The Life In The Dark

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Just what I hope will turn out as a dark, slightly scary horror type book

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Life In The Dark

Submitted: May 15, 2008

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Submitted: May 15, 2008



It wasn't born. It will never die. It doesn't live but he isn't dead. It hangs outside the bounds of the light, in the shadows. It isn't resistant to the Sun but it finds it easier to change his face when there are less rays of light to twist about himself and change its features. It lives among us, it walks down our streets, it hides in our sewers, it rents it's own apartment, it has it's own income and it wears average clothes. When it doesn't want you to see what it really is, it becomes average. It makes itself so normal it doesn't stand out. It is indestict. It haunts its town in its own way. It isn't a ghost, it isn't a vampire, it doesn't have a name. It is twisted and different. It isn't psychopathic, it isn't deranged, it doesn't have feelings. It is a sane, cold blooded killer. It has no target, it has no pattern of the usual killer.

But then again it isn't the usual killer. And it will keep on killing. Unless somebody manages to stop it. If it can be stopped. Maybe, one day when you are in bed, fast asleep, dreaming, it will come in and you will feel the agony and the pain that it causes to its victims. You will hear its chillingly sane chuckle.

It's face is worse than your nightmares, it's teeth cut through the very fabric of time and space. It's eyes burn with cold fire and sanity and logic emanate from it's mind. It's body isn't of this world or this dimension. It could tear you limb from limb but it chooses not to. It could use magic. It thrives on your darkest thoughts, your worst secrets. It knows everything about you before you are dead.

In your life you build up mental walls in your brain, blocking out feelings of despair, guilt, terror, anger and sadness. Hiding your worst nightmares and your fears from yourself. It does it with your dreams, which is why you can't always remember them.

It could knock them down, all the terror and bad feeling in your life could rush back to you in one go. You could go insane.

It wants to do something worse.

It doesn't pick on the weak alone, it doesn't prey on the strong for kicks.

It will prey on anybody, it will find somebody. It isn't every night, it doesn't have a time pattern for killing. It is completely random. Which means one thing. There is no way to track it. It will kill anybody.

It could kill you.

Do you believe in the Lord? A God? A higher power? A force? Whatever you want to call it, it created this terror to cause mankind pain. Your God is not loving, your God is your ultimate judge, who will condemn you to hell or admit you to bliss. Your God is greater.

But so is it.

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