Ouija 3: Haunting Lies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: September 25, 2009

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Submitted: September 25, 2009



Veronica and Shawn


Shawn sat bolt upright, a light layer of sweat on her forehead, her breathing labored. Three days. It had been three days.

She remembered the first three days after Aiden’s death. Full of denial, faded memories blackening further with every moment she didn’t’ see his face. All she needed was that instant gratification with his recognition, his smile, his jokes, his goofy hair. But none of it was there anymore.

Asher…Lincoln…Where was Asher?

Her reaction time was slow as she took in her surroundings, the images in her mind too far etched into her memory. The TV sat blank, the wooden floor kind of scuff, the windows letting in some afternoon sun. She was on the black futon, a sheet covering her.


Lifting up she blinked to see in the change of light. She refused to relive what she saw. A noise from the kitchen made her jump and cry out. Jerking around, she stared wide eyed, another coldness shooting down her spine.

“Hey sleepy head.”

A mug was handed to her a moment later but she barely acknowledged it. She had to stare, questions filling her mind, some of them self-oriented. Had she ever reacted like this before? Especially to a mere dream?

“What?” he asked with a little smile and set his own mug on the floor.

Shawn didn’t sugar coat it. “I saw you die.”

Asher squinted. “Good morning to you too?”

Seriously, was she so attached to this guy after barely any time together that she was afraid of his imminent death? True his profession was nothing less than suicidal, but should she worry so much? This early in the relationship?

“I did,” she said openly. “There was a ghost and you and Link were there to help her but she killed Link with some scissors and you feel down the stairs and hit your head and died.”

Asher was straight faced as he took it in. It was a little too calm of a reaction.

“Why aren’t you freaking out?” she demanded and he cracked a smile.

“I’m sorry but I don’t generally ‘freak out’ because of a dream.” He admitted. “That’s all it was.”

Shawn pouted. “And what about the fact that I was scared as hell about you?”

He finally softened his expression and hugged her closer, rubbing her bare arms. Once she was comfortable, smelling his shirt, Shawn finally caught up with the present, remembering what had happened yesterday.

She and Veronica had been washing their clothes at the Laundromat, just hanging out among the washers and dryers and the other occasional rude customers, when Asher came by unexpectedly. Without a word he held out a thin black box the length of Shawn’s forearm and gave a smirk. He left again, not saying anything. Opening the box Shawn was overrun with emotion. A single pink tulip rested gently inside, the stem tied with a green ribbon. There was also a note.


-Although we barely hold a conversation

 And we both have out reasons to be nervous

 I had to say that I am in this

 And that you are the one thing on my mind

 Day and Night

 Shawn Sterling,

 Will you be my girlfriend?-


Smiling to herself Shawn leaned further into Asher, smelling a comforting musk and feeling warm in the sunlight from the window.

“Clearly you feel better,” Asher said with a smirk. “So what shall we do with an apartment all to ourselves?”

Confused, Shawn sat up. “What? Where’s Veronica?” Truthfully last night while watching TV with Asher, Shawn had been worried about Veronica more so than her new boyfriend. The past three days she had been edgy with everyone if they asked if she was okay. Her defensiveness was enough for concern.

Asher smiled. “She went out with Link. They were all secretive about it. I don’t know but all I do know is that we’re all alone…”

Although that’s what Shawn wanted, very much so, she had too many worries about her best friend right now. First she acts weird, gets all moody, then starts hanging out with Lincoln? Alone?

“We have to find them,” she decided quickly and stood up, heading to her bedroom. Asher followed hurriedly.

“What? But I thought you’d want to…”

“Asher, I really, really do want to be with you. You have no idea,” She grinned at the thought of being close to him again and just snuggling. Never before had she thought she would want to ‘snuggle’, but that’s where it was. “But Veronica’s with Lincoln? Alone? You can’t tell me you’re not worried.”

Asher nodded but said, “Yes, I’m worried. Lincoln can sometimes forget that girls breathe and feel like anyone else but…I don’t know. He’s pretty calm around her.”

“When you’re around,” she added cheekily and he understood. Closing her door to change Shawn moved quickly, snatching some clean jeans. In moments she was ready.

“Question,” Asher stated, pulling a dark blue tee onto his body. Shawn stared a moment, her breath hitching. His muscles were so toned and…muscular. Trying to be inconspicuous she breathed in shakily. “Where do you think they are?”

Blinking, Shawn swallowed. “Uh…Oh, I don’t know.”

At that moment her cell phone rang.


“Shawn, which way is the park from the Laundromat. I’m all lost.”

Shawn grinned. Now she knew where they were heading. “Take a left, toward that pizza place and just keep going. Straight on out.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you two later, huh?” Her voice revealed her hidden meaning and Shawn sighed. Why couldn’t she be all calm about this and just enjoy being with Asher like Veronica was suggesting?

“Yeah, uh, see you later.” She hung up.

Asher waited with an expectant stare.

“The park,” she informed. “Grab your donuts and coffee sheriff. We’re havin’ ourselves a stakeout.”

He didn’t seem thrilled but he smiled nicely. Staring a second Shawn sighed them kissed him. “Sorry.”


Finding the park was the easy part. The hard part would be telling Lincoln that she wanted to be a Hunter. For one she was sure he would have objections and doubts then she would have to prove herself. And for another…Aiden would not stop pestering her about it.

“Why are you doing this again?” he asked, walking her right side. Lincoln was on her left, not saying much, absorbed in his own thoughts. “Are you trying to prove something?”

She couldn’t answer, not without looking like an insane person. Clearly she was the only one who could see Aiden, which was, in a way, a good thing. If Shawn found out…especially after so long…she’d be…for lack of a better word, pissed beyond measure. At least that’s what Veronica imagined. Yelling, red face, steam out the ears…it was not a pleasant thought.

“I guess you just want Lincoln as your hot instructor, huh?” Aiden quipped. Veronica almost scolded him but kept walking, head down. “Oh yeah. Just you and Lincoln…working the guns and knives…rolling around in a tussle…sweaty and hot…”

Face red Veronica cast him a dark look and he laughed openly. He caught sight of a bakery. “Ooo, cinnamon buns.”

“Shut up,” she muttered.

“What?” Lincoln faced her and squinted at her red face. “Are you okay?” He smiled.

Veronica nodded ad pressed forward. “F-Fine…” He laughed, along with Aiden and followed. She didn’t feel very loved at the moment. Of course Aiden couldn’t give this up.

“Wow, your face is really red, Vee. Something wrong?” he teased and draped an arm across her shoulders. Feeling the weight but being unable to lean into it was so awkward. “Okay, I’m sorry. You know I can’t help it. Just impulse. Been cooped up so long in god knows where…”

She couldn’t answer him but tried to send reassuring feelings to him.

“This it?” Lincoln asked. Veronica focused on where they were actually walking and nodded, seeing the tree enclosed green space up ahead.


They found a bench and sat, Lincoln looking uncomfortable. “I feel like I should be in my Daisy Dukes or something.”

Looking around, Veronica saw how many way too short shorts there were today. Slightly embarrassed she gave a grimace.

Aiden stood beside her and leaned down by her ear. “He owns Daisy Dukes?”

She had to laugh and Lincoln gave her a look.


“You…You own Daisy Dukes?” She covered easily. He nodded with complete seriousness.

“They are an essential part of my wardrobe repertoire.”

Veronica snorted.

They had a moment of laughter, Aiden included, before a pair of guys passed right in front of them, both in bright yellow Dukes. The moment died, needless to say.

“Awkward,” Aiden breathed and took a spot in front of both of them, arms behind his back. It appeared he was testing how they looking together. “I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.” He said, eyes on Lincoln. “He’s worried.”

Veronica decided she better start the conversation soon.

“So I wanted to talk to you. Without Asher or Shawn.” She said quietly, trying to ignore Aiden and the urge to smile up at him. Lincoln faced her, waiting.

“Should I be scared?”


Now she could tell he was worried.

“I was thinking about what you said back in Rivers…and well, I do want to part of your life.”

He raised an eyebrow at once. Aiden did too. 

“Of Hunting!” she clarified, waving a hand. “You know…guns, knives…demons…”

“Making out on the practice mats,” Aiden supplied. Not being about to yell at him or even smile at his comments was frustrating.

“Oh.” Lincoln seemed pleasantly surprised which was a better reaction than Shawn or Aiden at the very least. Neither of them supported the idea. “Well that’s great!”


“Yeah,” he exclaimed. “I mean, If not like you’re clueless and wasting your knowledge would just be…well a waste.”

Veronica smiled broadly. “Yes! That’s exactly what I told them.”

At this Lincoln stopped. “Them?”

She almost panicked. She didn’t want to tell him. Couldn’t tell him. No. Aiden was hers.

“Shawn…And Daniel!” Thankfully she had a fallback ghost friend. “They don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Neither do I,” Aiden put in pointedly.

Lincoln nodded in understanding. “That’s to be expected.” He said, like he had some experience. “Doesn’t matter how absorbed into reality some are, they can’t accept the fact there has to, has to, be someone to stop these things.”

Feeling a shift in conversation Veronica fell silent, glancing to Aiden. She wondered what Lincoln was talking about exactly.

“Hey, Link,” she stared slowly. He lifted his eyes.


“Are you okay?”

He sat up. “Don’t I look okay?”

Veronica didn’t answer straight away and Aiden came into her view at Lincoln’s shoulder. He seemed annoyed. “Yeah, tell him, Vee. How ‘okay’ does he look?”

She rolled her eyes at him and his tone, which wasn’t pertaining to the real, live, conversation she was having. Lincoln was confused.

“Veronica? Are you okay?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed out of habit from the past three days. “Why does everyone keep asking me that? I am fine!”

Both guys stared at her outburst. More directed to Aiden she said, “You can’t just leave well alone. Oh no. Gotta crack a wise remark about everything.”

Aiden squinted. “I’m sorry if I offended you, princess. Since when did you get all bossy?”

Lincoln was confused. “Did I…what did I do?”

“Oh I’ll tell you what you did,” Aiden told him loudly but of course only Veronica saw or heard his outburst. “You brainwashed my girlfriend. Got her chasing…demons! And ghosts! I don’t care what screwed up Scooby-Doo operation you have going on Mr. Ripper, just so you leave her the hell out of it. Of so help me I will haunt your ass…”

“Stop!” Veronica demanded to Aiden. To Lincoln it would appear she was yelling at nothing.

Shaking his head Lincoln stood up. “That’s enough of that. You are spilling every single last bean young missy.”

Stubbornly Veronica closed her lips. Aiden laughed, but was still glaring to Lincoln.

“Whatever crazy voodoo grass you’re huffing…Just stop. Because honestly Veronica, you’re creeping me out. And I don’t creep easily.”

She took a breath, glancing to Aiden.

“What? Now you want my opinion?” He touched his chest. “How convenient. Well, I suppose, since you’re such Hunting chums now, you should tell him. All relationships are built on honesty,” he ended coldly.

Feeling alone Veronica glared at them both. She shouldn’t have to tell anyone anything. Everyone was entitled to their secrets. That’s how it had always been for her. Aiden was her dirty little secret.

“Dirty? Really? You didn’t contemplate half the thing running through your head about Lincoln with me.”

She cracked. “Get out of my head!”

Lincoln held out his arms. “Who are you talking to?!”

“Vee, if you want me gone, just say the word.” Aiden said gravely, his tone so dark for him. “I’m gone.”

Indecision did not sit well with her. Holding her head she bent over, trying to sort it out mentally, but nothing was working.

“Veronica,” Lincoln went on. “Who are you talking to?”

Feeling she couldn’t keep it in anymore she snapped. It was going to happen eventually. So sure, why not tell Lincoln Ripper? Yeah, he’s so reliable…

Veronica felt a dark cloud over her thoughts, turning everything sour. She didn’t like it. She had to get rid of it. And the way to do that was to get rid of the source. Aiden had been her big secret for years…telling someone seemed to be her best bet as of right now.

Breathing in she said softly, but strongly. “Aiden.”

Lincoln paused a second. Then blinked. “Who?”

“Aiden!” she shouted. “Shawn’s brother! Aiden! I can see Aiden!”

He stared a moment, shocked, unable to speak. Beside him Aiden was cross armed and pouty. So moody. After that sunk in, Lincoln was going to say something, when he noticed movement behind her. Turning Veronica followed his gaze, along with Aiden.

Shawn stood there in disbelief, staring at her best friend in shock. Her bright eyes were wide and not completely focused as she approached. Veronica didn’t have words for the fear she felt clenched her gut. This wasn’t supposed to happen.


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