The Moriantes Boy (Incomplete version)

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - The Moriantes Boy Versus Jake Uzena

Submitted: March 08, 2016

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Submitted: March 08, 2016




Chapter- 17- The Moriantes Boy Versus Jake Uzena


“I suppose that every one of us hopes secretly for immortality; to leave, I mean, a name behind him which will live forever in this world, whatever he may be doing, himself, in the next.”

A.A. Milne




Cameron pulled the sweater off

“Not my style,” he said eying the reindeer design all over it

“Figured that,” Jason said. He had already given Cameron a room, and now he brought him to a clothing closet “How many sweaters do you need?” he asked digging into another drawer, Cameron looked at the pile of stuff he`d already claimed; deodorant, shampoo, body wash and, other assorted clothing

“I guess that’s enough,” he confessed

“Finally” Jason grumbled, “let’s get this stuff to your room.” Cameron was glad he did not have to carry his sword around. It was in his room. For some reason, he felt like he should keep a better eye on it. He shrugged the feeling off, The two boys split the load of Cameron`s new stuff and then carried it down the hall. The bathroom was right across from Cameron`s room, everyone in the west hallway used it. When they got to Cameron’s ajar door the bathroom door opened, Carissa walked out of the bathroom in a towel her eyes were shut

“Hey,” Cameron said, she walked down the hall then opened her room door and walked in

“She was meditating,” Jason said

“But she was walking,” Cameron said confused. Jason pushed Cameron’s door open then walked inside, Cameron followed

“you’ll get used to it eventually,” Jason said tossing the pile of clothes on Cameron`s bed “this one time she came out nude” he chuckled “good thing Megan stopped her though.”

“Uh okay,” Cameron said tossing his pile of clothes on the bed he wondered how many times that happened

“Okay,” Jason said heading out of the room “there’s a lot to do here on the island of Flora institution-” Cameron cut him off 

“were on an island?” 

“Yeah,” Jason said matter-of-factly “surrounded by all kinds of shields where the Shinzen can`t detect us.”

“Oh ok,”

“Now there`s a lot to do around here” Jason repeated, “get a job, play some sports,  go sign up for classes I dunno just don’t become an Erik.”

“Who’s Erik?” Cameron asked

“Nobody,” Jason said, “Forget I mentioned him.” He walked out of the room Cameron wondered who his roommates were while he put his clothes in the drawer his bed was the closest to the door there was one farther down along the wall and one by the window on the other side of the room. When he finished, he sat on his bed and picked up his sword it wasn’t cumbersome

He drew it from its sheath and examined the blade there was a strip of glass in the center of the blade all the way to the tip

He put the blade back in its sheath

“I need a smoke,” he muttered

Then the door opened, and Jake walked in

He was not wearing a shirt just his jeans

“You’re my roommate?” Cameron asked setting the sword on his bed

“Get out of my room” Jake demanded

“This is my room too now,” Cameron said, Jake tossed his shirt against the wall “no Zaura to protect you now” he growled Cameron stood up

 “Alright, let’s go then if you hit me hard enough I might stick a few bucks in your pants

“What?-”, but he was cut off when Cameron tackled him, they landed in the hallway Cameron started pummeling Jakes' face. Jake managed to shove him off and was on his feet so fast it was unnatural. Cameron rolled onto his hands and knees just in time to get kicked in the ribs. He fell onto his stomach, and Jake kept kicking. Cameron turned and grabbed Jakes foot mid-swing pulling him off his feet.

“Hey, their fighting!” someone yelled from the living room as Cameron got to his feet. Jake did a kick up to his feet then he rushed at Cameron then he jumped and somersaulted forward, Cameron could’ve sworn Jake was flying, but he wasn’t he was falling at Cameron's feet first; both feet caught Cameron in the face. He fell backwards hitting the floor hard; A few people stood over him chattering away

 "he dead?” a boy asked

“No!” a girls voice said, “He’s looking at us right now!” Cameron got to his feet  seeing stars

“What the hell was that?” Cameron demanded “acrobatics?”

“Shut the hell up” Jake growled, “your just scared cuz you can’t keep up.”

“You need to fly to fight me?” Cameron mocked “pretty lame power if you ask me.”

“I'm not using my power” Jake snapped, “It’s just natural talent.”

“You’re an acrobat?” Cameron asked then burst out laughing,
“Someone get Jason before Jake kills the new guy!” a boy said as if they could do nothing to stop the matter themselves.

“Come at me bro” Cameron put his hands up mocking Jake's fighting stance, Jake charged, but he did not ‘fly’ this time, Cameron sidestepped Jake`s swing then bashed him in the gut. Jake staggered back, and Cameron did not miss a beat he rushed forward grabbing Jake by the shoulder, then he pulled him to him and clocked him in the face. Jake himself against a closed door almost doubling over

“Yeah!” somebody yelled, “kick his ass new guy!” More kids cheered Cameron on

“You’re dead,” Jake growled

“Come on then” Cameron laughed starting to enjoy himself Jake stood up straight holding his left arm out to his side he closed his eyes, –is he going to meditate too? - Cameron thought. Everything went silent except a low continuous hum. Jake`s outstretched arm jerked forward, and the wall to his left split open -His arm cut the wall.-

(Quick fact- Jake`s ability is his arms emit a supersonic hum that solidifies as an invisible blade-like layer around his arm, only his arms can do this)

Cameron`s left hand grew warm as Jake rushed at him -I will kill him- the thought came out of nowhere Cameron did not want to kill Jake, did he?

“Stop, both of you!” Cameron and Jake were both thrown down opposite ends of the hallway Cameron landed on his back right in front of the gathering people he groaned and sat up; Jake did the same down the hall on the other side of Michael “Get ready to leave” Michael said standing tall between the two.

“Leave?” Cameron asked, “dude we were just fighting, and I just got here!”

‘I mean we have an assignment,” Michael said annoyed. Radish`s red head popped through the crowd with Jason following behind him

“Get busy people!” Jason said “nothing to see here, get on with your lives” Cameron stood up as the crowd dispersed

“You mean part of the war?” Cameron asked as Jake walked over noticeably keeping his distance from Cameron.

“What else would we get an assignment on?” Michael asked “now get ready; we're leaving at sunset” Cameron shot Jake a look for no reason aside from feeling like it.

“Did you have to remodel the wall?” Jason whined pointing at the cut along the wall

“where`s Carissa?” Michael asked completely unconcerned. Jake started back to his/Cameron`s room

“gotta love my roommate” Cameron muttered then followed, Jake.





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