Eyes On Me

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Secrets and lies
What a surprise

hiding the truth can be murder....

How far will you go for someone you barely know?
In university Jessica Sampson has spotlight for being a know it all. Bright as a spark, stubborn and witty.
Unlike the other 'mannequins' at school Jess's quest to be top of her game is a tried one. Something threatens her perfect order. A secret that's eating up her sanity.

Locked out from your own existence, how do you begin to let the world in... Roberto 'red' Madison has been sitting on a landmine. A phobia that's consumed any attempts at real intimacy for years.Jessica Sampsons 'Jimmy knows it all ways' are far from Reds pleasure. In the madison family your not a genius till your a billionaire.

In his spare time Red's focuses on building his own business projects. Icarus Independant a small shipping firm, and Rise his new global marketing c have been getting in the way of uni work. No more distractions are needed.

Yet when one drunken mistake lands Jess and Red in the same bed.. in the same room. Roberto soon becomes both impressed and intrigued with this new fascination.
He's finally found a woman worth every ounce of drama.
Or has he?

Beneath that cool mystique lies a scandalous secret and getting familiar could come at a price
How far would he go to protect someone he barely knows?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Eyes On Me

Submitted: December 04, 2010

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Submitted: December 04, 2010




“It looks like red wine,” she said running her hands through it.
“I’ve been stabbed and it looks like red wine.” She threaded her hands through the dark liquid. It wasn’t red wine. It was blood .Leaking from her stomach, coating a once perfectly maintained carpet. She’d wanted no stains. Idiot! No mess. His words were like gibberish, a tape on fast forward or frozen in rewind. Were there even sounds in this place?
 He was a fish trapped in a giant bowl. There were no statues, or leafery. No seabed, just the quickening pace of death. Jessica shivered against the soft carpet, her blue eyes, marble, sinking into themselves. It was so cold in here, yet an ice cream van sang merrily beneath an orange sun outside. The shivers had worked rhythmically, vibrating within, a Mexican wave of jerking, chills, and a pain that numbed logic.
 “I’m dying aren’t I?”It was a whisper. Red covered his mouth. He wet his lips, yet everything still tasted like sawdust.
How does that happen? What happened? Scissors, somehow she fell off the bed and landed, did she land on the scissors? Razor sharp, the ones with the coldest blade. Where was I? The questions ran riot in his head. His blood continued to pump with panic. Air, there’s no air here.
“I’ve sent margella to call the ambulance” Ambulance is coming good. Nee naw, nee naw, ambulance would be here soon..
“I wanted it to be noisy when I died,” she croaked. “Sit with me.”
He shook his head stubbornly, “this shit isn’t happening to me again, like this. It’s not fair.” The blood had reached the foot of the bed. “It was the scissors wasn’t it!” He was sobbing now.
“You told me to be brave, get the sharp things out, stop punishing myself!” Salt tears mixed in with the blood on the cherry carpet. Open windows. Open all windows. His footsteps paced maniacally, quickly transporting himself from one edge of the room to another. Still very far from her.
 “You told me to get rid of the mirrors, so I did!” He barked “It would be selfish for you to die on me!” It was a warped conclusion, but it was the one he needed right now. His hands trembled, like the very bone itself would rip from its socket. Making him a puddle of skin, and eyes. There would be no hand holding. Holding someone’s hand was an invite to leave.
“I warned you about me. These strange things happen I told you!” He lowered himself slowly to the floor, ignoring the damp mess of blood.
“My names not red cuz it’s my favourite colour,” he combed his hands through her tangle of soft brown hair. “People keep dying on me, and nobody knows why.” There was no ambulance. Like last time. “Dying is selfish, I thought you were a nice person” he joked “think of all the counselling I’ll have to go through.” He ran his hands over her eyes, sealing them from the world. He’d never liked anyone, let alone loved them. Every meaningful conversation he’d ever had consisted of her being a Jimmy knows it all. The pain was like a samurai sword. Once again there was no one. He pressed his lips gently into her ear. “If you come back, I can pretend to be a real person. I love you, it sucks that I always say it too late. Your right I’m someone that can’t make my mind up,” he paused, before leaning into her ear once more. “I deserve the chance to screw things up again, please. We’d have really smart good looking children.” Nothing.
The door was thrust open. The two men hurried in from the ambulance, their green uniform and stretcher foreign here. It felt like time had stopped. Her small frame dangled loosely unto the black stretcher. It was like watching a giant sized doll. Watching dazed and numb, frozen and in-between .Roberto knew his body parts were too paralysed to move. His room had been turned into a stage, and Jess had done her final scene. As if by some trick of fate, ambulance guy stopped shuffling the stretcher.
“What’s going on?”
“She’s opened her eyes,” ambulance guy two pressed his forefingers to her skin.
“She’s warming up. We have a pulse.”
“It’s not love. It’s just ....distraction. I know how you chicks get,” Red Madison rolled across to the other side of the mattress. He was tired of the calling, and the questions. So many questions. He wondered if she drove herself crazy with them. “You always have to be so smart all the time, a real Jimmy knows it all,” his voice was hoarse at the ceiling. “It’s so cheese dick, rom com. showing up in the rain,” he paused. “Like that.” Golliath hands were dragged through a mass of thick dark curls.
“It wasn’t raining and my favourite genre is horror, blood and gore.” She didn’t look at him. You don’t have to look at Roberto Madison to feel it, you just do. It was like jumping into a freezing ocean after a heat wave, or giving a diabetic a bar of chocolate. Red Madison, emerald green eyes, wide voluptuous mouth, cheekbones and Saracen build, did something. When you’re weird and private, Jess decided, you don’t tell anyone what he did.
“I’ve never blushed so much in my entire life,” she said.
“You’ve started.” He groaned, prepping his nude frame to his feet, and stumbling over to the dresser. She noticed the small purple and black banjo tattoo on his right shoulder, an apple bottom, and the strain of claw marks along his olive skin. He did this a lot.
“Did I buy cigarettes yesterday,” he asked scanning the wide room.
“I don’t think you smoke.”
“Oh yeah,” he shook his head wearily. He must have been hit with a sledge hammer, or this crazy chick drugged him. “Did we drink everything?”
“You drank everything. You were moaning a lot,”
“Yeah a guy does that.”
“Uh uh,” she smiled. He rubbed his eyes; it looked like there was two of her. “You were complaining about this castle you live in, how you hate attending your dad’s country club, and your mum poured Stella Artois in the maid’s cereal.”
“Oh yeah.”
His footsteps were thick against the cherry rug. Then his body wavered a little, before he reached the bourbon dresser. He put his jewellery on first. A gold Rolex, and a platinum cross chain. He was still scratching his head five minutes later before the black shorts, denim jeans and white singlet were put on.
 “Listen,” he said not facing her as a brown cowboy belt was locked into place. “I was drunk. Real stinky ass drunk, and basically you took advantage of me,” he turned and flashed an apologetic dimple. Yep Jessica Sampson understood why cheerleaders, teachers, actually any woman under the sun turned to moosh around him. Clear white light shone through the gap in a pair of theatrical red curtains, making his green eyes shine like crystals. They even looked like they were spinning.
“What’s with all the red?”
“If you asked me, it’d be like you met me.” And nobody should know this right? If it was any other woman, the sentence itself would have been crushing, or sit in her stomach like a boulder. She was Jessica Sampson, she wasn’t like those ‘other girls’ and that filled her with a confidence she enjoyed.
It would have been nice though to wake up late in a room like this. Anybody else would assume a room; decked wall to wall in shiny mirrors represented a vanity. This was different. Something had happened here. Something that made him need eyes everywhere.
“I heard the maid grinding oranges. She’s a white woman who sings in Spanish right?” He quirked his brow slightly puzzled. “You went out there?”
“I’m just good with sounds. She makes pancakes...the old fashioned way. With cinnamon, but today she added banana. She was really excited about adding banana, and you have fresh oranges and waffles every morning. “
“Why what do you have?” He asked.
“We never met remember.” He grinned once more, his green eyes bright again. The yellow sunlight working an amber mischief. If things hadn’t gotten all messed up, maybe she could have had a bed this large, with purple silk sheets, pillows of blue satin, and a black and white duvet..Real fur. It had been a polar bear, she thought, weaving it between her fingers. It could have lived longer. Jess spotted the masks and the small statuettes from Egypt and western Africa. There were Chinese lanterns that lined the foot of the bed, and unopened pieces of art along the carpet. He was well travelled. He was probably a good conversationalist. Jessica understood why girls that had acquired Mrs universe, heiresses and even staff had fixed seats to park miniskirts, shorts, and skin tight Jeans next to him. Red Madison was open, and he was closed, charismatic and chaotic, what happens to sand when it’s sired with a bolt of lightning. Beauty and this obnoxious bastard could even be seen as a work of art. 
“I guess its East wing West wing again,” She spoke softly, barely tossing the sheets back.
“Honey, it’s daytime, things look different when the sun comes out,”
“I’m not as attractive as those magazine dolls you date,” she laughed. “I outclass those ‘chicks’ one hundred to nil,” That brought out another pair of dimples. And I don’t want you.
“You’re just not my type. All that calling. You’re clingy, real clingy.”
“I called you because we had an assignment due in. You can’t get by on your looks with this guy,” She retorted coolly. The comment pissed him off in a way that surprised him.
“You certainly don’t get by on yours,” he bit back.
“I’m smart. I like that about myself!” She hauled herself out of bed, sliding into a pair of blue denim jeans. Her black polo neck, and black stud earrings. Red eyed her with mild curiosity. Her movements were too quick and jerky to be identified as graceful. Her features were more striking than they were beautiful. In the wrong light she looked like a jigsaw whose pieces had been put in the wrong spaces. Her eyes were too wide, a brilliant blue that was like an electric shock, a nose like a bow and arrow, and a mouth the size of an Ocean. He’d liked how her lips felt yesterday, spongy, then cool, then fiery. Yep she had a mouth like someone that would really tell on you.
It was an automatic reaction for him to utter the words, “Don’t tell okay?”
He didn’t like the cleft in her chin it was like a stab in the jaw, he did though, like her mass of Frizzy brown hair, and her thick eye lashes like angry spiders. Credit, where credit was due, she did have a great body. Unlike the insects and lentils he was used to dating, she had curves, you could hold unto, and a near caramel tan. He resisted the urge to pull her back into bed. Knowing her she’d probably punch him. “I think its best we don’t talk to each other along the halls either.”
“That’s extreme.”
“Well my girlfriend would get suspicious.” He wished he had mouthed that at a very far distance. The slap was like fire and acid on his skin. Bad bad idea to be honest at this point. He placed his hand on his flamed cheekbone, rotating his jaw as he edged closer to the walls. “I didn’t know violence was your thing. We broke up, but I still think me and her could have a chance.”
“If she’s a shallow, cockroach and a spineless worm like you.. I think marriage is on the cards.” Jessica slung the gold rucksack over her shoulder as she marched towards the door. “We were drunk, it’s back to normal, I won’t tell anyone.”
“You’ve been staring at her for almost five minutes, ” Jason Wayne said to his best friend. Red shrugged ignoring him.
“We were drunk, it’s back to normal, and she hasn’t told anyone.” Red finally spoke narrowing his green eyes as he watched the small figure retreat up and down the hall. She wasn’t Jason’s type. That put a smile on his face. Jason Wayne liked girls to be just as perfect as he was. The guy looked like an overgrown cherub, gold hair, snow white in places, uncomfortably blue eyes, and a big mouth that always got him into trouble. Lucky for Jason his movie star looks seemed to get him out of anything. J was definitely one of a kind....so was she.
 Her circle of friends seemed to buzz around her, engaged in whatever ‘waffle’ she was going on about. Probably the atomic bomb and some big bang theory. For a moment he felt a twinge of envy towards every single one of them. It had been a week. Not only had she not said a word to him, she hadn’t even looked in his direction. Shallow. What would she know? “ You know I donated money to some spinabifida charity!” He said as loud as he could. No response.
“What’s wrong with you?” Jason asked. “Just cause your mum had a breakdown, doesn’t mean you have to join,”
“My mum was an alcoholic Jase.”
“She thought she was the messiah. It’s all that feminist crap they feed them,” Jason looked in the direction his friends eyes were glued.
“Tell me you didn’t. it’s like the president sleeping with the homeless.”
“ I’m the president by the way.” Red chuckled.
“I’d say what and how, but then I’d just sound like a chick. Why?” Red placed a hand on his best friends shoulder. “I can’t believe I’m saying this...I’m pleading the fifth-“
“Ouch. You were that drunk and she was that good. I blame your parents’ divorce.” It wasn’t anybody else it was her. Plain and simple. Last week he had been ashamed to be even seen speaking to her. This week he was answering questions, giving advice even, just so she’d hear his voice. It was her whole devil may care attitude. She was stubborn, proud, and she didn’t bow out to anyone. She was way more confident than a lot of the girls he’d met. That whole thing about grace. With her it wasn’t. It was ownership. She walked into a room like the architect had designed and had it build specifically for her. All those ‘shallow cockroaches’ as she’d described them, seemed to look at her with the same hidden awe that he did.
“You spoke to Georgie yet?” Jase asked. “I hear she’s been calling your house,”
“Gorgeous Georgina Mayfair,” there was no hiding the disappointment in his voice.
“Last week you couldn’t wait to get back together,”
“I still do. I mean, Georgina turns heads but it’s like talking to a piece of plastic.”
“It’s not love, it’s just distraction right,” She smiled as the tall figure cast a shadow over her. You had to be intimate with him to recognize his scent; she figured there were more than a handful of women that could admit to that. A lightly scented vanilla musk, and a cocoa butter cocoon. He wasn’t heavy on the brandy. Not like guys she knew who drowned their skin in aftershave. His was the enchanting scent of the tropical. Strawberries, blueberry, dragon fruit and a hint of coconut.
 “You can tell a lot about a guy by the aftershave he wears.” She moved closer to the silver fountain.”That’s Midas right? You have to be real sure of your masculinity to wear that. It’s for confident, laidback playful types. It cost a fortune, and mostly gay guys wear it, and some women. It was discontinued from all major chain stores, cuz its sales dropped. You have to request it or order it online. Even then it’s pricey.” She turned to the fountain, and giggled as the water squirted over her chin and mouth. “That’s real cute,” he laughed. “Your a real Jimmy knows it all.”
“Actually I’m not. It was in the media and marketing pack last week.”
“So your mum owns a natural perfumery on the East dock, near River Street.”
“You’ve been digging,” she stood up slowly, her eyes darkening with malice. There were storm clouds, and fire had been substituted with ice that could chill the bone. It was a weird feeling. It was a real something something, the hairs doing a river dance down the back of his neck, and the heat. She had her eyes on him. Damn, it was like being in a volcano, or having a time bomb ticking away in your gut. The silence was like a rubber band, stretched and made ready to sting his skin.
“What happened to go away, we were drunk, let’s avoid each other.” She quipped. “I can tell you’ve been asking questions about me. Stop asking questions about me okay?”
Dazed he nodded slowly. Then as if hit by a stroke of genius he said,
“ Clocks. I’ve got a thing for clocks, me and my dad used to take them apart together and build them up again.”
“You’ve also got a thing for Georgina, who I hold my hands up is probably one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen,”
She watched his green eyes droop with boredom. “Yeah Georgies impressionable, she’s just not interesting.”
“Says the guy who likes clocks, and can never seem to make his mind up.”
“You sound like-“
“Your father?”
 “What’s the big secret about you anyways?” He asked.
“I dunno, make one up.”
She slung the rucksack over her shoulder, side stepping him, and heading into the noise of the courtyard. This seemed to be a theme with them. He was the one that usually got the pleasure of running, being too busy, avoiding. This was bad. This was Nicki Rainsmith bad. Maybe if he figured what he liked about her, he could find a way to stop. But it was everything, and nothing. More the feeling of plunging into very dark unknown territory. A back to front world. And questions that kept you up at night....She was a one to watch, and that he would.
“How long have you been sitting here in the dark like this?” Jessica asked bolting the door shut. The noise of the city street was locked out for just a moment, and all she could hear was a leaking tap.
The gold curtains were drawn, but the window’s still let a small draft of air in. “You’ve been cleaning again haven’t you,” her mother nodded. As if she was simply in agreement with herself. Her long hands lifted a book of crosswords from her lap, placing them softly on a chest of brown drawers.
“You know I’m still on page 56?” She asked.
“I didn’t know that. Maybe you don’t want to finish it,”
“I’ll finish it.” She croaked. Jessica took slow careful steps towards their long black sofa. It was made of fine leather, and had once been a nice spot in their home. Now anyone that sat in it looked like they were drowning. Alone with mother. No background noise to boot. Really alone. No TV, no stereo, not even the lazy purrs of the next door neighbour’s cat. Midnight. She hated that darn cat, but right now she actually missed it. Hissing at you like a snake, rubbing it’s arrogant behind along the furniture, parading itself like a lord. Maybe Midnight was scared too. Midnight was a she, maybe she’d told all the other cats. Not a single one had approached here since... the bowls of fresh milk looked lonely beside the garden door, she had to admit, so did she.
“Your not very good with discreet are you?” Reve Sampson announced. Jessica furrowed shapely brows in confusion.
“Instead of keeping a low profile,” Reve cleared her throat like there was chalk in it. Her boney fingers clicked on the porcelain lamp on the far edge of the table. In such small light, the shadows were thick across her organised features. She looked like a villain, a creature of darkness. Someone that didn’t belong here, someone unfamiliar. Then again her world was far from familiar.
” Stop eyeing me like an idiot..Are you dating a Madison?” Jess shook her head quickly, ignoring the chills like a xylophone along her back.
“Their well connected, and their nosey as hell,”
“I know.”
“Couldn’t you pick any of these other lice to waste time with?” she said, Ruby red eyes, turning to vacant holes.
“I’m sorry I know. It’s not me, he’s got it into his head that I’m ...interesting.” she felt the corner of her mouth lifting without permission.
“Red Madison is loose, crazy, and dangerous,”
“That would be us right now. “Jessica retaliated. It was uncanny her feeling the need to defend anyone, and she stepped back like some line had been crossed, or a portal drawn before her very eyes.
“He’ll start fishing, digging, asking questions. His at that age, everything is interesting.” There was apause. “Whatever this was, it ends by tomorrow.” Jessica nodded. You don’t miss what you don’t know.  “You know what happened here Jess; he could never be okay with it. Nobody but us could ever understand.” Reve Sampson turned to the small boxset Tv. Thin hands searched the back of the sofa for the small remote control. TV after all. Reeve's hand reminded Jess of a small lobster she’d seen lost on the beach front. “Go greet your father.”
Jess felt herself turn to grains of salt.

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