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Faith's got a new friend.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 2: New Friend

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011




Faith’s POV:

“I know this really sounds weird, but… I want to be your friend. And. And. Uhm. I’m Steve, by the way.” He extended his hand like he wanted to shake hands with me.

My eyes widened, surprised. Are you kidding me? Like who wouldn’t know you?! Oh, and on second thought… Steve Grant wants to be my friend?! That’s surely more shocking!

Chapter 2

Faith’s POV:

I blinked my eyes three times. No way is Steve Grant talking to me. We’ve been classmates for years now but I can count with my fingers (one hand) how many times he talked to me and those include the times when he asked me something that is academics related or the times when he mistook me for someone else. That is why I can’t believe that he is in front of me and what’s more is that he wants to be my friend. He must have sensed my disbelief because he opted to clear his throat again telling her that this was definitely for real.

“Hey. I’m not forcing you if you don’t want to be friends with me.” He said sounding unsure, and he looked… cute.

We have been classmates for years, yes, I’m sorry for bringing this up all over again but… this is the first time that I have seen him up close and well, longer than 3 seconds or 5. And boy is he gorgeous. Sorry, I can’t help it. He’s totally handsome - the boy next door type of attractiveness. He has this short dark brown curly hair. He towers over me at about 5’9” or 5’10”. His nose is slightly crooked and he has a cleft chin that is so adorable on him. And his smile is dazzling. No wonder he gets all the girls that he wants.

He must have seen me checking him out since he was now wearing a mocking but totally innocent smirk. I don’t know how he did that. I lowered my head as I felt myself starting to blush. I reminded myself that he was just looking for a friend. In all of my 16 years of living, I haven’t looked at a guy in a romantic way. I’ve never even thought of being in a relationship. I know! I’m weird, but, hey, I’m just wired that way. However, staring at him now changed all of these. The thought of being romantically involved with someone doesn’t sound so bad at all. Oh God. I’m sure that I’m just overanalyzing things. Since he talked to me and stuff like that, I’m starting to think of things that I shouldn’t. I really wish Princess was here to smack me in the head.

So before I start creeping him out, I decided that it won’t hurt to be his friend. It doesn’t mean that there’d be a lot of changes. I’ll just have a new friend. That’s all. Even if this friend is one hot popular guy who hasn’t acknowledged my existence until now. This is totally normal, right?

“Sorry, it was just that… this is really unbelievable, and I know that you know that. But… if you really are sincere with this friendship thing, it won’t hurt, right?” my tone really showed that I needed a reassurance. But before he could answer to that, Princess entered the room.

“Faith, what are you still doing there? My mom –“ Princess stopped with a questioning look on her face.

“Hi Princess,” he said, oblivious of the look Princess was throwing at me.

“Hello Steve,” Princess responded but then immediately looked at me. “What’s going on?”

“Well, Steve here was just asking if we could be friends,” what I really said sounded unsure that Princess raised an eyebrow to say that she wasn’t buying this. I threw her a please-don’t-start look. I knew she was about to tell me to stop this crap and don’t even dare mingle with the likes of Steve – you know, the popular ones or to be more specific, the playboys.

“Yes, I was asking her that,” Steve seconded as if hearing the uncertainty in my voice.

Before Princess can talk back, I interrupted her. “I told him it was okay since it won’t hurt having new friends, right?” I looked at her and hoped that she would just let this one slide, just for now.

“Oh okay,” she said. I sighed in relief. Princess tends to be overprotective at times since she knows how inexperienced I am when it comes to boys. It’s sweet at times, but there are also times when I think she’s going overboard.

“So, we have to go Steve, see you tomorrow,” I started walking to the door, pulling Princess along with me. But as I was about to leave, I remembered something which made me stop for a second. “I’m Faith, by the way,” smiling as I looked at him.

“Yeah. I know,” and with that he gave me a sweet smile. Oh, a sweet friendly smile. I should remind myself constantly. +1 to my to-do list.

Princess’ POV:

“What was that about?” I whispered to Faith as we were talking at the back seat. My mom, Vivian Williams was driving our car while my sister, Lily, who is happily engaged (totally irrelevant, sorry), was on the front seat.

“I already told you! He just wants to be my friend,” she told me while emphasizing the word friend.

“C’mon. Steve Grant? Friends with a girl? That’s totally ridiculous!,” I raised the volume of my voice slightly.

“Yeah. I know. But that’s what he told me. And I don’t want to assume anything just because of his reputation and reject his offer of friendship,” she answered wearily.

I get her. But hey, this is Steve Grant we’re talking about. However, what’s done is done. There is no more use arguing about this stuff. I can’t help but wish that she was more experienced about boys.

“Fine. But please promise me that you’d be careful, ‘kay? Don’t fall for his charms and don’t you ever trust him completely. Who knows what he is planning to do to you,” I tried not to think of the things that he can do this naïve girl. Well, he’ll have to face me if tries anything to hurt her.

“Yeah. I already know that. Thank you for caring,” she smiles at me leaving me no choice but to smile back at her.

“You’re totally in danger, do you know that? I can totally tell just by seeing the weird kind of face you had when you were looking at him,” I warned her but my tone teasing.

“I didn’t have a weird look on my face!” she snapped but immediately looked down when she realized that she was talking out loud – loud enough to catch my mom’s and my sister’s attention.

I can’t help but laugh at her blushing face.

Faith’s POV

What is Princess talking about? There wasn’t anything between us. No way would he possibly go for me. I’ve known him all these years, and I very well know what type of girl he likes. He’d go for those sexy hot blondes. All his past girlfriends have those heavy front loads, if you know what I mean. If I were placed beside them, I’d look like a stick. No kidding. I’m not even gorgeous. But I have to say that I’m also not ugly. I have eyeglasses that I have worn since 4th grade. That is why there is no reason for Princess to consider this as a big deal, ‘cause there is no freaking way that there would be him and me.

When I arrived at my house which is ridiculously 5 minutes away from school by car and more or less 15 to 20 by feet, I thanked Vivian and said goodbye to them. This has always been our routine. As Vivian goes home from work, she picks us from school and sends me home. During our first year, Princess also offered to pick me up in the morning but I rejected it since it’s the only time when I can do some exercise – yeah, brisk walking to school.

As I walked towards my home, I looked at the garage and saw that dad’s and mom’s cars weren’t there. This only means that they are still at work. At the doorsteps were my little brother’s shoes.

“Daniel,” I called out for him.

“What?” he shouted back with the slight trace of annoyance.

“Nothing! I was just checking you up,” I responded. I smiled as I thought of how much of a brat he is. Oh well, I’ll give him that since he’s only nine.

After I drank a glass of water, I immediately went upstairs to change and get started with my homework. There isn’t much since it’s only the first day of school. Only those terror teachers who are so concerned of their images were the ones who gave us work. After I was done with it, I heard my parents’ cars park in our garage. I went downstairs to welcome them by kissing them on their cheeks.

“How was work dad? Mom?” I smiled at them.

“The usual,” dad answered and looked at my mom.

“Yeah. Same old, same old,” my mom smiled at me.

My dad, George Hill, is a private lawyer. He doesn’t have a lot of clients but just enough to send me and my brother to school. He’s kind of strict but he’s a very good father to me. My mom, Jane Hill, is a nurse at a public hospital. She’s always busy but every time I need her, she’s always been there for me. I know. I’m so lucky to have them.

“So how was your first day of school?” Mom asked me lovingly.

“It was fine. And I think… I made a new friend,” I told them excitedly.

“Wow! Good for you. What’s the name?” mom answered excitedly as if she was influenced by my enthusiasm.

“His name’s Steve Grant,” I grinned.

“Jack Grant’s son?” my dad answered.

“Yeah. How do you know him?” I said, curious.

“Well, he was my client when he filed for a divorce,” he responded nonchalantly.

“Oh,” I whispered. I didn’t know his parents were divorced. He must have taken it bad. That must be the reason why…

“I’m glad you made a new friend,” my mom talked to me as she interrupted my train of thoughts.

“Yeah. I also am,” I replied.

After dinner, I went upstairs and decided to read a book since I don’t have anything to do anymore. But after a few chapters, I felt my eyelids starting to close. And as I drifted to sleep, the last face I saw was Steve’s. I unconsciously smiled.

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