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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Xavier: The Hunter

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Xavier skirted around a tree as he picked his way through the Darkwood. A quiver of arrows was strapped to his left hip, and in his right hand he held a wooden shortbow. Carefully, Xavier pulled an arrow from his quiver and notched it in the bowstring. His deep blue eyes carefully searched the area all around him.

The woods all around him were dark; the sun could not penetrate very easily through the thick foliage and the mysterious mists at the top of the forest. The plants that surrounded him were dark green ferns or brown thorny brambles that would rip your clothing to shreds. Vines laced their way up the dark bark of the trees, disappearing in the canopy above.

Xavier payed no mind to the forest fearful beauty and he made his way through the thick underbrush, silent as a cat. He knew this area of the woods quite well, so well that he knew where eat plant, rock, or any other obstacle was. Xavier ducked around a bramble, almost catching the arm of his brown leather undershirt on it. Xavier always wore similar clothing to what he wore today: A leather long sleeve  undershirt with a dark gray tunic pulled over that. He also wore brown leather pants and a brown cowl which now hung around his neck. His fur lined grey boots crunched on old leaves and he trekked through the forest. Xavier navigated his way through his hunting grounds, his well trained eyes searching left and right for any animals.

He felt peaceful and calm in the woods, much unlike the people from the nearby village. They saw the dark wood as a dangerous place full of bandits and deadly beasts. This was the reason he was so invaluable to them. They would pay him just about anything for a good buck because they were far too scared to go out and get it themselves. Xavier was not afraid of the woods, his home, and he never wasted time exaggerating the impossible. Even the wolves didn’t bother with him.

Xavier stopped where he was and carefully began to draw his bow, arrow down towards the dirt. A ways in front of him stood a majestic buck, grazing on the greens fern. Its brown coat blended well with the forest around, but his eyes had been trained to pick them out of the background. Using his right hand, he raised the bow and aimed for the buck as his left hand drew the arrow and bowstring backward. His right arm was gloved up to the elbow so if the bowstring were to snap on it he wouldn’t get hurt.

He aimed for the deer’s big brown and then released the arrow. The deer fell with a soft thud into the ferns it had been eating. As Xavier meandered his way over to the downed deer, he ran his hand through his thick black hair. Though he was quite concerned about his appearance, he had to cut his hair himself using the knife on his belt. He wasn’t the greatest at cutting hair,  but even still he was extremely handsome. When he reached the dead dead deer Xavier smiled with satisfaction. He had shot it through the eye, a quick and clean kill. Xavier drew the knife from his belt and began to clean the deer. Xavier was an expert with his knife, and he had done this so many time that it was second nature to him. At times like these, Xavier mind began to wander, and he found himself thinking about his mother.

His mother had been the one to teach him how to hunt and survive in any sort of wilderness.She had also tried to teach him patience, but she had only half succeeded. His father was a city man, and his mother had left him when he was only a baby. She prefered to be free in the wilds rather than be a controlled city wife. He refused to come with her, so  she took her only son and left without ever looking back. His mother was the greatest huntress for miles around, and the only one brave enough to make the Darkwood her hunting ground. She was his mentor and everything he knew had come from her. When he reached the age of six, his mother felt secure enough in his skills that she would leave him from a day or two to deliver her meat to the cities. Over time, the amount of time she spent away from him increased until she would be gone for weeks or even a month at a time.

On the morning of his eighth birthday, his mother him with the promise that she would be back in two weeks. Xavier rarely saw her anymore, so he was not concerned about her leaving. Xavier practiced shooting squirrels with his bow, cleaning and cooking them himself. Xavier waited and waited for her, until a year had passed and she had still not returned. Xavier  was left alone to fend for himself. He took up his mother’s business and soon he was a renowned hunter all throughout the villages surrounding the Darkwood. He always hunted around the same area, however, refusing to believe that she was gone forever. Xavier vowed that someday he would track her down. And he had been doing this for nine years. All alone.

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