The Highest One of the Sword

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: June 16, 2013

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Submitted: June 16, 2013



Chapter 2



Before anyone could think about what had happened, more arrows came down from the sky. "They're closer than we thought," one of the other captains whispered. They all drew their swords and ran forward; everyone else followed behind them. As soon as they hit the ground below the ridge, the enemy stepped out of the trees.

Swords clashed from then on: blood flowed and limbs hit the floor. It was Ben's first battle, but he thought, If I don't do something, I'll die! He was right: as he turned around, a giant man swung an axe downwards at him. He hit the floor and blocked it with his sword the best he could. He swung downwards and cut the man on his leg, but it didn't seem to faze him. A sword then impaled the man through the stomach, and Jack appeared as the body slumped to the group. "One down, brother," he said as Jack helped him to his feet.

"Jack!" A shout was heard from the side. Jack bent backwards as a small axe flew past his face and struck another one of the Doctor's men in the neck. They turned and saw Raldo, still alive. He picked up his axe, grinned at Jack, and walked away to slice at some more of his victims.

After Jack had run off, Ben looked around with his sword. They were everywhere, but it just seemed like practice in the field. A guy jumped through the masses and swung at him, but Ben blocked and swung back. He had killed ten or so by now. He looked to his right, blocked another sword, and ran through. One of the captains was wrestling someone onto the ground, but the man wouldn't let go of his crossbow. The captain then tried to choke him to death, and the man grabbed hold of and lifted up his dagger. Ben ran forward and swung his sword down, cutting off the man's hand that held the crossbow. He held it up and shot one into his neck.

The captain got up and said, "Ben Salvador." Ben stared at him and said, "Captain." Obviously this man knew who he was, although they had never met. "I'm Captain Marshal. I came straight from the castle when I heard about the fight." He blocked and struck as men continued to fight around him. Ben turned around and shot the crossbow into the crowd, killing a man who had been fighting next to a tree. The captain continued, "What I'm gonna need you to do is go up to that cabin in the forest, where some of us are standing our ground. There is a man there, another captain, so he should be easy to spot. His name is Captain Dox. You go to him and tell him that the Doctor's forces are coming from the North. This army ain't worth shit! The real army is on the opposite side of us. Alright? I'm going back to the castle, to ready whoever we have left." Ben nodded and ran off.

Ben struck a man in the head with his sword, cutting it in half. He then sheathed it and ran the rest of the way with his crossbow. Once he had reached the edge of the main fight, he slid down another ridge. There were four armed guards between him and the cabin. He crouched and hid behind a tree. When he came to a good spot behind them, he raised the crossbow and shot. The arrow went at an upward angle, blew through one of their necks and entered the brain of another. "Two down, two to go," he whispered to himself. 

He ran up and impaled the third one, while he barely jumped out of the way of the last guy's sword. It nicked his shoulder and started to bleed, but he couldn't let it show. He stepped back... into nothing. There was a hole behind him. As he hit the ground, he could almost feel the blade entering his heart. Suddenly, the door opened.

The last one of the Doctor's men in the area froze. He slowly turned, and a knife hit him in the eye. Ben jumped up, relieved to be alive, and turned to thank the man. He waved him away, stating, "Just my duty, kid. Captain Dox." he held out his hand, which was missing a finger. Ben shook it and grimaced, and the old man almost laughed. "Why are you here, kid?" Ben looked at him and said, "A Captain named Marshal told me to tell you that the Doctor's men are actually coming from the North." The Captain's face froze, turning from almost-happy to distressed in an instant. They went into the cabin.

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