Lost Planet

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Its about a crew of 3 (Astronauts) taking the first trip to outer space in 2 decades. When they crash into some mysterious planet with Life form on it

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lost Planet

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010




I Captain Crusoe have just boarded aircraft Zenon 5 with my crew. We’re astronauts from Seattle living in the 25th Century. Its Dooms day in about 3 days and we were set off Earth to look for a planet with life on it, our main NASA base was attacked by German Terrorists and we are now the first in two decades to set off into outer space. “Crusoe! We’ve been hit by a Mini meteoroid on the left wing!” yelled Jack our Space Co-ordinator. The alarms were flashing red blinding us and making it harder for us to see where our ship was landing! “Hold on tight boys!” I shouted while holding onto a metal pole from one of the bunk beds. After a few hours I woke up to the massive producing of blood from one of my cuts on my left knee. The pain was agonising and terrible from the crash “Jack...Rooney!” I shouted. I lifted my head looking around, I couldn’t hear anybody I only noticed the beautiful forest just past the vast meadow of Purple Flowers…with teeth…..and eyes. I gently lifted myself to my knees while holding onto the side of the aircraft. While leaning onto the Zenon 5 I inspected the crash site looking for something similar to a walking stick, I managed to find the same pole that I held onto while the aircraft was falling (chuckles still feeling the pain). I shuffled close to one of my crew members Rooney, I knelt down and put my finger on his neck checking his pulse to see if he was alive…..nothing was pumping “oh Rooney, I told you the things you would face” I whispered. I glanced to my left hearing something moving through the rummage, “who’s there, come out!” I shouted, almost the whole planet could hear my shouts.

I heard a groan from under the rummage; it sounded like Jack so I limped over and helped pull some of the metal off him. “Captain! Thank you, but where’s Rooney?” he asked me, I didn’t answer and helped Jack up. (BOOM) out of nowhere the aircraft was pulled or sunken into the ground, we stood there stunned, we heard a moan and we knew it wasn’t good. Jacked lifted me and began running towards the forest beside the meadow with Purple Carnivores. Jack placed me down beside a tree while we watched the ground sink into the……ground. After a few breaths me and Jack travelled into the dark forest.

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