The Moriantes Boy (Incomplete version)

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Its A Sunny Day Elsewhere

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Chapter-28-It’s a sunny day elsewhere


“The best thing to do when it`s raining is to let it rain”

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Michael stared into Tobias` eyes, his defiance shrinking. only ´one of you walks out of here alive’ their owner had told them, Tobias` grip tightened on Michael throat. his vision was blurring, into nothing.

“About time you woke up” Michael was lying in bed. Zaura was standing over him; she was wearing a sweater and short shorts, Michael could swear that was just about all she wore.  Michael also noticed her auburn hair was cut to a couple inches below her chin. “It’s been two days” Zaura said, “Jakes driving, were headed north to see Frost.” Before Michael could put a word in, Zaura`s expression hardened “two days Michael, that’s even worse than last time” she pulled Michael`s left arm from under the covers while he sat up; revealing his three bracelets, they were technically just black hair bands, but both of them knew there was much more to them. “How many did you take off?”

“Two” Michael grunted

(Quick Fact- the three hair-bands on Michael`s left arm act as power limiters. Protecting his mental stability from collapsing into itself. He has had them as long as he has had his power; no matter how he takes one (or all) of them off, they will always return after a certain amount on time.)

“Are you kidding me?” Zaura dropped his arm “do you realize every time you take those off, you lose yourself a little more!”
“There was no other way we were going to defeat that Kraken!” Michael snapped, “I wasn’t going to let it hurt any of you”

“We could’ve just ran, after it left the shop it wasn’t even targeting us anymore it was just wrecking the city, we could’ve let the Shinzen forces handle it”

“What about all of those innocent people” Michael shook his head “I just acted okay” Zaura let out a sigh, then Michael decided to ask, “why’d you cut your hair?”

“Oh yeah” Zaura ran a hand through her hair “back in Fereth city I burned my hair, so I had to cut it even.” Michael let out a chuckle

“I'm surprised you haven’t burned all of your hair off by now,” he laughed, Zaura did too, lightening the mood in the room.

“Yup,” Zaura said proudly “ it’s probably because I only use the best fire-proof shampoo” the two shared another laugh, then Zaura was serious again “but no more taking off those bracelets, unless theres a good reason kay?”

“What counts as a good reason?” Michael asked

“Beating up those people that took Carissa”

“Alright” Michael said, “meanwhile I’ll see if I can endure another visit with frost” Zaura sat down in a chair beside the bed

“I know, she’s a bitch but she might be the only one who know about this ‘Third Power’ stuff”

“I know” Michael said, “well anyways I'm going above deck,” he got to his feet and walked out of the room and into the hallway. He could not be thinking about Frost, not right now.



“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Cameron asked.

“Of course I do!” Jake growled the two of them were standing at the helm of the Revenator; Jake was steering, Cameron was enjoying the view

“How high up are we?”Cameron asked, watching the clouds

“Heck if I know” Jake shrugged

“What?”Cameron nearly jumped out of his skin “doesn't this thing have a heightometer or something?” Jake stared at Cameron blankly

“Don’t you mean an altimeter?” he asked

“Yeah whatever just keep your eyes forward!”  Cameron said folding his arms

“On what, the clouds?” Jake laughed “or are you scared we`ll get trashed by jets again? Because that just about never happens”

“Are you being sarcastic?” Cameron asked “I really can`t tell” the two stood silently, Jake thinking about his sister Taylor, Cameron thinking about Carissa, then Michael came up the stairs from below decks.

“Hey!” Jake shouted, “look who’s alive!” Michael walked up the steps to the mast and got right down to the point

“We have nine days until Rio will be in Ouranos,” Michael said “if I’ve calculated correctly we`ll reach Frost`s island tonight, we`ll get our information, then we`ll have four days to rescue Carissa and four more to get to Ouranos and take out Rio.” Cameron and Jake both nodded

“That is, Jake said, “If everything goes right”

“It better go right,” Cameron added in

“It will” Michael assured them.




Zatoi had a power he knew he did; he just did not know what it was.

“Hey” his prison mate, James Fardned growled, he was in the top bunk reading a book “this book is crap” he chucked the book at Zatoi; it bounced off the side of his head.  Zatoi was sitting in the middle of the floor, thinking.

-it has to be me- the five words echoed around in his mind, he felt a strength welling within him –after everything the Shinzen have done to me!- a darkness growing expanding transforming into… power.

“HEY!” James fardned shouted “I'`M TALKING TO YOU!”

“QUIET IN THERE!” the prison guard yelled from down the hall” James hopped off of the bunk bed and was approaching Zatoi,

“I’ll teach you to ignore me,” he growled. Then before zatoi knew what he was doing, the prisoner`s neck was snapped and he was thrown through the cell bars. The other prisoners went wild hooting and cheering, two guards rushed down the hall to see what happened.  Zatoi took a step back and broke through the bars as if they were dust, the guards did not hesitate, they drew their pistols and fired. Somehow, Zatoi was faster, he lunged forward grabbing the bullets out of the air and throwing them back. The guards went down. But more came, Zatoi blew through them, ripping off heads, tearing off limbs, for some reason there were no guards who had powers,

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?”  A guard screamed aiming a shotgun at Zatoi, who did not answer, all he heard was hesitation. He rushed forward grabbing both of the man`s wrists, planting his foot against his chest, and pushing. Both arms came out of their sockets, then zatoi snatched the shotgun away from him and stuck the barrel into his mouth, pressing the trigger.

-Good thing this prison is secret, - Zatoi thought –or else an alarm would have gone off by now- he stepped into the elevator there was a guard there, cowering in the corner.  Zatoi watched the man silently while the doors closed.

“Please” the man begged, “don’t kill me!” If Zatoi remembered correctly, the prison was hidden directly under a bank, which is probably where the elevator was headed. “PLEASE!”

“I won’t kill you.” Zatoi assured him

“Thank you thank you thank you so much!” the man practically started bowing to Zatoi, “I’ll get to see my daughter again! Thank you!” then the elevator dinged, and the doors opened. Zatoi was right, a bank. Fourteen Shinzen guards, and approximately thirty to forty civilians.

“Who is that?” a woman asked eying Zatoi carefully, his jumpsuit was layered with blood.

“Is that a prisoner?” one of the guards asked

“How’d he get in the bank?” another asked

“I don’t know” the guard said drawing his gun slowly “probably one of those freaks, just look at all that blood!” then he fired four shots, Zatoi grabbed the prison guard by the back of his shirt and hoisted the him out in front of him in one swift movement. The four bullets hit the guard. Zatoi felt his body go limp. Then he charged forward with a roar.






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