Twin Fang

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Josie Shawly is an average girl, living in an average town, with an averageish family. Nearly everything in her life is normal and average, until 3 siblings move in next door, their parents are nowhere to be found and they are all intensely beautiful. The twins Aiden and Mason both seemingly fall for Josie and her averageness. But will she like what she discovers about them, and which of the boys really like her. Will she find out who wants to date her and who wants to eat her, before its too late?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Twin Fang

Submitted: July 12, 2014

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Submitted: July 12, 2014



"Josie," Mum shouts from the landing. "Josie, wake up, the neighbors are moving in today, get up and come with us to meet them. Josie I won't tell you twice!" She shouts obviously getting frustrated at the tired groaning mess of a daughter she has. 
My room is one of three bedrooms, one for mum and dad, and one for my stupid little brother, who don't get me wrong I love with all my heart, but he really is as dumb as a brick sometimes, he's only two years younger, and he plays rugby for the school team.
There are also two different rooms upstairs, one is a bathroom and the other is my mums studio. Then we have a kitchen as any normal family would, and another bathroom downstairs. Their is a basement but none of us goes down there.
My room is a typical 16 year old girls room, well typical for these days, I have posters of all my favorite bands and heart throbs, yes one of them is Andy Biersack, I mean dem eyes doe. There is a window at the end of my bed, my curtains are covered in fairies, hey its a childhood thing I could never bring myself to change. And my double bed is up against the back of the room, tucked away just how I like it.
There is a desk next to my mahogany wardrobe, and a few photos of my friends and family. The walls are purple and my carpet is a darker shade of purple. Its fairly small but I love it that way, I'm kind of the opposite of claustrophobic. I love being outside, I feel free when I'm outside, but I also love confind spaces.
"Ok, Ok I'm up just give me a minute, ok?" I mutter lazily pulling the sheet of my My Chemical Romance quilt back. Half of me just wants to stay in bed, the other half would settle on sliding off of the bed and crawling down stairs, but I have to do the normal thing and just stand up.
"Come on legs do this one thing for me today, just stand up, come on," I whisper looking down at my long slightly tanned legs. I actually manage to get one out of bed, And then slowly the other, wow what a triumph today, I think smiling to my tired self.
Mum screams up for me again and I throw on a long bring me the horizon shirt and pink monster slippers. "I'm coming, god you don't have to shout all the time, it would probably be more effective if you just asked nicely, seriously." I say stomping angrily down the long staircase that reaches down into the front room.
Weird I know, but mum and dad are both art people, mum paints and sells portraits and landscape, and dad runs an art museum In London, so he's hardly ever here. The cream walls of my front room are inviting but some of the portraits and other pieces of art dotted around the place, makes me feel a little bit uneasy, to my parents disappointment I am the opposite of into art.
"You are not wearing that!" Mum says holding on to a shriek of disgust. I shrug and move past her. "Who says I even wanted to come today?" I ask grabbing a piece of toast from the kitchen table, and sitting on the counter. 
"Josie, please don't be difficult today, ok, I want to make a good impression on the neighbors, just give me that. Please  go up stairs and get changed into something more appropriate." I watch her for a while, slowly eating my piece of toast, and tapping my free hands fingers against the counter.
When I have devoured the whole thing I look up into her brown eyes. "Fine." I mutter brushing past her and running up the long set of stairs. I run into my room the last one on the right, and grab a pair of red and black checkered leggings, then my black converse.
I grab a hair band from the desk and pull my  middle length brown hair up into a ponytail. Then after applying some black eyeliner I run back down stairs. "Better?" I ask holding my arms out questioningly.
 "It will do," Mum answers her arms folded as she looks along my length, she probably sees that I am fairly tall with middle length brown hair, hazel eyes that go green in the summer and a thin frame. I'm pretty normal, I'm not that attractive, and  I'm defiantly not the most popular girl in the school, but I get by in the world, listening to my music and writing songs. 
I have a smallish orange brown Yamaha guitar with steel strings and a lovely brown and red pattern surrounding the centre of the guitar. I hope to be in a band but I can't find anyone at school that plays anything other than guitar. One guy played the drums but he was awful. 
"Are you ready to go meet the neighbors?" Mum asks looking out of the kitchen window, the window that illuminates the room, making it an art piece in its own. I look over my mums shoulder, I can vaguely make out a girl holding a box and two boys still lifting things out of their massive house moving truck. 
"I guess," I mumble I would like a better view. "Ok lets go over then." She says sighing and standing up straight, probably preparing herself. We walk out of our house with my brother and Buddha the Chihuahua walking behind us. I fiddle  with a piece of my  free hair as I try to get a better view at the boys.
Mum stops just out side of the gate and smiles over at the gorgeous blonde girl that walks out and smiles at us. "Hi," mum shouts. "My name is Mia Shawly, I'm your neighbor." Smiling over at  the girl who is at least 21, and has to be some sort of model. She is tall and thin, her long blonde hair reaching the middle of her back, and her eyes a pale blue that stands out above everything else.
I can actually hear my brother panting behind me. "Oh and these are my kids, Josie Shawly and Liam Shawly." She says rubbing my shoulder in a loving motherly way. I shrug her off of me and glance other at the boy walking out of the house.
He stops and stares at me his bright green eyes  glaring into mine, he then looks up at the girl and them back down at me. "My name is Elina Roser, and this is my brother, Aiden and my other  brother is still in the house, his name is Mason. Aiden grunts a hi, still looking at me with his hands in his black skinny jean pockets. 
His longish spiky black hair makes him look like he could be a rock star, and his pale skin and bright green eyes make him gorgeous. I can't take me eyes from his and mum obviously notices that and shoves me sending me a -  its rude to stare -  look. Someone then walks up to him, I can't see his face because he has his back to me.
Aiden says something to him, causing him to turn round and stare at me too. This guy, now this guy is stunning. He has exactly the same eyes as Aiden, but his hair is long and brown not black, he has a few blue streaks in his hair, and his smile would make any girl swoon. I have to stop myself from panting as well.
He walks closer to us pulling his brothers hand as he does. "Hi," he says, his voice smooth like chocolate. "My name is Mason, and this is my twin brother Aiden." He says smiling mostly at me, but taking a few glances at the rest of the family.
He comes up to shake our hands, shaking mums first, but before he can Buddha goes crazy, yapping his yellow fur off, he growls at him, causing Mason to stand back, and glare at the dog. Liam picks the little dog up and comforts him.
"Oh, I am so sorry Mason, Buddha isn't usually like this, he is getting quite old now, I'm so sorry." Mum says as her hands fly up to her face in embarrassment. Mason glares at the dog until he is gone into the house with Liam. But as soon as the silly little dog has gone, he is back to normal smiling at me again.
He shakes my mums hand first, sending her a -  I'm the perfect child smile - that every mother wants to see.  She smiles back at him looking at me as if to say, please marry him, do it for me. I roll my eyes at her then blush as he moves to me. A sultry smile playing at his full definitely kissable lips.
He shakes my hand and introduces himself to me, I introduce myself back but I can't help but steal a glance at his brother scowling behind him. I'm not to sure if he is scowling at me or his brother. "You don't really look like twins." I say glancing back and forth at Aiden and Mason. Mason smiles but Aiden just shrugs and looks over at his sister, who is now having a fairly boring conversation with my mum.
"Well we did, but then Aiden dyed his hair and got piercings," I look back over at Aiden just now noticing the snake bits hanging from his lower lip. "And then he spiked his hair, if you could see a picture of us a few years back you would see how similar looking we really are." He smiles looking over his shoulder at his brother. 
"So Josie, what school do you go to?" He asks still holding my small hand. "Um Westpoint high." I mutter looking at our entwined hands. "Oh cool, we will be going there soon too." He says looking over at his still scowling brother.  "Isn't that right Aid?" He says, Aiden shrugs his shoulders and mutters back "I guess." His voice is different to his brothers its more clouded. Masons is light and smooth, but Aiden's is rich and clouded. 
Mum pats my shoulder and whispers that we need to go home now. So I say goodbye to both the boys and go to walk home, but Mason still has my hand in his and doesn't let go. He leans forward, his body close to mine, and whispers, "I will see you at school then." I nod my head in reply and he lets go of my hand, watching me as I walk back into my house.
Before I walk inside I catch a glimpse of a smile on Aiden's face, before he runs back into his new house.

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