Bodyguard - A Shizuo love story. Durarara

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 15 (v.1)

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



The run through the hospital afterwards was mostly a blur, whiteness and lights, the occasional burst of colour doing nothing to calm me, and every new person throwing my racing heart through my mouth. The world seemed muted, a dull ringing in my ears, my eyes trained in front of me, looking for a way out, looking for an exit, running past everything, knocking over what was in my way. The only things that kept me from breaking down right there and then was the hand grasped tightly around my own, and the fact that the man holding my hand could be taken away from me at any moment. I found myself outside the hospital, in the parking lot, realizing I was bare-footed only when I felt a piece of glass in my heel. I hissed and pulled the bloodied shard out, carefully pressing on it and taking the time to look around me. My head spun with the sudden return of senses, and Shizuo gave both me and my foot a curious look.

“You okay?” His words surprised me, and I nodded, smiling lightly, feeling nauseous as I remembered how close to being taken I was… How close I was to having Shizuo taken. My hand tightened in his, and he smiled, bringing our intertwined fingers to his lips and then smiling again. “It’s going to be okay” his words were unusually calm, and I nodded, allowing my shoulders to relax before I slid my eyes shut and allowed myself a moment of peace. He was still here, I was still here, and Izaya was still… My eyes flew open.

“He’s still here” I whispered my words, not sure if Shizuo heard them as they got whipped away by the wind. I took off running in whatever direction was opposite to the parking lot. I had no idea where I was running, but my legs burnt, my breath laboured, it wouldn’t be long until was only existing on adrenalin. Shizuo tugged me in another direction, and I obliged, running after him now, our hands keeping us together. He was also beat, his face flushed, sweat running down his face. But he ran with me anyway. As I took over, in front of Shizuo now, my foot began to sting, and I remembered the wound the glass had given me, the pain almost doubling as I thought about it. Shit. Mind over matter, mind over matter, mind over matter. I chanted the words in my head, counting my breaths and struggling to force myself with each step. My knees buckled, but I pushed on, Shizuo barely noticing, my intent purely to get as far away from that damned hospital as possible. It was only when my knees buckled and I wasn’t able to get back up that we stopped, Shizuo allowing his own, shaking legs, to follow suit, letting go of my hand and falling backwards.

“Well” Shizuo paused to breathe and wipe his sleeve across his face, “you can- run” I smiled, breathing heavily and wiping my sweaty hair out of my face. I only nodded- unable to make any sounds with my breathing the way it was. “You almost outran me” he laughed, the sound strange, and somewhat forced. I smiled lightly, not really feeling it, his smile fading. He sat back up and looked at me, mixed emotions playing across his face, through his eyes. Weariness, surprise, adoration, love, curiosity… I felt guilty and clenched my fist around a piece of grass, realizing we were in a park, slightly hidden by the trees. I slid my arms back, allowing my back to touch the ground, my arms above me. I stared up through the tree-line, toward the sky, and I wondered briefly what I was going to do. You should tell him, you shouldn’t, he’d be worried, he’d be repulsed, he’d run away, he can’t run right now…

“Izaya” the word was simple, and it slipped through my lips before I thought about it. Too much thinking I warned myself. I think too much. Shizuo seemed really confused now, and he stared with a new emotion- rage. I was taken aback by the strong emotion, and I paused, unable to think. “It was Izaya…” Well, that made more sense… I saw Shizuo’s brows crumple in confusion, and I had a strange urge to just shut up and stop talking there. But Shizuo had other plans.

“How do you know Izaya” It wasn’t a question, and I felt slightly uncomfortable under his scrutiny.

“Will you listen?”

“You know I will.” The words weren’t comforting, and I flinched. Not sure how to react to this side of Shizuo… I was opening up to him, and he was barking answers back at me.


“Sorry… That was harsh” his face softened, and I realized a tear had ghosted down my cheek when I wasn’t focused. My throat clenched, and I swallowed, wiping at my eyes.

“no, no don’t worry” I sniffled, and felt his hand on my cheek,

“I’m sorry… I just- Izaya should die.” I looked up to him, and saw the rage in his eyes, a murderous glint that threatened madness… Not directed to me- but to Izaya…

“What did he do to you?” My voice was filled with genuine surprise, and I noted his brow twitch.

“He… He ruins everything- I don’t like to fight. He makes me so angry that I-” Shizuo paused, his fists clenching and unclenching, his face slowly falling into calm. “I don’t like what he does to people” that rung true, and I smiled. Izaya forced people to be what they didn’t want to be.

“I understand that”

“He makes me such a- monster” Shizuo’s jaw clenched. “I am a monster” his head bowed.

“No. You’re not” I put my arm on his shoulder, and felt his body shaking. “You are not a monster” I reinforced my words with a hug, and I slowly felt him calm down. “He’s the monster” I paused, not sure how to continue, but wanting him to know… Shizuo turned to me, and cupped my face in his hand. His eyes softened, and I saw the words in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I will listen to you, I didn’t mean to be so harsh” he kissed me gently, and I smiled.

“Thank you” I stretched, trying to find words, and Shizuo stood up, helping me up. We stayed in the trees, and we walked further and further away from humanity, my throat tightening with every step. “Izaya… Is… My brother” I felt the shock as Shizuo stopped, and I tried to find the words “No- no, he’s my half-brother, don’t worry, I’m not like him- well, I am, but…” I felt tears building up in my eyes as I imagined how Shizuo felt. Betrayed? His hand intertwined with mine, and I felt his wipe away a stray tear from my cheek, and I shrunk back. “I understand if you’re repulsed” my voice was weak, and I heard a chuckle from Shizuo’s direction,

“You’re not like him” I felt Shizuo’s lips press against my hand, and I felt slightly reassured.

“It’s a long story, you know…” I changed topic, pressing my free hand against the bark of a neighbouring tree. I stroked my fingers down the ridges, and felt the comforting resistance of grip.

“I have time” Shizuo sounded a little unsure, and I laughed.

“No, not really”

“I do, I can ask Tom for a day off”

“You’ve had a lot of days off” I turned to face him, and then the though struck me, “do you know how long we were there?”

“no… not really, do you?”

“No… We’ve been there long enough for my side to heal…”

“Shit” I don’t think I could have said it any better, and as I checked my pockets, I found no mobile phone. Did they take them? Knowing Izaya, he’d be tracking all my contacts to find someone to use against me… Could they be tracking Kasuka? Is Kasuka in trouble? Have they already-

I didn’t realize I was wide-eyed until Shizuo looked at me confused. “Are you okay?”

“No, no… no, no, no, no!”

“What’s wrong?” Shizuo’s voice began to get edgy, his own body beginning to show signs of fear.

“Kasuka” I swallowed past the lump in my throat, “they’re going to go after Kasuka”

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