To Sing of Sorrow

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James. A young psychologist, skipping grades and finishing advanced grades; he has never truly understood how people are so easily influenced by emotion. He's constantly having people open up to him, yet he has never opened up to anyone himself. Harboring an unpleasant past, he spends his days dedicated to his work.
Sky. A young woman found in a dark situation, carrying a darker history. A run-away. But she can't escape what she's really been running from. Herself.
Join two lost souls as they learn how to put their lives on track together, a careful romance budding around the trust gained in precarious situations.
Join them in singing their sorrows.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - To Sing of Sorrow

Submitted: September 22, 2012

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Submitted: September 22, 2012



Chapter 1: Repercussions of the Jump.

Sky's point of view.

I was dead. Okay, not yet, sometime soon... But close enough, you know? The once torrential rain was merely pattering against my cheek, my weary eyes glued on the soaked clothes I was wearing. I watched as the rain carefully cleaned the evidence away, blood mixing with water to flow away... 'Damn. This is taking a long time.' I shifted weakly, my body spasming, my muscles refusing to respond. A dim rumble against the ground was picked up by my ear, against the rough concrete and I closed my eyes, not sure quite how much longer I was going to be able to ignore the dull ache inside me. 'Goodbye.' I would have said the word aloud, only there was no-one that cared to hear me, and my tongue was stuck against the top of my mouth anyway. I sighed, the release of air roughly escaping my lips and making me wince. I felt the unconsciousness finally reaching up to meet me, and I regarded it with apathy. 'Death.' I thought the word quietly, not sure quite what I was expecting. I'd searched for a way to it for so long. I'd wanted it for an unidentifiable amount of time. I would have rolled my eyes at myself, but even thinking was becoming a struggle I didn't intend to fight. I felt as though my body was being lifted, and a smile flitted across my lips. The rain no longer affected me, a warmth starting from my back and slowly spreading through my body. 'And they said death would be uncomfortable...' I mentally snorted. Even so... I had difficulty recalling who 'they' were, and so I gave up, beginning to slip into the darkness. 'Death...' I began again, feeling as if I were writing a report rather than dying on the cold, wet pavement of some city at some unreasonable hour. 'Death is easy, it's simple... I don't have any papers to fill out, either.' I felt the warmness all through my broken body now. It wasn't that bad, and I couldn't feel much of anything. 'Nowhere to sign my name...' I felt a smile creep across my lips- the last-I tacked on mentally, and then I gave in to the oblivion.

It was like sleep. Death, that is. I think it would sound wierder to someone normal than to me, but in death, I was at peace. I'd found what I was looking for.

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