Ouija 3: Haunting Lies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: September 25, 2009

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Submitted: September 25, 2009



 Lincoln and Asher

(Five minutes earlier)


“Shawn!” Asher called finally finding her behind a copse of trees. She was watching Veronica and Lincoln with critical eyes. “Shawn, they’re just talking. Nothing’s going to happen…”

“Yes! Why does everyone keep asking me that! I am fine!”

Veronica was now loud enough to hear. Apparently Lincoln thought she was loud enough too, staring at her in shock.

“You can’t just leave well alone. Oh no. Gotta crack a wise remark about everything.”

“Ooo harsh,” Shawn giggled happily. As long as they weren’t friendly she was happy. Reluctantly Asher agreed. Veronica would be better off yelling at him than dating him. That’s just Lincoln’s nature and no girl really deserved someone like him, he had to admit.

“Did I…what did I do?” Lincoln asked, confused.

“You were born,” Shawn muttered with a smirk. Asher squinted at her. Why did she hate Lincoln so much?

Veronica was looking off toward the park when she cried, “Stop!”

Lincoln immediately stood. Yelling at her he tried to figure out what was happening so he could assess and scope. Just like any guy he had the need to be in control of the situation and right now Veronica was not surrendering any sort of control at all. She just sat stubbornly, glaring to the park.

Suddenly she shouted, “Get out of my head!”

“Who are you talking to?!”

Shawn’s face loosened to worry and she went forward, unable to keep from helping her friend. Asher was concerned too, thinking a paranormal being was the answer to Veronica’s outburst and strange moods. In truth he had been harboring a theory for the past 24 hours, but nothing concrete.

“Aiden! Shawn’s brother! Aiden! I can see Aiden!”

Time stopped as Shawn skidded to a halt in front of him. Asher couldn’t see her face but the fear and guilt on Veronica’s surprised expression was enough to guess she was partially shocked. He was too. This was way off from any of his theories of demons or tricksters. Aiden? Really?

Mouth agape Veronica stood up, unable to utter more than a few nonsense sounds. Shawn didn’t move either. Asher couldn’t’ take the suspense; he came between them, glancing to Lincoln. He was as lost as he was.

“All right,” he said, holding up a hand to each girl who stood staring at each other. It almost seemed like they were silently communicating some dark message. Asher could feel the tensions rising off from both directions. “Okay, we need to stay calm…”He told them quickly. “Calm and…and rational. Yes. Link? Wanna jump in?”

Lincoln stood by, watching with feigning interest. He was dismissing this whole thing like he couldn’t see a conflict arising, ready to explode at any second.


He faced Veronica. “Ronnie. Breathe.”

She ignored him. He turned to Shawn. “Shawn. Whatever you do, keep the steam inside your head. We’re in public.”

Being useless Asher gave him an angry scowl. “That’s not helping things.”

“Hey, you said jump in. Not make peace.” Lincoln defended and sat back down. “I’m not getting into this. Girls overreact. Claws will fly. No thank you.”

The entire time the girls were oblivious, still watching the other’s expressions. At the moment Veronica looked on the verge of tears from guilt while Shawn looked on with a set scowl of betrayal and disbelief. Lincoln was right about one thing. Girls tended to overreact.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Shawn demanded, though it sounded more or less like a plea for her brother. Despite the fact that she had been doing much better since the Perry Buckle incident it was only natural to still miss him.

“I couldn’t,” Veronica’s voice was constricted as she tried to hide her obvious guilt and sadness. “You weren’t supposed to…”

When she didn’t go on Shawn stepped forward, a hint of anger in her green eyes. “I wasn’t supposed to what? Veronica…how could you not tell me! Why did you hide this?”

Veronica let a tear fall and she looked down. “I didn’t know…”

“Can you see him now?” she cut her off. She was suddenly desperate, glancing around them at the people in the park and the trees. “Where is he? Is he okay?”

Relief spread on Veronica’s face and she smiled, another tear falling. “He’s…great. Really great. He looks the same.”

Asher didn’t understand how such a tense moment had suddenly gone soft but he stood calmly now, seeing Shawn wasn’t going to spring. In fact Shawn stepped to Veronica and looked around excitedly.

“Where is he?”

Veronica looked to her right. “He’s standing right there.”

Asher watched Shawn in curiosity as her eyes stared at the air beside Veronica, searching for something that wasn’t, obviously, there. He was so confused about the circumstances and the whole thing! How could Veronica see Aiden? And not the rest of them? True, sprits sometimes can control how gets to see them but why Veronica? Aiden was Shawn’s brother.

“And…you can actually see him?” Lincoln questioned, coming to Veronica’s front.

She nodded, still looking at Shawn’s reaction. “He says he misses you.”

Shawn met her eyes. “Really?”

“Yeah.” Veronica smiled. “And he’s sorry for leaving you alone.”

Lincoln could not leave well enough alone. He butt into the conversation yet again, extinguishing the tender moment. “He talks to you? Only you?”

“Yeah, why?”

Lincoln shrugged. “Well, you sure it’s him?”

Both girls faced him and Asher cringed. Why Link? Why did you have to bring back the tension?

“I’m sure,” Veronica said with a straight face. Lincoln analyzed her skeptically.

“Could be a trick.”

“But its not.”

“How do you know?”

Veronica stared at him, her expression warning him to stop.

“I just do, all right? I’m not stupid. I made sure. Why do you think I asked you all those questions?” she asked firmly, determined to make her point. “And honestly I don’t know why only I can see him.”

Asher believed her. At least for a moment. Lincoln’s next question made some room for doubt.

“Why now?”

Veronica blinked. “What?”

“Why wait ‘til now? He’s been dead for almost two years right? Why couldn’t’ you see him before?”

Lincoln was not known for his sentimental words. Asher could see Shawn was a little angry that he was talking about Aiden’s death so dismissively.

When Veronica hesitated, something flashing in her eyes, Asher knew she was hiding something. “Perry Buckle.”

“Perry Buckle?” Shawn questioned. “What does he have to do…?”

“He’s supposedly the one who caused our accident, right?”

“Supposedly,” Asher reminded and her brown eyes met his with a hard warning also.

“Well,” she went on, returning her gaze on her best friend. Asher’s suspicions rose. “I figure Aiden was somehow caught up on Buckle’s sprit or something. When we burned his bones, Aiden was freed.”

“All right,” Lincoln allowed, obviously seeing she wasn’t telling the full truth. “That your evaluation or Aiden’s?”

“Mine,” Veronica said defensively.

“Uh huh,” Lincoln nodded curtly. His eyes showed that hew as treating this like any other case which didn’t seem like a bad idea. This was just another haunting. They just so happened to know the victim of it. “Veronica, his or yours, nice guy or not, he’s still a ghost.”

She stepped up to him. “And you’re going to do…what?”

“My job.”

Enraged Veronica sized him up, possibly about to punch him, but instead she took off.

“Veronica!” Shawn shouted after, beginning to follow. Glancing back she said, “C’mon, guys.”

Lincoln huffed and started walking. Asher fell into step beside him, watching the girls running away. “I wish she would just le me kill the guy.”

“He’s already dead.” Asher pointed out.

“You know what I mean.” Lincoln fixed his collar.

Asher shrugged. “So do it. She can’t stop you.”

“Yeah but when Aiden suddenly doesn’t ‘appear’ anymore who’s fault will it be? I’ll have hell to pay from her. Girls always overact. Always. And they hold grudges for the stupidest things. And she’ll never speak to me again.”

“And that’d be bad?” Asher glanced over and caught Lincoln’s frustrated eye.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s supposed to mean you usually don’t care about anyone. Not that they won’t talk to you or anything.” Asher said. “You like her.”

Lincoln didn’t say a word before following Shawn up the street. Asher laughed, loving the feeling of getting under his skin. Sweet revenge for all those years when they were kids.


All the way to the apartment Shawn was trying to calm Veronica down. Apparently she was yelling at Aiden about something. It was hard to really know if she actually saw him or if she was just insane, hallucinating the whole thing. In the lobby Janice was very confused.

“What’s got into her?” she demanded of Lincoln when they started following the girls of the stairs.

“One too many down the hatch,” Lincoln lied easily. “She’ll be fine. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Yes.” She replied. “I’m sure you have the best remedies for drunkenness.”

Lincoln gave her a look but decided to just drop it. Shaking his head he rounded the split staircase.

“Shut up already! I get it!” Veronica shouted and pulled away from Shawn’s grasp forcefully, almost stumbling back down the stairs. Lincoln caught her arm but she ripped away from him too. All three of them just stared at her as she spoke to thin air.

“I thought we weren’t going to,” she whispered sadly. Her face was convulsed in utter reluctance and guilt. Lincoln didn’t like the way he felt helpless in fixing it, especially when he could simply burn some bones and make this all go away. It was just too much drama. Veronica shook her head. “I don’t care! She shouldn’t have to!”

“Shouldn’t have to?” Shawn asked and came forward with caution. Reaching out she showed real concern and fear for her friend and for a moment Lincoln was sure they would work this all out. Girls were good at touchy feely talking stuff. They’d have this under control. “Veronica tell me. Come on. We tell each other everything.”

Veronica slowly shook her head. “No we don’t.”

“What do you mean?”

Lip trembling Veronica couldn’t even look her best friend in the eyes. But they were best friends. Lincoln didn’t understand when was going on.

“I wanted to protect you. You didn’t need to know…Aiden…He wanted you happy…”

“You’re scaring me, Veornica,” Shawn finally touched her hand lightly to Veronica’s shoulder. “Just tell me.”

A tear fell but the grief was enormous in those brown eyes. Lincoln was transfixed, waiting for whatever she said, so confused and lost. What was going on in that head of hers?

With a breath Veronica locked eyes with Shawn and suddenly set her jaw determinedly. She was going to say it. Lincoln didn’t blink.

“It’s my fault Aiden’s dead.”


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