was. I admired the way his shirt clung to his body. Usually he wore loose fitted clothes, but this shirt really flattered him. Wes caught my lingering eye as I approached him. He gave me a smirk as he removed his ear buds.

“Do I got some embarrassing stain on my shirt or what?”

My cheeks felt warmer than when I was sprinting, and I lowered my gaze. He had totally caught me admiring him.

“No, no you don’t.”

“I’m just kidding.”

He laughed handsomely as he ran his fingers through his hair. I returned an awkward smile as I tried to pacify my emotions. I turned to classroom as I tried to avoid his eyes. I noticed the classroom was dark and vacant through the little rectangle window on the door.

“Last Friday, Miss. Luke informed us that we were having the last two periods off. They’re having a peprally for all the sports.”

“Even swimming?”

Wes nodded halfheartedly when he guessed where I was going with that question.

“Aren’t you swimming? Why aren’t you at the pep rally?”

“I never go to peprallies, cmon Cat. You should have known that about me.”

He spoke in a reassuring tone that calmed me. My eyes wanted to trail down his body but I kept my eyes fixated on different things to distract my curious eyes.

“You’re pretty good in swimming though. I would have assumed that you’d attend the pep rallies.”

“Eh, I don’t like being around my father all the time.”

I understood that quite well; I couldn’t even stand my parents for one weekend.

“So…we’re having tutoring today, right.”

I looked up to Wes’ persuasive eyes. I managed to note that his body looked a little tense as stood there waiting for my answer. Why? Was it because I made him feel awkward? I felt a horrible sensation thought my body as I downed the idea. When I noticed Wes was still waiting for an answer, I mumbled ridiculous sounds before I came up with his answer.

“Uh…urg…um..yea, we had settled on….on…Monday, right?”

“Right. Well do you want to get some food before we head to tutoring? I’m kinda hungry.”

I nodded immediately before I mumbled something embarrassing again.

“Alright, let’s head out before a coach or a teacher spots me.”

I felt adrenaline fill my body as Wes and I sprinted out of the building to the parking lot. I felt like we were in a forensic TV show because we kept hiding behind pillars and walls and made sure the grounds were safe. By the time, we got to his Jeep, we were filled with laughter. Wes opened his Jeep in a rush and threw in his bags without a care. He had a profound smile as he started his the Jeep. I had trouble putting on my seatbelt because I couldn’t believe what we were doing. I had never ditched school before. Despite the disapproval I would probably get from my parents, I was actually having fun. Contrary to common believe, ditching school was more fun that I had imagined. My heart beat accelerated as Wes headed towards the gates to exit. I could see the same enthusiasm in Wes. When I spotted a security guard next to the gate, I nearly fainted. I turned to Wes in such alarmed state and was surprised when Wes chuckled at my disposition. He gave me a wink as he rolled down his window and greeted the security guard. The guy just waved back Wes and let him pass, without a question. I sat there dumbfounded and relieved that I wasn’t going to be suspended for ditching class. After composing myself, I turned back to Wes who was gleaming.

“What just happened?”

“We ditched school, and now we’re heading to Johnny Rockets.”

My mouth gaped open unattractively as I stared at Wes. We laughed together as we stopped at a stop light.

“Do you always ditch school?”

“Nah, only when we have peprallies. I usually ditch alone because I go home and sleep.”

Wes looked comfortable as he held the wheel with one hand. I watched him search him pockets and retrieve his Ipod. He turned to me with that cute smile. He gestured me to give him my hand. I felt skeptical but followed along. He handed the device slowly into my palm. Our eyes trailed from the Ipod back to our eyes.

“I’m being gentle with it because today it fell in the pool.”

“Oh…..that doesn’t sound good.”

“I know. Can you check if it still works? I haven’t had the chance to turn it on.”

I turned it on and assured him that it was still working.

“Okay, play some Nirvana.”

I scrolled down to Nirvana and clicked on Come as You Are. Before I could put down the Ipod, Wes was already singing.

When we got to Johnny Rockets, Wes opened the door for me. I chose a booth at the far end of the restaurant. I had never been to Johnny Rockets before but I had heard that it was a really good diner. I admired the 50s themed tables and posters. The waiters and waitress sported 50s themed outfits as well. There cute dresses made me feel kind of undressed for the place. Wes noticed my reluctance and grabbed my elbow softly and guided me to the booth. I felt the same adrenaline rush into my body as Wes’ fingers warmed my body. When we got to our booth, one of those pretty waitresses was already there with two menus. Her blonde hair hung around her big breasts that she was flaunting. I felt so insecure because she reminded me of a mix between Shelby and Taylor. Perhaps we should have gone to a drive thru.

“So…what would you like for starters?”

Wes picked up the insinuation because he gave her a startled expression. She must have also liked his shirt because she admired it as well. I felt like an average Jane as she continued to flash her eyes at him. Wes kept his eyes on the menu as he ordered.

“Um…I’m gonna have some chili cheese fries. What would you want, Cat?”

I hadn’t even reviewed the menu so Wes caught me off guard. The menu slipped through my fingers and fell to the floor as I tried to lift it off the table. Wes gave me a smile as he handed me his. I didn’t give it a single glance and ordered the same appetizer.

“What would you like to drink?”

“Water, you, Cat?”

“Um, the same.”

The girl gave one final stare at Wes before she left. I wondered if every girl felt this way towards Wes. I felt gloomy again all of a sudden. Wes called my name abruptly and placed his hands in the middle of the table. He handed me a quarter and pointed at the antique jukebox behind us.

“Choose a song.”

I wanted to choose a song, but I didn’t want to leave Wes alone in the table. Surely, that girl would return in my absence and take advantage of it. I reluctantly headed towards the jukebox. I looked through their song selection; almost all of them were love songs. What if Wes got a bad impression if I chose a long song? The horror I felt as two dilemmas filled my mind. I wanted to turn around and make sure that that girl wasn’t flirting with Wes, but I needed to concentrate on the song selections to make sure I didn’t send an indirect message to Wes. I settled on Jailhouse Rock by Elvis since it was the only song I could find that wasn’t about love. I turned around to find an elder lady around her 60s attending Wes now. I came around the booth relieved; she was asking Wes what he’d like to order.

“I’ll have your original burger, extra tomato...and some french fries, no salt.”

The lady turned to me with a warming smile and asked me for my order. I took a seat and returned the smile.

“Um, I’ll have the same thing he’s having, with no onions and no mustard.”

“Okay, would that be it?”

Wes glanced around and spotted a couple sharing a strawberry milkshake. To my surprise, this place actually served their milkshakes in that glass vintage 50s way.

“and we’ll have one of those too. Are you cool with strawberry, Cat?”

I nodded as the lady scribbled the order into her small notepad.

“Should I bring two straws so you guys can share it or two individual milkshakes?”

Wes blushed and ordered two individual milkshakes. Did I make him feel weird? I noticed the young girl behind the counting filling in some coca cola cups with soda. She glared at me from her position and rolled her eyes.

“Nice song selection. You enjoy the King?”

I turned my eyes back to Wes who was now gleaming, the pink from his cheeks was gone now. He looked confident and happy.

“Yea, my parents introduced him to me since a very young age.”

“Yea… so did my parents.”

The young girl returned with our chili cheese fries and our drinks. Wes began to munch on his fries as I sipped quietly on my water. I was hungry too because I refused to eat that awful burrito at school, but couldn’t eat those chili cheese fries. They were going to stain my red lips and dress.

“You’re not hungry?”

I looked over the plate and looked for a fry that wasn’t covered in chili or cheese. I couldn’t find any, and I had to pick a fry half covered. I was careful as I placed the fry in my mouth. I probably looked really awkward. I grabbed another one and was just as careful. When our burgers arrived, Wes put the chili cheese fries aside so I did the same. He chowed down half of his burger before I even took a bite off of mine. I thought of cutting my burger into pieces but I didn’t want to seem conceited. I raised my burger and realized that they were bigger than I expected. As I took a bite, some lettuce fell to my dress. Wes began to laugh softly as a grave feeling swept through me. I tried to swallow so I could speak, but then I began to choke. Wes offered me his glass of water when my choking subsided a bit. I felt so embarrassed that my eyes began to water. I took his cup and continued to hear Wes laughing.

“Wow, you’re hilarious, Cat.”

After I cleaned my dress, our milkshakes arrived. Wes inserted the straw for me as tried to tidy myself up. I left my burger and fries untouched after that. No more burgers, for life. A small smile continued on his face. I was happy that now I had my milkshake and was less likely to dirty myself. I wanted to run to restroom and give myself a glance. Wes interrupted my awful worry as he wiped his fingers on some napkins.

\"Cat, I'm goona choose a song.\"

Wes dabbed the napkin on his mouth, got a quarter from his front pockets, and then headed towards the vintage blue jukebox. I quickly took out a pocket mirror from my purse and examined myself as he took himself choosing a song. I made sure my lipstick looked could, and I patted my face with powder as quick as I good. Then I heard The Wallflower(Roll with Me Henry) by Etta James and the Peaches fill the restaurant. The couples seated next to the jukebox commended Wes for his great song selection. I felt stupid for choosing Jailhouse Rock because obviously The Wallflower (Roll with Me Henry) was about sex. My temperature started to climb as Wes returned to his seat. Wes finished his milkshake in a big slurp and then raised his eyebrows at me.

“You wanna dance with me?”


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1. Wallflower (Roll with me henry) by Etta James and the peaches

2. I Wanna be loved by you by Marilyn Monroe

3. Bye bye Baby by Marilyn Monroe

4. Roll with me Henry by Hank Ballard

5. Nicest kids in Town in Hairspray Soundtrack (fav musical! )

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Forever Home

Short Story / Romance

Cigarette Kisses

Book / Romance

Book / Romance

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