The Moriantes Boy (Incomplete version)

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Moriantes Boy Loses His Sword

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Submitted: February 15, 2016




Chapter-9- The Moriantes Boy loses his sword.


“What the hell” Cameron said staring at the sword in the crate. It was next to a very expensive sheath.

“You got a sword!” Reynold said gleefully –his expression not matching his voice, he looked grouchy.

“I saw” Cameron grumbled then he picked the sword up. It was an about 50-inch double-edged longsword. He noticed Reynold tapping his fingers on his desk

“Okay marvelous, now sheath that thing and get lost.”

Cameron technically heard Reynold but technically didn’t he was examining a strip of glass along the center of the blade

“GET OUT!” Reynold yelled scaring Cameron “Madeline is almost here go!”

Cameron calmly picked up the sheath and sheathed the sword then yelled, “Quit yelling old man! Where am I supposed to go?”

“Oh yeah your new” Reynold remembered then he opened a drawer on the desk and picked up a radio “Jade get to main house pronto over” he spoke into the radio

“Man I gotta wait on somebody?” Cameron complained, “I was hoping you’d give me a map or something sheesh.”

“Oh trust me jade won’t take long,” Reynold promised

“I never do,” a high pitched voice said from behind Cameron

He spun around to see a girl who looked about 13 the other thing he noticed was her blue hair

“Is that like a thing nowadays?” he asked

“Jade,” Reynold interrupted before she could respond “give this new guy the grand tour.”

“Welcome to Flora samurai guy” Jade laughed, then Cameron remembered –the sword-

“What am I supposed to do with this thing?” he spun around asking Reynold

He groaned loudly then said, “I dunno kill somebody, just GO!”

“Come on let's go samurai” Jade urged

Cameron shot Reynold one last look then followed Jade out of the office

They walked down the hall Angelica and Jackson brought him in through

“So,” Jade said blissfully “samurai what class is you?”

“Who Cares?” a familiar hothead was standing in front of them –Jake- “he's probably weak anyways.”

The two stared each other down for a few seconds when Jade finally spoke

“Weren’t Angelica and Jackson here?”

“Yeah,” Jake said, “they left” he never took his eyes off Cameron

“Okay,” Jade said, “for the first part of our tour meet Jake Uzena.”

“Oh we've met” Jake growled

“Yeah” Cameron agreed, but I didn’t get to do something last time.”

“Whats that?” Jake asked

Cameron slugged him in the nose


Cameron and Jade stood outside of the office building

Outside the building was, well a town. It seemed to go on for miles.

“Cool,” Cameron said, “Where do you get like household stuff, like a bed or something.”

“Do you not realize the gravity of what you’ve done?” Jade screamed at him

“I punched a douche bag,” Cameron said simply

“He’s a member of team 37!” She continued, “You’ll be killed or something!”

Cameron thought about it for a few seconds then said, “So he's gonna come back with the whole team huh?”

“No,” Jade said, “probably just Michael.”

Cameron watched a hot girl walk by then said: “who cares I can take him.”

Suddenly Jade disappeared and reappeared holding his sword a few feet away

“You’re going to beat Michael with this toothpick?” she mocked

“How’d you do that?” Cameron asked

“I'm fast.”

“Get back over here with my sword!” Cameron shouted

Then she ran. Also, she ran fast, blurring down the street and around the corner

Cameron took off after her somehow he could see her afterimages –can I keep up- he thought

He followed her trail through crowds and across streets, he knew she was probably far ahead, but the afterimages seemed to wait on him. He could do it, he could find her.



Jade came to a stop when she saw Radish and Pico outside of the baseball field “hey guys.”

“Hello,” Pico said nonchalantly. Jade liked her sister Persa so much better

“Hey whats with the sword,” Radish said

(Quick Fact Radish is a nickname for Radisson)

“I took it from the new guy” she giggled, “the poor dude is back at the office building.”

“Exactly where is he?” a person asked approaching them along the fence

“Oh hey, Michael” Radish said, “how’s it going?”

“Fine” Michael said, “Where is the new guy?”

Suddenly the sword was snatched out of Jade`s hand

The samurai guy stood there panting, “Found you.”


Cameron looked around still catching his breath they were beside a baseball field

“You guys have a baseball field?” he asked

“Yeah,” a boy that looked about Jade's age said, “I'm a star pitcher” he beamed “Radish is the name!”

Cameron observed that Radish was carrying a baseball helmet then he asked, “What kind of name is Radish?”

“The best kind!” Radish shouted at him

“How did you find me?” Jade asked

“Well-” Cameron started, but he was cut off

“You a speed class too?” the guy that was standing by the fence said

“That’s Michael,” Jade whispered to Cameron, and he nodded

“You kept up with Jade, Meaning you’re a speed class.”

"Another one?” Jade asked confused “Why can't I be special?”

Everyone there stared at Cameron until he spoke “I thought I was an energy class” he said, “that’s what Jackson told me.”

“What?” Michael said, “then how did you-”

“I can`t watch this anymore!” a female's voice came from above

“Carissa!” Jade squealed in Cameron`s ear “when did you get back?” The girl hopped off of one the bleachers and approached them as Cameron watched confused as ever.

“A few hours ago,” Carissa said -she didn’t look too bad- Cameron thought – she wasn’t Angelica Gorgeous, but she wasn’t ugly either-

“You have fun with Delta?” Michael asked

"yeah" Carissa shrugged "they are much more skilled than we are."

“Wait!” Cameron yelled, “What the hell is going on?” Carissa ignored this outburst 

“Zaura told me there is a new member?” she asked

“According to Jake,” Michael said, “This is him” There was a collective gasp as if Michael said Cameron was a serial killer

“Samurai is going on 37?” Jade asked

“Yeah” Cameron confirmed

“Well okay then,” Michael said, “follow us.”




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