Ouija 3: Haunting Lies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: March 22, 2009

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Submitted: March 22, 2009



Lincoln and Asher

Asher found Lincoln outside on the apartment steps with a beer bottle in hand. Knowing immediately that something was up he plopped down next to him.

“All right, what is it?” he said quickly. “Don’t bother saying fine because there’s no way your dark self pity look means fine.”

Lincoln made no effort to fight him which all on its own was weird. Now actually concerned Asher lowered his voice.


His brother stared dismally at the tinted glass bottle, obviously about to speak. Nothing came out though. Asher waited, noticing how dark it was getting already. Yes, winter was near, but it was only October. The early nights always threw Asher off.

“What do you remember about mom and dad?”

That was random. Asher took it in and contemplated. “Uh…Mom…opinionated red head with a shot gun full of salt rounds.” He gave a laugh. “Sometimes she scared the hell outta me.”
Lincoln didn’t respond to that. “And dad?”

Still confused Asher decided to humor him. “Well…not much. He was gone a lot. But uh…he always had spaghetti. Spaghetti was the meal when dad was home.”

Lincoln nodded, a slight smirk on his lips before it flattened out again. Now this was just frustrating. Being all secretive and moody wasn’t helping Asher at all. Over the past month he’d gotten no clues or hints as to what was bothering his brother. And as Lincoln had said, it was intriguing enough to keep him around. But now he was just plain scared. What was he hiding?

“Why?” Asher asked gently.

Shaking his head Lincoln sniffed. “Just wondering.” He assured but then said, “So…you never saw anything weird? Like…strange people in the house?”


“Dark haired women?” Lincoln put in.

Asher held up a hand. “Where is this coming from? What are you talking about?”

Letting out a breath Lincoln glanced away, still avoiding the subject. He wouldn’t tell Asher anything! And, god dammit, this was enough.

“Look at me,” Asher demanded and Lincoln did, his expression forced into a calm. The bags under his eyes were obvious. “Dude, you can’t keep doing this. I mean, you’re a mess!”

This didn’t receive a response either.

“You don’t sleep or if you do you’re always mumbling gibberish about catching the demon.”

At this Lincoln seemed surprised. “I do?”

“Yes! Lincoln you can’t keep this all cooped up! You brought me with you to help you catch this demon. But how am I supposed to do that when I have no idea what you know about it because you obviously do know something.”

He was still reluctant to share it seemed. Lowering his gaze he closed his mouth tight.

“Why won’t you tell me? To protect me?” Asher asked incredulously. Lincoln’s eyes flickered over. “I’m not 13 anymore Link. I’m a big boy. Just tell me.”

A moment passed and the expression on his older brother’s face was so vulnerable Asher almost didn’t recognize him. He stared, scared almost to hear what he had to say. Was it really that bad? Whoa, was he going to cry? Shock coursed through him.

Finally Lincoln opened his mouth, clearing his throat. He wouldn’t look Asher in the eye as he tried to find words. Then he spoke in a clipped voice, “Do you think…its possible…that mom and dad were involved in…black magic?”

The unfamiliar combination of words took a moment to sink in and when they did Asher couldn’t reply with the confusion he felt. At that moment Janice, the land lady of the building, came out the front doors.

“What’re you boys doing here? Again?” she snapped pointedly. “And drinking on my doorstep? Oh no, you better be leaving in the next two seconds.”

“Settle down Janice,” Lincoln said, his normal voice returned. Asher saw his expression normalizing, though a sadness was still there. “I was just leaving.”

He stood up, taking the car keys from his pocket. Asher didn’t want to say it, especially when Lincoln was obviously hurting and needed a listening ear, but the circumstances couldn’t be avoided.

“Uh, Link?” he said carefully. “I need the car.”

Lincoln paused. “Why?”

“Shawn. It’s our…uh, well we’re going out.’ Asher reminded. “You know? Official first date?”

“Oh really?” Janice commented, surprised. “So that’s why you keep popping up?”

Asher smiled. “Yes.”

“Well, you better not hurt that girl, you hear?” Janice warned, suddenly firm. “She’s a good girl. Plus she keeps me updated on my soaps.”

Asher, a little freaked, nodded. “Uh, yeah, no. Wouldn’t dream of it.”

“That’s right.” she agreed and pointed a finger at him. “I’m watching you. And you,” she added to Lincoln. “No more alcohol on my steps.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said with a salute. She pressed her lips together but returned inside without another issue of threats.

With a sigh Lincoln tossed him the keys. “Here.”

Easily Asher caught them but was wondering if he should go now. He’d never seen Lincoln so down before. Almost full blown depression. It was horrifyingly different than his usual joking and loud rock singing. Asher didn’t like it.

“Do you need me to stay?”

Lincoln raised an eyebrow. “And let you miss your boring touchy feely exchange of life stories with your girlfriend? Even I’m not that cruel.”

“Link,” Asher gave him a hard look and surprisingly Lincoln didn’t contradict it or crack a joke.

“Yeah, I know,” he sighed and touched the necklace around his neck fondly, a look of reminiscence in his eyes. “I know.”

Asher watched dismally. “Okay…we have to talk…”

Lincoln seemed reluctant to agree, but eventually did. “All right,” he said, his face finally back to normal. “But later. You got a date.”

Standing Asher’s mind shifted slightly into pleasanter thoughts but he wasn’t done with Lincoln. “You promise we’ll talk?”

Rolling his eyes Lincoln nodded. “Yes! What you want to pinkie swear or something? I’m not four.”

Seeing his offense and frustration Asher backed off. “Fine. But you’re talking tonight. That’s that.”

“Fine,” Lincoln allowed and reentered the building with a slight scowl. He really wasn’t happy about this.


From Shawn’s bedroom door Lincoln could hear a slight mental breakdown from within while Veronica tried to calm it down.

“I mean when they first got here I…I didn’t trust them at all and my gut just told me these guys were bad news…and…and…what if I was right? What if this is a mistake? My stomach’s all knotted and…”

“Shawnie,” Veronica coaxed. “Does it feel like a mistake?”

There was a beat in which Shawn gave an impatient groan. “I don’t know! That’s the problem! I don’t even know why I like him so much! I mean I’ve never liked someone this much! And I barely know him!”

Veronica giggled a little.

“What is so funny?” Shawn was laughing by now too at her little tantrum which only triggered Veronica’s giggles more. Lincoln felt a small smile on his lips as he turned away. The fact that Shawn actually might care for Asher was surprising given the distrust toward them that she had mentioned. But her nerves were evidence enough that something was definitely there. So he figured he could lay off being the annoying jerk to her…at least tonight.

Slouching back to the futon Lincoln groaned out loud. “Why don’t I have a case?” For the past week and a half there had been nothing. No calls, no weird disappearances or deaths. The spirits and demons were unnaturally quiet and Lincoln didn’t like it. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what he was worried about but something was up. Plus, not killing some evil bastards on the weekends was boring as hell.

“How do I look?”

Asher came in the apartment door with a nervous smile. Lincoln studied his look a bit in curiosity, wondering what the heck he saw in that girl and what he was thinking. Being involved in Asher’s love life was one thing that needed to be avoided in Lincoln’s books. So seeing him so elated was strange. But it felt nice too. Like Lincoln finally saw Asher as an adult, not his kid brother. It was weird.

Glancing over his brother’s attire Lincoln nodded. “Fine.”

“Fine? Just fine?” Asher’s face was suddenly distraught. “I didn’t know if I should go blue button down or full on dress pants and jacket…that seemed a bit formal to me. But I don’t know, maybe…”


Asher stopped touching his shirt and criticizing every little thing and stared at his brother pitifully. Realizing that this night could totally blow any relationship potential if Asher let his nerves interfere, Lincoln knew he had to step in. He may look older but he was still just a kid.

Standing Lincoln pointed a finger at Asher’s face, at which Asher went slightly cross eyed to stare at. He looked kinda funny.

“Freaking out equals freaked out date. You want Shawn to be more freaky than she already is?”

“She’s not…”

“Do you?” Lincoln persisted. Asher was annoyed but his face showed that he knew Lincoln was right.

Reluctantly he said in a low voice, “No.”

“All right then,” Lincoln grinned and clapped his shoulder. “Don’t screw up.”

Opening his mouth in disbelief Asher followed his brother further into the apartment to the kitchen. “That’s your advice?”

“What? Its good advice.” Lincoln opened the half fridge searching for alcohol. Of course all he found was juice and pop. Sighing he snatched a Pepsi.

“Link, this is really important to me. And Shawn.”

Lincoln made a face. “Why should I care what’s important to Shawn?”

“Lincoln its always you who wants to get back here in a hurry,” Asher reminded. “That means something.”

“I don’t wanna waste money on motels,” Lincoln supplied easily and opened the tab of the can.

“So you’d rather waste it on gas?” Asher countered with a smirk. For a second Lincoln stared then took a drink, the carbonation tickling his throat. “See? No comeback. You like it here.”

“What?” Lincoln said with a weak and fake incredulous tone. “I do not.”

Asher smiled. “Yes you do. You like having a normal living situation.”

“Hey, it’s not like we live here. I don’t see a bedroom with my playboy posters anywhere.”

Asher rolled his eyes. “We’re getting there. And you like talking to Veronica.”

At that Lincoln swallowed without taking a drink. He didn’t say a word but Asher went on before it got awkward.

“You can’t say you don’t. I mean you two are interested in the same things. She’s all into this demon stuff. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew more than me by now. You two talk forever!”

Before Lincoln could even try to think up an excuse, even though he had none, Shawn’s bedroom door opened. Asher’s focus was completely shattered as he jerked around and saw Shawn standing there. Lincoln was a bit distracted too. She cleaned up good.

In tight fitting dark jeans and a deep green tank top she stood with a nervous but excited smile. Her bright green eyes were especially sparkly it seemed as she gazed up at Asher with a smile. His brother was in awe, unable to speak. Seeing the embarrassing display Lincoln nudged him in the ribs.

“Ow…you…I…hey, oh uh,…hey!” He stumbled over the words like he was some sort of foreign exchange student. Lincoln dropped his head.

“Hey,” Shawn replied softly, still looking at him with this wide smile. “So…uh, are we ready to go?”

Asher lifted the keys from his pocket. “All set.” She nodded happily and started for the door. Peering back to Veronica she waved and Veronica gave a thumbs up. Asher also gave his brother a nervously reluctant grin before exiting. Lincoln waved and called, “Don’t party too hard now you crazies!”

Veronica giggled then the door closed completely, leaving them alone.

“Finally,” she groaned and slumped on to the futon. “My show’s on.”

Lincoln quickly joined her. “Which one? The one with the bar and the guy telling his kids how he met their mother?”

“No, that’s Mondays,” she replied casually. “Psych is on right now.”

“The one with the fake psychic guy and the pineapple?”


Lincoln sat back with a grin. “Sweet.”

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