I Hate Loving you

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The day Kaylynn Montriel went to her best friends birthday party in 4th grade she has hated G's older brother Ricky. But as she get's older they become somewhat teasing each other or in other words he gets on her very last nerve but she always can't wait to see him

But then Jack her crush doesn't even really notice her when she starts to take Ricky's attention as liking her she becomes obsessed with it when she realizes she is very stuck up in her own things to even realize her best friend Genavev needs comfort when her boyfriend Hale had just broke up with her for some slut on the cheerleading team. Then continues to flaunt his new girlfriend in her face but as Kaylynn get's more into her best friends brother does she finally realize that her own family is having some of it's own probablem's as she get's more stuck up in her own imaginary game of cat and mouse she never realizes what she has right infront of her

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I Hate Loving you

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010



I lay there on the fold out couch/bed listening if anyone is up when I only hear breathing I decided I had to go to the bathroom I climb over my friend G and stepped on Vicky's hair in the process she moan's and then continues mumbling about her dream. Mary I notice is missing I look around to find her sitting up reading her messy brown hair in her face I had always been jealous of, so pin straight and all she looks up and smile's.
"I though I was the only person up" she said and got up her skinny body stretching it was so not fair I think to myself she could be a model 5ft 8 frame
"Oh yeah me, I have to pee" I say quietly laughing I bet I looked a wreck I hear a snort some from G and she turn’s over I was so jealous of her hair to is that bad? Her blonde hair falling into its perfect curls framing her face.
"Umm okay to much information my dear friend” Mary says and she walks over jumping on G to get her up she says
"Get off if you know what’s good for you Marylyn Elizabeth Jenson" she said in a feline growl as she pushed Mary off and I knew I should duck out before I got dragged in.
I was washing my hands when I hear a familiar voice “Oh god” I mumbled to myself as I hear Mary giggle and G say “Get away Ricky"
I walked into to find Ricky shirtless and throwing a pillow at Mary she totally loved him I swear you should see her look at G’s brother it is SO sickening I hate him so much he turns around like I said it out loud and I smirk at him
if looks could kill he would already be dead G was giving Mary and him death looks Ricky throws the pillow he is holding at his sister G and walks past me stopping to shove my shoulder with his shoulder and licked his lips ,what a dick. I go sit by G. "Why is your brother the most disgusting thing on earth?”"I don’t know. Why do people drool?" she says laughing “He isn't that bad" Mary says but G gives her that I will kill you if you say my brother is hot look which most sister’s have It was silent well other than Vicky snoring

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