Ticking all the boxes.

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When the house of there dreams came onto the market a young couple decide to buy and renovate it to pay for there child's operation. What they don't know is this is no office block but a abandoned mental institute that had been built on a sacred Indian burial ground. All the previous owners had all died in spectacular ways involving the preparation of mince.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Ticking all the boxes.

Submitted: March 10, 2008

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Submitted: March 10, 2008



With summer just around the corner and with the improved weather it was time to start renovating the office block. With money being in short supply most of our friends had volunteer there services to help us out. The first one to arrive was my girlfriends old boyfriend who I affectionately called clumsy Paddy who was going to help us rewire the building. With our first night in the caravan behind us and all the mystery's of a chemical toilet solved in a scooby doo like fashion we ventured outside. Paddy had a van which was good as the little woman could go for beer for us hard working men.

It was almost midday when the beer arrived onto the site and I had been making good progress clearing out the German war machine memorabilia out of the basement. I was first to the bear which wasn't chilled to my satisfaction although it took four bottles to decide this. Having the bladder of a small child I decided to nip round to the side of the building.

I quickly started to urinate, I really should have undone my zip first but out of the corner of my blood shot eye I saw paddy lying on top of a cement mixer with his back broken. He must have fallen out of the third story window onto a cement mixer twice rendering him Welsh instantly. With his thick black hair and deep voice he whispered into my ear..............boooo,bo,boo,bo,bo,arrrgh,bo! I am certainly no medical expert but I think Paddy is knackered!

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