Talk About Love

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Little innocent Ariana Kingston is in a ride of her life. Read and find out :D

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Talk About Love

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013



This is my first ever story so Im just getting used to this and please dont judge. If you have any tips or anything like that, feel free to tell me.

Thank you! NOW READ ON!!!!



I pulled my jacket closer to me as the wind blew. My lips were clattering against each other, and my legs felt as if they could drop at any moment. It was the middle of December, it wasn't snowing but it was really cold. I thought about my home, where it was nice and warm. I bit lip, wanting to get home faster. It was only ten more minutes or so, and I would be home, where my mom had some hot chocalate ready for me.

"Hey, you there," someone yelled. I turned and saw 2 boys who looked around the age of 17, in a car next to me. I looked at them, confused. One boy had black hair, he was tanned, and he wore a black jacket with some white skinny jeans. The other boy had brown hair, he was also tanned and he wore a hoodie that said 'YMCMB' with black skinny jeans. They both came closer to me, the one with the brown hair said, "what you doing out here in the cold babe. Want a ride?"

I smiled lightly, "I'm fine. Thanks for asking." I turned and started walking. I heard a car door open the close. A hand grabbed my arm, and I looked at the person in shock. This time it was the guy with black hair, he smirked, "get in the car babe. Its nice and warm. Wouldnt want you to freeze, now would we?"

I gulped, "no, like I said, Im fine." He chuckled darkly, his pupils were dialated and thats when I knew he was high, and possibly drunk too. "Come on now, we wont hurt you," he smirked. His grip on my arm was tight, and I struggled to get free. Is no one seeing this?
We got closer to the car, and I let out a scream. As soon as he heard my scream he covered my mouth. He moved closer to my ear, "now, why would you do something like that? Just get in the car."
My eyes started to water and I shook my head and struggled, "no."
His grip on my wrist tightened, "no? Did you just say no? Well baby, then we're going to have a problem. Now get into the damn car!"

The tears started falling out of my eyes and down my face. "Dude, didnt she say no," another voice said. The guy stopped moving me into the car and looked to see who it was. I peaked my head and looked shocked to see who it was. Austin Perez. The boy to always get into some sort of trouble. The boy to not give a crap about anyone or anything. Everyone knew him. There wasn't one person in this town who didn't. He was known in this small town in Canada. I felt sympathy for him, knowing he might of had a rough past.
"Austin, good to see you man," the guy said, trying to act nice with him. Austin had no emotion on his face, "give me the girl, and there wont be any trouble."
The guy chuckled darkly, making his chest vibrate, "now why would I do that? I mean look at her." By now, the tears were falling down my face faster and faster. I just couldn't control my emotions. The guy held me tighter, making me whimper in pain.

Austin took a step foward and smirked, "guess you want it the hard way?" And before the guy could respond, Austin pounded on him. I was dropped on the ground only to be picked up again, by the other guy with the brown hair. He smirked at me and started to push me into the car. My eyes began to become a blur. I tried to fight him, he was to strong for me.

"Austin! Help me! Help me please!" I cried out. The guy had pushed me into the car, and I knew they had won. He slammed the door and before he could go into the front seats, someone punched him. Austin. The guy with the brown hair fell to the ground. I tried opening the door, but to my luck it was locked. I sighed, tears still racing down my face.
I watched Austin beat the guy to the pulp, when I noticed the other guy with the black hair stood up. My eyes went wide in alarm and started to bang on the glass, trying to warn him. "Austin! Behind you! Watch out!" I screamed and banged on the glass window. He looked behind him and stood up, but he got punched to the floor. He held his face. The guy smirked and bent down to his level and told him something.

It seemed to get him mad, and he tripped him onto the floor, and crawled on top of him. Austin hissed something and punched him- hard. I bit my lip and winced, ouch! Once Austin got his anger out, he released his grip on the guys shirt and let him fall to the floor- groaning. Austin stood up and looked at the two boys before looking at me.
My hands were still on the glass, and my breath made the window fog up whenever I breathed out. I was also shaking, from what i had just been through and witnessed. I was scared, and I just wanted to go home. Austin walked towards the car I was in and opened the door. It must have been child proof.

He took my hand, which fit perfectly together, and helped me out of the car. He closed the door and started leading me away from them. I noticed that his hand held my hand while his other was around my waist. "Are you okay?" he asked, seeming concerned.
I swallowed, "I'm not so sure." I stopped walking and turned to him, making his arm around me slide off. I took my hand out from his. "T-thank you for he-helping me. I dont k-know," I trailed off and started burst out crying. Never in my whole entire life, was I in a situation like that. Before I even knew it, I was hugging him. The one thing that surprised me was, he was hugging back.

"Lets get you home, yeah?" he asked while rubbing my back. I shut my eyes, "please?" He kept me close to him, making the heat come off of him and on to me, making me warm.
If he wanted to he could have let me get taken by the two boys. He didnt do that. He fought for me. That made my heart warm up, even though I knew he didnt mean it in a romantic way. He didnt know me, and I barely knew him.  I was so greatfull that he helped me, even though I knew he was no good. I just couldn't judge a book by its cover.

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