Bound By Blood : Lovers

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Rewriting the first few chapter of this story , just wanted to post what i had so far ^^

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: May 19, 2011

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Submitted: May 19, 2011



the petite teen walked down the crowded streets of new york. It was rush hour so the streets were just as crowded as ever. a sigh escaped her lips as she walked into her father's coffee shop. After two excruciating hours of dance and 3 more hours of training, it could really make a girl tired. she greeted her father who in return just waved and resumed his work.
She walked towards the back of the shop, into her own personal mini office, (that she loved so dearly), and changed into her designated uniform.
It consisted of a black vest with her name tag on the right pocket and a black apron decorated in designs Carmela made.
she couldn't help but laugh at the thought of her fashion-crazed friend.

The girl, by the name of Pandora Raylene Alkaev, reached up and tied her hair back with a thick brown hair tie. She tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ear. Quietly walking behind her father ,she picked up her much abused notepad and attended the daily customers. There weren't very many today, considering it was a Monday, and most people don't have time to stop by on Mondays which was perfectly fine with her. Less people means working less hours, and less hours means more sleep time. That idea brought a smile to her face.

She suddenly felt a tug at her apron and she snapped out of her day dream. She looked down to see a little boy, no older looking than 5. She sighed and thought to herself, "Why do I feel an omnious feel to this boy?" she quickly shoved that thought to the back of her mind. Telling herself it was probably the taco she ate earlier, she crouched in front of the little boy and asked "What can I do for you little guy?" She patted the boys head.
The little boy said nothing but took her hand, and started leading her out the door.

Her father turned to her and gave her a questioning look, "U-uh, honey, where are you going ?" His eyes rested on the boy for awhile then averted back to his daughter. She just gave him a confused look, meaning she was just as confused as he was. He excused himself from a costumer he was attending to and followed after his daughter who seemingly disapeared into the dark alley.
He inwardly panicked, but turned around to find his daughter and the little boy talking to a woman. She was rather tall, with a petite frame, long wavy blond hair and porcelian skin that seemed to gleam oddly in the sunlight.
The woman thanked Pandora and walked away with her son.
As soon as Pandora turned around, she met the hard gaze of her father. He wanted an explanation and he wanted it now.

"What was that about ?" Orion, her father, asked Pandora as she wiped down the tables.

"What? he asked for help in finding his mother." She didn't get why he was so infuriated. Was there something wrong with helping little lost boys?

Her father sighed "Just promise me, you'll be more careful around strangers. Whatever age they are, they cant be trusted so easily."

Whenever her father got serious like this, she would always obey whatever he had to say, whether she was against it or not.

"Yes Father."

The chilly winter wind picked up as the two walked home, her purple plaid trench coat blew in the wind revealing what she wore underneath, a cream colored turtle neck dress, with black leggings and white boots. With the help of Carmela, she assembled this outfit. Without her, she would be a walking disaster.
Pandora and her father would always walk home from the shop, it was too much of a hassle to go by car, plus they didn't live that far, just a few blocks. She didn't mind the walk, it gave her some quality time with her father and she was sure her father appreciated their time together.

Her father chuckled and Pandora gave him a questioning look.
He smiled "Wonder where your brother passed out tonight?" He said as he unlocked the door to their apartment. The apartment was a decent size for a three member family, it had 3 bedrooms, (thank god), 2 baths, living room , kitchen and dining room. Pandora's room had a balcony that gave her the view of the beautiful city. Her room was a decent size for her, not too small and not too big.

"I bet he fell asleep on the floor again, god knows how he ends up there and not his bed." She joked, she loved her brother but sometimes he was a mystery to her.

She and her father entered and were surprised to not find Adam laying on the floor, but they could hear his soft snores coming from down the hall. They both laughed and got themselves ready for a well deserved nap.

Pandora entered her room to not only find her puppy on her bed , asleep, but also her mother's necklace on the floor.
She pouted "How did you end up on the floor?" She carefully picked it up and placed it back in her mothers-used-to-be jewlery box. After her mother's death, most of her belongings went to Pandora. She treasured everything from her mother, believing her mothers love was in all of them. She treasured the locket the most, it had a photo of her mother and her, as well as her late brother, who she never got to know.
She heard stories from Adam that his name was Nazar, it was a name her mother loved other than Pandora.
"I have very vague memories of them both, which deeply saddens me." She thought to herself as she plopped down on her bed, thinking to herself.
"Ugh, I still gotta change." She groaned as she slowly got off of her soft bed and changed into her pajamas, people would wonder why she's wearing shorts during the cold winter nights but she refuses to wear the dreaded pants. She claims they make her feel fat, and besides she feels more comfortable with shorts on.
She slowly pulled the tie out of her hair, letting her chocolate colored hair cascade past her shoulders, and down her back. "Man, I need a haircut." She thought to herself as she brushed her hair. As soon as she was done, she plopped back into her warm cozy bed and fell fast asleep with her puppy Nyx, sleeping under the covers, next to her stomach. Sleep was all she ever needed these days to stay on high alert...especially during school.

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