The Highest One of the Sword

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 16, 2013



Chapter 3



Once all of Captain Dox's men had been notified, they all walked back the way they had come. They all had their swords drawn, and cut down any enemy in their path. Ben knew that the South was bad, but the North was even worse. They reached the castle in a good twenty minutes.

He saw Raldo and Jack walking together, swords drawn. They nodded to each other, sharing the seriousness of the moment. One of Captain Dox's men, a recruited Viking Berserker named Gendreg, muttered that even if they got here, it would be near impossible for them to enter the gates without being mowed down by arrows first. Dox reminded him that the objective was not to see if that would be correct.

They reached the gates a little while later and encountered Captain Marshal and what little men were left. He looked pleased that I had at least delivered the message. Marshal spoke up: "Alright, men! We have to work with what we've got right now. That would be me, my lot of thirty, Captain Dox here, his lot of fifteen, and young Ben Salvador. We shall march ahead, likely get a few kills, and see what they have brought for us while we wait for the rest of our army. For reassurance, that rest of the army is a good twenty thousand. Let's go. We haven't got much time left."

They went off, and Ben noticed that everyone had swords with the exception of his crossbow. He vowed to put it to good use.

They walked about two miles past the gates and into the forest. "Holy shit," Gendreg muttered. The Doctor used regular men, but he had also gotten his hands dirty in Viking territory. Here, at the edge of the small forest, they saw the field that passed a good ten miles onward from the castle. On that field, coming forward ever so slowly, was the Doctor's army, a good thirty-thousand strong.

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