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Life was normal well, as normal as it could get for Amber, but one thing she didn't count on was falling into a world of darkness.
Will Amber really be able to return to her 'normal' life or is she born to live in the darkness?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - love after death

Submitted: August 09, 2012

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Submitted: August 09, 2012



Chapter 1

I could hear people screaming my name, the faint outline of their bodies hovered over me franticly. I turned my head slightly and saw the outline of someone standing in the distance then sighed only to feel a sharp pain run through the right side of my neck then down the centre of my spine, I screamed out in pain then jerked upward and felt someone place their hand on my forehead then push me back down gently into what seemed thick water that surrounded me, I sobbed and began to wonder how I let my life become this way.

It was a freezing September morning, I had been awaken by my father shouting up the stairs telling me to get my lazy ass out of bed otherwise I'm going to be late, I sighed then turned onto my back thinking of the dream I had or should I say nightmare as I was thinking I started to fall back asleep when my step-mum walked into the room and opened the curtains.

I sat up quickly only to be stunned by the brightness of the morning sun and lay back down as quickly as I sat up and pulled the covers over my head and sighed,

Mum, I'm up now get out.” She just snickered to herself and mumbled,

well, get out of bed and start getting ready, otherwise your dad is going to come up.” she was right I heard my dad slowly walking up the stairs, I jumped out of the bed and walked into the bathroom without looking too scared of my dad, but I could hear my step-mum laughing as the left my room.

You see my Dad isn't nasty he's actually really nice but when it comes to me he is very serious to make I work to my full potential and when I do step out of line he doesn't really have to say or do anything he just has this really intimidating look on his face, other than that my dad is best dad in the whole world.

My step-mum is amazing. She is so down to earth and knows what to do and say at exactly the right time when my dad doesn't.

After I had a shower I sat in front of my dresser and clicked play on my I-pod which was attached to the docking station and stared at my reflection in the mirror as I brushed my hair. I was trying to decide whether I should re-dye it, shrugging my shoulders at the decision before blow drying it, my hair was turquoise blue and came a fair few inches past my shoulders. The straighteners were ready just after my hair was fully dry, Giving me time to get dressed. I decided I was going to wear my white Bullet for my valentine band T-shirt with green Skinny jeans.

Studying my reflection in the mirror, I carefully began to style my hair. Half way through, though, I thought I heard someone at my window calling my name. Freaked me out but it would have been impolite to not take a look...If there was someone there...Odd. It made me giggle to myself and think about the fact that I'm on the second floor of my house. So I just settled down again.

Just finished fixing my hair when I heard a subtle knock from downstairs, followed by the husked tone of my Dad “Amber, Luna's here!” She was already sat in my room, just slumped on the bed.

I spun round on my desk chair, facing her with a grin and a giggle “Hey, you're early.”

I know right I'm Shocked too.” She blurted into laughter too at this time. You see Amber has a habit of being late to things nearly all the time. But not today, oddly enough. I stood up and ran into the bathroom to grab my deodorant, spray it madly all over myself then hurried into my room, throwing it into my bag that was readily open, I followed after, slouching beside the bag to check inside. Luna had noticed the straighteners (as she usually did) and didn't hesitate to take them to her hair. I gave her a side glance every now and then;

Her hair was black and white, short at the back, long at the front with a swept fridge. She got the style from an Anime called Ghost in The Shell. Major, was the character's name. Luna tended to wear Steam-punk inspired clothing; Only one word to describe her...'Crazy'.

After Luna had finished doing her hair, I grabbed my I-pod and earphones before racing down stairs to pull on my doc's. Now, we were just about leave.

Amber! Have you eaten yet?” The question was religiously asked each morning, and as always, I gave the response:

No not yet I'm not hungry.” Followed with a sigh.

I don't care get in here and eat now!” she cooed, with that twist of concern it always had. The bag slipped from my arm, legs instinctively spurred me into the kitchen where Dad was drinking his morning coffee whilst watching the repeat of the formula 1 on the TV. My step-mum was aside him.

I leaned over my Step-mums shoulder to get some toast just as she shouted to Luna “Luna dear, have you eaten this morning?”

Yes thank you, Elisa” Luna called back, They were close, Luna and my parents, because I had known her since the beginning of high school. Made me smile to think of those years, made her smile to notice. Running through the hallway to my Dad shouting at the TV, I giggled and left the house with Luna.

At the end of the path I threw my bag on my back and linked arms with Luna who was fixing her coat through her pockets, she looked straight ahead and began to mumble “Amber do you know you're not doing anything tonight ...” I snapped a cautious look at her.

Oh, yeah, why?”

well I kinda got a friend who I haven't seen for a while who I met again yesterday in college, and we haven't seen each other in ages so we were talking...”

OK, Luna just get to the point please.”

well he's having a party to celebrate starting college and he said we are invited.” Luna explained rushed by my words.

I just shook my head, and sighed “OK, let me think about it and I will tell you at lunch.” Luna just jumped up and down really excited and kept thanking me.

She carried on talking about the guy whose name was Eric up until we got to the entrance of the college and we had to part ways because Luna was taking English Literature and philosophy and I was taking Art, Photography and History. As friends, our academic studies were completely different, though were both of art. For the morning we studied completely different classes, then in the afternoon we had Art today we were going to carry on with the paintings we started yesterday whilst the tutor 'Emma' explained how we use our feelings, influences to create our Art and how to use different techniques in our paintings.

I looked over my canvas just for a second and looked around the room, on the very far side I saw a guy leaning back on his chair,not really paying attention to his painting. I couldn't see him properly but he looked like a piece of art himself in the sense that he was delicately carved by angels in crystal. I shook it off, had to stay focused. Luna was snickering at me, probably noticed.

At lunch I couldn't get the image of the boy leaning back on his chair out on my head. I sat at the table in front of Luna and pulled out my lunch box which was full of sushi with a pair of pink chopsticks at the side, but couldn't bring myself to eat. Luna sat aside me, just talking about morning classes, what we had watched on TV, y'know, the usual. present batman films was a hot topic of ours.

We must have been talking for about half an hour before we were interrupted by a tall guy at least 6ft 5in who sat next to Luna. His hair was choppy, short, dirt blonde and his face was...Well, not that appeasing.

He put his arm around her playfully, only to be punched in the side. He moved his arm and laughed then turned to face me and reached out his hand for a high five “Hey, you must be Amber heard a lot about you!” I was slightly confused about how he had heard about me then I remembered the conversation with Luna earlier “Yeah, you must be Eric, nice to meet you heard quite a bit about you too...”I then gave him a brief quick high five, and went back to eating my sushi.

He had been at the table for quite a while but I had kinda got used to him being there and even joined in with him and Luna in a conversation about our favourite Anime series, but then he trailed off “Oh yeah, can you guys make it to the party tonight?”

I looked at Luna, hoping for a reassuring smile or something on those lines. But instead, she put the pressure on me

well, Amber said she would think about it. So. Yeah, totally!”

I Flicked some paper at Luna then looked at Eric “yeah we shall be their, just tell us where and when.”

Eric smiled and wrote down the time and address on a piece of torn paper and handed it to Luna then we went back to our previous conversation, but I had to leave for class so I briefly hugged Luna and waved bye to Eric and left them sitting at the table.

When I got back to the classroom no one was there yet apart from the guy I had seen earlier. He was still sitting in the same place as he was before but this time he was painting, he seemed very passionate in what he was painting, I couldn't help but look at the serious expression he had on his face, it was..Enchanting. I tried to tread quiet as I took a glimpse at what he was painting. He seemed to notice my attempts, turning the canvas ever so slightly away from my sights.

It shocked me a little, made me blush from embarrassment. Without a word, I drifted off to my place. As soon as I did, everyone came flooding into the room, including Luna, who came in last and flicked my cheek before sitting behind me. I was too deep in thought to react, it made me wonder what could it be that he is painting to be such a secret.

I sighed and just carried on painting but my eye's kept diverting into his direction...Odd. I could hear the sound of paint brushes on peoples canvas's and slight chatter, Luna giggled everytime I glanced at the guy but time just seemed to disappear and before I knew it, it was time to leave to part ways with Luna for our extra curricular classes.

These were for when we had spare time, our 'me' time. Luna did Equine studies, she's always loved horse's even from when we were little, I on the other hand did Japanese Archery. The uniforms were incredibly sophisticated, I loved it, but that boy...He was on my mind, made me miss the target a few times...

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