Ouija 3: Haunting Lies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: May 23, 2009

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Submitted: May 23, 2009



Veronica and Shawn

The drive over had been quiet but it was nothing compared to the awkward silence that they sat in at the restaurant. After ordering drinks Shawn waited for him to say something but every time he opened his mouth only a cough or goofy smile resulted. She remembered he had wanted her to more assertive…but what should she say?

She almost said ‘So…’ No she couldn’t do that. No not again. Their conversations were not all going to end up starting from awkward beginnings.

“What’s your favorite color?” she cringed internally at the lameness.

“Uh,” Asher said thoughtfully. “Red, I think.”

“Like blood?”

Shaking his head Asher said, “No! No, uh, well, maybe blue.”

“Like the sky?”

“Sure,” he allowed. “What’s yours?”

“Green,” Shawn replied confidently. “Always green.”

At that Asher smiled and watched her adoringly, his brown eyes never straying from hers. Shawn felt a shiver want to shake her along the spine but she was still. “Your eyes are very green,” he complimented.

“Thank you,” she said carefully. “I think.”

He smiled then looked down again sheepishly, which was an odd sight from a Hunter.Shawn didn’t get it, but it was cute in its own way. Smiling to herself she tried to keep the talk moving.

But of course only awkwardness could follow that lame start. She wasn’t smiling anymore when she realized this.

Their drinks came - Shawn a Pepsi and Asher a water - then they ordered food with fake smiles, as if they were enjoying themselves. Shawn thought catching Asher staring at her was flattering and cute but it wasn’t enough. The clinking of silverware and quiet chatter around them was too quiet.

Clenching her fists under the table Shawn was down to her last resort. Taking a deep breath she let it out quickly, letting her shoulders drop.

“Ten ton polar bear.”

Before she even looked at him she heard Asher snort and start laughing, trying not to be too loud. Shawn also covered her mouth, glancing around at stares. Her giggles were not going to stop, especially with Asher laughing on.

As he took a few deep breaths he got out one word. “What?”

Shawn grinned. “A ten ton polar bear. It breaks the ice.”

He went on laughing, shaking his head in an amused way. “I guess I’d have to agree. That, uh…” he chuckled. “That would definitely break some major ice.”

“See? We’re talking. This is good.” Shawn pointed out and sat straighter. “We shouldn’t be silent for more than fifteen seconds.”

“Is that a rule?” Asher asked.

“Yes,” she nodded. “We’ll make it a game. Whoever is silent for too long loses a point. Then whoever has the least amount pays.”

Asher was intrigued. “All right, game on Sterling.”

Grinning, Shawn felt the tingling intensifying along her spine and she almost lapsed back into silence just to stare back at him. But she couldn’t lose. “All right, so I guess I’ll start the questions.”

“Go ahead,” Asher allowed with a wave of his hand. He wouldn’t stop smiling! Shawn couldn’t put hers away either.

“Okay, I guess the basics. Where’d you grow up?”

Asher nodded. “Uh…well, I was born in Michigan but we weren’t there long. My dad…he got into some…trouble.”

“As in…?” Shawn prompted.

“Demon,” Asher answered casually. Shawn remembered Lincoln saying their parents were killed by a demon. She didn’t want to ask though. He went on. “We all moved down to Texas for awhile. Then uh…my dad he…”

Feeling bad Shawn said, “You don’t have to…I mean Lincoln said your parents were…”

Asher shook his head. “I barely remember it. I was seven but…my dad wasn’t around a lot. He was Hunter and was obsessed with the Hunt.”

“What about your mom?” Shawn pressed on, seeing he wasn’t as okay as he tried to play off.

“She moved us to Washington after that. She had a friend or something…but she became almost as bad as dad. Always hunting. Me and Link were home alone with the daughter of my mom’s friend most of the time. She was the oldest so she sort of took care of us.”

Shawn was regretting her question. This was kind of depressing to hear.

“I was thirteen when she died. Doctors said it was a heart attack,” he exhaled slowly. Shawn squinted at his pause.

“But…you don’t think so?”

He shrugged in a tired way. “I’m not sure. I was staying after school when it happened. Lincoln said it was a demon. Like he knew for a fact or something. I didn’t even really understand what Hunting was and our parents told us everything and what to do in certain situations but…I was in middle school! I could barely aim a gun, let alone go hunting for a demon. All I cared about were my friends and school.” He took a breath. “But he swore up and down that he was going to kill it. Whatever it was.”

The change in subject was a little uncomfortable and Shawn wasn’t sure what else to say. Asher was obviously frustrated by this, though he was trying to hide it. She felt bad for bringing it up.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled. He met her eye and his face softened.

“No, no, I’m sorry,” he said hastily. “I just…I have a few issues with my brother.”

“Clearly,” Shawn agreed, attempting a grin. Asher gave one in response.

“All right, enough about my depressing childhood. How ‘bout you? Did you grow up in Rivers?”

Glad for a change in conversation Shawn sat straighter. This was something she knew. Plus, her brothers’ horsing around had resulted in some comical stories. Settling into a camping trip tale involving a wild turkey, Shawn talked on.


Lincoln enjoyed the show a bit but Veronica could tell he was restless. He wanted to go do something. His leg twitched and every few moments he had to shift position. By the end credits Veronica wasn’t even sure who the culprit was in the end. She picked up the remote and turned off the TV.

“So, where’ve you been the last week?” she asked, standing to walk to kitchen. Although she wanted to talk to him and liked talking to him it still felt a little weird around him. So she kept her distance, which seemed to help.

“Well,” he started and got to his feet also. “We were in Indiana for awhile. I thought there was a shape shifter in this small town but…someone else got to him first.”

“Oh,” she said in response. Grabbing a CapriSun from the fridge she silently gestured if he wanted one. His reply was a raised eyebrow. “C’mon…you have to like juice.”

“I am an adult,” Lincoln said slowly like she was a kid. Veronica gave a grimace but then grinned as she closed the door.

“Fine, adult person,” she said and put the straw in the pouch. “You get no juice box goodness.”

“I think I’ll live,” he assured.

Veronica shrugged and leaned against the wall beside the stove. Lincoln stepped in front of her leaning against the weird wall that stuck out in front of their bedroom doors creating a small hallway. They sat there a few seconds while Veronica sipped her straw.

“Okay, so, shape shifters. What’s their deal?” she asked.

Lincoln smirked. She wanted to believe he liked teacher her all this stuff about demons. “First off, silver bullet to the heart. That’s the way to kill’em. That’s what’s important.”

“Got it,” Veronica confirmed with a nod.

“But what’s also important is to know for sure that what you’re shooting at is a shape shifter.”

“So the logical question is: how do you know?”

He smirked again. “For one they aren’t the person they look like. If you catch them early enough they won’t even know their own birthday.”

“Early enough?” Veronica was filing any and all these things away wanting to know everything just in case.

“The longer a shape shifter is in the ‘skin’ of someone else the more they become them. Of course, that’s only if the real guy is alive.”

Finishing the juice box Veronica tossed it in the open garbage can next to her. Whenever Lincoln was giving her these ‘lessons’ she liked getting comfortable and ready to listen. So she sat down still against the wall in the kitchen. Lincoln was amused and mimicked her across the way.

“If he’s alive then the shifter can like…absorb…their identity?”

Lincoln shrugged. “More like their memories.”

“That’s not disturbing.”

He chuckled at her face. “Yeah it is. And annoying. It’s a little nerve wracking trying to figure out if the thing’s real or not.”

“I bet,” she said, thinking about it. “Have you ever…not been right?”

His face went a little sheepish but he smirked to hide it. “Actually I uh, I’ve never killed one.”

Veronica was surprised. “Mr. Lincoln Ripper, expert on demons, Hunter extraordinaire, has never killed a shape shifter?”

“A traditional one? No.”

Confused she asked, “Traditional?”

“Yeah. Traditional shifters are altered humans who can take the shape or form of humans. That’s it. Now I’m sure you know what a werewolf is…”

Veronica perked up. “Yeah! Those are shape shifters?”

“Involuntary shape shifters. I don’t know how they came to be…wolf blood was somehow put into the equation…I don’t know.”

“And you’ve killed a werewolf?”

He nodded but not in a proud way like Veronica expected. “Two. One was Henry Rutherford. He had two kids and uh…the other was Molly Walden. She was the head of this…orphanage.”

The remorse he showed was saddening to watch. Veronica had noticed little things here and there that Lincoln was sensitive about even though he tried to cover it with jokes and chuckles.

“That’s awful…”

He nodded and played with his necklace a little. He was very sorry about the situation.

“You can’t blame yourself, Link,” she told him gently. “Letting them go would be worse.”

“Yeah I know,” he sighed and cleared his throat, his defense mechanism. “But anyway…the point is…”

His cell phone went off. Veronica jumped at the noise but Lincoln was calm about it, just confused.

“Who the hell…?” he mumbled and checked the caller ID. “Ian?”

“Ian?” Veronica asked but he answered the phone.

“Hello?” he greeted and got to his feet, giving an apologetic look to her. She smiled and shrugged. “Yeah, I’m here. So what’s up? This is…well, surprising.”

Knowing she was no longer the student Veronica decided to give him some privacy and went to her bedroom.

Compared to Shawn’s room, Veronica’s walls were naked with only a few pictures taped up above and next to the dresser. She was fine with it. Somehow all the eyes of music posters and movie pictures seemed disconcerting.

Plopping down on the bed she pulled the Ouija board out of the drawer of the night stand along with a string with an iron nail on the end. She was happy to have someone to talk to even I Daniel was only a six year old.

“Hey, Danny,” she greeted, sitting cross legged in front of the board. Holding the nail suspended just above the board.


“So, Lincoln was telling me about shape shifters. They’re kind of creepy. They can look like anyone and like copy your memories. Almost become you.”


“Yeah. Creepy,” she agreed. “But werewolves are shifters too. Just different. They don’t get a choice in it.”

Daniel didn’t have a response to that so she decided to change the subject.

“So…Jack asked me out."


“I don’t know. I said yes but I’m not sure about it I mean he is kind of weird. But he was sweet about it, I guess. At least for him.”

“Oh, well, sweetness always equals a great relationship. Totally.”

The sarcastic response, she figured, was Lincoln eavesdropping. She hadn’t closed the door all the way. Putting a face annoyance on her brow she faced him with her retort.

“Well who asked…what…?”

She fell back, dropping the nail and losing her balance. As she tipped over the side she put her leg out, catching herself in a swaying standing position, but her safely wasn’t her main concern.

He smirked and scratched behind his neck, almost embarrassed. “Hey, Vee.”

Vee. It’d been so long…but no! “Wait! This isn’t…you can’t be…”

His laugh was the same but the impossibility of the situation covered her functions of caring. She was just scared.

“You can’t be here!” she accused loudly. “You’re dead!”

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