Ouija 3: Haunting Lies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lies and Secrets can tear the strongest of bonds.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Ouija 3: Haunting Lies

Submitted: February 20, 2009

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Submitted: February 20, 2009



Lincoln and Asher

There were only so many places to hide from his attacker and Lincoln was thankful for his ability to crouch down low, unlike Asher who was a tall freak. They were only about two inches apart but in times like these Lincoln’s two inches lack of height were helpful. He checked his weapon in his right hand, trying to keep it steady. It had been so long since he’d used one of these.

Sure the coast was clear he scrambled up the stairs quietly glancing around. It was a split staircase, half the stairs heading up the other direction. Reaching the landing between the two he stayed low, peering up to the next floor.

It was abandoned. Readjusting the black baseball cap on his head Lincoln turned back, checking his rear. Asher hopefully was still doing well. God knows if anything happened to him Lincoln wouldn’t be far behind. He never knew this would pose such a challenge.

From the staircase above him leading to the fifth floor he heard footsteps hurriedly descending. Unsure of what it was Lincoln figured he better get out of there. As quietly as he could he dashed down to the third floor about to turn toward the stairs again to get to the lobby two floors down when he was attacked.


His face was assaulted by the soft blows several times as giggles and laughs broke out in front of him. Blinking he glanced at the two girls laughing at him with their matching blue bandanas and bright smiles. They were clumsily getting more rubber bands out of their pockets to shoot but Lincoln had the advantage now. Bounding forward with his smirk he released his first attack onto Shawn.

“Take that!”

The blue rubber band flew and hit her in the forehead before she could block it. Laughing the two girls raced up the stairs with Lincoln trying to ready another rubber band while hurrying after.

“You two can’t just run,” he declared, realizing something. Since both of them had been downstairs the only other person who could have been running down was his partner.

Asher appeared in front of the girls who shrieked in surprise and laughed as he wrapped his long arms around both of them.

“Easier to hit a nonmoving target,” he stated pointedly and Lincoln nodded in smug agreement.

Lashing out his rubber bands he attacked the squirming giggling girls with countless rubber bands. Shawn was the first to get away and she had a devious grin as she decided her attack. She decided on Asher, leaping up and snatching his black baseball cap that decided what team he was on.

“Hey, you little…!”

Asher snatched at her which gave Veronica room to run, laughing at them. Shawn jumped down several steps then stumbled down the rest, waving the hat about her head tauntingly, enticing Asher’s irritation. His brother shook his head but bounded after. Catching her around the middle he lifted her up, spinning about.

“Ah, put me down!” she laughed loudly.

“Give me the hat!” he shouted over her with a wide grin.

She shook her head. Determined, Asher put her on the ground and trapped her by crossing her arms tightly over her chest. Struggling against him she still giggled but was getting annoyed.

“Give me the hat and I’ll let you go,” Asher promised.

“Let me go and I’ll give you the hat,” she countered back immediately.

Skeptical Asher appeared about to demand it back again but gave in. Lincoln shook his head. Man, he was whipped. Somehow Shawn was still able to control him even when they barely saw each other. And only after a month.

As expected when Shawn got to her feet she did nothing about keeping her promise. Instead she whipped about to face Veronica. Tossing it to her she laughed, “Run for it!”

Veronica tried to head back up the staircase but hadn’t planned on meeting Lincoln halfway there. He easily took it from her hands with one hand and shot a rubber band with his other.

“Chalk one up for the guys!” he declared throwing the hat over Shawn’s short figure so Asher could catch it without trouble. Giving Shawn a satisfied smirk Asher placed it on his head. “Where does that leave the tallies?”

Veronica started calculating with her fingers in the air as if she were writing on something. With a little shrug she said, “Even with the surprise attack you’re still down by eleven points.”

Lincoln gawked. “How is that possible? We get a point for dodging five in a row.”

“That wasn’t five!” Veronica sighed exasperatedly, but was smiling.

“Yes it was,” Lincoln defended. “I couldn’t have been more graceful than a ballerina.”

Shawn snorted. “Really? You’re going for ballerina?”

Registering the stupidity of it Lincoln, being his stubborn self, locked his jaw and glared. She laughed at him.

“The point,” he pressed on, looking back to Veronica. “Is that we get a point for that.”

“But you didn’t dodge five.”

“Yes I did.”

Veronica shook her head. “The last one caught your shoulder.”

“No it didn’t.”

“Yeah it did!”

“It didn’t!”


She wasn’t going to change her mind and Lincoln wasn’t about to go on without any progress. Thinking quickly he tried to rack up more points. “We got your flag.”

But we didn’t get it back to our safe zone,” Asher put in. Lincoln shot him a look and Asher looked surprised. “What?”

“You’re not helping,” Lincoln clenched his teeth, determined not to lose.

“What Link?” Shawn teased. “Can’t lose to girls is that it? Your pride hurt?”

Veronica giggled.

Dropping his quest for points Lincoln shook his head. “We’re having a rematch. This doesn’t count. This was a warm-up.”

“A warm-up? It’s been two and half hours of sneaking around the building,” Shawn informed pointing to the digital watch on her wrist. Lincoln was about to retort when Veronica made a shocked noise.

“What?” she shrieked, bolting down the last few steps heading to the apartment. “Why didn’t anyone tell me?!”

Shawn ran after her, confused and worried. The brothers started after, moving slower. Lincoln assumed it was a girl over reaction thing. They did that a lot, based off his research and observations. Plus common knowledge. Girls’ emotions were always way too intense for the moment. Veronica especially he’d noticed.

Barely a minute later Veronica reappeared, a black vest on one arm, blue bandana askew, hair tie in her mouth. She was power walking to the stairs, not acknowledging the questioning stares from Lincoln and Asher. Ripping the bandana off she started pulling her brown hair up into a loose ponytail with the hair tie, strands she missed flying about her head.

“What’s the rush? Gotta a hot date?” Asher commented jokingly but she cast a glare over her shoulder. She had to slow down to get her vest on. They stood above her, waiting.

“I’m late for work,” she said.

Lincoln blinked. “Work?”

“Yes. As in a job. As in the only source of income we have at the moment. As in if I’m late one more time I will be unemployed.” She huffed and was about to run down but Shawn came back into the hall.

“Ronnie!” she called. “Cell phone! Name tag! Slightly important!”

Veronica skidded and jerked back around in time to catch the two items that Shawn tossed down.

“You look a mess,” Shawn told her with a pitying look. Veronica rolled her eyes.

If I’m late that doesn’t matter,” she said, almost annoyed. Lincoln heard an edge to her voice making it appear that she’d had this conversation before and she didn’t like bringing it back up. “I have to go.”

Shawn again looked to her watch as her friend ran off. The same sorry expression was on her face as she sighed.

“I don’t know why she even wants this job,” she said. “She’s killing herself doing something I know she hates.”

Asher was absent mindedly playing with a piece of her hair but staring thoughtfully after Veronica.

“What does she do?”

Shawn gave a little grin. “Talk to people.”

Lincoln was confused. “What?”

Shawn shrugged and started back to the apartment with Asher following closely. Disgusted, Lincoln kept his distance.

“She doesn’t like talking to people and yet she’s a waitress. I don’t get it.”

“A waitress huh?” Asher commented. “I am a little hungry.”

“Yeah! We could go visit!” Lincoln said excitedly, forming a plan of revenge in his mind. Teasing her at work would annoy her a lot which was always entertaining, plus it would be an awesome comeback to the rubber band match. But the great thing was she took it all in stride, even laughing at his comments and making some of her own. Lincoln didn’t believe she didn’t like talking to people. Every time they returned to Chicago over the last month Veronica bombarded him with her curious questions about where they were, what they did. And he, through her, found out what happened on some TV shows he hadn’t had a chance to watch. That was entertaining also. She got really into her retellings.

Shawn shook her head as she entered the apartment. “No there’s no point. She’s late.”

Lincoln raised an eyebrow. “Well, you sound very supportive.”

Making a noise Shawn turned to the kitchen. “She’s miserable! It’s better this way.”

Leaning against the wall Lincoln said, “So where’s your money going to come from?”

Her face revealed shame. Yes, shame. She tried to hide it but there was no mistaking it. Lincoln jerked up and pointed at her. “Oh! Oh! What is it? You have a secret!”

Shawn turned away toward the single over head cupboard, searching for something. Asher went to her other side, also intrigued.


She continued taking out a cup and filling it with water from the sink, pointedly ignoring them. Lincoln knew she was stubborn but she was hiding something. And messing with these girls was turning into one of his new favorite past times. It was like he was having another chance at being the annoying older brother.

Shawn was bound and irritatingly determined not to say a word though. Again not acknowledging them she turned to the living room area of the open space relaxing back into the only piece of furniture, a black clothed futon. Sipping without a care she acted like she didn’t hear them.

“What’re you hiding shortie?” Lincoln demanded. “Don’t deny it. You’ve got a dirty secret don’t you?”

Shawn sipped some water. She didn’t say anything.

Squinting Lincoln tried to think of something to get her to talk. She was hard faced, yes, but even she had her limits. “Oh…” he said in a suggestive tone at which Shawn gave an indifferent stare. Lincoln wiggled his eyebrows. “Its porn isn’t it?”

“What?!” Her face went red with embarrassment at the suggestion, her anger rising. “No! You sicko! Gross!”

Chuckling Lincoln said, “Hey, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. It’s a…slightly respectable profession…I don’t mind at least.”

She dropped her jaw at his suggestive smile and stomped her feet as she stood up. Acting like a little kid. Well, she and Asher had a lot in common.

“I don’t do porn!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, sure, next thing you’ll say Loch Ness isn’t real.” He said sarcastically. Both Asher and Shawn paused, their expressions puzzled. Asher blinked several times before finally voicing his question.

“Loch Ness is real?”

Lincoln, shocked at his lack of belief, nodded. “Yeah.”

Crossing his arms, Asher met Shawn’s eyes then returned to staring at his brother, clearly trying to work out the truth. “How do you know?”

Exasperated Lincoln looked away. “Stories, photos…what more do you need?”

Asher made a skeptical noise. “I don’t know. Proof maybe?”

Straightened face, Lincoln glared. “Proof? You’re really asking for proof? Our whole job is based off guess work and folklore. There’s no concrete evidence for half the stuff out there.”

Asher nodded. “So how do you know it’s real?”

“Because all the stuff before that I learned was real! And the stories originate somewhere.”

“So…Unicorns. They’re real?”

Lincoln glared at his childish smile.

Shawn was amused and was walking back toward the kitchen with a triumphant grin. Lincoln pointed to her.

“You’re not off the hook Shawnie Sparkles.”

Dumping her glass out roughly in the sink she cast him a glare over her shoulder on her way to her bedroom. “I’m not a porn star!”

She disappeared through the short hall, slamming her door loudly. Unable to help it Lincoln cupped his hand to his mouth and called, “You’re in denial! Just admit the truth! Quit lying to yourself!”

Asher shoved him. “Leave her alone.” He sighed, rolling his eyes at the taunting game. “She’s not a porn star.”

“Oh yeah I forgot,” Lincoln said in a bored way. “You’re all knight in shining armor now. Gotta protect your damsel.”

“Shut up.”

Lincoln laughed and plopped down on the futon, wishing there was a table of some sort to put his feet up on. It would just be another way to get the girls in a fit. Shawn at least. She was very protective of all their stuff.

“Let’s watch TV,” he said and snatched the remote from the seat next to him.

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