Italian Blood

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - I Owe it to Owen

Submitted: November 24, 2009

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Submitted: November 24, 2009



-Three Months Later-

Things had gotten boring and quiet in America. From what I had learned, boring was never good because that meant there was something going on that the people didn't know about.

I had recieved no phone calls from my family, which had made me slightly suspicious and a little worried. I had also continuously wondered if Cara and Cris were ok, because I had heard nothing from or about them for a while.

Dax's house had been nothing special either. I had continuously come home to find him on the couch making out with his girlfriend, who I planned on scaring away sometime soon. But Dax looked pretty happy, and I didn't want to ruin that for him.

I had still made zero friends at school. Nobody there trusted me, and I was constantly doing partner projects on my own.Even Owen hadn't said a word to me. It was getting lame, and I felt like I needed to talk to someone.

"Today we are learning about the causes of World War Two, and how certain countries got involved." Mr. Bryan said. I twirled my pencil barely listening to the lecture. I had already learned all about the second world war, and I didn't feel like hearing it again. "...and Mussolini took control of Italy, promising the people that Italy would be just as powerful as it was in it's greatest days. Who knows what it was called when Italy had power over Europe from about 800 BC all the way to 500 AD?"

Nobody anwered, nobody seemed to know the obvious answer and I tried to keep myself from laughing. "Allie," he called, several heads turned towards me, "You should know what it is, care to tell us?"

Ilaughed a little to myself before answering, "The Roman Empire."

"Yes! He promised the rebirth of the Great Roman Empire! The people liked what they heard, having not been a major power in Europe since that time.But as we all know, Mussolini couldn't accomplish that."

I had started thinking back to the letter that my dad had sent me several months ago, feeling a little sick at the premonitions I was starting to get. But I pushed the thoughts to the back of my mind, and tried to focus to keep my mind off of it for the rest of the period.


"And there was only ONE A in this class! You guys need to study! Everyone's grade dropped by alot in this class" My english teacher Mr. Garber was lecturing us. We had taken a hard test just last week, and we obviously did horrible. "The only who got an A in English class doesn't have English listed as their first language!" He slapped a paper down on my desk. Everyone was a little freaked out by his behavior as he continued to slam F papers down on people's desks. I looked down at mine, which had a red A on the top of it. That was funny because I had just guessed on all of the problems. Next to me, Owen groaned.

"Now all of you are going to spend the rest of the period studying with the person next to you. If I hear one word that doesn't have to do with the test material it's a detention for both people. No more people than two people working together."

"I guess I got the best partner." Owen said, turning to me and flipping his hair out of his face. "The only one in the class with an A."

I smiled, "Well it looks like I'm screwed if I need help on a problem." I joked.

"We will just have to figure it out together," He said matter of factly, and smiled. I had never noticed how charming his smile was before, and I felt my ice heart melting from the warm smile. He lowered his voice, "Are you going to that happy dorks club today?"

"Are you?" I asked, I hadn't known that there was a meeting. The meetings got boring and I sat in the back, always forced to just go and listen. Mr. Grassol insisted that I stay included in school activities.

"No choice. Grassol is still mad at me."

I laughed, "I'll see what I can do to get you out of it."

"Owen, Allie!" Mr. Garber yelled from his desk, we looked up. "I don't see studying!" He grabbed a detention slip from his desk and walked over. "Seeing that Allie got an A on the test, I don't see it fair to give her a detention as well." He wrote on one and handed it to Owen, "This is where you will be spending your lunch."

"That's not fair." I started to argue with Mr. Garber.

"Allie, it's all good." Owen said and Mr. Garber walked away. Owen waved the slip in front of me, "See, you did get me out of the happy dorky club meeting!" He smiled again, and I laughed. Then we turned our attention to the test.

Owen ended up walking me to my next class, but we stopped and talked outside of the class before I went inside.

"I thought you were too afraid of me to talk to me." I had ended up saying to him. That had been my conclusion as to why people didn't talk to me much at school.

"Psht." Owen made a face, "I'm afraid of nothing!"

"But you said..."

He cut me off, "I'm a man, Allie. Men fear nothing."

"A little fear can do a lot of good. But you are afraid to fear, " I said, and he looked at me confused. I just laughed, waving the idea away.

"Well, I think you have done a swell job at trying to be normal." Owen remarked.

"Swell?" I almost laughed out loud.

"Superb!" He started to talk as if he were trying to sell something, "I think you have proved you have nothing to fear. If we all didn't know who you were, we would never have known you had super powers."

"Oh, they aren't super powers. Trust me." I said.

"Still, you've concealed it pretty well. I'm starting to believe all of that was made up!" He laughed, and I felt as if I had to prove that I wasn't a liar. I grabbed the air in front of me as if there were a rope there and pulled. Owen, who had been standing several feet away, was pulled closer to me and now stood only inches from me. It had ended up that I was leaning against the wall, and he had put his hands on either side of my head against the wallso he wouldn't get thrown into me. I smiled at the freaked out expression on his face.

"Still think it was made up?" I asked. He was speechless, and only shook his head his eyes still wide from the scare. "Good." I giggled, waiting for him to move, but then I was afraid I had paralyzed him when he didn't move.

He ended up looking down at his feet, and shook his head. "You know what, you are an intersting person Allie. I like it. Too bad you got me detention, or we could've hung out at lunch."

"But you were glad I got you detention not too long ago!" Isaid a little angrily. He shrugged, and I pushed him away, "Get to class Owen."

He smiled, melting my heart once more, before he turned and walked down the hall to class and I was no longer angry at him. I felt sorry that I had let him go.

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