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Chapter 1 (v.1) - NaNoWriMo 2012 Untitled Draft

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Submitted: June 13, 2013




It has been a rough three years for Baily Lockhart.  She had finally graduated college with a degree in early childhood education, landed her dream job and been going steady with her longtime girlfriend Charlotte. Now this might sound all fine and dandy but Charlotte was in a band and when she wasn’t off touring the world she was visiting her family in Sweden and Italy. All the while Baily was stuck at home in the US teaching kids their ABCs.

Although she loved it life with a lover who’s always on the rode was tough. She needed someone to lie beside her at night. To hold her and whisper sweet nothings in her ears when someone’s parent was causing troubles at work. To just be with her. The raven haired woman wasn’t use to being alone. For her first 17 years she lived at home like most children, she had a mom who didn’t work and five other siblings at home so alone time was a foreign concept. Then at college she lived in a dorm full of people. For the last three years she’s lived in a tiny apartment with her Swedish girlfriend. They have been the three of the loneliest years of her life.

They lived in a very modest apartment. One bedroom with a bathroom attached a powder room, and an open living/kitchen area. Without charlotte home, though, Baily felt like she was in an abandoned mansion. She didn’t even have a pet for company.

Baily sighed as she headed into her bedroom. It had been a long day and she hoped that Charlotte would be online so they could chat for a bit before she passed out. ‘What luck’ she though as she flipped open her laptop and a little green box popped up in the corner letting her know her lady was online. Bailey didn’t even get a chance to click onto the program before she had an incoming call;

“Hey baby” Charlottes greeted her “how was your day?”

“The school had a parent teacher conference today. Turns out a lot of parents aren’t happy with the things I’m teaching their children” Concern or maybe worry passed through Chars icy blue eyes

“Sorry baby, wish I was there to hold ya. Do you think the parents are gonna cause any serious problems for ya?”

“I hope not” Baily let out a sigh “I mean I’m just teaching them what the school tells me too…but I think it’s the fact that I’m in a relationship with a women and the kids know, that bothers them”

“I thought you weren’t gonna tell the kiddies?”

“I wasn’t but it kind of slipped when one of the kids started asking about love. You know how I get sometimes. I just started rambling and it slipped out” Charlotte smiled a knowing grin

“I know love; I just hope ya don’t have any problems with your boss”

“hmmm me too” Baily yawn

`“you should probably get some sleep love”

Baily stuck out her tongue in a childish manner. This made Char giggle. She had to get her girlfriend to sleep though. She knew from experience that if Baily didn’t at least 9 hours of sleep she was really cranky. No one can afford to be cranky around twenty six five years old.

“I have to go soon love. We have a show tonight”

“oh…well I love you! I can’t wait until you can come home to me”

“me too, Jag älskar dig ju” and with that both women shut down their computers.

The younger got up to put her laptop back in its rightful spot on her desk. Then she flopped back down on the pillow. It was never going to get easier she figures. Her emerald green eyes filled with tears as she hugged the pillow closer to her. Sobs racked her body for what felt like hours before she finally passed out from exhaustion. 

Baily woke up the next morning feeling like complete shit. Her dreams had been plagued by all her wildest fears. They ranged from the creepy dolls her mother kept around her childhood home coming to life to Charlotte’s plane crashing. It left her feeling very uneasy as she prepared for another day of work. Although it was only five am and she had at least another two hours before she had to leave, the women had found she had already completed all the things she needed to do before the day started.

She walked into her kitchen and laid her head on the counter. When she and Charlotte had first talked about moving in together she had pictured them cooking meals together in the kitchen, cuddling on the cough for a scary movie marathon and just lounging around while entertaining friends. Someone she had forgotten to take into account that her girlfriend would be on tour a good 80% of the time. Baily let out a frustrated sigh and pulled on her dark black hair.

‘I don’t know how much more of this I can take!’ Baily though as she kicked the wooden counter.  She couldn’t let herself think negatively for too long though. She needed to be as peppy as possible for the children.  ‘Might as well get this over with’ she though as she locked up the apartment and drove herself the short distance to the local elementary school.

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