Ouija 3: Haunting Lies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: September 25, 2009

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Submitted: September 25, 2009



Lincoln and Asher

Lincoln was awakened by a shiver running through his body. The jolt of it put him on alert and grabbed the knife resting on the inside of his boot on the ground next to him. Sudden cold was an indication of a ghost. He wasn’t saying he was right but being a tired demon hunter kept him on edge. Squinting around the dark room he saw Asher sleeping on the mattress a few feet away, totally out. Waking up a bit by now Lincoln opened his ears at a soft sound.

It was coming from the bedrooms. Carefully he stood up, his back aching a bit from the uncomfortable makeshift bed, but he ignored it and crept over the wooden floor with bare feet.

When he got closer Veronica’s whispers were easier to hear.

“I know it’s dangerous. You are just like Shawn! What is your deal?”

Lincoln pulled his brows together and knocked.

“Ronnie?” he called in. “Can I come in?”

“Oh, uh…I guess…” she replied hesitantly and he opened the door, knife raised a bit.

Her eyes were wide when she saw it. “Link!” she hissed, keeping quiet. “What are you doing?”

“What’s in here?” he asked roughly.

“What are you talking about?”

“You were talking to someone Veronica. You can’t think I’m that stupid. I have ears.”

She sat up straighter. “Maybe I like talking to myself.”

“Yeah, sure,” he said skeptically, but actually he wouldn’t be shocked if it was true. “Who are you talking to?”

Veronica pressed her lips together and stood up, also bare foot but still in jeans. It had to be past midnight. Why was she still awake and dressed?

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” he asked before she could answer the other question. Apparently more comfortable with this one she crossed her arms with an attitude on her face.

“Why do you have a knife drawn in my bedroom?”

Rolling his eyes Lincoln stuck it in his waistband.

“All right. There. Happy?”

She nodded.

“Now,” Lincoln went on pointedly. “Who were you talking to?”

“I wasn’t…”

“Cut the crap! I heard you. And all the questions earlier? You can’t tell me you didn’t see something…Unless you really are crazy.”

She gave him a hard look. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Doesn’t matter?” Lincoln laughed sarcastically. “You do remember that demons and ghosts kill right?”

“He doesn’t!” At once she regretted saying it and dropped her eyes.

“Ah ha!” Lincoln cheered in a hushed tone. “So you do see something. What is it?”

Her stubbornness was waning. She was caught, she knew that. Telling the truth was the only option now.

“Link…I don’t want to talk about it okay?” So she was trying to beg. Lincoln would not have it.

“Veronica,” he chastised firmly. “Lying is a sin.”

“Oh yeah, because you’re so innocent.”

“Hey, my nickname is Honest Abe.”


Lincoln rolled his eyes exasperatedly. “Abe…Lincoln…my name…”

She shook her head with a single laugh. “Who? Who calls you Honest Abe?”

“The friends I would have in a parallel world would call me Honest Abe. But that’s not the point.”

She rolled her eyes. “Oh you actually have a point?”

He watched her carefully, wondering why she was acting so moody. “Veronica you have to tell me what it is. Ghosts or demons or whatever it is are tricky. They aren’t who they appear to be.”

Shaking her head she guided him out. “Leave.”

“Veronica, I’m serious.”

“Stay out!” she demanded and slammed the door.


Three Days Later


“I don’t understand.”

“I don’t understand either.”

Asher gave an assuring smile and pointed to the clipboard in his hand. “All I’m asking is that you vacate the area for a couple hours while my partner and I search for a gas leak.”

“But there isn’t a gas leak,” the husband, balding and scrawny looking, told him again.

“We’re just checking sir. We make random checks every once in awhile to ensure safety.” Asher explained. “It’s completely free. You don’t pay a thing.”

The wife, a short stout woman, glanced to her husband hesitantly but said, “We were planning on going to town anyway.”

“No you were planning. I was ignoring.” Her husband shot back with a scowl. She sighed and faced Asher again.

“Will you be done by four?”

“We’ll be done by three if everything goes smoothly,” Asher assured with a nod and she returned it.

“All right then. C’mon Paul, grab my coat.”

“Grab your own coat.”


When the couple finally left, Lincoln came from the car with his black bag. “Lovely people.” Asher gave him a look but he went inside not caring about his rudeness.

The inside was caked with ugly wallpaper and weird little knick knacks lined up on shelves on almost every wall. They obviously belonged to the wife. And the worn out armchair was obviously the husband’s. All in all the decorating and the smell made the entire place seem old and dying.

“Extreme Makeover needed!” Lincoln announced loudly, checking out a cabinet in the kitchen. “Pronto! We’ve got rats!”

He pulled a fat brown one out by the tail and Asher felt his stomach lurch. “Disgusting,” he gagged.

Lincoln laughed and tossed it out the open window without a second thought. “Okay, so what’s the story?”

Asher, watching the rat scurry away unharmed, coughed and recollected his thoughts. “Er, 26 year old Linda Lynn was found dead in the attic of this house in 1949. Wrists slashed, insides on her outsides, skull cracked open…”


“Report says she fell.” Asher informed skeptically.

Lincoln faced him. “Fell?”


He stared a moment before shaking his head. “Awesome investigation, team.”

“And get this,” Asher went on, reading the report and articles on his clipboard. “Though covered in blood with multiple wounds there was barely any blood around her.”

“So she was moved,” Lincoln concluded.

“Yeah, but somehow they reached the conclusion that she fell…”

“Idiots,” Lincoln breathed and started up the creaking stairs. “I do not get how people can just dismiss stuff like this.”

“They didn’t understand it. What else could they do? No prints, no trails, nothing.” Asher defended and followed his brother up. “No one wants to believe anything paranormal could have happened.”

Lincoln, noticing something on the wall, ignored him and leaned forward. “Well, I can tell you right now it wasn’t a fall…”

Asher brought his eyebrows together. “Why?”

Lincoln turned back around holding out two fingers, both covered in black ooze. There was a pungent smell coming off of it.


Asher covered his mouth to prevent the smell coming in. And to ensure he didn’t puke. “Vengeful spirit.”

“A strong one,” Lincoln added then glanced around smirking. “About time.”

Asher wasn’t as excited as he watched Lincoln wipe the gunk on his jeans in disgust. “Nasty buggers.”

“All right Link,” Asher said decidedly and held in most of his breath so he wouldn’t have to smell. “Let’s find the ghost. Or salt some bones.”

Lincoln shook his head and took out his gun, looking over it adoringly, checking the bullets. His eyes were wide in odd excitement. Confused, Asher held up a hand.

“Whoa, what are you doing?”

“I’m gonna go shoot stuff,” Lincoln gave a satisfied smile and started practicing his aim. “Been cooped up in that god forsaken apartment.”

“Hey!” Asher caught his attention and snatched the gun. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Aw, c’mon Ash! We’re hunting! Killing is part of the fun!”


A swishing sound erupted like an object traveling quickly through the air and suddenly Lincoln’s face went loose, then his eyes scrunched in pain. He gagged and choked, blood spluttering.

“Link!” Asher shouted and caught his brother as he started to crumple forward. “Link!”

With his hand on Lincoln’s back Asher found the source of his pain. A part of scissors was protruding from his spine. Shock coursed through him, seeing the truth but not accepting it at all. It wasn’t that bad right? Veronica could stitch him up again…Already there was a lot of blood.

“Lincoln! No, stay with me!”

His eyes rolled sickeningly before closing and more red blood drooled from his lips. Any sort of resistance he had been trying was getting weaker until finally it was only Asher who held him up right.

“Lincoln!” Asher shouted angrily at him. “You can’t do this to me! You’re stronger than this!”

His face was expressionless as if he was sleeping.


“Oh Asher,” a female voice called alluringly. Still hanging on to his brother for dear life Asher jerked around and saw a young woman standing at the bottom of the stairs. There was blood in her hair and slits along her bare wrists. Asher recognized her.

“Linda Lynn,” he breathed and she smiled.

“That’s right Asher,” she called up, again with a certain charm that was hard to ignore. “You came here to save me.”

Asher stared wide eyes and transfixed, Lincoln sagging against him.

“Come with me Asher,” she whispered, but it carried up to him easily. “Come ‘save’ me.”

Bright blue eyes and a little smile she gazed up to him with an invitation Asher couldn’t ignore. Letting Lincoln fall down he stumbled to the stairs drunkenly. She laughed lightly and swayed to no music. “Come on, Asher. Come save me.” She hummed like a purr, a smile growing on her lips.

Not looking where he was going Asher stepped forward finding no floor and his stomach flipped as he fell, crashing down the stairs. Linda Lynn giggled and vanished when he finally reached the bottom, sprawled out, arm obviously broken. Blood was running from his nose, his eyes closed, mouth slightly open. No breath escaped. He was motionless.

Lincoln was the same, the metal pressed deeper into his back when he was dropped. Blood trickling out his mouth…


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