Ouija 3: Haunting Lies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: September 25, 2009

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Submitted: September 25, 2009



Veronica and Shawn


Asher had said they needed to calm down and relax, talk this out. He ushered everyone into the apartment acting as peacekeeper. It was obvious Shawn was on the verge of freaking out. Lincoln didn’t seem surprised.

Shawn was on the futon, staring at Veronica intently, utterly confused but not able to say anything. Veronica didn’t blame her and neither did Aiden.

“It wasn’t your fault,” he said, a little angry with her, she could tell. Standing by the door Veronica tried to ignore him so she could figure out how she was going to tell Shawn all this. He stood in front of her. “You can’t honestly blame yourself. You had no idea about Buckle. Plus, I agreed to this. I’m to blame too.”

Keeping her voice low, Veronica replied, “I should have left it alone. I knew it was wrong.”

“Why? Why was it wrong?” he asked. “We didn’t do anything wrong by going out.”

Finally she met his eyes, also a little angry. “Then why didn’t you tell her about me?”

That silenced him.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. She knows something’s up.”

Aiden nodded and looked to his sister sadly, “And she’s a stubborn little Pixie Stick.”

Shawn was watching her expectantly. It was time for the truth to be told.

“Go easy,” Aiden whispered.

Veronica met his eyes. “There’s no easy way to say it Aiden. You didn’t see it.”

Suddenly his face went hard and dark, but he didn’t break his gaze with Shawn. “No. I felt it.”

Not liking the immense guilt his expression built inside her Veronica passed him to stand in front of Shawn.

“Veronica…what is going on?”

Knowing there was no going back Veronica just started talking, releasing everything. Shawn needed to know, Veronica had always said so, but tell her would mean that a drastic change in their friendship was about to take place. She wanted to believe Shawn would understand. But truthfully, how could anyone act understanding with a secret like this?

“I’m…going to tell you what happened…that night.” She said and felt weird. Her voice was oddly controlled. “And…I didn’t want to tell you because…” She paused, remembering the graphic images. “Because…saying it was an accident was…easier.”

“Easier?” Shawn choked out. “What did you do?”

There was already betrayal in her green eyes. Veronica tried to cling on to any hope for a good ending to this but if Shawn was already being judgmental and questioning, what hope did they have as friends?

Aiden touched Veronica’s arm. “Just do it fast. Like a band-aid.”

Veronica nodded once.


Christmas Eve, 2006


Laughing loudly Veronica leaned against Aiden while they stumbled along the trail in the dark after the sunset. The weeds, even in the winter, were gnarly in front of the barn. Both of them nearly toppled over at least ten times.

“Wow, it’s late,” she giggled, looking at the sky. “Are we late? I told Shawn seven.”

Aiden shrugged and waved around them to the snow covered farmland. “Who cares? Look at the view!”

“The view is the same no matter where you look around here Aiden. Snow wasteland.”

He laughed and started running to the car. “C’mon! Let’s go make a snowman or something. I really don’t want to go!”

Veronica climbed into the passenger seat, rubbing her pink hands together. Aiden was still standing with his door open. “Aiden Sterling, you are going to your family Christmas party or you do not get your present.”

“Oh?” he questioned, leaning inside. “I got a present?”

Veronica nodded with a mischievous grin, teasing him. Piling in and closing the door, Aiden groaned. “You are blackmailing me.”


“With Christmas presents. Worst kind of blackmail.”

She laughed. “Well, you’re going. So come on. It’s already ten ‘til.”

Aiden started the engine and it revved loudly, not liking the cold. Patting the dashboard he said, “Sorry honey. It’s not far. Come on.”

Veronica giggled.

They began driving on the familiar road, reaching the hill by the first thirty seconds. Aiden held her hand, catching glances at her every few moments. Veronica wanted to soak in their time together knowing as soon as they crossed into the house they had to put on their innocent faces. Back to brother and best friend.

“This sucks you know,” Veronica said, finally voicing her thoughts she had been mulling over all day.

“You took chemistry, c’mon now, Vee. There’s no such force as sucking. Everything blows.”

She laughed. “Fine. This blows.”

“What blows oh secret girlfriend of mine?” Veronica eyed him pointedly and he stopped laughing. “What?”

“That’s what’s wrong. I’m a secret.”

Aiden sighed but nodded which she didn’t expect. Intrigued she waited for his answer. “I was actually thinking about telling them tonight. God know our family could use some excitement in this boring old town. Probably after dessert. Everyone’ll be so full of pie that they can’t kill me. Shawn’ll just freak and have it in for the both of us.”

Veronica was surprised. “Really? Tonight?”

His eyes met hers and he nodded once with a grin. “No better time.”

In that moment a rush of adrenaline that had nothing to do with her excitement shot up her spine and Veronica screamed at the sight. A pale figure stood in the center of the street, mouth gaping like a black hole, eyes dark as night. There was anger and vengeance in his expression that was so sinister and hateful.

Aiden swerved to the right, lost control. There wasn’t much color, just swarms of blacks and yellows from the headlights. The sounds were deafened for a split moment, only her heart pumping in her ears until the awful metallic snap and crunch of the front of the car as they dove into the ditch head first.

Veronica was disoriented, her gut still tingling from the swooping drop, her elbow bruised from hitting the window, wrist twisted when she shielded herself from the dashboard. There were no airbags. She smelled a smoky gasoline smell and had to blink several times to see. Though her body wanted nothing more than to lay there for the rest of eternity her panic for Aiden awoke her. From her anxiety she had the energy to turn about and face him.


Red. Blood. Ripped clothes. Tousled hair. Broken glass shards. Bloody glass shards. Bloody neck…

“Aiden.” Her voice was barely audible and her limbs wouldn’t move. “Aiden…”

Struggling Veronica discovered they were right side up. She wasn’t sure how that happened but that didn’t matter. Finally she breathed in hurried breaths, panicking.

“Aiden,” she repeated and found strength. Struggling with fumbling fingers she removed her seat belt and leaned to him, a pain shooting up her thigh. “Ah!”

Looking over she saw the awkward angle she was holding her legs in, wrapped together oddly, shoved against the door. Untwisting, she almost fell against him.

“Aiden. Aiden, please…”

Raising a careful hand  she undid his seat belt and brushed his blood stained neck ever so slightly. The glass from the window had left two large jagged shards on the left side of his neck and they were in deep. Tears in her eyes Veronica looked to his face.

“Aiden…please. Look at me. Open your eyes!”

Holding his head tenderly she got up on her knees and leaned up to him, staring unblinkingly at his unmoving features. His face was still warm. He was alive. He had to be alive.

Logics kicking in Veronica checked a pulse with shaky fingers. Was that a beat? She pressed harder.

A vibration rattled under her hands and Aiden coughed, sucking in a gasp for breath.


He was moving now, fidgeting about to face her but unable to left up off his back. “Veronica…Veronica what happened?”

Beyond relieved, tears of joy falling, Veronica leaned against him, kissing his cheek. “We crashed…but you’re okay.” She kissed him again. “You’re okay.”

His chuckle seemed pained but he was smiling with open eyes. “I’m fine,” he assured and she nodded over and over.

“I know, I know,” she laughed. “You’re okay!”


Pushed back Veronica cried out as her back hit something hard, sending black spots in her vision. Trying to recover she blinked and slid into her seat.


Staring wide, Veronica screamed. The figure, a sinister manlike creature, was over Aiden yelling a horrible guttural sound. His eyes were black holes of nothingness, a pain in his expression. For a moment he appeared translucent then somehow real again. All Veronica knew was that she was terrified.


“Stay back!” he ordered her with a painful wince. She wanted to go to him but that thing howled once more.

Raising a hand the man like figure quickly placed it on Aiden’s chest, immediately singeing the shirt, smoke twirling up. The heat reached Aiden and he screamed and howled, writhing from the anguish.


Veronica couldn’t bear it. She tried to come forward but some invisible force held her in place. All she could do was watch him slowly fall victim to the torment.

The other hand was placed directly on contact with skin. His face. Blood trickled from the wounds along with louder screams, darker pain. There was nothing she could do for him. Over and over she called his name, pleaded to the figure, but to deaf ears.

Nest he pressed both hands to the chest of the body that resembled Aiden. He was still alive. Barely. He no longer could move about, thrashing against his pale attacker. But as the figure started clawing, hope for survival was diminished. Aiden could scream That’s all he had left.


Try as she might Veronica could not break the force. Sweat covered her forehead and her muscles were clenched and working hard but nothing resulted except tears and pleads.

“Get away from him! Aiden! AIDEN!”

Flesh tearing, screams, howls, blood flowing, Veronica had never heard such horror. Had never seen such pain. It was death itself overcoming all her senses.

She couldn’t tell when Aiden was gone. The figure just kept tearing and clawing and mutilating any inch of skin he could get to as fast as possible. Sobs were in Veronica’s throat when she noticed the emptiness. Aiden was no longer screaming. No longer fighting.

“No,” she breathed, eyes wide on his face, his bloodied, unrecognizable face. He was limp against the figure’s attacks, bobbing slightly with each blow.

“Stop it!” she shrieked so loud and sudden that she thought her throat would tear. “Stop! Leave him alone!”

Suddenly the creature jerked to face her, seemingly about to attack her too but no. IN a fraction of a second he was gone, leaving Veronica alive for some ungodly reason, in a world that had just been shattered from end to end. For a moment she couldn’t breathe.

The next thing she remembered was the following day when they found her curled up to the dead corpse of an unidentifiable John Doe. She didn’t speak, didn’t eat, didn’t respond in anyway to anyone, least of all Shawn. No one knew what had rattled her so much. No one could possibly understand.




The whole time that Veronica was telling her confession she saw the shock in Shawn’s green eyes. But also the confusion, then, once she had finished, the accusation.

“You knew?”

Veronica had expected nothing less. This was what Shawn would hold on to, probably forever.

“You knew Perry Buckle killed my brother? And you didn’t tell me?” Her voice was no louder than a whisper but the control and anger carried it right to Veronica hard and piercing. “And you told me to let it go. You told me I was overreacting three weeks ago. Oh, it’s probably nothing.”

What could Veronica say to defend herself? It was true. Nothing she could say could make up for the secrets she kept. Lowering her gaze to her fingers she became aware of Aiden’s lack of presence.

“And…his girlfriend?!” She was finally getting louder. “How could you be his girlfriend? Was that where he was? On those nights he was ‘out with the guys’ and you were ‘studying’?”

The tears in Veronica’s eyes were enough confirmation.

Shawn stood up quickly, a rage behind those green jewels. Asher had to restrain her. She struggled though. She was actually going to attack her!

Knowing she should have expected this the shock Veronica felt was, well, more of a shock. Stumbling back she watched Shawn with wide eyes.

“How could he…you! If you hadn’t have…he could still be…”

Her ramblings and tears showed the pain she was really feeling among the anger and betrayal. The entire scene cut Veronica worse than she wanted it to but she knew she deserved it.

“Shawn,” Asher was trying to calm her down. “You can’t change what’s been done.”

“Whose god damn side are you on?!” she shouted. “She killed my brother!”

“Whoa,” Lincoln finally stepped in, blocking Veronica’s view of Shawn and Asher. “Veronica didn’t kill anybody. Buckle did the nasty deed.”

“She led him straight to it! Might as well have held the axe!”

The sobs hurt physically now. Where was Aiden? Why wasn’t he here with her now?

“Shawn, calm down! You’re overreacting!” Lincoln told her firmly but she finally got a hand free and hit him in the chest. He backed off, surprised. Asher also froze.

Now both girls could see each other and both were paralyzed with their own emotions and adrenaline running wild. This was the moment Veronica had foreseen, the moment where everything changed.

Shawn pushed Asher off of her and pointed an accusing finger to her best friend. “I want you out of this apartment.”

Even Lincoln was surprised by that. He looked form one girl to the other, confused. Veronica was too.

“What?” she questioned nasally. Her nose was stuffing up from the tears.

“Out,” Shawn repeated but this time less sure. “You…You can’t be here. No. Out. Get out.”

She crossed her arms and turned away, hurt also in her eyes. Veronica saw she was confused too, unsure of how to handle this situation. If not seeing Veronica was the best way for her to deal then, being the best friend she was, Veronica couldn’t argue.

Lincoln could though. “You’re just going to throw her out?”

Shawn gave a hard stubborn look to him.

“So that’s it then? One little thing she was protecting you from and your solution is total cut off.”

She didn’t say anything and the fact that she wouldn’t even look at Veronica hurt. Despite her efforts more tears came.

“Wow. I thought you were an annoying little twerp but…this? This is just a bitchy move.”

“If you’re going to defend her you can leave too!” Shawn burst. She showed a brief moment of her emotional pain before cowering back onto the futon and Asher awkwardly hugged her. He gave Veronica an apologetic look but she shook her head.

“Fine. C’mon, Veronica,” Lincoln said darkly and grabbed her hand.


“Get your stuff. We’re leaving.”

In five minutes Veronica had the essentials, including the Ouija board and the stuffed monkey Aiden had given her. Lincoln took the bag from her, wrapping a protective arm around her. She was grateful. Through her tears she couldn’t maneuver alone.

Opening the door and catching something out in the hall, he sighed.

“Dude, we don’t have time.”

Blinking Veronica saw Jack standing there, perplexed. The date! It was tonight!

Jack quickly looked them over. “You’re crying.”

“Awesome assessment.” Lincoln scoffed and pushed past him. Veronica wanted to apologize but could barely see or walk. Lincoln hurried her downstairs to the Jeep and started driving. She didn’t know where they were going or why he was so angry for her but she didn’t say anything. She just let him drive.






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