The Moriantes Boy (Incomplete version)

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - A Blazing Girl Engulfed With Darkness

Submitted: September 15, 2016

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Submitted: September 15, 2016



Chapter-32- A Blazing Girl Engulfed With Darkness


“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.




Zaura wished she hadn’t exploded on Cameron. Not because she felt bad, she`d already apologized. It made things awkward; when you get psycho mad and scream about everyone you know and their pain…. you kind of end up looking like a freak. Zaura took another quick glance at Cameron before walking into the front door of the skyscraper. After she found out that the population of the city was fake, she led him to the skyscraper in the center of the city: Frandost bank; ironically the only letters on the side of the building that glowed were F-r-o-s-t

“this is it” Zaura said, they had walked into a waiting room, Cameron groaned

“are you ever going to explain what’s going on?” Cameron asked, Zaura stopped and let out a breath.

“yeah sorry I guess” she`d gone practically silent only saying simple things like this way and through here. “no one out there is real. They were generated by this building”

“how is that even possible?” Cameron asked approaching the counter in the center of the room, “there were so many people” Zaura simply shrugged her shoulders she wished Ange were here or Carissa those two always made her feel better. Cameron here was only making her feel worse

“if I remember correctly” she followed Cameron to the counter “they used the watchamacallems, so no one would move in here or something like that” Cameron looked around

“okay, I guess that makes sense. Somehow” Cameron walked towards a door to his left. Zaura was shaking uncontrollably, she had to contain this.

“Hey!” a guy walked into the room, “who are you two?” he muttered something into a radio before approaching Zaura “haven’t I seen you before?” he asked reaching out to grab her

“hold up” Cameron smacked the man`s hand away “back off” he stepped in front of Zaura who took a step back into the counter sweating heavily

“who are you?” the man asked “her boyfriend?”

“what?” Cameron lowered his guard for a simple second, but the man moved in that moment; he stepped forward grabbing both of Cameron`s shoulder`s and kneeing him in the gut before shoving him aside. Zaura felt her breath catch, and suddenly she couldn’t breathe, she fell to her knees “Zaura!” Cameron shouted getting back to his feet; he fired a blue beam towards the man before rushing him, and catching him with a left hook. The man stumbled backwards

“What is going on down here?” Zaura hadn’t noticed the elevator before the doors opened and two more people came in; she was too panicked to register their faces

“Get off of me!” Cameron yelled, Zaura could hear feet shuffling but for some reason she couldn’t see

“what’s wrong with her?” a woman`s voice asked “is she okay?” the fear started small, but in mere seconds it expanded inside of Zaura overwhelming her like a tidal wave, she couldn’t scream she just sat there trying to make her mouth work but to no avail. Until finally she screamed. A scream to vaporize all of the pain all of the fear. The pain seemed to vanish; But the fear was still there.


Zaura was sitting in a rolling chair. There was a crowd of people around her but they all seemed to be focused on something else. Then she remembered what happened, blood rushed up to her face, maybe they didn’t notice.

“What`s keeping us from cutting your throat?” a man`s voice asked

“oh I don’t know” it was Cameron`s voice “why don’t you tell me” the crowd spouted rude remarks at Cameron, most of them involved killing him. Zaura almost spoke up until she saw her lap; there was a large dark spot on her crotch area.

-No, not here of all places! -

Zaura took a scan of the room searching for a place to hide but before she could budge a man yelled out in pain

“THE SON OF A BITCH BIT ME!” apparently the man started beating on Cameron because the others backed away,

“he`ll kill him” a woman said before taking a glance at Zaura, their eyes locked; quickly Zaura tried to hide the spot in her pants

“the girl`s awake!” the woman shouted; Zaura cursed under her breath while the crowd started circling around her. She got a quick glance at Cameron, he was on the floor getting kicked by a rather short man, that’s all she saw before the crowd cut off her view. She desperately tried to cover up her lap with her arms.

-maybe I’ll have to burn my way out of this, no! what if I kill someone? -

“hey!” one of the men yelled “I’m Bob!”

“I’m Andy!”



“hey look she`s hiding something!” another woman said before trying to pry Zaura`s hands away from her lap “is that?” she started

“No!” Zaura tried to summon fire but nothing happened apparently a guy realized what Zaura was trying to do

“sorry” he said “but just like your friend here, you can`t use your abilities as long as I’m around” Zaura froze at the mention of that ability; then at the same time the woman pulled Zaura`s arms from her lap

“oh my god!” the woman burst out laughing “she pissed herself!” the laughter quickly spread throughout the crowd, then Zaura snapped and all of her training with Ujotts kicked in; she lunged at the woman screaming, she grabbed her hair and pulled her head down to her knee. The woman crumbled to the floor. The rest of the crowd stared at her. Tears streamed down Zaura`s face; before she could attack someone else,

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” a woman shouted from behind the crowd everyone froze and turned towards the origin of the voice, the man who was kicking Cameron was now a block of ice.

“Frost” Zaura said it under your breath

“is that you Zaura?” Frost stood tall as always, a dark blue cloak hung from her shoulders, her blonde hair was pulled into a long ponytail, her brown eyes scanning the room,

“yeah” Zaura said weakly

“you think you can just take this building!” the man who claimed to be negating everyone`s powers shouted “we`ve got bodies all throughout this building! Wait how did you even get in here?” Frost took a step forward

“your ability allows you to choke out others abilities correct?” Frost speculated

“yeah that’s right” the man said

“with enough force it is possible to ‘push through’ so to speak” Frost placed her hand on the newly formed block of ice; it shattered into a million pieces

“RUN!” someone yelled but before anyone moved everything froze, everything except for Cameron (who lay unconscious on the floor) Zaura and Frost was frozen. Then all of the ice shattered. Zaura once again covered her lap, she tried to sit down before realizing her chair was transformed into a million pieces of ice

“damned hooligans” Frost strode across the now practically empty room towards Zaura she looked her up and down “this disorder of yours is truly pitiful; you can explain your situation after you get cleaned up” Frost led Zaura to a shower and gave her a clean shirt pants and underwear that somehow fit perfectly. When Zaura left the shower she found Frost tending to Cameron`s wounds

“hi” Zaura said “sorry about the well you know”

“the anxiety attack” Frost was blunt about it “I’m not saying you could have prevented it but, it is still petty” She applied some medicine to an enormous bruise on the side of his face; it healed instantly “what is happening out there?” Zaura explained everything that had happened from the team getting raided by jets to the encounter with the Third power and Carissa getting kidnapped. Throughout the tale Frost would nod or simply say mhmm,

“The Third power” Frost turned towards Zaura “I will be honest with you, if the Carissa girl was truly taken by them then she is dead.”


“they would kill her on the spot”

“you’re lying!” Zaura demanded “YOU ARE LYING!”

“Calm down!” Frost snapped “you all knew what you were doing by following that fool Reynold!” her fist came down on her own leg, “why do you think I made this place?” Zaura was not sad she wouldn’t let her emotions consume her, not again

“where can we find these Third power guys?” Zaura asked trying to contain herself. Frost let out a breath

“I know how you feel” she said “when my husband died all I wanted to do was destroy the Shinzen but with my daughter Madeline I couldn’t just leave her with Reynold every time I went to fight; I wouldn’t be fair.” In a few seconds It clicked in Zaura`s mind

“your Reynolds older daughter!” Zaura exclaimed “Megan Fern!”

“yeah I guess I talked too much” Frost/Megan took a deep breath before placing her hard gaze on Zaura “I guess I’ll have to kill you”

“wait what?” Zaura nearly fell out of her chair

“I’m just kidding!” Megan burst into laughter. Zaura didn’t laugh, normally she probably would have

“The Third power” she said “where can I find them?” Megan stopped laughing

“I heard they’re going to take out Rio Giraud in nine days or so” Megan said Zaura nodded

“I see” Zaura said “I guess that makes sense” then she got to her feet “how long until Cameron wakes up, were leaving”

“Zaura” Megan got to her feet as well “I couldn’t do anything to the Shinzen; so I brought my daughter here and used one of my husband`s old inventions to give her a city, this city is the safest place for her. We cannot defeat the Shinzen, especially without Zatoi but I heard that these Third power guys are going to overthrow the Shinzen. Maybe you should think before making an enemy out of them.” Zaura shook Cameron a few times before responding

“I don’t care if they were sent here by god himself; if they killed Carissa, I will burn them all alive I will listen to their screams as their flesh melts and their bones turn to dust”



Reynold picked up his head from his desk, he was in his bedroom in the basement under the office building.  For some reason it was raining

“this must be some kind of dream” he muttered standing up and walking towards his bed

“I guess you’re ready for what`s next” a familiar voice spoke from behind Reynold, he spun around to see Zatoi, “If you truly believe you can handle it then by all means humor me”

“what the hell do you want?” Reynold demanded

“Just know this; whatever happens next, whosever blood is shed, it’s on your head Stone!” Reynold snapped awake he was at his desk again

“Damn you Zatoi”




Miguel and two other men led Carissa down a flight of stairs, they reached a set of metal double doors; the two men opened them allowing Carissa and Miguel to walk in. on the other side was a hallway that led to another set of double doors

“Miguel, what is this place?” Carissa asked, swondering why Miguel was being so distant

“I guess you’re used to the old base” Miguel said knocking on the double doors “this is the new and improved version” the doors opened from the inside revealing a cafeteria full of people, or more accurately children all eating. Every one of them had an upside-down purple triangle on their foreheads. “prototype 1, meet the future sword of the Third power; the Zatón!”




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