You're Crushing. Hard.

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River Longbottom is a ambition filled, a tad shy, boyish, reserved, slightly forgetful, and beautiful Gryffindor girl who just wants to fit in. After meeting James Sirius Potter, a boy she met on the Hogwarts Express, she gets a feeling that she is crushing. Hard.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - You're Crushing. Hard.

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013



"Mum! I'd appreciate it if you would not try to strangle me to death before l EVEN stepped into the school!" hissed River Longbottom, a girl with chin lengthed chocollate coloured hair, icy blue eyes, and a freckeled face.

Hannah Longbottom let go of her ownly child and said, "I love you, my little flowing River."

"L am NOT little, Mum!" River stamped her foot.

"River Hermione Longbottom, do not do that." Warned Neville- Proffessor Longbottom.

River sighed and a scarlet engine train lurched in front of the Longbottoms, puffing smoke and showing platfoor Nine and Three Quarters.

"Good luck you two!" Calked Mrs. Longbottom while River heaved up her trunks and Nutmeg, her cinnamon coloured Eagle-Owl.

"Oy! River!" Scorpius Malfoy said, patting a seat next to him. She puffed a breath if air and sat in the seat.

"Hey James! Come and meet River!" He called to a boy with dark brown hair and bright brown eyes. James looked up to the seat in front of him, gaped, and started to blush a brilliant pink. Proffessor Longbottom glared at him to stop gawking over his daughter.

"Err- Hi. I am James Sirius Potter. Nice to meet you." He held a shaking hand out in font of her.

She shook it and replied, "I am River Hermione Longbottom."

When she sid that, James nervously eyed Proffessor Lonbottom. River noticed then that they were still gripping eachothers hands, and she felt the threatining splah of heat rise to her face. You're crushing, she thought. Hard.

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