The Moriantes Boy (Incomplete version)

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Declaration

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Submitted: July 19, 2016



Chapter-26- Declaration


“You and I will meet again, when were least expecting it, one day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won`t say goodbye, for you and I will meet again”

-Tom Petty



Jake and Cameron waited on a bench outside a hospital, the team had split in two groups to look for Carissa, Zaura had told them how she followed Carissa out of the hotel and about Carissa`s conversation with a mysterious man named Rodger Kidd who wanted to kill her.

“What do you think happened?” Cameron asked

Jake closed his eyes “don’t tell Zaura, but there’s a big chance that that guy killed her”

“So you’re saying, there’s no way Carissa can defend herself?”

“No, it’s not that, Zaura said she hit him with two full powered fireballs and he survived I don’t think I could survive even one of her fireballs”

“How does she know he survived?”

“She just does, it’s best not to question it” Jake watched a woman walk past them

-Does that mean Carissa is dead?-

The sun started to rise; neither of the two of them spoke. A few people arrived at the hospital. Mostly doctors

“YOU DIDN’T FIND HER?” Zaura was running toward them, Michael following suit

“Let me do the talking” Jake stood up “don’t say anything” Zaura got to Jake and neither of them said anything, they just stared at each other then suddenly Zaura started crying

“NO!” she literally caught on fire “SHES NOT DEAD!” flames flickered on her cheeks and smoke spewed from her oversized coat sleeves.

“Zaura, I,” before Jake could finish Zaura fell into him screaming. At this point, she was literally burning but Jake didn’t seem to care and held onto her anyways

Cameron stood up when Michael arrived

“Zaura, stop” Michael took in the scene, a few people were looking over at them “your attracting too much attention to us” Zaura continued to scream. The fire on her body burned even brighter

“Excuse me” a middle-aged man approached them “is everything alright?”

“Yes” Michael lied “everything is fine” then he pried Jake and Zaura apart and punched her in the gut, she doubled over but Michael caught her before she hit the ground

“What the hell Michael?” Cameron took a step at Michael “what`d you do that for?” Zaura seemed to be unconscious as Michael pulled her over his shoulder

“you wouldn’t understand” Michael shot Cameron a threatening glare “we need to leave, now” Cameron looked at the middle-aged man half expecting him to back him up, but he just nodded and walked away as if this happened all the time

“Michael” Jake finally spoke, his body was still smoking from embracing the burning Zaura “we cannot complete this mission now, I won`t” Michael seemed to stare at the rising sun for a few moments before responding

“I know” he said, “That’s why we’re going home”


They walked to the repair shop, no one seemed to care that Michael was carrying Zaura around on his shoulder. It took about an hour to get there, and when they did, Michael left Zaura with Jake and Cameron in the waiting room while he went to the garage with the engineer

“this whole assignment has gone to hell” Jake collapsed into the chair next to Zaura “first we get raided before we get anywhere, not to mention split up now we get attacked by these random guys, who the hell were they anyways?”

“‘Miguel Reyes of the third power’” Cameron repeated, “That’s what he said”

“What the hell is the ‘third power?’” Jake asked while Cameron sat down in a chair opposite to him

“I'm the new guy!” Cameron protested, “Aren’t you supposed to know?”

“We have no clue whats going on!” Jake yelled, “None of this was supposed to happen! We were supposed to figure out where Rio would be and take him out!” Cameron observed how beat up Jake was; he was covered in cuts, burns, and bruises, he wondered if he himself looked any better.

“Hey Jake,”

“Yeah what”

“what if she`s alive, Carissa, what if they didn’t kill her?”

“It doesn't matter” Jake snarled at his own clenched fist “I'm going to kill them all anyways” Jake said it so easily it sent chills down Cameron’s spine. Funny just yesterday they were trying to swim through an ocean.

“You can say that again” Cameron felt an anger welling up inside him, he just met Carissa two days ago but he felt like he`d known her all his life “it really is cold in here” Cameron crossed his arms “don’t you think?”

“Cold” Jake was falling asleep, it was not surprising, they had been up just about all night, and he was probably just as sore as Cameron was if not more. “Frost”

“Frost?” Cameron suppressed a laugh “not that cold” Jake snapped awake

“No you idiot, Frost!”  Jake got to his feet

“That’s what I just said!”Cameron waved his arm lazily “frost”

“Not that kind of frost, Frost!” Jake checked if Zaura was awake, “you’ve never heard of Frost?”

“Is that a person?”Cameron asked

“More like a warlord” Jake turned towards Cameron “Frost is an alias, she’s a rogue Shinzen, daughter of Ashley Shinzen”

“You mean the Queen of the galaxy?” Cameron was getting more interested by the second

“That’s right” Jake started pacing “if anyone know about this ‘Third Power’ it’s her”

“But Michael said were going back to the institution” Cameron said wearily

“So your gonna be that guy” Jake walked towards Cameron “do everything Michael says, IT’S A CHANCE,” Jake was in Cameron`s face now “A Chance to save her”

“What if she’s dead?” Cameron slouched in his chair “then it would just be pointless” Cameron watched Jake`s fist curl, but instead of knocking Cameron into next week, he sat down next to him

“There was a guy on the team, before you showed up” his voice was filled with sadness “his name was James”

“What happened to him?” Cameron asked quietly wondering the relevance of this guy

“Three years after he arrived. He wanted a vacation; we don’t normally get vacations, unless you’re my brother”

“You have a brother?”

“Yeah, he's not around much, but anyways James snuck out of the institution, when Reynold found out he declared him a lost cause” Jake`s fists curled and uncurled repeatedly “I snuck out to find him and bring him back”

“I knew Reynold was an ass but sheesh that was cold,” Cameron muttered to himself

“I used a teleportation pod, found him at his old home; but a few Shinzen had already found him. He was dead” Jake fell silent Cameron had a few questions he wanted to ask: what kind of power did this guy have? Why did he want to go on a vacation so bad? How did Jake know where he lived? How did the Shinzen find him? In addition, how is this relevant at all?

“You don’t want the same thing to happen to Carissa”

“I'm going to kill them no matter what, but if they hurt her, I’ll make every last one of them suffer” Cameron wished he could feel such powerful emotions

“Jake” neither of the boys had noticed that Zaura was awake “where are we?”

“Were not going home without Carissa” Jake stood up “is that clear” he stared down at Cameron a fire behind his eyes that Cameron couldn’t comprehend

We have twelve days until Rio will be in Ouranos city” Cameron got to his feet slowly “I think that’s plenty of time to visit this warlord, and save Carissa”

“I second that opinion” Zaura was on her feet “Were going to save Carissa!”

“Very amusing” the door to the garage was open and Michael was in the doorway, “I'm not very sorry to say that we are going home”

“Michael!” Jake stepped forward “you’re not stopping us; I’m not going to let anyone die like James did!”

“I'm going to drop you three off at the institution, and then I’ll go alone”

“Were going with you!” Zaura demanded

“We`ll fight you if we have too!” Jake pointed at Michael threateningly; just the thought of fighting Michael was terrifying , just last night he was fighting a minotaur, using a telephone pole as easily as he`d use a spear

“Enough of this nonsense!” Michael snapped, “I will not permit any of you to endanger your lives any further!”

“Your all set” the engineer strolled into the room from behind Michael “all you need to do is pay” Michael turned to the man

“Thank you how much is it,” he said reaching into his pocket

“Unfortunately it’s too much for you to pay” the man smiled crudely, “I'm going to have to keep all of you here for a while”

“What?” Michael pulled his wallet from his pocket “I have more than enough money here”

“The Shinzen will be here soon” the man started twitching “they heard about your ‘assignment’ to take out Rio Giraud the Shinzen are good business, this petty war needs to end”
“were going to kill Rio Giraud!” Jake stepped towards the engineer “I’ll kill him with my own hands!” Jake seemed to be talking to Michael instead of the engineer, the two of them stared each other down, as if they were having a silent conversation. 

“He’s right” Michael said finally “Rio Giraud will die! Right after we rescue our friend

“Yeah!” Zaura probably did not notice the tips of her hair catching fire “So shut and take our money moron!”

“Don’t you mean my money?” Michael crossed his arms, Zaura laughed, instantly lifting the rest of the team`s spirits they launched a few sarcastic remarks at each other. Completely forgetting about the engineer

“Hey!” the man waved his arms in the air “I'm threatening you! There is a miniature army on their way here to kill you!”

“Would you shut up,” Cameron said through his laughter

“I guess, you won`t pay me any attention in this form” the laughter died down “I’ll just have to kill you myself!” his left arm transformed into an orange tentacle

“Zaura! Cameron! Fire!” Michael shouted at the exact same moment. Cameron fired a beam of blue light into the engineer`s chest, simultaneously Zaura launched a fireball. The engineer stumbled backwards at the combined force of the attacks, and then Michael lunged forward roundhouse kicking him through the doorway

“Alright!” Zaura cheered, “We wrecked that guy!”

“Damn right!” Cameron added

“I didn’t even get to do anything,” Jake complained, a loud groan emanated from the garage

“THAT WAS NOWHERE NEAR STRONG ENOUGH TO HURT ME!” an enormous tentacle broke through the door frame “tearing up the wall around it!
“I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going!” Zaura generated another fireball and launched it at the tentacle, it started swinging back and forth, knocking Jake through a wall.

“DIE!” more tentacles came through the wall “I AM A KRAKEN”

“We have to get out of here!” Cameron yelled, “Whatever that guy is, he's going to bring the building down!”

“We have to get to the Revenator!” Zaura kept launching fireballs at the swarming tentacles

“It will be fine! Just get out!” Michael grabbed one of the tentacles and pulled, something huge smashed into the other side of the wall, cracks danced across the wall, it would not take much more

“Come on!” Cameron and Zaura ran for the front door. Michael pulled on the tentacle again, the wall gave in and the monster on the other side was unveiled.  A squid. A very big squid

“What the hell?” before Michael could move, a tentacle impaled him

-damn! I let my guard down!-

Five spikes popped out of the sides of the tentacle, stabbing him from the inside, then he was lifted into the air

“I WILL TEAR YOU TO SHREDS!” the voice seemed to emanate from the squid`s head “THIS IS MY TRUE FORM!”


Cameron turned back “what the hell was that?”

“I think he turned into a squid!” Zaura gasped for air

“Oh my god!” a group of girls were watching the repair shop; tentacles were sticking out of it. “Call the cops hurry!” one of them fumbled with her phone

“We have to get out of here!” Zaura grabbed Cameron`s arm “come on-” she was cut off when the shop exploded, the force throwing both of them backwards


Michael was in four pieces, his head, his lower body, his left arm, and his torso

-Dammed squid- everything was burning, the others he could be dead and there was nothing he could do it would take three hours for him to regenerate from this kind of damage –NO! I have to protect them! - He could feel his body healing, faster, faster, faster!


Jake watched the shop explode. The tentacle had thrown him four city blocks. The squid climbed out of the wreckage growing in size until it finally reached the height of a four-story building. 

“We have to get out of here!” Jake muttered as he ran towards the wreckage




Carissa was not comfortable. Roger had put her in the trunk of a car. Why had he not killed her?  He did not even tie her up; Carissa took off her glasses thinking about what Roger had said

‘Our forces work for Rio Giraud now’

 -had Zatoi aligned with Rio? But Reynold`s source says Rio is working with the Shinzen. Has the entire Third force joined the Shinzen? No, they would never, not after what they did to them. Not after what they did to us-



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