Ouija 2: Peering to the Past

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 28, 2009



Veronica and Shawn

Veronica was happy they worked it out and was coming to Rivers early the next morning. Shawn returned home but sat out on the porch as the rain fell for most of the night. She sat and thought about Perry Buckle and Aiden, the accident of murder, the past two years…all in all she somehow ended up thinking about Asher again.

This wasn’t how she thought they would see each other again. But then again the way they met wasn’t completely orthodox either. Hopefully after Perry Buckle was gone for good, they might be able to…hang out.

It was early when her phone rang. She jerked up, having been dozing in the porch chair for about two hours. The time was 4: 37 AM.


It was Veronica. “Hey, I’m in Prairie right now. Should be there in twenty minutes.”

“Wow, when you said early…”

“Yeah, well, I figured I had to be there.”

Both paused a moment realizing what they were doing and reflecting on their own reasons for being involved.

“All right. The guys haven’t called yet so…I’m not sure when they’ll get here.” Shawn explained.

“Okay,” Veronica said. “See you soon.”


Before twenty minutes had passed, Shawn got another phone call. This time if was from Asher.

“Hey, uh, Shawn?” he said a little worryingly.


“Yeah, uh…I think we found the barn.”

In the background Shawn heard Lincoln cussing angrily about something.

“What happened?”

“We got pushed off the road.” Asher let out a sigh. “And the car’s slightly stuck.”

“Slightly?!” Lincoln shouted.

Shawn was alarmed. “Are you guys okay?”

“Yeah, fine, well, Link’s stitches kind of came undone but we’re fixing that, so…”

“I’ll be right there.” She said. “Veronica’s almost here.”

“You don’t have to…”

“Yes, I do Asher,” she told him and hung up.

Almost exactly five minutes later Veronica came jogging around the corner in jeans and a black t-shirt. She looked tired.

“You okay?” Shawn asked, seeing her eyes were a bit red. Veronica examined Shawn’s face.

“I could ask you the same.”

Shawn shrugged and figured the both of them were having a bad time with all of these returning emotions.

“Well, the guys drove into the ditch at the barn so…”

“We’re meeting them there?”


Together they walked and half ran to the country road to find Asher standing at the top of the hill. He was the same as Shawn remembered. Tall, dark haired and handsome. Even his smile was the same. She felt herself grow hot in the face as she sheepishly smiled back.

“Hi,” he greeted in his hesitant voice.

“Hi,” she replied, hopefully sounding a bit more confident.

“Where’s Lincoln?” Veronica asked as they reached the hill. Shawn searched the ditch too and saw Lincoln sitting on the back end of the Jeep, holding a bloody cloth to his left side. He gave a noncommittal wave.

“Hey girlies,” he called, his tone still a bit angry about the car. Shawn saw the front right wheel was halfway down in mud, tilting the whole thing dangerously. That wouldn’t be easy to get out of but it could have been worse.

“Why’re you bleeding?” Veronica led the way as the three of them ventured down the steep slope downward toward him.

“I was clawed yesterday,” he said with fake happiness. “And genius boy here can’t stitch me up worth elephant crap.”

Asher’s mouth thinned and Shawn almost smiled. He was still so cute when he was annoyed.

“I’m not too bad at it,” Veronica said. Lincoln seemed skeptical. “My older sister’s a med student. I was helping her study one of her first tests and she taught me how…Actually, did I tell you she’s still an intern?”

Shawn saw the conversation had turned to her and she perked at the news. “Really?

“Yeah, she failed the residency test or whatever so she has to be an intern for another year.” Veronica seemed giddy about the news. She didn’t like how perfect everyone thought Marie was and this just made her day.

“Wow,” Shawn laughed.

Lincoln cleared his throat loudly and both jerked their attention back to him. “So, can you help me?”

“Yeah, you have a needle?”

Asher supplied it with some new string while Lincoln carefully lifted his shirt off. Shawn eyed his bare chest and lost her breath for a second. Despite the blood smears he was ripped…and the blood was just an emphasis of his macho-ness. Seriously, it didn’t matter how annoying he could be. No one could deny he was hot with a capital Sexy.

Lincoln noticed her look.

“Whatcha lookin’ at Shawnie?” he mocked. She half glared as best as she could but in reality she was very much thrown off by how much she kept staring at him.

Veronica moved to his left side, somehow less fazed by his muscles, more worried about the gash. Shawn never really understood how she could do that.

“God, what did you get in a fight with?” she asked, wincing at the look of the wound. Shawn agreed, it seemed pretty painful.

“Wendigo,” Lincoln answered nonchalantly. “Heard they were mean but I guess I took it too lightly.”

Veronica, wiping away some more of the blood, nodded. “I would agree.” She examined the wound with analytical eyes and he lifted his arm, grabbing on to the bar at the top of the Jeep, giving her room.

“Do you have any alcohol?” she questioned calmly, her face pretty close to his bloody gash. Shawn was unsure of how to feel about it. It was still kind of bloody. “This might be infected.”

Lincoln huffed, annoyed. She grinned up at him.

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up,” she told him.

“I don’t have time for infections,” he told her. “Gotta be at the top of my game.”

“Well, if I don’t fix this you won’t be at the top of anything. Alcohol?”

Lincoln thought. “Ash, check the first aid kit.”

Shawn joined Asher at the back door as he started pulling out stuff. She helped him by holding their duffel bags so they wouldn’t have to go on the muddy ground. They were looking for the first aid kit, but Shawn wanted to talk. The silence was awkward. She had questions!

“So…” she stared, wondering if this was how all their conversations would begin. “What have you two been up to?”

“Oh you know…finding trouble just for kicks.” He answered and she gave a hesitant laugh.

“How was that thing? At your friends’ house?”

Asher stood up with a windshield wiper in his hand. Looking from it to her face and back he chuckled then continued his search.

“Eric’s just as jacked up in the head and Jane is just as motherly,” he sighed and Shawn figured he didn’t have good memories.

“Do they know what you guys do?”

Asher finally found it and nodded. “Yeah, Eric and Jane used to do the same thing together. Road tripping across the US looking for demons or spirits. But after Erica kind of lost it they settled down.”

“Kind of lost it?” Shawn raised an eyebrow and set the bags back in the back seat. Asher started over to Veronica and handed the kit to her.

“He couldn’t handle it. He lost grip with reality and…”

“Basically he’s a crazy loon who doesn’t like us,” Lincoln filled in smugly.

Asher pointed to his brother. “No he doesn’t like you.”

Shawn crossed her arms and agreed. “I could understand that.”

Lincoln gave her a look.

Veronica wasn’t paying attention at all as she rummaged through the kit for what she needed. “You have one wipe thing.” She held up the tiny square.

Asher raised his shoulders. “Sorry. Use wisely?”

She shrugged and bent down a bit again to work on the gash. Lincoln watched carefully, seeming insecure about her working on him. Shawn internally groaned. This was going to be one of those relationships, wasn’t it? Veronica wouldn’t acknowledge it; she wasn’t assertive with the other gender. Shawn wasn’t sure about Lincoln but he wasn’t saying anything either. This would get frustrating, Shawn could tell. There was something there. But Shawn couldn’t judge though, she wasn’t getting too far with Asher.

“So what’s the story?” Lincoln asked. “Buckle?”

“Perry Buckle,” Shawn corrected and continued with a brief overview of the guy and the reason for his ‘sticking around’ Lincoln quoted it. “So he attacks couples on this road and forces them off to the ditch.”

Veronica giggled under her breath. Lincoln faced her. “What?”

“Just wondering,” she said. “Which one of you is the girlfriend?”

It took them a moment but Shawn was laughing along with Veronica who couldn’t even sit straight to work on Lincoln.

The brothers gave each other a look and Lincoln grunted. “Well, it’s not me.”

“So what? I’m the girl?”

“Well, you’re the one with the whiny voice.”

Asher scoffed. “Oh yeah, like you don’t complain ever!”

Lincoln pointed to his bloody side. “Flesh wound. Very butch.”

The girls laughed some more.


Asher and Shawn were across the road while Shawn pointed out the barn and the road, explaining the story further. Veronica was watching them when she could while still working on Lincoln. He appeared to be watching them too.

“They go good together,” he commented.

Veronica shrugged. “She likes him. That’s obvious.”

“He likes her,” he said. “It’s too obvious.”

Veronica laughed. She refocused on the stitches, looking at the pretty clean wound. She had removed the previous string by now and started over. Lincoln wasn’t admitting it hurt but he winced.

She tried to think of a topic of conversation to distract him before she started in with the needle.

“So what’s a Wendigo?”

He seemed distracted.

“Well, uh…Basically a used to be human who reverted to cannibalism.”

“Lovely,” she commented and punctured his skin. Lincoln tried to hide is discomfort. She wanted to keep him talking. “So if you eat humans you’re a Wendigo.”

“No, you’re a cannibal. I know there are those Hannibal Lector’s out there who find satisfaction in it but no, they aren’t Wendigos.”

“How do you know?”

“Wendigos are deformed angry beasts with claws.” He nodded to his side. “Obviously.”

“Okay,” she said. “Why do they turn into that?”

“There’s all this folklore and stuff about them and, from what I’ve gathered from some of my mom’s old contacts, human flesh is said to have strengthening qualities or something in it that transforms you into this creature…”

“Sounds pretty tempting, the whole strength idea.”

“If you don’t care about looks then go for it.” He said. “But just so you know if you do go Wendigo, I’m gonna have to torch you.”

Veronica grinned but pressed on to keep him distracted. “So fire’s the way to kill them?”

“They’re immune to anything else.” He explained. “Which, again, would be awesome.”

“Except for the fugliness,” she put in and he smirked.

“Exactly. Gotta look sharp for the ladies.” He wiggled his hips a bit with a little pose and Veronica laughed.

She went on stitching away trying to come up with another question without losing her concentration.

“So you guys do this for fun or what? I mean, how’d you even get into this?”

Lincoln shrugged.

“Let’s just say it’s not for the sport of it.”

Veronica squinted. “People do that?”’

“Oh yeah,” Lincoln nodded with an intelligent grin. “There’s those who go after vampires like they’re deer or something. That’s why their numbers have been declining since the 80’s.”

“And yet the book industry is overflowing with vampire novels all over the place, all of a sudden,” Veronica said ironically. Lincoln shrugged.

“It’s not like they even know what real vampire are. I’ve heard so many ridiculous stories about them. Like the whole ‘vampires are beautiful’ deal. That I don’t get.”

“Why? Are they hideously altered too?” Veronica asked, having trouble with this particular stitch. She saw out of the corner of her eye that he was trying not to look at what she was doing.

“They look normal. However you were turned, that’s where you stop and that’s how you look. There’s not pale flawless skin or super skinny runway model changes. You look how you look.”

“Don’t tell that to the Edward fans.” Veronica laughed a bit. Lincoln stared at her, confused.

“Who’s Edward?”

She lifted her eyes to his and opened her mouth. “He…” She saw his expression and saw how purely clueless he was and shook her head. “Never mind.”

He shrugged again and checked her work. She felt a little self conscious about it, not thinking it was too great of a job. It looked better than it had at least. Quickly finishing she bent down and bit the string.

“All right, all done.”

Lincoln touched it gently and moved his arm around to test it out. It was holding. That was a good sign.

“Thanks,” he said.

She waved it away. “It was nothing.”

He looked at her. “Fine, I take it back. How dare you fix me?! I should sue!”

All she could do was laugh, unable to think of words anymore. He was smiling that smirk, no shirt…she didn’t know what to feel.

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