Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Alone For The First Time

Submitted: November 24, 2012

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Submitted: November 24, 2012



I went to school the following day, with a sick feeling in my stomach. I knew that I was going to end up doing something horrible today, I could sense it. When I woke up that morning, I glanced into the mirror, and my eyes weren't bloodshot this time, but flaming red. Instead of them being the electric blue they always have been, they were a deep, dark, blood red. I almost screamed when I saw what I looked like, but I knew that wouldn't have done any good. Besides wearing sunglasses all day, there was no good wayto hide what had happened to me.

I tried to act as normal as possible throughout the day and not make any eye contact with anyone, but of course, Alyssa got in the way.

"Charlotte, what happened? Are you wearing contacts or something?" She asked me when we reached our secluded area at lunch.

"I wish." I said, then sighed. "I don't know what's happening to me Alyssa, something's wrong. Last night, I like... went into demon mode or something. I almost ripped my dad to shreds."

"Is there anything I can do?"

"I don't know yet. I just hope I don't do anything horribly bad today..."

I walked into my drawing class after lunch and had a horrible feeling of disaster in me. Frankly. I didn't care what I looked like or what I did. I angrily drew a small knife on the table until class started and instructions were given. After gathering paints, pencils, and a piece of paper, I sketched a woman, lying dead in a pool of blood on the floor, her dress torn to pieces and a deep cut to her throat. There was a masked man wearing a black hat, cape, and black eye mask, and had a bloody knife in his left hand. You could see a devilish smirk on his face as he watched the young woman dying in front of him.

"Well... That's a quite... interesting picture you've drawn Charlotte." My drawing teacher, Mrs, Macy said to me as she passed me by.

"Thanks." I said flatly and grabbedthescaple off the table. I started slicing off the edges of the paper, when Jack, the school's most popular guy a well as the biggest jerk in all the US, came up behind me and looked at my picture.

"Damn girl, you're more fucked up than I thought." He said and shoved my shoulder, hard. I spinned around in my chair, slicing his wrist with the scaplein the process. I threw him against the wall and held him above ground with my hand around his neck. He grabbed my wrist, pleading to let him go, but I kept squeezing my hand tighter around his neck. "Who's fucked up now?!" I screamed at him and dug my fingernails into him. Mrs. Macy pulled me away from him and shoved me into the other wall. Immediately, I felt the demonic pain in me fade away, letting me realize what I had done.

"Principal's office, Charlotte Miller. NOW!" Mrs. Macy yelled at me. I couldn't move. Why did I do this? What made me do this? Sure, Jack was an asshole, but I'd never intentionally hurt him. I heard the faint sound of sirens coming toward the school. Mrs. Macy told her student teacher, Mr. Hannah, to help the paramedics when they got here for Jack, and pulled me to the principal's office.

I was thrown inside Mr. Stewart's office, with Mrs. Macy walking in after me.

"What happened?" Mr. Stewart asked, and looked at the both of us.

"Charlotte just tried to kill Jack O'Connor." Mrs. Macy said and folded her arms.

"I did not! I had no idea what I was doing! I swear I never intentionally meant to hurt him!" I said, and looked at Mr. Stewart.

"Sadie, please explain what Ms. Miller did." And there she went, saying what happened, how I tried to kill Jack. They called my parents, the police took me down to the police station, and I sat there, in a jail cell until my parents came to the station.

Over the course of the next week, many things go wrong. I ended up sitting in the jail over night because the police had evidence of me assaulting Jack, but released me to my parents until the trial (Jack's familypressed charges against me), I had four more freak out moments, almost killing our cat, Adagio, I crashed my mom's car, sending three people to the hospital (all of them survived, thankfully) and I was expelled from school, as well as put on house arrest. I'm always alone now, my parents are always somewhere out of the house, my neighbor watches Adagio when they're gone... I've never felt so abandoned before... What's wrong with me? Why was I doing this?

A knock came at the door, sometime around three. I quickly got ran from my room, happy to finally not be alone anymore. I opened the door to find Alyssa standing there, with a box of chocolates and two bottles of Coca Cola. "Hey!" She said sweetly and walked in.

"Hey!" I said, and hugged her tight. It was good to see her again. She acted like nothing was wrong, nothing happened, like the way she acts when I go through a bad breakup. We headed upstairs to my room and settle in.

"Alyssa?" I asked after a while.

"Mhmm?" She looked up at me.

"You're my best friend, and I don't know what I'd do without you. Why are you still friends with me?"

"Because, Charlotte. You've been my friend since we were in diapers, and we've been through sooo much together. I can't leave you now honey. You need someone, messed up or not, and I'm here for you when no one else will be. Now shut your trap, eat the chocolate, and watch the movie." I sat there for a minute, then hugged her again. She was the only person I have now, no one else could help me as much as she could. Whatever happened, whether I end up killing half the population in the next three months, I know she'll be there for me. Always.

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