The Moriantes Boy (Incomplete version)

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - The Moriantes boy in Fereth City

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Submitted: May 27, 2016



Chapter-23- The Moriantes boy in Fereth City

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step

- Lao Tzu



He remembered swimming, and then something happened he just started sinking, he couldn`t stop himself, the ocean floor was calling him he had to answer, right?

Cameron opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed, he was on solid ground. More like a floor

A man stood over him “you awake son?”

“Dad?” Cameron muttered

“Do I look like your daddy boy?”

Something caught Cameron in the side of the head; it sent him sprawling across the room

Cameron rolled onto his hands and knees apparently; he was just kicked in the face. A large man stood before him, a clear depiction of the word pirate, long messy beard, peg leg, eye patch, he even had the outfit

“Okay you son of a-“Cameron began but was cut off

“Dammit Cameron!” Jake seemed to come out of nowhere, still shirtless “you really can`t go anywhere without pissing somebody off can you?”

“He called me dad!” the pirate complained

“Shut up Blackbeard!” Jake yelled, “I'm yelling at this sonofabitch here! Stay out of it!”

“My name is Bert,” the pirate muttered

“Where are we?” Cameron asked

“Well,” Jake said, “you passed out about half an hour after we started swimming and this guy just happens to be nearby”

“So he gave us a ride?” Cameron asked

The pirate snorted

“Uh sort of” Jake said, “I took him hostage; the rest of his crew is outside”


“What?” Jake asked, “They tried to make us slaves so I ran okay!”

“What the hell do we do now?” Cameron asked, “what if they attack us all at once, then well be screwed!”

“They won`t” Jake said, “I told them if they tried to attack, I’d blow this whole city to hell”

“You can do that?” Cameron asked

“Nope” Jake admitted “but they don’t know that”

“They do now,” Bert the pirate proclaimed victoriously

“How exactly” Jake said “would they know that?”

“While you two were squabbling, I turned on the intercom!”

“What?” Cameron and Jake said in unison

“This building has an intercom?” Jake demanded

 “YO! Get your asses in here and kill these scumbags!” Bert yelled

Cameron and Jake looked at each other in horror

Powerful footsteps and a loud roar shook the room and Cameron`s eyes landed on the only door in the room “What do we do?” he asked

“We fight” Jake said

“What? Are you crazy?”

“I thought I already told you, I'm not going to die”

The footsteps grew closer, the roar grew louder

“Get ready,” Jake, said, “stay behind me”

the door burst open and a wave of pirates charged in

Jake rushed into the crowd and blood flew in all directions

-what the-

A pirate tackled Cameron and they scuffled on the floor until Cameron fired a beam of blue light through the man`s chest

He stopped moving

-I just killed a man-

Cameron aimed into the crowd and fired twin beams of light cutting down a portion of them


Who yelled that? Was that Bert? The beams of light disappeared Cameron hardly realized what had happened when Jake came flying at him

The two boys tumbled across the room

“What the hell man!” Cameron shouted

“There’s a bunch of guys with powers out there,” Jake grumbled sitting back up “and there are so many damn pirates!”

Cameron took in the scene; a few dead pirates lay motionless on the floor, but in the doorway stood what looked like an army

“How many pirates are in your crew?” Cameron asked Bert

The man laughed, “This isn’t just my crew anymore, the whole city probably knows about this by now

“You mean,” Jake, said, “everyone in this city is a pirate?”

“No, just a lot of us here” Bert said, sounding disappointed “but these boys will be enough to kill you!”

The army of pirates roared in agreement

“Why don’t we let bygones be bygones?” Jake pleaded

Cameron`s eyes unwillingly landed on the corpses,

-How many of those people did I kill? - He wondered

“NO!” Bert yelled making Cameron jump “KILL THEM NOW!” then he drew a sword and aimed it at the boys

“Let’s go!” Jake yelled grabbing Cameron`s arm

The Pirates charged into the room

“Isn’t this a bit much?” Cameron whined as Jake Dragged him toward a window

-No no!-

The window shattered when Jake touched it

Then they jumped



Michael's fingers tapped against the table, they had ordered exactly 38 minutes and 54 seconds ago

He, Carissa, and Zaura were eating at a restaurant, Leti Kokos to be precise, personally it was Michael`s favorite restaurant, he would always go to the leti Kokos on a good day back when he lived in Sunland

However, today was not a good day

Carissa removed her glasses for the fifth time, she set them on the table, her eyes were always strange to look at, pure white

“Come on!” Zaura complained, “We’ve been waiting here forever!”

“We have nothing else to do anyways,” Michael said, “the repairman said it would take twelve hours, so we would have to locate motel”

Zaura dropped her head onto the table

“When do we go back for Jake and Cameron?” Carissa asked

Zaura groaned loudly

“We will retrieve them when our mission is complete”

“What if they get killed out there?” Carissa said

Michael brought his fist down on the table “do you think I want to leave him out there!” he yelled, “I would never force Taylor into the hell of having to lose one of her siblings! Jake is a good guy, but I cannot put aside my assignment”

“Hey Michael,” Zaura giggled “we left Cameron too you know”

“He’s dead,” Michael, said, “he hit the water too hard”

 “I don’t believe you” Carissa said “I-”

Michael cut her off “what is it with you?” he asked, “your normally much more controlled than this”

Zaura jumped to her feet

Michael and Carissa looked up to her

“Carissa is right,” Zaura said, a smile growing on her face

“What?” Michael asked

“How do you know” Carissa asked at the same time

Zaura pointed at the window behind the two of them

Michael turned around

What appeared to be an army of pirates charged by outside

More of the people in the restaurant had already noticed

“Those damned pirates who are they chasing now?” a man complained

“Where at?” Carissa asked putting her glasses back on “I don’t see Cameron or Jake”

Zaura giggled again, “They passed by a few seconds ago, they’re the ones getting chased




Cameron ran into a guy, the guy fell over and Cameron kept going

they`d jumped out of a window, but fortunately it was a single story building, unfortunately the pirates followed. The two boys had been running for at least three blocks

“Turn right up ahead!” Jake yelled

The streets were simple, no vehicles just a huge sidewalk lined with buildings, there was probably some name for it, but Cameron could not think of it

They reached an intersection, and ran right, a huge plaza spanned out in front of them, filled with an enormous crowd

“Split up!” Jake said, “Meet me on the other side”

There was a podium in the center of the crowd, and a woman was talking, she had auburn hair cut to her chin, and wore a golden robe, four men stood around her, each of them in royal guard uniforms, the pirates stopped dead in their tracks

(Quick Fact- July 8, which happens to be today, is the scheduled day for the queen of planet Utopia; Jay Shinzen to visit Fereth City)

Jake vanished into the crowd, Cameron followed suite

“What is this” The woman`s voice boomed

Just about everyone in the crowd turned to face the pirates, Cameron did as well

Bert popped out of the army of pirates “Hello my Queen” he said meekly “we were just hunting down some scum”

-This Woman is the Queen of Utopia?-

“No” she said firmly “you were rampaging my streets”

-So if I killed her now-

I wish I could kill Ashley Shinzen with this very sword

That wouldn’t stop them; they’d just enthrone someone else on the spot

Even if he could kill her, Carissa was right; they’d just get somebody else. Even so, Cameron twitched to just fire a beam at her

“What did I tell you about rampaging my streets?” she asked

“Don’t do it” Bert muttered miserably

The Queen stepped off the podium, and the crowd opened up as her and her guards walked toward Bert

A few pirates ran away, but Bert stood his ground

In a few seconds, Bert was face-to-face with the Queen

“Repeat yourself” she demanded, “I didn’t hear you the first time”

“You told us not to” Bert repeated just as miserably as the first time “please spare me!” he begged falling to his knees

The Queen cocked her head to the side, Cameron couldn’t see her expression, but according to Bert`s reaction, it probably wasn’t very merciful

“Please!” he yelled, “please don’t kill me!”

Cameron pushed his way closer to them; he got to the edge of the crowd just when the Queen spoke again

“Do you know why the Shinzen exist?” she asked lowering herself to his eye level

Bert stared at her, pure horror etched on his face; the rest of the pirates had backed a few feet away, ready to run at any second

“Answer me,” the Queen demanded

A look of pride appeared on Bert`s face and he answered

“The Shinzen are here, to control everyone and play princess,” he growled then spit in her face

Everyone in the crowd fell silent, even the other pirates were surprised

-He just spit in the face of the Queen of the planet-

The guards twitched, but the Queen held up her hand to stop them, she wiped her face clean

“Do you want to know why the Shinzen will always be in power?” she asked standing up

Bert opened his mouth to respond, but the Queen cut him off

“Because we show no mercy” then she lowered her hand

In a flash, the guards were on top of Bert, swords swinging, Bert`s head rolled,

Then the Queen turned and faced the crowd “find the two they were chasing!” she yelled “whoever brings them to me will receive a reward, alive: 100 million! Dead: 50 million!” The crowd cheered

Then Cameron ran, he pushed people aside

-Where`d Jake go?-

It took a minute for everyone to realize, there was only one person trying to get away: Cameron

The edge of the crowd was close

“That’s one of them!” somebody yelled, “Get him!”

Cameron broke out of the crowd, just in time to get pointed out

-Great move, Cameron- he scolded himself –make it obvious why don’t you-

The crowd roared a man lunged at him, but Cameron sidestepped him and took off running

He turned down a dark alley, someone blocked his path, before Cameron could back up, the figure grabbed him, and suddenly they were in the sky

Michael heaved Cameron over his shoulder


“Don’t you dare drop me-”

Cameron was cut off when they rocketed across the city

It took roughly five minutes for the team to be reunited

The five of them stood outside a large building

Markus` Fancy Hotel

“Cameron!” Carissa hugged him

-sheesh I didn’t think she liked me that much-

“The Revenator is getting repairs,” Michael said

Cameron decided not to ask why they had huge flying warship repair shops

“It’s good that you two made it here,” Michael continued “we`ll be ready to leave in three days”

“I didn’t know the Queen was going to be here,” Jake said

Zaura yawned, “I'm sleepy”

“Yeah,” Cameron agreed, “she put a bounty on my head, and all I did was run from pirates!”

“Welcome to reality” Zaura said, “I hope you enjoy your stay”

“When do we move on Rio?” Carissa asked

“You have a location?” Jake asked

“Yeah” Michael said “he`ll be meeting with the Queen in Ouranos city thirteen days from now”

“The capital of Utopia?” Cameron asked in disbelief “How do you know?”

“I met a source” Michael said “that’s all you need to know”

“Let’s get settled in” Zaura said “Same roommates as always?”

“Yeah” Michael agreed

“You mean I have to have a room with the greenhorn?” Jake asked as the five of them walked through the automatic doors

“Don’t call me a greenhorn!” Cameron growled

Carissa burst out laughing

“How about noob then”

“You wanna fight?”

The five of them headed over to the desk, Cameron and Jake arguing the whole way

“Three rooms please,” Michael said



On Planet Omara

In the capitol city, Silver

Hidden deep underground

Zatoi Clodes paced in his prison cell

-those fools can`t defeat the Shinzen, not like this-

He punched the brick wall

“Quiet in there!” the guard yelled

-I cannot stay in here; I have to do what no one else will, I have to defeat the Shinzen myself-

He sat down

-But first-

And closed his eyes

-I will have to get out of here-



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