Ouija 3: Haunting Lies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: March 22, 2009

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Submitted: March 22, 2009



Veronica and Shawn

She’d barely had a foot in the kitchen when Jack, or Jack Attack as he introduced himself, tugged her in by the arm.

“Jack, what are you…?”

“Shush! Follow. Don’t speak.” He ordered under his breath then squinted at her hair do. “And fix your hair. You look a mess.”

Veronica wanted to argue but started smoothing down her hair, taking the hair tie out. Pulling on her vest Jack led her through the kitchen past the two main cooks and their assistants. A waiter was leaving through the double doors with a tray. All the pots and pans and utensils were gleaming silver and were almost magical with all of them lined up together. Veronica loved the atmosphere; it’s the only part of the place she enjoyed.

But Jack led her back to the pantry with all the dry foods or boxed items and dishes. He didn’t turn on the light but kept the door open to let some light in. Veronica kept smoothing down her hair, running her fingers through it, watching him closely. He was rummaging through a cardboard box excitedly; even in the dim light his eyes were wide and bright.

“What is it? I have to clock in,” she said nervously.

“I already did it for you,” he waved away. “This is more important.”

She stood awkwardly with this guy she barely knew waiting for something happen. Over her past two weeks of employment he’d been nice enough but he was a little weird. He was brutally honest about everything to anyone, even customers. She wasn’t sure about him.

He pulled out a Tupperware container, popping the lid open.

“Try this.”

Veronica stared. “What?”

He pushed the bowl into her hands. “Try it. It’s a jelly I concocted. I wanna know what you think.”

Forcing herself not to gag Veronica sniffed it, catching strawberry or raspberry scent. But at the same time it was slightly sour smelling.

“Uh, no thanks,” she said handing it back but he didn’t take it.

“C’mon, just try it.”

Veronica peered down at the contents wearily. “Why me? Ask Jerry of Mac. They eat all that weird stuff.”

“True. But Mac’s allergic and Jerry’s not here. Plus I figure you’d be easy to persuade.”

Offended Veronica pouted. “So I’m a pushover?”

“Exactly,” he agreed glad she understood. His honesty prevented him from caring about how that made her feel. But in truth she wasn’t too bothered by it. She wasn’t one to be angry with rudeness or mockery. She just accepted it. “Please try it. It’s not poison or anything. I just need an opinion.”

“Why?” she asked suspiciously but dipped her pinkie finger in it.

“Because I’m going to own my own cooking show and blow Emeril out of the water!”

Veronica rolled her eyes. “Oh yeah,” she tried to say with enthusiasm but failed. Along with his brutal honesty Jack repeated the phrase ‘blow out of the water’ a lot. She was surprised she had forgotten after only twelve hours away.

“Oh for goodness sake!” he exclaimed and shoved her hand up to her face. “Lick it already!”

“Whoa, say what?” Mac had appeared at the doorway with raised eyebrows. “Am I interrupting something in here?”

Veronica’s face flushed as a heated sweat covered her brows. For some reason whenever anything was said or anything was suggestive about sex she became an embarrassed little girl again. Shawn was more comfortable with it, or she just hid her discomfort much better. Veronica was slightly envious of the skill.

“You are Macaroni,” Jack said promptly. “She’s testing my jelly.”

“Oh is that what you call it?” Mac commented still with that suggestive tone. Veronica rolled her eyes, putting the container in Jack’s hand.

“Okay, I have to go,” she said softly and was about to walk past Mac but he moved in her way. Confused Veronica faced him, squinting because she couldn’t make out most of his features without light. There was a mischievous air about him though. She didn’t like it.

“You’re in trouble,” he said almost excitedly. Veronica’s eyes widened.

“No! But…”

Jack seemed shocked having made sure she had been checked in. Apparently he hadn’t done it right. She was so screwed! She’d wasted time here with his stupid jelly and…


Hearing her hippie-esque last name Veronica groaned internally. Dane, her training manager, was the strictest stick in the butt ever. And Mac was just a suck up. Together they made this job all the more annoying, almost making the prospect of appearing cheery to strangers out in the restaurant inviting.

Now trapped Veronica had no chance of avoiding him. Her defeat received a chuckle from Mac who seemed pompously proud. Jack made an irritated noise.

“You tattle tale. Grow up.” He snapped angrily tossing his now closed container back in his hidden box.

“Don’t think you’re off the hook, Jackie,” Mac sneered. “I’m sure Dane’ll be interested in your experiments.”

“He should be dead frightened!” Jack said back. “My recipes are going to blow him out of the water at the convention next month!”

“Would you quit saying that?” Mac groaned. “It’s annoying.”

“That’s all the more reason to say it,” Jack beamed. Veronica watched them halfheartedly knowing she would be discharged of any job in a matter of seconds.

Speak of the devil.

Dane appeared, standing at least four inches taller than Mac, with pale blonde hair that was slightly messy and would have been attractive on any other person. His blue eyes glared down at Veronica, standing almost a foot shorter. She cowered a little.

“Well, you’re looking haunting and homicidal today,” Jack commented casually. “Who stuck poo in your nose?”

He did sort of look disgusted like he had smelled something bad. Veronica almost smiled.

“Don’t you have pots to clean, McKinley?” Dane always had this intense glare fixed down on everyone who worked beneath him. And he only used last names. He was kind of eccentric…or crazy. Just plain crazy sometimes. Plus bi-polar. With customers you’d think he was the sweetest guy you’ve ever met.

Jack rolled his eyes at his last name. “It’s McKinnel, Suck up. And no I do not have pots to clean.”

“Well I’m sure there’s some filthy dishes you need to scrub, dishwasher.” Dane said back coldly, apparently thinking his name calling was ingenious.

“I prefer professional Dirt and Grime Eliminator.” Jack said dreamily, looking off into space. “It sounds important…with an air of mystery slash danger.”

“Then someone as insignificant as you doesn’t deserve such a title,” Dane said, obviously annoyed. “To the sinks!”

Jack held up his hands. “All right, all right. But just so you know,” he leaned forward to get right in Dane’s face as best as he could at least. He was barely taller than Veronica. “As of next week I will be the one giving orders.”

“Oh yeah, blow me out of the water. Right. Okay, no chance, Buddy.” Dane nudged Mac to laugh along with his in a condescending manner.

Jack wasn’t fazed. “I guess that tie isn’t the only thing you’re wrong about today.”

Caught off guard Dane quickly checked his attire, his red tie matching the employee outfit fine. He looked back up to yell at Jack but he had already slipped away unnoticed. Veronica wasn’t surprised he hadn’t tried to help her escape as well.

Without any other distraction Dane’s target was Veronica now and she tried to brace herself for what was to come.


“Fired?!” Shawn exclaimed incredulously. “But you said…”

“I know,” Veronica sighed unhappily. “I don’t get it either.”

“But this is good news,” Shawn put in carefully unsure if Veronica agreed. “I mean with Dane out of the way…”

“Shawn I didn’t want him to lose his job!” Veronica’s voice was a little crackly over the speaker phone. “He was learning stuff from Chef Vince and is a really good cook! He’s lost a huge opportunity here!”

Lincoln and Asher were both listening in at the door way. Shawn hadn’t had the energy to shout at them to leave her along when all her focus was on her green phone.

“You can’t feel bad Veronica,” Lincoln said. “Dweeb got what he deserved sounds like.”

“Link,” Asher scolded. “She got him fired for something he didn’t even do. I mean, not that I want to point fingers or anything…”

“No it is my fault,” Veronica allowed. “I should go talk to Robert.”

“And lose your job?” Shawn asked, trying to sound sad about it even though she slightly liked the idea. Well, more than slightly. Being home all day either alone or with Lincoln interrupting her and Asher wasn’t much fun.

“To tell you the truth…I hate it here,” she said dismally. “I guess it doesn’t matter though. We need the money.”

At this both guys eyed Shawn suspiciously. She ignored them.

“Well, if you’re unhappy, leave. There’s no reason to…”

“Wait a second,” Veronica stopped her. Shawn waited, listening closely to the phone. In the background it sounded like a door had opened. Glancing to the guys she squinted.

“Jack?” Veronica asked, surprised. Now Veronica had said she was in the Girls’ Bathroom. This was quite unexpected. Lincoln came in to sit on the bed to better hear the change in events. Asher remained standing.

“Hey, uh,” Jacked sounded kind of distant through the connection. “I’m sorry. I should have clocked you in better. If Dane hadn’t seen me…”

“Jack it’s not your fault,” Veronica assured. Shawn wanted to smack her. Yes it was his fault.

“Yes it was. Stop being so nice, yeesh. It’s annoying.” His tone was playful and Shawn had the impression that he was flirting. Without being there she couldn’t be sure. Plus his word choice wasn’t exactly ideal.

There was a beat. “Why’re you in the girls’ bathroom?”

“Actually its ‘Ladies’ I believe. And to tell you the truth…”

There’s a shocker, Shawn said in her head knowing about Jack’s honesty problem.

“I came here to tell you I don’t think you’re a push over. Even though you are. And I don’t think you hate it here. Even though you do.”


Shawn saw the brothers shared her confusion.

Jack cleared his throat. “All right uh,…let’s try a different approach. You like food?”

Hesitantly Veronica said, “Yeah?”

“Stupid question. Yes. But good. So…I like food too. Keeps me alive. Which is also…good. So…I was wondering if you’d wanna eat food together.”

“Wait…like a…date?”

“No. Not like a date. It will be a date. And we will eat food.” He said. “Because living feels good.”

Letting out a short nervous laugh Veronica had nothing to say. Again Shawn could have smacked her.

“Veronica say yes!” she shouted.

“Wait, what?” Lincoln held up a hand. “We don’t even know who this guy is.”

“He’s Jack,” Shawn said dumbly.

“Okay and that’s all you know. A name. He could be a killer.”

“Jeez, Link,” Shawn groaned. “Get you head out of the gutter. Not everyone is a demon possessed zombie.”

“He could be…even though there’s no such thing.”

“But he’s not.”

“You don’t know. How can you trust him?”

“You don’t have to!” Shawn exclaimed. “That’s the point!”

“The point?” Lincoln snapped. “The point of what?”

“It’s called ‘dating’ moron.”

Not expecting that answer Lincoln paused a second before looking at the phone for a fraction of a second. It was quick but it was there. Shawn saw it. Disappointment.

Opening her mouth Shawn almost started shouting again when Veronica’s conversation started again.

“Uh…my friends are…weird.” She was explaining. “And loud.” That was directed at them.

Jack chuckled. “What’s their opinion? Yay or nay?”

Judging Lincoln’s expression he didn’t know Shawn had noticed his look. Debating she wondered how she should handle this. Lincoln was a pain. A hot pain, yes, but no one Veronica would even consider surely. Better to protect her than hope a relationship between the two wouldn’t end in disaster.

“Yes, we say yes.”

“But…” Lincoln was cut off by Shawn slapping his arm. She faced the phone again.

“We still say yes.”

“Well,” Veronica said hesitantly. “They say yes.”

“And you say?” Jack inquired.

Silence followed as Veronica without a doubt started biting her lip or her nail. Shawn could picture it now and as the seconds ticked by so did Veronica’s chance at a boyfriend since high school.

“Say it woman!” she demanded loudly.

Veronica sighed, sounding happier this time. “I guess…yes.”

Cheering Shawn lifted her arms and laughed.

“Awesome. I’ll see you after shift. We can set a time then. I got a pile of plates calling me by name…Dr. Dangerous must meet with his patients.” Jack said quickly. “Nice talking to you.”

Nice talking to you? Shawn didn’t get this guy.

“Uh…well,” Veronica said. “I guess I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye.”

“Bye!” Shawn squealed happily for her. “We’ll talk outfits later.”

Veronica groaned but laughed.

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