I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire

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The world is ending but the survivor never wanted to live in the first place.

Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011



The classroom is basked in the white light of the midday sun. Rows of tables and chairs line the interior, each filled up with their own student. In the front of the room the teacher speaks to us, giving us instructions for the beginning of the year. He goes on and on, although he’s posted the syllabus on the handout he still makes the speech.

I sit in the back of the classroom, in the small bit of shade behind the farthest window where the sun can’t reach me. I feel alone but I’m not alone. In the seat in front of me she sits listening to the teacher’s instructions, her brown, matted hair held up by a red bandana. Her tank top hugs her back; it’s turquoise color contrasting with her tanned, yellow skin.

I want to change my seat; this person in front of me is too bright. So vibrant and full of life, she actually looks like she’s going to enjoy this class. Life is all a game to me, a game where no matter how you play everyone faces the same end. I just keep moving forward so that I don’t have to face death myself earlier. I check my cell phone, no texts, and no appointments today, just waiting for the class to end so I can go home.

A large shadow passes over the college windows and in a moment the day is cast into darkness. As I sit on my chair I watch as my classmates gather at the windows to watch something outside. They all crowd around and even the girl in front of me gets up to see what’s going on. However she doesn’t make it very far, the crowd has already taken up all the window space. I overhear the words, “Fire” and “Planes” before being thrown onto the ground. My vision goes black.

Lying on the floor I open my eyes and check my phone again, half of the day has passed and the room is a mess. The tables and chairs are strewn across the floor along with the bodies of the students who were standing at the windows. It seems that it was a blast that knocked me down; I can tell by the way everything has been pushed away from the windows or where the windows used to be.

There is glass everywhere, on the ground, embedded in the door, embedded in the bodies my dead classmates. There are traces of life though, the classroom door is open, and there are footprints in blood on the ground. It seems those who did survive the blast left the rest of us for dead. Assholes.

My head hurts from the concussion. I get myself up off the ground and come into a nice slouch. Without touching the shards of glass I dust the dirt and grime from off of my body. I sludge to the window and look out to the horizon where the local town is. All I see is a fire, a huge fire consuming whatever is left of the town and I’m too tired to be panicked.

I feel something warm outside the classroom and I move to investigate. Over the bodies of the fallen I walk over to the door and peer outside. More bodies litter the floor, there are fewer but these have been trampled. A fire rages far down the hall in one of the rooms however it’s only in that one room and is seemingly content to stay there for now. But fire is greedy and I have to leave before the whole floor succumbs to the fire. I wonder if there are other fires in the building. Now I’m getting worried.

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