Vampirism 1.0.1.

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"I'm not here to teach you the rules of becoming a Vampire, rather, I'm just learning how to become one. Come to think of it, I really don't have the best of luck, as I get all nostalgic about how things played out over time, I tend to wonder...was it all worth it?

I was made into a Vampire for one reason, help establish an alliance between Vampires and Werewolves, hopefully even the humans and develop a way of living together. If the humans did not accept that, we kill them, plain and simple. Yet, there are some who disagree with what we're doing. My story gives the full detail on why things have come into place. Love, tragedy, death and violence, excuse my twisted sense of humor but it cannot get any better than that!"

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Vampirism 1.0.1.

Submitted: March 11, 2011

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Submitted: March 11, 2011



The dark of the night in Brackor City never seems to end on a quiet note. The screams of citizens in the darkest of alleys always give off a sense of fear. The howls of man bathed in the strengthening glow of a full moon, the screeches of the enigmatic scrambling over the rooftops, and the constant threat of gang violence between those two mysteries factions, the Daybreakers and the Savages. However, despite all of the issues, the citizens of Brackor still enjoyed the night life, the downtown area lit up exuberantly and movie-goers, jilted lovers, and friends carried nothing but smiles over their faces.

On this quiet Friday night, somewhere along Nobles Avenue, the rain from the nights storm prattled against a café window with great force. A sign outside of the small spot red in bright azure letters DUFFOS'S CORNER, a seemingly popular eatery in the mornings, at night business was occasionally dead.

A teenage male and female sat across from each other at a table sipping their cups of coffee respectfully. The male was a typically normal guy, he wasn't muscular much, and his body weight was pretty much as normal as normal is. He happily donned a goatee on his chin, not too bushy and long, just trimmed down to a decent scale. His hair was cut low and he had an earring in his left ear. A small black spot rested over his naturally brown skin tone next to his ear, a spot in which he profusely rubs fade cream on daily. The girl was thin, her red hair cut to a short length hanging above her shoulders and dimples that often appeared over her pale face whenever she smiled. She had a tattoo over her arm, D.B. it read, something of which the guy had no idea as to what it meant.

"So, what would you rate me on a scale from one to ten?" Abby, the red-headed girl asked with a sweet smile.

Alvin, the male sitting across from her, widened his eyes and accidentally gulped his hot cup of coffee down the wrong way. As he coughed profusely his eyes watered up and Alvin continuously wiped them before responding. Abby rolled her eyes as she watched the poor fellow right himself. Alvin cleared his throat calmly, "A scale from one to ten?"

"Mmhm…" she nodded her head with that same endearing smile, "Stop stalling, you already choked on your coffee gawking over me."

"I wasn't gawking…that was just a random question you asked."

"Oh good lord," Abby sighed. "It's just you rating me on a scale, that's all. Stop being such a wussy already."


"I'm an eight? Wow, last guy I asked said I was a six." Abby laughed. She leaned over the table and gave Alvin a seductive glare, "I hear your parents aren't home for the weekend. You should've let me know, we could have our own little nocturnal fantasy."

"Nocturnal fantasy, wow you couldn't think of anything better to say?" Alvin responded.

"I have a way with words," Abby rubbed her foot softly against Alvin's leg, "besides don't you like to have a little fun?"

In an attempt to avoid giving an answer to Abby's question, Alvin placed some money on the counter and gave Abby a look signaling for her to come along with him. Abby smiled and followed Alvin outside of the café. The street was dimly lit but enough light was provided to be able to see where exactly they were going. Abby's arm was wrapped tightly around Alvin's. She rested her head upon his shoulder, studying the street and taking notice that nobody was around at the time. She stepped in front of Alvin and became lost in his eyes.

"A kiss out here, right now?" Alvin asked.

Abby nodded her head with a sincere smile and moved in for a kiss. Alvin himself felt rather uncomfortable with kissing in such a secluded area, the backstreets of Nobles Avenue is a considerably dark and creepy place to be at night.

"Not now," Alvin said, moving his head away from Abby. "Just wait until we get to my house."

"Oh come on don't be like that." Abby grabbed Alvin by the back of the head and tried to get a kiss in to change his mind."

Alvin still refused to perform any activities at the moment but he noticed the force behind how hard Abby was trying to pull him in for a kiss. "Abigail…" her breaths became heavy and her eyes were closed shut. She stuck her tongue out and odd hissing sounds emerged from under her heavy breath. "Abby... Abby," even as Alvin attempted to push Abby away, she maintained an intense grip over Alvin, her strength much more intense than he'd imagined.

Soon, Abby's teeth began to form into sharp fangs. As she opened her mouth Alvin went into a state of panic. He slapped her in the face but to no effect did that help. Abby quickly dug her fangs into Alvin's neck, initiating an immediate painful scream from him as blood trickled down the side of his neck. As Alvin began to lose consciousness Abby detached herself from his neck, wiping her mouth with a smile of satisfaction.

"You're a fighter," Abby remarked, licking the left over blood from her fingers. "Didn't think you'd taste that good."

Alvin fell to his knees, left in a befuddlement of dizziness and severe pain, his body went numb and his eyesight blurry.

"What could they have wanted out of you?" The scent of blood felt sweet to Abby's nostrils, her nose twitched uncontrollably. It made her yearn for another taste of Alvin's blood but she composed herself. She grabbed the collar of Alvin's shirt and slapped him, "Look at me."

The robust insomnia filling Alvin's head caused his eyes to wane just keeping them open was a challenge. He saw hallucinations, pools of blood, illusions of fanged individuals surrounding him, and the view of himself sinking his teeth into Abby's neck, draining her of all the blood she contained and killing her, later finding himself to be in a moment of bliss after his act.

A ferocious and hairy creature approached Abby from behind, standing over her shoulder and glaring at Alvin in his current state. Alvin could barely make out the creature, but he noticed that its face seemed elongated similar to a fox or wolf for that matter. It stood high on its hind legs as naturally as a human would but its voice was far more aggressive than anything he's ever heard.

"This is the human?" the creature asked.

"That's right. All present and accounted for, he's undergoing the changes now so we'll give it some time."

A pale man joined Abby and her hairy ally, seemingly cold and quiet, his hair was dark leaving one single thin strand hanging down to his nose. He gave Abby and the hairy creature, otherwise known as a werewolf, a slight smile. Shortly, Alvin finally gave in and passed out.

"We're good-will ambassadors." The pale man said casually.

"You're saying that as if I feel bad right now." Abby responded.

The werewolf underwent a mutation, changing from such a ferocious brown creature, to a thin teenage boy, lacking any assortment of clothes. The brown Mohawk over his head was similar in design to how his previous forms styling of hair was. "Ayos mios, guys we've got a problem." The teenager said. "I guess I still haven't gotten the hang of wolf form yet," he said with a smile.

The pale man let out a quick sigh, "Right. Okay everybody, let's move it out."

"Great, I have to run around with my ass all out. I hope the ladies around here like latin guys…"

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