Werewolves & Vampires

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Mainly its about me if I was a werewolf.
It all started as a somewhat normal day but than something happend that changed my life forever!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Werewolves & Vampires

Submitted: February 17, 2007

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Submitted: February 17, 2007



Today was one of those days that people would call a weird day, it was a day like no other, for Santa Maria, there were thunder clouds, rain, and somewhat of a eclipse. But that was only the beginning of it. "These it?" I asked. "Yep, that's all of the reports of the people saying that they saw "Vampires." from 1940 to 2005." Said Nick as he left.

Later that day when I read about half of the police reports, noticed that most of them were identical, the rest were either pranks, or people claiming to have seen a "Vampire" walking in the day.

When I went back to the police station to read more of the reports, I couldn't help notice that today had another eclipse like yesterday. When I got to the police station, it was crowded! So I had to get the police reports and go outside to read them. When I got outside I saw a weird glyph instead of the word Vampire in the reports, at first I thought someone tampered with the reports, so I went back to the police station. But when I looked back down at the reports the glyph was gone and the word Vampire was back. The glyph looked something like this .

After I saw the glyph I started to read them more carefully to see any resemblance to the addresses and writing. When I got about of the way through the reports I noticed an address that was on most of them. When I looked for that place I found out that it is an old, abandoned warehouse. So later that day when I wasn't on duty I went to the warehouse. When I went in I heard about three people talking. When I got closer I heard what sounded like a scream, so I moved a little bit faster, but still slow enough so they couldn't hear me. When I was about 17ft into the building I accidentally stepped on a piece of wood and I broke with a loud cracking sound, but luck was on my side and they didn't hear it. When I got close enough to see them I saw the worst thing I could see, the person who screamed was badly mutilated with broken bones and blood every were, when I tried calling for backup my radio fell with a loud banging sound when it hit the floor. The three people heard it, turned around and started to come after me, I drew out my gun and shot all three of them, but when the bullet hit them and they fell on the floor they just got back up and ran after me again. I didn't think, I just took off running away, the next thing I saw was amazing, but freaky. All I saw was a brown blur and the three people that were chasing me were gone. Than I built up the courage to go back to see if the person who screamed was at least somewhat alive. I turned around expecting to see nothing but I saw something, it looked like a wolf on two legs, it scared me so much that I fell on the ground. But when I got back up it was just another person. He asked, "Are you ok?" "Yes, I'm ok." I said. "What's your name?" he asked. "Josh." I replied. "Hi Josh, my name is Donnie. What were you doing here?" Donnie asked. "I came here because I read police reports of "Vampires" and most of them were linked to this address." I said. "Do you believe in Vampires?" Donnie asked. "Not really, but now I do, especially after what just happened." "Good, you should believe in Vampires, because -." Just then out of no were a dagger went through his chest and killed him. It was one of the people that were chasing me and he looked mad. Then after about five seconds he charged at me and almost hit me. I looked down and saw that the dagger was still in Donnie's chest, I grabbed it and stabbed the killer, but instead of a normal person dying, he burst into flames and all there was left were ashes. Just as the ashes started to fall I felt weird, it felt like all the bones in my body were breaking, after the pain was gone it felt like my bones moved places. I found a mirror and looked in it, what I saw was me, but not as a human, but as a Werewolf!

When I left the room that had the mirror I saw about five other Werewolves standing around Donnie. One of them said, "Donnie was a good Werewolf, I wish he didn't have to die." After he said that one of them spotted me and said in a small laughing voice, "We lost one, but gained one." When he finished all of them were looking straight at me. I didn't know what to do so I just stood there. One of them said, "Lets see how good he is at the trials." Another said, "Not just yet, we don't even know him. It would be to early to put him in the trials." A third one said, "Let's see what the elders would say." The next thing I knew I was surrounded by them and by the looks, they were teleporting to a mountain area. When we got there all I saw was darkness, my first thought was that it was nighttime, but it wasn't, I got knocked out by the pain of transforming. When I woke up I saw that I was in a small cabin. I was the only one in there, but there were about three other beds. I got up and started to walk around, there were barley any windows, one door, and a small place for a fire. When I looked out the window all I saw was snow. Than I heard the door open and someone say, "Ah, so you are awake. Good timing the elders are waiting to see you." He led me outside and took me on a path that went to a huge wooden mansion. "This is the place, the elders are waiting for you inside." He said as he led me in. When I got inside there was a huge hall with side rooms for the "important" werewolves. At the end of the hall was a huge dome with three chairs at the far end of the dome. There was nobody inside the dome except for the three elders and me. "Good morning Josh, I'm pretty sure your confused right now." Said one of the elders. All I did was just nod in approvement. "Well we called you in here because we heard that you're new to the Werewolf clan. Is that right?" One of them said "Yes." I replied. "Well then we have to go over a few thing with you, first of all Vampires are real and they are our worst enemy. Second of all if you ever come across a Vampire or a Half-Vampire you must kill it. And last of all, look for the Werewolf Glyphs these are mainly safe zones for Werewolves. You can find Werewolf Glyphs in almost every major city in the U.S. or in the mountains." One of the elders explained. "Actually there is one more thing about the Vampires, even if the Vampire is a friend, family member or anyone or thing related to you in any way, you MUST kill him/her." Another elder added. "I have a question, what do the Werewolf Glyphs look like?" I asked. "Yes I almost forgot about that. Look at the wall above us very carefully and you'll see the Glyph of the Werewolves." One of the elders said. So I did as he said and I saw a Glyph all right, the Glyph looked like this .

The next day I got a tour of the place and lessons on the behavior of Werewolves and Vampires, but the one thing I mostly liked was the myth of "The Legendary White Werewolf". After I got use to tracking and looking out for myself I was able to go back to Santa Maria to live my life like a normal person, except with the duties of a Werewolf as well as my duties as a cop. When I got back to my house everything was the same as when I left it, well I had about sixteen messages on my answering machine, all of them were manly the police department asking why I wasn't at work or at my house.

The next day I went to my work, but when I got there one of the Werewolf elders were there waiting for me. "Hello Josh, can we talk for a minute, I forgot to tell you something." He said as we both walked out of the police department. "Josh I forgot to tell you that the Vampires have tracking senses as well as us so your really not safe going to your work anymore, it might endanger you fellow officers. And also I forgot to tell you about the leader of the Vampires, Dracula, if you ever get any were near him take off running the other way, he could kill me or you in one single blow." That's all he said and when he was done talking he just faded away. Right after the elder left I caught a smell in the air that I didn't smell before, it was a smell of a very strong Vampire, possibly Dracula! But I wanted to see this Dracula for myself, so I followed the smell to a warehouse, I went inside and saw a really buff, and huge Vampire, my senses told me to run away but I wanted to stay. The Vampire rose and charged at me, I dogged it easily, and thought to myself, "There is no way this - " The Vampire hit me right in the chest and I fly about sixteen feet until I landed, I changed into my Werewolf form and started to beat him up good, but every blow he takes he just regenerated back almost instantly. After about what felt like 32 minutes of fighting we both were worn out. And I kept on thinking to myself that this guy isn't Dracula, he is too weak. But then out of no were he rises up into the air and slams onto the ground with blood going every were, when I look at the hole he made in the ground I see a huge blood red hand coming from the hole and it pulls out this HUGE blood red demon. My first thought is that he is a BloodThirster, a legendary Vampire with the strength of over one hundred Vampires put together. After he comes fully out he hits me with his huge fist and I go flying out to the warehouse and go about sixteen feet away from the building. When I land I can see a lot of people around me and BloodThirster flying right above them and about to land. I quickly get out of the way and the people run away screaming in terror when they see BloodThirster. First I escape with my life barley when he slams his fist on the ground. When I get back up I see him summoning his "Bloody Axe". When he gets the axe the literally splits buildings into two pieces. When I see him pick up two people and crush them with no problem I get really mad and the pain that it felt like the first few times I transformed into my Werewolf form came back but it felt a lot worse, the elders said that only one person can transform twice, and that person is the one who's the "Legendary White Werewolf". After the pain stops all I see is BloodThirster's face in shock. When I look at a close building that has a reflection in it, I see me as a Werewolf, but not as a normal Werewolf, as the "Legendary White Werewolf"!

It even took me as surprise and all I did was charge at BloodThirster and killed him by ripping this head off. But it didn't hit the floor, it just turned into ashes like the rest of his body. That was the end for Dracula and the rest of the Vampires. And after BloodThirster died all the elders and Werewolves came out of no were and kneeled before me, The Legendary White Werewolf.

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