Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness

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As you grow into you teen years, you're meant to recieve a power that will help you at some point in your life, whether it will be in a year or 50 years, no one really knows. Some people are telepathic, some have the ability to heal themselves quickly, some have extreme mediumship, but not Charlotte Miller. Her power is much more powerful than anyone else would have ever imagined, and what becomes of her is unknown...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Beginning of It All

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



"So... What is going to happen to her? Do you even know where she currently is?" Marie asked, scared for her daughter, as any mother would if this happened. It's beeneight months since her daughter, Charlotte, had received her first power, a power that shouldn't be possessed by any living being. Ever since that day, everything possible that could go wrong, has gone wrong.

"No, we don't know where she is." Indie said, and sat in the big, red velvet chair across the room.

"Is there any way to find her? At all?" Jared asked, and walked around the room, trying to figure out how to get his little girl back.

"I'm not sure. For all we know, the only way for her to return is on her own, and we're not exactly sure if she has the capability to do that. We'll keep you updated, as we have been, and hope that she'll return, safe and sound." He got up then, and silently walked out of the room.

Marie looked at Jared, and started crying. They held each other and wept, feeling the pain of having to realize the fact that their daughter may never return home.

Nine Months Earlier...

I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock as soon as it went off, and sat up in bed. Last night was the third night in a row that I hadn't gotten any sleep, even with the sleeping aids that my mom had given me. Maybe it was just the stupid teenage hormones thatare working 24-7that were keeping me up... Anyways, I got up and pulled on a dark blue t-shirt, a grey pull-over sweater and my favorite pair of light blue jeans, and went downstairs.

"Hey, sweetie." My mom, Marie, said to me when I sat down at the dining table.

"Heya. What are you making?"

"Well, I thought on this cruddy Monday morning, you'd like your favorite homemade blueberry pancakes and sausage." She smiled at me and went back to making breakfast.

"Thanks mom", I smiled and hugged her from behind, "you're the best."

"I know". We both giggled a little, then I headed upstairs to my bathroom. I lookedinto the mirror and stared atmy reflection.Even at 16 years of age, I looked older than I should. According to my dad, I've "matured" quickly. Honestly, I look just like my mother, only younger (I'm not saying that she's old or anything, but you get what I mean). We have the same long, naturally wavy, chestnut brown hair, the same electric blue eyes, the same perfectly shaped, pink lips, etc.

I brushed my hair and put it into a neat side braid, and put some chap stick on. My mom yelled up the stairs at me that breakfast was ready, soI sprinted down the stairs, almost killing myself in the process, and quickly ate breakfast. After that, I finished getting ready, grabbed my backpack and started walking to school.

Once inside, I walked to my locker and shoved my math and biology book inside, and shut it. Leaning against the locker to my left was my best friend, Alyssa.

"Hey girl." She said with a sweetsmile.

"Hey. What's up?" I started walking to my world history room with her in tow.

"Not much, but guess what?"

"Yooou found 10 bucks in your bra this morning."

"I wish! But no. I got my power over the weekend." She practically squealed and scared the crap put of a person who was passing us in the hallway.

"Lucky! Everyone I know is getting theirs, but I haven't yet. What is it?"

"I have psychometry!"

"No way!" I smiled and put my backpack at my desk. "That's awesome!"

"Right?!" She squealed again, and spun around. "What do you think yours will be?"

"I don't know, but I wish it'll show up soon."

"It will!"

The rest of the day was too uneventful to gawk about. I went to my classes, attempted to catch my crush's, Andrew, attention-which worked very well actually, after "accidently" dropping my binderin front of his desk andletting him help me pick my papers back up-, and went out to lunch with Alyssa.I walked inside my house to see my dad sitting in the living room, chilling on the couch.

"Aren't you suppose to be at work?" I said and sat on the opposite couchfrom him.

"I took the day off to finish cleaning the house for your mother." He sat up and turned the TV down.

"Ah, Gotcha. Hey, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, hun. What's up?"

"Well, Alyssa got her power yesterday, Trenton got his last week, and Darcy got hers last month. Do you, like hit a certain age before you get yours? Or is mine being delayed for some reason, or what? Cause I know a lot of people who have gotten theirs when they just barely turned into a teenager, but I've read online that some get theirs when they're about to turn into an adult. What about me? I want mine! I feel left out daddy..."

"Honey, you'll get your power soon enough, when you're ready. It depends on the person. You'll just have to wait. I didn't get mine until I was almost seventeen, and I haven't had to really use it yet." He chuckled to himself a little. "You'd think having the ability to sense some ones emotions would be useful... Well not yet, except with your mother. I use it a lot on her, especially since she's really good at bottling up her emotions."


"Sorry Char... Anyways, the only thinkgyou can do is wait." I sighed.

"I don't want to wait though."

"You have no choice." Just then, my mother walked in.

"Hey Charlotte." She said and smiled at me. "Hey honey." She kissed my dads cheek, then went to the kitchen. "So I was thinking after you get your homework done Char, we can all go out to dinner tonight. Just to get out, you know? Does that sound all good with you guys?" We agreed, and I went up to my room to do my homework.

After about 10 minutes, I started feeling... a burning sensation inside me. I was strangely craving to cause pain to someone or something. It was unlike any other feeling I've had before. I glanced into the mirror across the room, and my eyes looked extremely blood shot, like I was high or something. I went extremely pale, and I caught myself snarling into the mirror. I couldn't stop the thoughts that were rushing into my mind, the thoughts of pain, death, hurt, sorrow... There was something wrong with me, I knew it. I screamed my dads name and turned away from the mirror to avoid looking at the horrible creature inside. My dad came rushing into the room a few minutes later. "Charlotte?" He said, quietly and cautiously. He gently shut and locked the door behind him and took a step forward. "Honey, you need to calm down. Your aggression is going through the roof." I squeezed my eyes shut and screamed as loud as I could, hoping to force out the feelings I have inside.

I collapsed onto the bed, and I could feel theburning sensation inside me fade away. My dad rushed to the side of the bed and shook me. "Charlotte? Charlotte! Are you ok?" I started crying, and there was a pounding at the door. Suddenly, my mom transported into the room and sat next to me on the bed, and took my hand. "What happened?"

'I don't know, I came in, and she was practically screaming kill and murder at me with her emotions." He stroked my hair.

"Charlotte, what happened?" I sat up and wiped my tears away.

"I was just doing my homework when I started to feel like I was on fire, and I wanted to hurt someone really badly. My eyes were bloodshot, my skin was cold, but i felt like my insides were thrown into a burning fire. It all went away just as fast as it came..."

"Is this the first time this has happened?" I nodded, and for some reason, I knew it wasn't going to be the last.

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