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Taylor was just like every other popular girl. Smart, pretty, talented, and a total bitch. But what happens when a teacher mistakes her for someone who looks just like her and won't believe anything she says? A pretty messed up crime.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Case of Mistaken Identity

Submitted: September 11, 2011

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Submitted: September 11, 2011



What had happened? How the fuck did this all happen? I couldn’t help but stare at the cold, lifeless body that was in front of me. Had this happened yesterday? Last Week? Whenever it was I knew I was dead. That was MY body. How was I supposed to know what happened? I couldn’t remember anything. It was like memory had just gone and left me!

“Taylor? Taylor, where are you?” a voice asked helplessly.

I recognized it. I couldn’t remember who it was though.

“Oh. My. God.”


A Case of Mistaken Identity

“Taylor, hurry up and wake up or else you’ll be late for the first day of senior year!” my mother yelled at me.

I couldn’t help but think why would I want to go to school. Summer had been full of drama that I wouldn’t want to face anyone at school.

I got up out of bed and started to get ready. My cell phone rang; I’d received a text from my best friend, Lily.

“Heads up, watch out 4 Cynthia and her bitch crew. Wouldn’t want anything major to happen considering what u did 2 her during the summer.surprise

I couldn’t forget what happened. I played too many pranks on Cynthia during the summer and things got way out of hand when I found out she hired a male escort as her “date” for the summer ball. I recorded her talking about how she’s going to “make his night”. I then sent it to everyone and she got way embarrassed. She said she’d “get me back for this”, but I have yet to find out what that meant.

When I arrived at school, Lily ran up to my car and said “Oh my God! Cynthia really has done it now!” I couldn’t help but give her a confused look.

“What do you mean?”

“Here!” She handed me a flyer.

I couldn’t believe what it said. My picture was on the paper and it said:

“Slut for sale. Contact 234-555-3212 for a great time. She sure could use it.”

“That bitch! Why the hell would she do this? How did she get my phone number?” I said angrily. I was so pissed off.

“I don’t know! I just pulled up to school and they were on every locker!” she exclaimed.

“That bitch is gonna pay. Thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Another prank?”

“Damn, straight.” I told her.

I went to my first class, French, and acted like nothing had happened. It sucked that everyone knew who I was. Some people would kill to be me. Everyone was whispering about the flyers, and looking back at me. That’s what they had to be talking about.

I was tired of the looks so I told everyone, “Excuse me, but is there anything else you losers have to talk about other than gossip?”

They looked at me like I was being a bitch but I didn’t care, at least it got them to stop.

To my (bad) luck, Cynthia was in the same class with me.

“Like my little ad for you?” She smiled.

“Fuck off, Cynthia.” I told her.

“Someone’s a little cranky!” she replied.

“Looks like someone’s on their monthly gift. Seriously Cynthia, do you have anything else better to do? Other than screwing around with childish games?” A deep voice said.

“Oh shut the fuck up, Garrett.” She told him.

Garrett was my boyfriend of two years. He was tall, and had a muscular body. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, a tan body that’s to die for, and had a slight Swedish accent. It’s been awhile since we’ve talked. He’d either have plans, was too busy, or just didn’t feel like keeping up with a conversation. He’d made himself distant from me.

“Oh shut the fuck up, Garrett!” He mimicked.

“Very mature, no wonder you two were meant for each other.”

“At least I have a steady boyfriend, and don’t get around.” I replied.

“Whatever, bitch, you know you cheat too much.”

That hit a nerve. “You must be getting me confused with someone else, I’ve stopped cheating since I’ve met and been with Garrett so you can just go sit your little ass down in a chair and leave us alone. Please and thank you.”

“Fine, but if you even think of getting me back you can just forget about it!”

“I’m sure she’ll think of something. Isn’t that right, honey?”

“Of course!” I smiled.

The bell rang for first period to start. Apparently we have a new French teacher this year. He wasn’t even in class yet.

“Talk about a first impression, he’s already late.” I told Garrett.

“Oh come on, give him some slack. This school is so big!”

“I guess you’re right…”

Then a handsome tall man walked into the class. He looked like he was in his mid-twenties with black hair, thin with some muscle, and a slight tan.

He definitely had my attention. I erased the thought as soon as I had it. I certainly didn’t want to have any thoughts about him. He was way older than me! I also didn’t want to hurt my Garret’s poor fragile heart. I promised I’d stop cheating. Why must promises be so hard to keep?

“Certainly is a bit young looking to be a teacher, don’t you think?” Garrett asked me.

“Umm, yeah, but you know it’s easy to get teaching degrees ya know?” I answered him, while keeping my eye on the new teacher.

“I guess so.”

“Sorry for being late class, I was running a bit late today. Weird to start school on a Friday don’t you think? Anyways, my name is Mr. DiLaurentis or you can call me Mr. D, either one works.”

Taylor DiLaurentis… It had a nice ring to it.

Mr. DiLaurentis started to take attendance.

“Dylan… Shelby… Taylor…”

“Here sir!” I said. I notice him checking me out and smiling slightly then returning to attendance. It seemed like almost everyone noticed that.

“Why’d he look at you like that?” Garrett asked me.

“Oh, I don’t know. I just capture everyone’s attention!” I laughed. Garrett didn’t find that too funny.

“Yeah, well that’s kind of creepy…” He said.

“Oh well, he was looking at Shelby like that too!” I told him.

“Yeah, but he didn’t take a long time to look at her like he did at you.”

“Garrett, is that jealousy I sense?” I smiled.

“I guess it is. Oh come on, you don’t find that creepy?”

“Not at all!”



After class was over, Mr. DiLaurentis kept me after class to talk. After everyone was out of the room he began to talk.

“That’s a real nice cover, Lacey. How many people know you’re Taylor?”

I looked at him confusingly. “Umm, what are you talking about?” I gave out an awkward laugh.

“You leave Phoenix last year and come to Albuquerque? I think it’s just coincidence that we’re even at the same school.”

“Mr. DiLaurentis… I don’t know what you’re talking about but I’m not a Lacey nor have I ever been called Lacey before except now…”

“Hmm, is that so? Well I’m sorry then Taylor for wasting your time. Get to second period.” He commanded.

“Umm, yes sir…”

I was so confused. What did he mean by calling me Lacey? Who was this Lacey person? Mr. DiLaurentis was a strange person now. He seemed to be so sure I was Lacey. Whoever that was. And what did he mean by her leaving Phoenix? Had they had something going on in Phoenix? And it certainly was coincidence if he thought Lacey was here. The start to the school year has certainly been eventful…

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