The Moriantes Boy (Incomplete version)

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Reality Check Part: 2

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Submitted: August 06, 2016



Chapter-30- Reality Check Part: 2



“Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play is another story.”

-Casey Stengel




Radish walked down the hallway silently, team 37 had been gone for about three days now; he stopped In front of his bedroom door. Most of the people that stay here are out enjoying their day, but still Radish found himself eyeing Pico and Persa`s bedroom door down the hall

-their probably not here- he told himself while he slowly crept over to the door; he stopped right in front of it  but before he knocked he heard a voice

“I can run to the pharmacy again if you want?” it was Jade`s voice “they might have some medicine now”

“No, there wont be any shippings today” It was Persa`s voice speaking now “they only get shippings on Tuesdays and Fridays”

“Today is Friday!” Jade demanded “they didn’t have anything on Tuesday either!” Radish listened quietly until randomly deciding to knock on the door; “whos that?” Jade wondered, Radish`s first instinct told him to run but before he could budge the door flung open and Jade was there in the doorway “Radish?” she said “what do you want?”

“um” Radish looked around nervously “what’s up? I overheard you guys conversation and I couldn’t help um dropping in”

“get lost” jade said simply

“no wait!” Persa ran over to the doorway “hey Radish!”  she said hurriedly “come in!” Jade looked at Persa confused

“what are you doing?” she asked “we`ve been doing this for three days with no one knowing and your just letting him come in?”

“we need a fresh perspective” Persa said coolly “or Pico might not ever get better” the two walked back into the room, Radish followed hesitantly

“what’s going on?” he asked

“Pico” Jade said “she`s sick” Radish noticed Pico lying on the window bed, she had stacks of blankets on her and she was sleeping. “she’s been out for the last three days” Jade continued

“why haven’t you guys gotten help?” Radish asked “you do realize next week we have to go back to school, someone’s going to notice if Pico doesn’t show up don’t you think?”

“I did go for help” Jade said folding her arms “But Reynold was too busy kicking heroes out of the alliance” she fell silent for a few seconds “but were taking care of her so we don’t need anymore help!” Radish watched Pico quietly

“what if we`ve been doing it wrong from the start?” Persa asked worriedly “she’s on the forward team, and since 37 and Delta have both taken assignments its only a matter of time before they get another assignment” Jade nodded

“I know” Jade said “and we`ll get her better before that happens” Radish was thinking hard

-who could fix this, aside from Reynold?- he had completely zoned out.

“AHA!” Radish blurted out; scaring both of the girls

“what was that?” Jade snapped

“Sorry!” Radish said quickly “I know a guy that can fix this! Ill be right back!” he sprinted out into the hallway without a second thought in a few blurred seconds he was outside building 53 and sprinting down the sidewalk he ran for a few blocks

-yeah! I can go the whole way nonstop!- Radish thought -all of those practice laps are paying off!-

He ran a few more blocks, and finally building 39 came into view. Radish came to a stop in front of the door; he didn’t knock, he just strolled in

“FEZ!” he shouted “WHERE ARE YOU!” he looked around at a few surprised people he recognized a few of them from class. “hey” Radish seemed to just realize how tired he was “do any of you know where Fez is?”

“he left” a boy named Ed said he had a shaved head and wore a tank top and jeans “I heard the forward team has an assignment so he`s probably getting ready”

“where?” Radish demanded “the fate of the world depends on it!” Ed stared at him for a few seconds then went back to watching television mumbling about how stupid Radish is.

“in the back” a girl named Keisha said she had long straightened black hair and was in pajamas for some reason “and thanks for saying hi Radish”

“oh hey Keisha” Radish said awkwardly, then the door opened and closed behind him

“Radish?” Fez said, Radish spun around Fez was wearing a button-up shirt and jeans, and his brown hair was messy

“FEZ!” he demanded “You’re coming with me!” he grabbed Fez`s wrist and pulled him outside.

“Hey!” Fez said “what’s going on?”

“Its Pico!” Radish said stopping “she’s sick and I need you to help her!”

“what?” Fez asked “how sick?”

“she’s unconscious” Radish explained

“What?” Fez snapped “if she’s that sick then why haven’t you taken her to a real doctor? There is a  fricking hospital here you know!” Radish groaned

“I came to you dude,” he said grabbing Fez`s shoulders “you!”

“Radish, were kids!” Fez demanded “were not as intelligent as regular adults!”

“Fez!” Radish continued “your ability is literally called intelligence! Just please come with me, I mean I did come all this way” Fez groaned

“well if Pico is as sick as you say she is, there’s no way she can go on our mission, fine lets go” The two boys walked, it was much slower but Radish didn’t mind, he was tired. It took an hour to return to building 53; it wasn’t much more populated than it was earlier.

“this way” Radish led Fez to the hallway with hi and Pico`s rooms when they reached Pico`s room; Radish knocked. “Its me Radish;” Radish said “I brought help!” once again Jade opened the door

“whos that?” she asked

“This is Fez” Radish said “the nerdiest nerd in the whole institution!”

“hey” Fez complained

“So you’re like a doctor?” Persa asked from the other side of the room

“Um” Fez stuttered “not exactly, but I would like to ask you a few questions, like-”  before he could ask anything Persa cut him off

“is she dying? I’ve been looking up diseases on my laptop and I think she has NOMA! Because, because” Persa fell silent

“for the last time!” Jade snapped “Pico`s face is not going to melt off! You need a break from the internet!”

“no I don’t!” Persa whined

“yes you do!” meanwhile Fez strolled across the room over to Pico, his hand rested on her forehead; he let out a breath then walked out of the room.

“stop fighting you guys!” Radish complained, the two girls were arguing over Persa`s laptop “Fez left!”

“what?” both of them said at the same time, they put the laptop down

“where did he go?” Persa asked

“who knows” Jade complained “ I think we might’ve scared him off” Radish sat on the unoccupied bed

“maybe he`ll come back” he suggested, the three of them waited in silence; then Fez walked back into the room with a small cup, he was stirring its contents with a spoon.

“what is that?” Persa asked

“this will fix it” Fez said ominously

“oh heck no!” in a blur Jade was in Fez`s face

“what are you doing?” Fez asked

“what is that?” Jade demanded “tell me” Fez let out a breath;

 “Pico has a cold” he said bluntly “she probably hung out In the rain too much or something like that, there is medicine in every counter in every dorm building; give her timed dosages and she`ll be better in no time” Fez walked past Jade and over to Pico; he gave her the medicine “it looks like the forward teams going to have to go without her”

“wait that’s it?” Persa asked “my sister`s face isn’t going to melt off?”

“of course not!” Fez almost laughed “I left the medicine on the kitchen counter, now I have a mission to prepare for, see you later Radish” Fez walked out of the room leaving the two in silence

“yeah, see you” Radish said

“I’m so happy she’s going to get better” Persa sat down next to Pico`s bed

“I know” Jade said “something isn’t right”

“what’s wrong?” Radish asked

“Fez said Pico has a cold, because of rain or something right?”

“yeah”  Radish said “what about it?”

“it hasn’t rained for a few weeks” she said “how did she get a cold? In the shower?”




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