Forgiving not to Forget

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Suprises!

Submitted: June 21, 2010

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Submitted: June 21, 2010



Okay Jane think I said to myself as I worked on the math project I was supposed to be working on with Garret but he had plans with the one and only queen bee in our school Chelsea it drive me insane how she could touch him like that and kiss him and all that stuff. I knew I couldn’t have him and she rubbed it in every girls face that liked Garret. Then the doorbell rang interrupting my thoughts. I ran down the stairs and opened the door. That’s when I saw the bitch. My sister Dianna I bit the side of my cheek.
“Hey bunny “she said like she didn’t do anything to me. I yelled for my mom and she came down “what is it Hun I am busy right now” when she looked up I could tell she was happy but mad and had very conflicted feelings toward my sister I even hating thinking that she was. “What do you want Dianna” I said sounding harsher than excepted. “Oh nothing I thought I would drop by I mean we after all are family aren’t we bunny?” I wanted to kill her I wanted to wrap my hands around her petite little neck and strangle her was that so wrong.  “Darling are you going to be staying in your room” my mom asked like she never did anything to pull up the roots of this family and change everything for me. “Jane can you go fix her bed for me please” my mom said I couldn’t believe she was even letting her stay this was insane after what she let happen to me. “Okay “I say and walk upstairs into a room I never go in.
Dianna’s POV
 My little sister looked the same but not so innocent anymore I felt bad about what I did and I hated what I did to her and put her through I feel completely and utterly guilty I was just trying to survive and I was so ashamed about what I did and saw her go through. But I only felt bad for myself at the time and nothing else matter. Even my little sister I was trying to protect from the world but the thing is I didn’t and now I  am going to pay for it karma’s a bitch and so am I “ Mom I am so sorry for barging in like this Derek is doing it again. “He is hitting you again isn’t he?” my mom asked disappointment in her voice.  
“Yeah mom and I am tired of it the police never do anything they say there is not enough evidence “aren’t the bruises enough” my mother asks.”  I can’t get away I try but he always butters me up and says he won’t do it and last he kept his promise he didn’t hit me until about a week ago it has been a year he lost his job and got drunk I came in and he was lying on the couch I tripped an fell on him  he told me I needed to watch were I going and I was useless and that I was such a klutz and it was all my fault and he punched me”. The tears came and my mom hugged me we sat on the couch for the longest time. I missed my mom and I wish it would last forever.
Jane’s POV
As I listened to my sister and mom talking I had no idea Derek and her have been dating since high school but she never told anyone yeah they had alto of tension but I had no idea. I mean I hate her for what she did but she was my sister and hearing say it I didn’t know what to do maybe it wasn’t her fault after all maybe it was the son of a bitch Derek.

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