Deceiver of Fools

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This story is for Inconspicuously Oblivious.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Deceiver of Fools

Submitted: January 30, 2012

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Submitted: January 30, 2012



" The people in this castle and in this area who has helped his mighty  king help and cast us from those who wanted to rule us and enslave our mind and hearts we thank you and promise that our citizens will always be our only and main treasure the people of Galbatorix" yelled the Lords town preacher 

my home now is in the ancient ruins of Galba after our homeland Eragon lost the war and the king was forced to relocate he wasn't our king but now he is, after the bloody battle between our homelands and after i lost nearly all my family, he has abused our people  now most of them are brainwashed by his preaching.

"MAEVE! come here and help with the blacksmith with the kings order of armor!" yelled my boss Athena

we have been working on this assignment for two weeks the king ordered plenty of armor to keep us up all night. In our town there are always blacksmiths,illegal traders, everything although our normal selling grounds were taken so now every seller sold on a long bridge over a river. We sold on carts or old bricks we build to make it look like shops but really its only a pile of bricks. My hands were covered in black powder that made it look as if i were wearing gloves. I slammed a giant hammer to flatten out a piece of gold.

" Boss I'm going out to bring more of the diamond" i said as i grabbed an old piece of wood with wheels.As i walked to the back i heard people yelling and screaming.

" Grab the witch!" yelled a mob that townsfolk formed when an innocent lady was forced to steal even an apple because of the meager pay the Lord pays us. Lately even an upsetting action made by any townsfolk was punishable by death. I dragged the heavy diamond and then left.My home was just a four walled unstable building after my family died only me and my father were left... ..unfortunately hes a drunk he was always complaining about not having enough sake around i ignored him i looked around and saw our terrible house our bedrooms were separated by torn curtains.

" you lazy girl where were you when i needed dinner on the table." said my father barely keeping his balance

" out getting your filthy sake and working myself to the bone for an ungrateful father like you." i said

he just tossed his hand and walked away. I left ,the house was full of the smell of sake that it made me dizzy.

" night Maeve" said an old lady who i fed when she didn't have enough to feed her sick husband, they lived in an old wagon.

the only clothes i had on was a gown that women were forced to wear and an old piece of silk that reached the ground i tied it up my neck to cover the freezing wind.

I walked along the road usually used by upper class citizens who lived in real brick homes, i always get stared at for wearing dirty clothes.

" halt this passage is only taken by the upper class citizens what is your family name?' asked a soldier whose armor i spent hours making

" I am Maeve  Radcliff" i said

"very well pass."

i let out a sigh of relief my mother was named with an upper class name only i wasn't able to utilize it because of birth documents that were burned during the war.

i walked along the brick road with the lanterns lighting up  as i walked pass them. Every step i took i saw the castle towering over me. I didn't know why but i had built up anger and rage towards the royal family maybe because i knew that they only brainwashed citizens and used them to grow richer, that is why my father was a drunk because the king Delroy. The Delroy family was the first to take everything away from my mother because she wouldn't sell me to the queen for she couldn't have female children after an affair, if she did they would be killed after birth.I walked for  a couple of hours then returned home the smell of sake still lingered. I slowly fell asleep. In the morning the town was full of sounds of yelling and angry mobs. I went to see and found a woman being prepared to be hanged. Her neck went on the noose she was crying and yelling screaming to spare her life the son of the king made a signal, then an old man tugged the rope and her body was swaying back and forth her eyes open her mouth dripping saliva i almost felt the pain when the noose was pulled tight over her neck, i hated the sounds of the people cheering because a woman was hanged. I asked my boss why she was hanged.

" she was hanged because she refused to give into the churches demands.......she had two girls and a five year old boy....." he said as his voice had an edge of sadness and anger.





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