Tiberius Rising

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - WITNESS

Submitted: April 22, 2014

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Submitted: April 22, 2014




Aaliyah looked down on her troops from the balcony of the secret terrorbase underneath Kabulistan. There must be at least 100 of them in the massive foyer of the Islamic superbunker. As she watched the men do their drills, she lightly brushed her beautiful long brown hair to the side, and thought to herself. The young woman, just barely in her 20’s, was the daughter of Omar Khadr, and for days on end, maybe weeks, she had been trapped in this hell her father had created. It was truly a paradise lost. And with Omar’s supersoldiers below her, each and every one of them trained and equipped to his stringent standards. All of them could probably do serious damage to American soldiers. Aaliyah had never met any… but deep in her heart, she wished to… anything to escape this place… she was alone. Each and every one of the men were perfect specimens in every way, guiding hands of Allah’s might… but Alliyah was alone. Her aide, Farah, may be her only friend in the world. Depressed, She sighed lightly, and pushed off the balcony to return to her quarters. She heard footsteps in the hallway outside and hastily put her burkha back on. Someone began knocking on the door loudly, and she got it on just in time to pen the door. “Hello?” She said. as she peered out. It was Omar’s face behind the door. “Daughter. It is Salaat time. Where are you?”

“I… um…” She stammered off. “You were what? What, exactly, pray tell, did you think was more important than the one true God?” Aaliyah avoided his gaze and looked at the extravagant sandstone floor, with the traditional Arabic rug. “I do not need any more audience with Allah. I need… I need freedom, father.”

Omar snapped, and yelled in her face. “Damnit, you insolent brat! Come to the madrasa NOW! Allah calls you now, and you will answer!” She recoiled, then opened the door, shaking. “Come, we are late!” he grabbed her arm and practically dragged her out. She passed by the two elite terrorist guards outside her door, armed to the teeth with their AK47’s. Even behind their facewraps she could feel their eyes on her as the gorgeous young woman walked down the hallway and towards the madrasa.


After a long silence, Omar spoke. “I apologize, woman. But I do not take time out of my studies lightly. You will come with us, and we will teach you to know. I have not given up on you yet.” Alliyah was silent as she entered the madrasa, already three minutes late. The Imam waited for her to take her place at the prayer mat. There must have been at least 300 people inside the church.


Aaliyah Khadr went through the motions, reciting the Salaat from memory for another twenty minutes of her life she would never get back, until it was finally over. After the prayers were finally completed, She looked up to see her father at the podium, next to the imam. He retrieved a small microphone from the podium and began a radio adress.


“Salaam alaykum, my brethren. Listen carefully. Allah has blessed you with this message, to heed his word and carry out his deed, peace be upon him. You will listen carefully… and do everything I say. Resistance will not go unpunished.” Omar cracked a devilish grin on his face, before he gave out extensive orders for the different cells over encrypted radio freq’s. The madrasa listened in as they were briefed on that months’ activity. The SuperMadrasa acted as a nerve center for all terror strike activity, intel, and lies. Some years ago he was a nobody… but Omar’s word of “God”, and the propaganda center he had built, was directly responsible for most of the American soldiers that died in Iraq and Kabul.


Aaliyah snuck off back into the dim hallway… she wasn’t required to listen so she didnt and jus theaded back to her quarters. Then she got there. Now only got sadder and more desperate as she knew these facts of the situation. She only had one hope to turn to. But now, worst of all, She knew Omar could not be stopped. Secretly buried underground, with living quarters, agriculture, it was nearly a fortress city to itself.  The terrorist superbase, known as the Ubermosque, was nearly impenitrable to all soldiers. All soldiers… except for one very special kind of soldiers. Spec Op Soldiers.


She retrieved a tiny torn photograph of Commander Stryker from the hiding place under her desk and stared at it as tears silently began to flow down her face. Just one more day in hell.

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