The Moriantes Boy (Incomplete version)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Moriantes boy goes to Flora Institution

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Chapter-5- The Moriantes Boy Goes To Flora Institution

“Exactly how hidden is this teleportation platform?” Cameron protested

“How many times do I have to tell you?” Angelica shouted at him, “It’s under a cloak!”

Cameron picked up a rock and threw it, then asked: “for the eighth time, what the hell is a cloak?”

“I don’t have time to tell you everything!” Angelica shouted, “Jackson won’t be able to hold off the Shinzen forever you know!”

“What?” everything she said got Cameron more confused. He thought about what happened to Jackson.

They were walking out into the field when Angelica had said –their coming- then Jackson vanished.

“You mean Jacksons not dead?” Cameron asked then Angelica froze.

“Oh my fucking god!” she screamed at him “first you fire a blast at us attracting the Shinzen guard, and now Jacksons fighting them and were running out of time!”

Cameron shut up for a few seconds absorbing what she had said –the blast he fired attracted the Shinzen? They never told him that- Cameron looked back at Angelica “can you run that by me again?”


Jackson flew through the tree. Then he tumbled for a while before stopping against a boulder. – My tough skin is just enough to keep this guy from breaking my bones- he thought

(Quick Fact- the majority of those with earth class abilities (Jackson) have an extra layer of skin, a rock-like substance that protects them from harm. No one knows what it is made of though.)

The man walked up to the knocked down tree then at Jackson, “you’re not an energy class,” he said, “nor is your female friend, so who fired off the blast?”

Jackson chuckled “I’d bet you’re a strength class.”

“The extent of my power is irrelevant,” the man said nonchalantly then a fireball appeared in his hand

“What? The” Jackson started, but the guy cut him off

“I have no ‘class’” he aimed the fireball at Jackson`s head “this should be enough to take your head off.”

-Are they done yet? - Jackson asked himself then “how? How do you have multiple classes?” he`d only seen someone with multiple classes once and it was that weird Carissa girl

“Thousands of years of evolution and experiments,” the man said

“Experiments?” Jackson asked, “by whom?”

“Rio, Rio Giraud”

At that, Jackson fell through the earth. His air was cut off he was pressed tight but kept going at high speed until he popped out of the ground light blinding him.

“Jackson!” Angelica yelled, “What happened?”

(Quick Fact-With years of training, people in the earth class can travel underground for short distances.)

One second it was Cameron and Angelica, split second later its Cameron, Angelica, and Jackson.

“Holy shit!” Cameron yelled spinning around

Jackson ignored him “have you found it?”

“Yeah its right here” Angelica pointed at the space that she`d recently explained to Cameron was the teleportation pod
 “massive do it” Jackson said hurriedly

The two of them walked over to the spot

“Come on!” Jackson rushed Cameron who walked over slowly then he looked back at angelica “activate it!”

Cameron looked forward to see a small red dot, growing larger coming at them from across the field “hey Jackson”

“Damnit!” Jackson yelled “Angelica! Hurry!”

The red dot grew into a fireball. Cameron felt his hand growing warm then he directed it at the fireball, and then he fired a blue beam of light. It collided with the fireball

“Push it back!” Jackson yelled

“What do you think I'm trying to do?” Cameron yelled back “and stop yelling in my friggin ear!”

“You stop yelling!” Jackson yelled

The blue beam tore apart the fireball then disappeared Cameron turned on Jackson “You were yelling first!” he yelled

“Both of you shut your word holes! And look” Angelica shouted,

 "who is that guy?" Cameron asked

"a Shinzen" Jackson muttered

A person approached them. He generated another tremendous fireball

Then the ground around them started to glow in the shape of a circle

“It’s working,” Jacksons said clearly relieved

“Where are we going?” Cameron asked

“Look out!” Angelica screamed

Cameron saw the wave of fire descending on them he could not stop it. It was too wide

Suddenly he was looking at a girl behind a desk.

“Yes!” Angelica squealed, “We did it!”

Cameron looked around they were in some kind of reception room some waiting chairs, a hallway leading to more rooms and a bunch of people doing all kinds of random stuff.

Jackson looked at Cameron a grin on his face “welcome to Flora Institution





















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